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Bryan Tew fails to make flight to Ecuador, another YouTube shoutout

If you didn’t catch this last month, Bryan had made a brief Facebook post about booking travel to return to Ecuador. He was supposed to fly out on 09/08. Obviously he has not made his flight (today is the 15th).

He has made no explanation, only a very brief mention of not being able to “get out of San Diego back to Ecuador” in a video he made on the 12th.

My educated guess is that the airline refused to allow him to board because he doesn’t have a passport in his possession. Way back in December he forgot about a bag containing his passport and other items and never recovered it.

The problem is Bryan has lost his passport several times before. The first few times the State Department was willing to give him replacements. The last time he got a replacement, he was warned that there would be no more replacements.

Apparently that is still the case – Bryan has not made any posts or videos stating that he was able to convince them to give him another passport. He did mention attending an interview with the State Department to make an appeal but I assume that appeal was denied.

Last night Bryan posted another rambling delusional video about “the technology” used against him.

Not really worthy of a post in its own right but he did give me a shoutout saying that “FBI” and “alphabet agencies” have entire websites dedicated to him. To my knowledge this is the only website that frequently discusses him. Thanks, Bryan!

No, I don’t work for the FBI or any other alphabet agency or any other governmental entity. You are delusional and need help.

(Fast-forward to 1:40 or so if you only want to hear the shoutout)


  1. Stars15k

    I hope he does read this page daily. He is a legend in his own world. In one of his videos, he talks about how the church he attends are gang stalking, too. They approach him and try to engage him in conversation, which is what church is all about, especially when their mission is engaging the homeless. He’ll likely get kicked out of there, too. It takes a really special amount of creepy to get kicked out of ANY church and he already has one. Still waiting for a major event involving his scooter. It’s inevitable. And it will be another way Them™got him.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah, it must be off putting for the rest of the church folks to see some anxious looking guy pointing a camera at them while he is attending service. When you have people shooting up churches, I can imagine that would make people feel uneasy about him.

  2. Stefan Adams

    An addendum: This isn’t the first time I’ve been called out by Bryan.

    Despite Bryan saying one should not respond to “provocations”, Bryan has frequently mentioned me anyway.

    Before he turned off YouTube comments I would leave comments criticizing his interactions with people or attacking his delusions (i.e. asking him to prove that there is a camera in his room watching him).

    He would then in turn mention “Government perp Stephan Adams” (his spelling) on Facebook.

    One time he accused me of sending him death threats. I’ve done no such thing of course and called him out for being a liar. It took me a little while to figure out that he was actually accusing me of being one of the voices inside of his head saying mean things to him.

    Another time he accused me of not being a real person but instead being an artificial intelligence program running on the “RNM Supercomputer” designed to harass him.

  3. RJ

    I see Tew randomly started following some pretty attractive TI. Some girl who has about 8 videos posted, of her rambling on about how she is being “targeted”. She may have a real life stalker or something, but she has slipped into the world of “gang stalking”. Her most recent video is 3 months old, and her most recent comment is from Tew, simply “I can help you”.

    Of course Tew has the hots for her, or burning with white hot lust. But I doubt Tew can help anyone. In fact, any advice or encounter from Tew will probably screw up your life to some degree.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah, he likes to creep on female TIs a lot. Sometimes I wonder if he is just overcompensating for his gay fantasies he has in his dreams.

      • Mike

        You guys seem to really hate this dude. Are you tis? This stuff is really going on and yes some people are just delusional. But you two are sounding like gang stalkers on payroll or just looser with nothing else to do looking for or 15 minutes of fame picking on someone that delusional or not is going through a really hard time. Why are you having a web site devoted to a gay man, are you gay also?
        Really narcissistic loosers are what twe two of you sound like! And what is with the captain’s hat?

        • Stefan Adams

          So this website got linked somewhere. Cool.

          I don’t have to justify myself to you. Watching the antics of TIs is entertaining to me. Wish I got paid for it. No fame for me here, especially since I use a pseudonym.

  4. AA

    I mentioned this on the most recent post, Bryan is in Presidio Park, an area widely known for closeted homosexual encounters, particularly at night. I see from this video that Bryan is up there in the evening. It is extremely dangerous up there at night. But he seems to like it. Not sure why, as those who frequent the area at night go against the grain of his supposed Christian values. He should be far more afraid of them than his imaginary hive mind team. But I’m so glad he’s moved up the hill and not pestering us down below.

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