Menace on the roads: Bryan Tew purchases a scooter

Bryan has purchased a new Piaggio Liberty 150 scooter:

Mere hours ago Bryan posted a video talking about how he is getting into near-wrecks on rental e-scooters because of his lack of sleep:

Informal poll – what bad thing will happen to Bryan now?

1. He wrecks the scooter in a sleep-deprived daze

2. He has a bout of “white hot rage” and runs over (or attempts to) a “gangstalker”, or otherwise has some kind of “road rage” situation

3. The scooter is stolen from him while he sleeps or is away

4. He is robbed at gunpoint/knifepoint for the scooter

5. The scooter is impounded for improper parking, or the police seize it for some other valid reason.

The only good thing I have to say about this is that he didn’t purchase an actual motorcycle.

8 thoughts on “Menace on the roads: Bryan Tew purchases a scooter”

  1. I am guessing an accident. In his video about the scooter he is talking about how the scooter is necessary to defeat their technology; saying he will use his tactics like “sponteneity”, thinking about multiple things at once, listening to music, etc. So he is going to be driving that thing around in traffic, with his earbuds in, dazed from a lack of sleep, thinking about many things at the same time, and being spontaneous which probably means driving erratically. And he mentioned he knows “they” will now revert to vehicular stalking. Which, is a term these paranoid individuals use when they are driving around pretending cars are following them. So Tew is going to be driving that thing around like a maniac thinking he is a Grand Theft Auto game, and actual cars and trucks are after him. He will get flattened. And he mentioned he wants to take the stupid scooter to Ecuador with him, to defeat their technology there.

    And he has a second video, which cut out abruptly (of course “they” did it to him instead of him accidentally hitting the Stop button.) The video ends with him saying “And I even went back to the store and the guy who sold it to me wouldn’t even….” then it cuts out. So he is already starting problems with the salesman? Who, is mentioned in the sales invoice Tew posted. The guy looks like a normal dude – who has no idea what’s in store for him. I wonder if the guy would appreciate a heads-up email about the crazy customer he is going to be dealing with and probably talked about in Tew’s insane posts. Then the guy’s name will start showing up in any Google search that potential employers may find – making the guy sound like some shady CIA agent.

  2. Now he is posting that he’s got a September 8th trip planned. A 14+ hour journey with 3 layovers. Los Angeles > Las Vegas, Las Vegas > Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Lauderdale > Ecuador. Not sure if he can make it another month without getting into trouble. And not sure if he even has a passport. Or if he will even be alive after cruising around on his new scooter. I’m hoping he gets derailed in Ft. Lauderdale. San Diego has been fun, but they have such a homeless and vagrancy issue that he isn’t even a blip on anyone’s radar. Ft. Lauderdale will be a better adventure for him and his audience.

  3. We see him in Old Town all the time. He has caused so many issues, he is regularly discussed amongst the beat patrol and the businesses. When I left work yesterday he strutted past me down the hill with his white vespa helmet under his arm like he didn’t have a care in the world. As he passed, I looked for evidence in his stride of his well publicized spinal trauma and drop foot. He had NO issues ambulating. He’s definitely mentally ill, but also crafty and a manipulator, and he’s drank far too much of his own kool-aid to stop his self-crafted deadly game of manipulation. The government won’t let him sleep? So lay off the damn caffeine. The government perpetually puts him into a drowsy state? Then go to sleep for Christ sake – his publicized contradictions are as laughable as his videos, where he’s so exhausted he can’t keep his eyes open, but he can yammer on for half an hour without so much as tripping over a word and one minute into it, he’s as bright eyed and bushy tailed as the Easter Bunny dodging a California wildfire. Bottom line, he’s a careless, narcissistic bullshit artist. Hoping he flies off to Ecuador and stays there. Can you imagine being stuck sitting next to this guy on a SHORT flight?

    1. Thank you for this comment – I love hearing reports from locals around him. None of this is surprising. I never understood how he can post one video about chugging coffees and energy drinks to defeat the CIA’s supposed drowsiness attacks and then in the next video bitch and moan about his lack of sleep and his tachycardia.

      You might consider taking a video of Bryan walking around freely as you describe (being discreet of course). Bryan has presented himself to the Ohio worker’s comp board as “100% disabled”. I believe he cancelled his Ohio benefits and is now on Social Security, so you might consider making a report with Social Security’s “Report Fraud” website. Social security always loves finding excuses to take someone off of their benefits, especially if it is fraud related.

      Normally I do not advocate taking away people’s benefits, but in his case, he is committing fraud and taking away his income may actually force him into getting psych treatment.

  4. He is his own worst enemy, and the constant publications on where he’s sleeping each night and everything he’s up to lend itself to self-prophecied ‘street theater.’ I know all about this guy and I’ve never met him. I don’t work for the government but if I were a cruel individual I could loudly whisper, “Bryan” every time he walks by me to feed into his paranoia for my own fun. I would never do this, but there are those out there who would. And he aids and abeds this everytime he shoots a video. He’s on the street, so in a natural state of ‘fight or flight’ which does affect sleep patterns, he eats crap which does cause weight gain, blood pressure and heart issues. He has done all of this to himself. And let’s face it – if there really was a consipiracy, if he really was a ‘targeted’ individual – they would impair his electronic communications. They’d have him in prison where they could experiment all they want with little to no exposure. But Bryan doesn’t consider things that make common sense. In his mind, he made no contribution to the situations he finds himself in. I don’t think psych treatment would help him. He doesn’t want help, he wants attention and a free pass in life. Next time I see him I’ll try to get video.

  5. Couple of interesting videos Bryan has produced – what’s intriguing is that while he claims that he cannot walk 5 feet because of spinal injuries and drop foot, he films himself walking with no issues, and he’s even managed to film himself walking in the street – his shadow reveals that he has no ambulatory issues.
    Another thing I’ve noticed is that he is able to hold his phone/camera with such stability whilst in the throes of agony, writhing in pain but not one jerk of the camera. In one of those, where he claims he cannot walk a distance of 5 feet, he has certainly moved more than 5 feet from his ‘bed’ to the place he sets the camera, then returns to his spot to writhe in pain for our benefit. Boy, I’d love to be able to catch that on video.

  6. I think he has legitimate hearing damage though. Not from “them” microwaving his ears – but from his own earbuds he constantly has in.

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