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Bryan Tew visits ER, rambles about the CIA, flees after docs try to put him on psych hold

Pretty self-explanatory. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened sooner. He goes to the hospital whining about his ears and rambling on about the CIA/DIA and their fancy mind control beams. Nurse humors him and then quickly leaves to (presumably) tell the doctor and start the process.

He manages to escape in time before he could be restrained and committed.


    • Stefan Adams

      Wonder if the hospital called the police. If the doctor got far enough into the process, the cops might go looking for him despite leaving. Around here if a patient leaves against medical advice and is in danger due to their condition, the cops will get called.

  1. AA

    Well, sticking around just outside the hospital to make a video doesn’t exactly strike me as “fleeing” anything. He sure likes to put a very dramatic spin on things. As usual, much ado about nothing.

  2. Rj

    He now has a video showing that he bought an SUV. How can he afford an SUV? And does he have a drivers license? He should NOT be driving around. He is definitely going to get someone killed.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah, I saw that. I believe he does have a DL, I remember him posting something about having to clear up some issue in Ohio before he would be able to get his California DL. I think you need a DL to drive the scooter he uses anyway.

      I’m not sure how the SUV fits into his master plan. I think originally his plan was to take that scooter to Ecuador but there’s no way he’s going to Ecuador without a passport. I think he realizes that now and has accepted he will be in the US for the foreseeable future. From his perspective, that SUV would give him shelter and the ability to travel cross-county on highways (scooters can’t do highway speeds).

      He could have traded that scooter, which is almost brand new and worth 2-3 grand I would think. The vehicle in his video was a 2001 Ford Escape with some cosmetic damage. That Escape probably costs about the same as the scooter or less, it’s not exactly a new vehicle.

  3. AA

    Well, hopefully he’ll avoid my neck of the woods now that he’s got shelter/via the vehicle – why didn’t he just buy the darned thing in the first place? Oh yes – I forgot the “Equador” trip he planned, knowing full well in advance that he didn’t have a passport to get on that plane.

    Fortunately, it’s a pretty distinctive “Escape” (the irony as pertains his vehicle choice amuses) so if he’s in my area I will see it. Not sure I want to share the freeway with a two ton death machine operated by a guy who claims the government makes him fall asleep at the wheel.

    Maybe he’ll drive back to wherever he came from.

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