Candy Grandpre Arrested

Hey all, very belated happy new year to you all (except maybe Candy, who is the subject of this post).

Candy has had several run-ins with the police ever since coming to NOLA.

Most recently she was harassing some teenagers who called the Gretna, LA cops on her over the harassment she gave them for eating the wrong color cake. Now Candy was arrested by the Gretna PD for criminal mischief.

Like I said on YouTube, Candy’s status of being a homeless female has likely given her harassment and loitering a lot of deference from police departments everywhere she goes, but that finally came to a brief end and she is having to face some small measure of justice for her bullying and bad behavior in public.

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  1. Candy says that she’s on the “do not rent” list at the InTown Suites Extended Stay in Metairie LA.

    Is that where she had the overflowing clogged toilet situation a few days ago? I could’ve guessed a ban was forthcoming.

  2. Candy catches a (probable) Freemason jiggling keys.

    Is this guy a Freemason? I suppose that he is from the shirt (or he works for some kind of business that Freemasons regularly use to the point that the business is proud to advertise that affiliation).

    Why is he jiggling his keys? From his stance and gesture, it looks like he’s waiting for someone or something and he’s bored, so he’s fidgeting with his keys in the exact same manner that people who aren’t Freemason might fidget with things when they’re bored and waiting for something. That’s because Freemasons are ordinary people and not the cartoonish Satanic supervillians that the craziest fever swamp corners of the Internet make them out to be.

    He also doesn’t know or care about Candy.

    • Freemasons control the world (and by extension must own most of its wealth) and display a careful use of their funds by eating out at pedestrian places like Waffle House.

  3. All Candy knows is hate. She doesn’t know basic facts about any group of people, therefore they are evil, everyone is a Satanic blood-sacrificing person who wants her dead.
    Candy needs to learn if someone really wanted her dead, she would be dead.
    All of the other attempts at her life and money-making are her histrionics and narcissism. No one is taking pictures of her in any video, they are using their phones. No onenis sex-trafficking her, because EWWWWWWWW, she has pretty much stopped anyone from wanting her crazy and smelliness.
    People walking down the street in a group HAVE A LIFE.
    Her entire life 8s eating, laying on her back, and making videos of people doing things she doesn’t like.
    Oh, and her trespassing. I don’t know what boundaries she had in Cincinnati, and she was paying for her keep in Texas, but she trespassed in Pensacola.
    If they asked her have you ever been accused of trespassing before, she would have a long list.
    She is continuing to say she is “innocent.”
    Ignorance is seldom a good defense. She provided video of herself trespassing, and there is copcam, too. If it looks like a overgrown homeless person trespassing and acts like an overgrown child while trespassing, she was trespassing. The criminal mischief could include her less than stellar encounter with the police.

  4. Bryan’s unpaid Iranian lawyer again. Lawyer is claiming that Bryan was awarded a sum of money by the Iranian court. That is rather difficult to believe (and Bryan, to his credit, doesn’t believe it either).

    There’s no reason why Iran would just give him money for his troubles, and America, Spain, rest of the EU, or even any of the LatAm countries he has grievances against likely wouldn’t answer such a lawsuit in Iran.

    In a separate video, Bryan now claims his lawyer is (basically) ChatGPT and not an actual person:

    Bryan admitted he paid a Chinese law firm $5000 but received no services. At least the Iranian one did pointless investigations of a hotel he visited 10 years ago.

    • Bryan was “driven out of another gym”. The only example he gives is someone mistakenly thinking Bryan was using a piece of equipment that he wasn’t actually using. Bryan thinks the CIA sent the stalker over to analyze his brain.

      • Here’s another video from Bryan going over some T.I.’s videos and claiming that she’s “A.I. generated video of a person who does not exist.”

        I think she’s using some TikTok filters on her face in some but not all of her videos which give her a bit of a creepy, uncanny appearance when she’s using the filters but I don’t think she’s a total A.I. creation.

  5. Hey, Candy! Churches help IF they sense you need the help and will not help those that are USERS. Some might help USERS once, but not twice.
    You are a CHURCH USER.
    You stick your hand out, say help me, are given something, and turn around and bash how all churches are evil and not following the Bible. If you follow the Bible,you would know that those who do not work should not eat.
    You are too used to having your hand out for money. You don’t work. You don’t attend any church. Stop crying for Christians to help you when you do nothing to help yourself.

  6. Indeed, the obvious solution here is to never donate to Candy Grandpre so that she doesn’t have to endure your constructive criticism of her terrible lifestyle choices which clearly and evidently lead to her current homeless situation.

    • Yeah, everyone should be able to see she is total control….I mean, gang stalkers are in total…no, that’s not right either.
      People with rudimentary discernment should see her entire life today just another shitstorm of her own making because she lacks the common sense of an eight year old.
      It really shows if you only look at the thumbnails on all her channels and see her laying on her back, begging for money.
      Nothing has changed for her and she is unable to make a change. She’ll die in bed from health reasons, because she is in obvious poor health, in a pile of poo and wetted by her own pee. Today she even points out her biological sister died at 40. Some health issues have a familial link.
      She mentioned someone donated $20 so she could get a good lunch. That much in a grocery store if you are thrifty should have fed her for several days. But she was given that much, so she must spend that much. Yeah,….NAH.
      I keep wondering if sending a link to her PubDef is somehow stepping over the line. And I hope whoever it is has Google her to see for himself the eternal shitstorm that is Candy Grandpre.

    • Candy is trying to get an Uber driver in trouble for having one daytime running light burned out on his Chevy.

      To my knowledge it is not a violation of traffic or safety laws to have one DRL not illuminated during the day since they are technically not required.

      Her paranoia about headlights is just baffling and hilarious to me. What would have completed this is if the driver had his arm hanging out the window, was wearing a red shirt, and was consuming a slice of red velvet cake.

      • Not gonna lie, if I was that Uber Driver and I saw that tweet, I’d consider suing for defamation over being called a “sex trafficker” considering that she put identifying information (a name and a license plate number) in that tweet.

      • Candy’s complaining that Uber ignored her tweet.

        That’s probably because somebody complaining that an Uber Driver is a “sex-trafficking criminal” just for having a burnt-out daytime running light is obviously tweeting to them from the land of Delulu.

        And using “Freemason” as an insult is another red flag that the Uber customer is evidently not playing with a full deck.

  7. I’m debating whether to even make a main post about this, as it does not involve someone who is a TI, but it does involve someone who is related to a TI, namely Candy Grandpre’s twin sister Brandy, and some egregious misbehavior.

    I don’t have all the details and I haven’t watched the whole thing, but apparently Brandy has an ongoing feud with her girlfriend and there was an incident of assault/battery on this live video. I expect this video to be taken down soon.

    I am told Brandy has been arrested and is currently in jail.

    Warning: violence and nudity!

    • I’m reluctant to criticize Brandy since Brandy doesn’t film and harass random people minding their own business unlike her twin sister but I know that Brandy has her own mental issues and, just like Candy, I hope the arrest means that Brandy will get the treatment she needs. (I am aware that Brandy does sometimes voluntarily seek psychiatric treatment.)

      • I also don’t like the implication from Candy that those of us who criticize her terrible conduct are actually “flying monkey followers” of Brandy.

        Obviously, I can’t speak for anyone else but I personally wasn’t even aware that Candy had a twin sister until sometime well after I first became aware of Candy from posts here and on channels like The Obsoletist, possibly because I only watched the videos where Candy was having public freakouts at first.

        • Same.

          Another thing about all of this. Brandy was arrested and taken to jail. How does Candy reconcile the idea that her sister Brandy is a “perp” with the notion that perps are above the law? Candy has been moaning about how the system is set up to entrap TIs like her and “perps” can get off scott free with all sorts of vague crimes that Candy dreams of in her head.

          But here we go, Brandy committed a relatively serious crime (assault/battery) compared to Candy’s trespassing charge. Brandy was arrested instead of given a free pass, and I’m going to guess Brandy will get a relatively stiffer sentence (whatever it ends up being) versus Candy’s very minor trespassing offense.

          All of that will likely go over her head and it won’t enter her mind as an inconvenient fact that she can’t reconcile.

  8. Kevin sounds well, very rational, and like he is totally not experiencing a post-meth crash in this video.


    Kevin is also another T.I. whom I strongly suspect is experiencing sleep apnea just like Bryan and Candy since dry mouth while sleeping is a major sleep apnea symptom.

    • Writing short stories and self-publishing them on Amazon is easy.

      Actually making a living by self-publishing short stories in a sea of self-published short stories on Amazon is hard.*

      Except for p0rn, it’s apparently much easier to make money with p0rn short stories than short stories on any other subject on Amazon. I don’t understand why anyone would pay to read self-published p0rn short stories on Amazon, if I wanted to read such things, I can read a practically unlimited amount of it on a galaxy of websites elsewhere for free without any kind of account but some people do still pay to read smut.

  9. Y’know, Candy, even if that church actually is “Masonic” and isn’t just a church where the masonry was handled by Freemasons (since “masonry” literally means stonework) but the church itself has no formal connection to Freemasonry, if they’re helping you with your taxes, who even cares if they’re Freemasons or not?

    Freemasons are ordinary people and not cartoon supervillains.

    • I wonder if the donations Candy has received have been properly accounted for and reported as income. I’m not that petty that I want to report her, but I think it has to be accounted for. She did get in trouble with Social Security that one time after admitting to selling e-books online and not reporting it.

      • Presumably, CashApp, or whatever other apps that she also might be using, would let someone see a complete tabulation of donations that they received in any year so that filling out that portion of the tax form should be simple for her.

        (I’ve honestly never used any of those kinds of apps, either as a donator or a receiver, so I wouldn’t know.)

  10. Candy’s police report. No information redacted, because Candy posted this herself and decided to show everything.

  11. Checking up on Bryan.

    Bryan’s VA medical file:

    We learn here that Bryan has service-connected PTSD. I never knew this about him and to my knowledge he has never disclosed this (nor have I ever seen it on any of the other disability paperwork he has, i.e. with the Ohio BWC). Not saying it is fraudulent.

    The VA also has schizophrenia on his medical file (but not service connected) but he isn’t happy about it being on there.

    • I’m wondering just how many of those “terrible things” that happened to Bryan in the military involved him looking left and right in the shower, seeing “Private Dick Wang”, and then dreaming about having a good time with Private Dick Wang, which is obviously something Bryan would only dream about because of forced dream manipulation and no other reason?

    • Bryan is trying to get in touch with the Bonesaw Kingdom (Saudi Arabia) for asylum. Even though relations are somewhat strained, Saudi Arabia is still our ally so I’m surprised. Hey Bryan, don’t tell them you’ve been corresponding with Iran, not all Muslims are friends with each other.


      My name is Bryan Tew and I am an American national who was seeking asylum humanitarian protection in your country For many years all of my communications have been FILTERED to CONTROL ALL DISTRIBUTION AND VISIBILITY OF CONTENT I walked into the Russian Embassy spoke with staff in person and quickly told them I was an American seeking help for Asylum and Humanitarian Protection. I was interviewed by Russian Government staff for Asylum and Humanitarian Protection in Russia I was also interviewed for asylum request by Russian Government in my hotel room in Saint Petersburg Russia in 2014 I was attacked with directed energy by American government after entering Russian Embasy in Phnom Penh Cambodia. Cambodian government can confirm I was inside your embassy seeking help because they watched me go in. Please help me. I am badly injured from repeated violent attacks and directed energy attacks by American Government contractors, especially my spine (back), shoulders and ears and heart I was a former U.S. Department of Defense Contractor with ITT Industries and a government contractor with the Federal Emergency Management Agency with Parsons Brinkerhoff (U.S. Department of Homeland Security) I POSSESS MEDICAL EVIDENCE OF DOCTORS DIAGNOSING TRAUMA NERVE DAMAGE TO EARS HEARING LOSS FROM DIRECTED ENERGY ATTACKS OF AMERICAN CIA ON WHISTLE BLOWER BRYAN TEW AMERICAN CIA CONTRACTORS HAVE WAGED A GLOBAL CAMPAIGN OF DEADLY VIOLENCE & ENTRAPMENT AGAINST AMERICAN WHISTLE BLOWER BRYAN TEW I was also in Beijing China seeking asylum and humanitarian protection from American government but my Medical Insurance was canceled by American government while I was being treated inside United Family Hospital in Beijing after Chinese Cardiologist Heart Doctor told nurses to take me from emergency room to 4th Flr Cardiology Department of that hospital. My Medical Insurance company, CIGNA Intl, called as I was inside hospital and canceled medical insurance at that precise moment making it impossible for me to get medical treatment in China forcing me to leave China to seek medical treatment elsewhere but I have been violently attacked by American government provocateurs – and in other countries – doing the dirty work of the American government, similar to other countries where I have been violently attacked. Doctors have diagnosed my injuries from attacks as severe. I am also severely injured in my ears and heart from repeated directed energy attacks and violence by American government. I am severely injured in my back and shoulders and unable to get medical or even dental treatment for many years because of constant deception and manipulation and violence, including a violent attack by medical and dental staff in San Diego Dentist Office which put me – back and forth – in the hospital emergency for three days Also, I am severely injured from right paralytic shoulder injury and severe injury to left shoulder and other injuries sustained from violent attacks by American government informant provocateurs (organized stalking) doing the dirty work of the American government and I need emergency medical treatment which I have been unable to get despite repeated attempts pleading for help at hospitals and clinics. Please let me know if you can help me. I previously cannot contact any Russian Today News Agency for weeks possibly because of American government interference Bryan Tew liver********** 1-3*********** liver**********

      ? original sound – TargetedActivista3

  12. Candy links to a mainstream news story talking about Targeted Individuals, seemingly not realizing that that the bulk of the article is quotes from David LaPorte, a professor of psychology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, talking about how claims made by self-declared “Targeted Individuals” are mostly delusions of persecution amplified by the Internet.

    Obviously, Candy didn’t read past the headline on this one.

  13. Wow. Been dealing with family drama the past few weeks. My step-father fell down in his home and it took the two of them four hours to get enough going on to call 911. My Mom has dementia, and likely so does my step-dad. He didn’t break any bones but it was discovered to have pneumonia, so spent several days in the hospital. While my sister was staying with my Mom, my Mom fell and broke a rib and her collarbone. So she ended up in the hospital as well. As they have two cats, someone needed to care for them, but my step-dad, hereafter SD, had changed the locks on the house, convinced my sister was somehow getting in and stealing things. His dementia has both paranoid and delusional components. My sister was finally given a key, and found a list of keys my SD had given out as “4 neighbors.” Mom had no idea who these people were, so we changed the locks to be able to take care of cats and clean out the fridge, take out the trash, get the mail, etc. And my sister found that for the two weeks my SD had access to money freely, having told my sister that she was not just paying bills for she was obviously stealing , he bought a gun. His guns had been removed due to mental problems several years ago, and he got a new one. He also got a gun safe with biometric locking. I found the gun, fully loaded and unsecured in his walker. It was removed from the house, especially after telling the people in rehab if he couldn’t go home, he’d shoot himself. And has threatened my Mom with a gun before.
    Anyway, the best part was when his new caregiver-former once-a-week cleaning lady left some stuff in rehab, wanted the police called on me for bringing back things she left in his room in rehab. And she called to police to report theft of my Mom’s jewelry. How would she know what jewelry my Mom has? Why was that something SHE had control of? No one knows. So Monday, the family is getting an emergency guardianship over my Mom, who is now in Memory Care, and will never be able to live at home again. So my SD and his caregiver now seem to think if she isn’t coming back home, everything is HIS/THEIRS. Money, house, jewelry, clothing, family things….we need to make an appointment with a list of what we want and maybe we can retrieve my Mom’s things.
    Oh, I forgot to mention that the “care” my SD was giving my Mom included not giving her her medication or giving it to her wrong. And after he got out of rehab, his new caregiver took him to get another gun. Suicidal? Oh, well. As long as hemdoesn’t stain the carpet or make holes in the walls, let him have it. He is not going to be able to be at home without 24/7 nursing care, and he cannot afford that. It looks like the best thing would be for my Mom to divorce him, get her share and things and give all assets to Medicaid, because Memory Care is $10k a month. I just hope SD and hismcaregiver don’t sell my Mom’s things to get money when they run out.

    Who needs Candy’s suffering and misadventures with sanity and complete lack of common sense when my Mom is being treated as though she has already died and he gets everything?
    How able was he to take care of my Mom? He told us that we could keep the cats, because he wasn’t able to care for them, and was disappointed the cats were still at his house. So, yeah, we need guardianship. Including monetary and property issues.
    And the lawyer we have called his caregiver and told her she better remember her role does not include calling the cops on someone who is returning personal property to the person they belong to. And that my Mom has the same rights to things, including the house and it’s contents as she has always had, and that the way she will get her things is through her family. With a cop keeping her out of our way.
    On the bright side, I took my puppy, Cutie Pie, to spend an afternoon with Mom before she was hospitalized. They fell in love with each other, and that has continued. Cutie Pie has turned into the perfect little visitor, for Mom, the other residents, and the staff. She loves to visit and everyone loves her. I’m actually thinking of getting her through “Good Citizen” training and certified to be an official visitor, like with me into the Infusion Center.
    And my Mom and I have bonded over our lack of memory, her from dementia, mine from chemo brain fog. So there is hope the remainder of her life she is healthy, safe, and happy.


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