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Bryan Tew has falling out with attorney, lies to obtain controlled substances

Just a couple of quick updates. Bryan wants to leave Ecuador for China because of the usual psychotic nonsense.

He’s not happy with his attorney right now because he won’t help him get a new Chinese visa. He thinks it is a conspiracy to force him to fly to Hong Kong first where it will be easier for the spooks to do their spooky things to him.

He also says the attorney won’t even let him into his office; all of their discussions happen in their lobby. I can’t say I blame him. The firm probably has serious clients who would be put off by a smelly disheveled schizophrenic that thinks they are all stalkers.

Bryan admits to experiencing extreme anxiety today, probably related to the fact that he is planning to travel and thinks the CIA spooks are going to do things to him. So he goes to the clinic to get some benzodiazepines (Xanax or Valium are his preferred drugs of choice here). He admits to lying to the doctor to obtain the controlled substances which may be a crime.

He returns with an Rx for Ativan.


    • RJ

      He goes through lots of mental illness, but with a pretty high degree of being cognizant enough to never get stuck in a position of actually being treated. I guarantee anyone following this blog would like to finally see Bryan Tew find his way into a treatment program and put this life he leads to rest. What he goes through is a life of literally traveling the world running away from imaginary CIA mind control. I would say he needs treatment, but I actually think he is quite beyond treatment helping. He will think the treatment is just more of his CIA delusion. It’s like the movie Shutter Island.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      I know what he goes through. How much do you know?
      He is 52 this year, overweight, eats junk, and is inactive. Yet claims his high blood pressure and heart rate are somehow a product of electronic weaponry.
      He uses ear buds a lot, and loudly. Yet claims his hearing loss, ear pain, and tinnitus are a product of electronic weaponry.
      He says his heart is “vibrating.” Such a thing is impossible and usually leads to defribulation or death. Also medical professionals and his heart monitors are never able to find anything wrong, outside a minor extra beat that requires no treatment.
      He lies to get what he wants, including controlled substances.
      He claims he is physically disabled and is paid SSDI. Yet he has hiked for miles, climbed cliffs to go scuba diving, rides motorcycles and scooters, walks without help or assistance devices, sleeps on the ground or crammed into the back of his car. He gets around better than I do, and I don’t get paid anything. His disability is done for drama, and only bothers him when there is nothing better to do.
      I can go on and on. He wants people to see his videos. So I will continue to watch them.
      He has proven over and over and over that he is his own worst enemy. He is a slob, both in his surroundings and his personal hygiene. He is rude to everyone. He thinks it is okay to shove a video camera in people’s faces, accuse people of crimes, and regards a simple bump from someone on the sidewalk is assault, which he believes he can return with more violence, upto and including death. That means he is a dangerous person.
      He needs help, but will not listen to anyone who doesn’t believe his stories. He will likely get arrested, beaten badly or be killed when he pisses off the wrong person. So he is also a danger to himself. I, too, think he is ever going to have a normal life. I feel sorry for him. But I also think he should be forceably committed, hopefully in the US.

  1. Stefan Adams

    Bryan posted one of his slide show videos with no audio and a NO TOUCH TORTURE LOG in the video description.

    AA, I believe you mentioned that Tew was known to be a drinker in Old Town and had a funny act about pretending to be a CIA agent or something? This at least confirms he is a drinker – something he has never admitted to before (that I’m aware of, anyway)

    “They got me with the street theater. Would not have happened had I not been drinking. Alchohol. The hey got me and I recognized it immediately within minutes after the initial street theater but played the game cause I was Drunk. English speaking Norwegian and Ecuadorian. Then they stole my wallet inside bar. That included Identification, Credit Cards etc. They got me”

  2. Ima Nonomus Tew

    “… I recognized it immediately after a few minutes…”. Bryan, it’s either immediate or not. Make up your mind.
    And “They™” requires their name be used correctly. Perhaps that is They™are torturing you.

    But serious for a minute. If he is drinking enough to get picked on by a pickpocket, or if he just left his wallet on the bar and walked away, he should not be using the pills he shows. Or he will have a bad reaction up to and including death.
    Today a FB post says his identification is being held bt Customs. So I’m guessing he still has his passport. If he loses that, surely they will not issue another, I hope. Think of the convoluted stories his drunk-ass, pill popping, delusional mind will have to concoct, making him, once again, a professional victim.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah, he expands on that a little bit in today’s video (below):

      Basically he says his family tried to mail him stuff to Ecuador (inc. his replacement D/L) and customs is holding it up. Thinks it is a conspiracy to keep him trapped in Ecuador.

      I can’t speak for Ecuador specifically but I used to work for a company that had an office in Brazil, it was always difficult to get anything in or out of there without greasing the palms of local customs and even then stuff would go missing.

      So Bryan, instead of thinking you’re being targeted, perhaps you are simply in another country full of corrupt or inept officials who don’t really think anything of you specifically, you’re just another foreigner to them.

      By the way, you admitted you can’t handle alcohol well. You allowed yourself to get played by common petty criminals. That’s your fault. It happens everywhere. Hell even I’ve been targeted by hustlers on the street and on public transit trying to scheme my money away from me. Get real Bryan!

  3. RJ

    It looks like he has his latest travel agenda:

    Quito > Panama City
    Panama City > Cancun
    Cancun > Vancouver
    Vancouver > Hong Kong

    That sounds like enough to make anyone crazy!

    • Stefan Adams

      Well that plan went out the door. He booked a non-refundable ticket that has no provisions for baggage by mistake. He blames the CIA and claims he was hacked while admitting he made the mistake himself.

      • Stefan Adams

        Looks like he is going. Doesn’t explain what will happen to his luggage. Simplest thing to do is have it shipped as was suggested to him. Now claims his suitcase was stolen while dozing off the airport.

        • RJ

          He is already leaving Hong Kong. Everything was stolen and his credit cards don’t work. Looks like he never made it out of the airport. Next stop is Frankfurt to try to regroup and make it to China so he can get to Russia. Is there something I am missing about this? The only way to get to Russia in go through China?

          • Ima Nonomus Tew

            Last time he tried to get into Russia, he had a police escort to make sure he got to an airport and left. Last time he was in China, he left as fast as he could because he walked out of a hospital without paying. The US embassy was involved somehow. The hospital has sent collection letters to him.
            I would not be surprised if he cannot get into either country. He seems to think that because he had a visa with a ten year expiration date, which was lost/stolen/misplaced/taken by Them™, all he has to do is get a replacement. A visa does not guarantee entry.
            And ALL times he’s been to those countries, he is still tortured, hacked, mobbed, had street theater used, and all the other things he whines about.
            If you repeat actions and expect different results, you might be insane. He is already well down that road. His reasoning ability, which has never been good, is slipping. Ivd not be surprised if he is jailed in Frankfort, for being creepy, loitering, vagrancy, or some other such thing. And then he will get a psych exam. This will not be good for him.

          • Stefan Adams

            Looks like he is trying to make it back to Quito. His debit card isn’t working in either HK or Frankfurt.

            His flight back to Quito is probably several days in the future, hence why he’s just camped out there.

            He’s delusional to think that China will give him asylum. China is already unwelcome to immigrants, much less would-be asylees.

            Russia might give him asylum if he actually held valuable intelligence information like Edward Snowden. But he’s just a lunatic with a mind control delusion.

            Airport security has apparently already talked to him in Frankfurt. My guess is that they’re going to leave him alone as long as he has a ticket out and isn’t causing problems otherwise. I would bet they are happy just to be rid of him rather than deal with the hassle, paperwork, and costs of detaining a foreigner.

            Another funny thing is that he’s begging his lawyer Diego Corral for help again, just after trash talking him online.

          • Stefan Adams

            His Facebook post this morning indicates that he has returned to Ecuador.

            I guess he will be there for a while until his next social security / disability check clears and he figures out his credit card situation.

  4. RJ

    He is still screwing around in Frankfurt airport. I wonder how much longer until he gets detained. And I’m starting to notice Tew is missing a lot of teeth. Looks like his lower right teeth are all missing. I’m surprised he never talks about it. I could just imagine him going on about how “they” are knocking out his teeth. Strange. Maybe he always was missing teeth.

  5. AA

    Love his video showing his passport. Is that 9 digit number on the top right his social security number? I haven’t had a passport in decades and not sure where my old one is to compare. If he’s showing his social security number, he deserves to have his identity stolen – though who in their right mind would want to take that identity.

    I imagine the teeth loss due malnutrition because he seems do have devoted a lifetime existing on the garbage only meant to get you through college finals, which are causing half the if not most of the health problems he blames on the government, and getting punched because he’s a jackass who asks for it.

    One of these days, he’ll finally get that heart attack he’s been praying for and actively contributing to, and we’ll see no more of him. He’ll probably die in the airport of a foreign country and haunt it for eternity.

  6. AA

    I don’t understand how he can continue to purchase flights without the funds he claims not to have due credit card theft. Then again maybe I’m just crazy.

  7. AA

    In a room with red walls one minute, then five hours later once again on the floor of the airport with security asking him something, a perfectly reasonable approach to someone probably writhing on the floor for attention. He must have gotten kicked out of the red room for being a pain. Unless he’s once again trying to repeat his nonsensical attempts to get into a country for asylum which provides no rights to it’s own citizens. Crazy as a loon.

    • Stefan Adams

      I think he’s posting videos out of order. I think he was at the airport for a few days. May have been encouraged to leave and finally went to a hostel.

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