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Bryan Tew shits himself, blames the CIA, and demands free medical care

This is mostly told in screenshots of recent posts. He claims to be experiencing abdominal pain and has the shits. It’s the CIA’s fault of course, not poor hygiene or third world sanitation. Now he wants to return to America.

So much for the lawsuit and asylum claim! All that wasted time, energy, and money for such a foolish endeavor.

I love the sense of entitlement in that email – he thinks he is owed free medical care from the government of Ecuador, a country he has repeatedly bashed and accused its people of being “peasants”. What a fucking asshole!


  1. AA

    Well, he’s clearly feeling MUCH better, and in rare form now, filming himself strutting on a street corner lit up like a Christmas tree, surrounded by people he said had to intervene in an attack by a single stalker. Complains there’s no police to be found. Twice, he says he’s in San Diego. All that pain from the featured video seems to have magically disappeared allowing him to go on an evening excursion to see how much trouble he can drum up for himself.

    Next video, taken soon afterward, he’s so amped up that his story changes as he’s speaking – suddenly the guy had like ten friends after him involved in this attack and this time it’s a dark corner, and the police who were previously nowhere to be found are now blaming him for the incident.

    Third video in three hours, he’s got the hotel guy (who is corrupt and in on the game so – why exactly is Bryan asking for his services?) calling the cops for him so he can document the attack before he goes to the hospital for a sprained hand (I suppose all this effort is an attempt to score pain meds in any way he can), as though in one hour he’s forgotten that he just claimed to have spoken with police who didn’t believe him, those same police who were nowhere to be found in the first video.

    I’m almost as confused as he is after watching these. For some odd reason, they don’t add up. ?

  2. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Added to all of this, his lawyer is no longer working in the same firm. He wonders if he was fired. I would not be surprised he got fired because of Bryan. He is clearly crazy, and taking money from crazy people is not ethical. That he would work with him could be because he was just taking money and not for the firm. Hospitals are very clued in on people who are searching for pain narcotics for very minor things, like a sprained hand. He talks multiple times that he is abusing his sleep meds, which would explain his state of mind. In ability to sleep is a common psych symptom (personal experience there. Even doubling up, I could not sleep.) He’s coming back to the US, for which I am grateful. It means he won’t be killed in a third world prison.

  3. AA

    He keeps referencing his inability to stop saying he’s in San Diego due to all the abuse he experienced here last year (which he caused by attacking others) – yet then states that he’s been so abused in Ecuador that you’d think according to his general logic, that the choice reference pattern would take over and he’d be crediting Ecuadorian violence on being in Ecuador.

    What a mess, if only he’d attempt psych treatment as a last ditch effort to salvage the short time he’s got left in life – just in case he might be wrong about every government in the world wanting to spend millions of dollars picking on a nobody who filed a frivolous lawsuit.

    Very sad but that’s mental illness. The sick individuals who follow him will justify his lack of coherence on the same invisible perpetrators they blame all their bad choices on.

    I do NOT want this guy back in San Diego. And he’ll come right back here, because it suits his martyr agenda.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      I was able to comment on one of his videos and told him that the people of San Diego do not want him back.

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