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Bryan Tew organizes frivolous class action lawsuit against US government

So it seems that Bryan’s attorneys are communicating with him again. A little while ago, his attorneys convinced him to make a public confession admitting to workers compensation fraud and asking the FBI to come arrest him. It seemed like a last ditch effort by his attorneys to get him help – at least that’s how I saw it.

Pretty much after that they stopped corresponding with him and Bryan complained about how they weren’t returning calls or emails.

Bryan’s return to Ecuador seems to be instigated at least in part by his attorneys resuming communication with Bryan. Perhaps it was simply a matter of Bryan resuming payment to them again.

Bryan mentions in recent Facebook posts and YouTube videos that his attorneys are now at least partly involved in coordinating medical care:

He also mentions that he will be filing a class action lawsuit against the United States Government. Not so much for the supposed mind control, which he admits he cannot prove, but for the supposed organized stalking, which he claims is easily provable and winnable in court.

Previously Bryan said that lawsuits are unwinnable because the government would simply mind control the judge and jury so it is not clear why he thinks his latest attempt would suddenly be successful. Consistency of logic is not one of Bryan’s traits.

Bryan arrogantly declares that he has a right to control who can join the class (I don’t think class actions work that way, but I digress), saying that if your story is not credible enough (laughter), he’ll veto your participation.

He mentions a list of people who he has invited, the list including such people as Edward Snowden (who has never claimed to be a TI), Not-a-Dr. Robert Duncan, and Nazi sympathizer Jeff Rense.

It’s not really clear what evidence Bryan would produce or what kind of relief he would seek from the court. I certainly don’t think the schizophrenic ramblings of a man who has a long paper trail documenting mental illness is going to cut it with the court.

I don’t know what to think of his attorneys either, it seems to me that taking large sums of money from someone who is clearly mentally ill to pursue frivolous and unwinnable legal challenges is highly unethical, but I will admit that I am neither trained in law or ethics.

It’s one thing to take on a impossible case from someone of sound mind, it’s another thing to do so of someone of unsound mind.


  1. Ima Nonomus Tew

    This just nuts. If it had been a US attorney, 8 would be contacting the Bar association myself. Certainly someone from Peru will be asking for travel expenses to the US to gather his “facts.” I’ve wondered about the lawyer from the beginning. It is abundantly apparent Bryan does speak the language, yet everything is still done in Spanish. Had a Spanish speaking person been given just documents in English, he would have a case of legal malpractice. At least here in the states.
    Since there is no such thing as organized stalking, simply taping people around you and voicing over that they are stalkers will not wash as evidence. Like all of the other Tew VS. lawsuits have gone, this too will get laughed out of court.
    That said, I’m going to have to read the description again. I thought he was suing ECUADOR, not the US and was wondering how people who haven’t even tried for asylum there could be in a lawsuit. If it’s for the US, I wonder if an Ecuadorian lawyer can practice in the US. Time for some research.

    • RJ

      I think the Ecuadorian attorney thinks Tew is really in trouble with the CIA. All this TI crap is loosely based on things that did happen in some extreme cases. The CIA did experiment on people. The KGB did use tactics to make their enemies look and act crazy. There are some degree of microwave weapons. Maybe the attorney doesn’t have any experience with mentally ill people; and if he isn’t fluent in English then maybe he is missing many of the cues that Tew is constantly talking about. And those South American countries have all sorts of government corruption, so maybe he sees cases of people being mistreated by their own government – and assumes Tew is like the American equivalent. Just because the guy is an attorney doesn’t mean he is smart. His picture looks like a pretty young guy so maybe he doesn’t have much experience. Or if it really is unethical, they probably just see an American who is relatively wealthy in their eyes. And, just going by nothing more than Tew’s travel expenses, insane amount of expensive gadgets, and ability to retain lawyers – maybe they don’t picture him as a mentally ill man. If they can’t understand 80% of what he is saying, he’s probably just slipping through the cracks.

      Hell, I don’t even think Tew is schizophrenic. Seems like some nightmare cocktail of OCD, Asperger’s, and delusional disorder; shaken, stirred and served liberally. I think his diagnosis when he was detained in Kentucky was schizophrenia then “downgraded” to delusional disorder. One thing we never see out of Tew but other TI’s do this – drawing complicated diagrams to try to make sense of what they are worried about. Usually it’s a stick figure surrounded by smaller stick figures, with arrows from the group of figures pointing to a satellite, then pointing over to another group, then to a house, then back to a satellite, etc. The most Tew does is just post screenshots of emails that are blocked, or a poor Wi-Fi signal. His physical symptoms aren’t all imagined either; his ears probably do hurt like hell from keeping his earbuds in all the time. His heart is probably having problems, being over 50 and overweight; and generally living in a constant state of stress. There’s this one TI, Anne something or other. She has a YouTube channel and posts on other TI’s pages. With her, it’s all word salad and the most extreme nonsense about white witches, cobras, forced speech, reptilians and a host of other nonsense. Thing is, the TI’s who appear to somewhat have it together (like that Michael guy in Arizona who is trying to “expose it all and blow the lid off…”) Even they would never admit that even one TI is mentally ill. In fact, you could find the most sane and rational seeming TI, and they would never say Tew or Anne or even the worst of them are at all mentally ill. The furthest a TI would do, is label them as “disinformation agents”. Conveniently propping up the TI delusion, and simultaneously canceling out mental illness altogether.

      • Stefan Adams

        Perhaps, but the whole thing about filing a class action lawsuit against the US government is nonsense and will never go anywhere, if it even makes it into a court room. I don’t know what the attorney actually said, but Tew made it out like it was something they both agreed was a great idea. I’m not even sure how they are going to proceed if the law firm doesn’t have lawyers who are qualified to practice in the US.

        Tew’s medical evidence is severely lacking, his hearing tests and EKGs don’t support his claims, I’m sure his attorneys have seen the test results but at least the way Tew puts it, his attorneys have said it validates him.

        Granted, we’re only hearing what his attorneys are saying through the filter of Bryan Tew. I haven’t listened to any conversations or seen any of their correspondence. I just get the impression that they are leading Tew down a long rabbit hole just to take his money and give false hope.

        As for his diagnosis, I’m far from a psychiatrist, however, Tew has posted some documents online from doctors. This was back during the time Tew was on workers comp with the State of Ohio. He got a doctor to diagnose him with schizoaffective disorder and submitted his testimony to the board that adjudicates workers comp cases to support the idea that Tew is disabled. SAD is basically schizophrenia + bipolar, at least that’s how I read it.

        Not arguing with you, I do appreciate different points of view.

      • Stefan Adams

        Bryan has a new video. He’s at the audiologist again – with his attorney in tow. He asks his attorney a question in English (today’s date) and gets an immediate answer. Seems to understand him well enough.

        Bryan also admits he has tinnitus instead of just calling it ‘HIGH PITCHED SCREECHING SOUND CAUSED BY ULTRASOUND/MICROWAVES’ like he usually does. He generally doesn’t want to acknowledge that he has an ordinary and common hearing condition.

        No idea why one would need to bring legal counsel to an ordinary medical exam but with Bryan everything is always out of the ordinary.

  2. RJ

    On Monday he is already leaving to go back to Hong Kong and try to get into China. And it looks like he is expecting his Ecuadorian attorney to contact a Chinese attorney. What a mess. Seeing as he just spent 1300 on a plane ticket, I don’t know if he has money to pay the lawyers. He is just a flat out mess.

  3. RJ

    Tew’s latest ridiculous video – he’s back at the hearing doctor’s office. He has wires and boxes hooked up to his head, and he’s making another stupid video. This one actually has his attorney in it, sitting there wearing a suit. Apparently his attorney is accompanying him to all of these worthless medical tests.

  4. Ima Nonomus Tew

    I love how he only worries about his ears when he can’t understand the audiologist. And she sure said a lot more than what was interpreted by his lawyer. And in no way can someone claim damage is from “directed energy weapon attacks” when those have to be proven to even exist and work like Bryan says.
    I do know that sound is used as an annoyance. The Smithsonian’s Gem room, where the Hope diamond is has a shrill, feedback sound that you can almost feel. No one spends much time there.
    But Bryan claims? Doesn’t follow the universal laws of physics and requires the entire world outside of about 20-30 people would have to be involved in making really small, normal annoyances to mess up his day… Unless he has cliffs to climbs, miles to hike, and other fun things to do instead.
    The lawyer is probably charging him for all the time spent. And if Bryan has been taking pills like before, the toxicology test will be interesting.

  5. AA

    I think the video of him in a nail salon, which he claims to be examples of how thought triggered attacks are deployed against him, is simultaneously hilarious and pathetic.

    What does this even mean? How does this correlate to him visiting a nail salon where no one even notices or cares that he’s there? Or, is that the problem? That these girls are oblivious to his existance?

    Is this an example of his ‘white hot rage?’ Good lord.

  6. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Did they not have his color polish.? That was my first thought. Why is he there? Why the rage?
    And the biggie, why does his lawyer not see this and know his client is nucking futs?

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah that was weird. I was thinking that might be the place he goes to get his hair colored. I don’t know why a guy would be getting his nails polished though. I guess technically a manicure is a unisex thing but none of my guy friends have ever admitted to getting one.

      For someone so opposed to homosexuality he’s sure not doing himself any favors by showing up in such a place.

  7. Ima Nonomus Tew

    He’s in a hospital again. But the staff thinks nothing is wrong with him. They will likely release him soon, after they have enough strip to show his heart is fine. I’ve been in an emergency room and hospital more than anyone should, and one of the first things they do is start an IV, so any meds can be given immediately. His is disconnected. He’s over-reacting to a panic attack, again. Also, his second visit to the cardiologist was not reported in any way. I guess it was not suitable for evidence.

    • Stefan Adams

      Wonder how much that visit cost him. He has a habit of trying to skip on the bill. Those third world hospitals don’t play games when it comes to paying up.

      There’s no way his attorney doesn’t know he’s nuts. He’s just in it for the money.

  8. Stefan Adams

    Looks like Tew’s attorney is ignoring him again. He posted a WhatsApp screenshot in which Tew makes various pleas/requests that get ignored. Tew’s funds probably dried up again and he doesn’t want to work for free.

    He posted a video today in which he makes his doubts about his attorney clear; he won’t help him get a new Chinese passport and refuses to let Tew talk to him in his office.

  9. LJ. Jones

    This nazi shit is barbaric for the dumbest shit…i was traveling alone and some goon squad nazis just needed to have something to money no drugs and alot of dumb shit…how to sue them..i need to know after serious identity theft..ear implants throat implants.. Burns..all they did is follow some nazi rules inside multiple shelters and steal most importantly my sons i.d..

  10. KF

    I stumbled across this website investigating human experimentation. How do you know that Bryan isn’t part of a medical experiment? Ask yourself why the American government has patents on all sorts of mind control technologies? Who are they testing these weapons on? It would be naive to think that all these directed energy devices have never been tested. Someone or a “system” that could perfect mind control could rule the entire world. History repeats itself. What happened in Nazi Germany – exactly the same thing. Who did the Americans bring over after the second world war? Nazi scientists. I suppose they became “good Americans” and stopped using all the technologies they unleashed on the German population. Instead of focusing on Bryan’s misadventures why don’t you spend time investigating the possibility that mind control technologies exist and are actively being used on the American population.

    • Stefan Adams

      Hi KF, thanks for stopping by.

      I’m not aware that the US Government has patents on “mind control technology”. Feel free to share those here for discussion. I am used to conspiracy theorists citing patents and pretty much every time a patent number is shown, it’s for something benign or misunderstood.

      The problem with taking any of the claims of Bryan or other TIs seriously is that they propose things that break the laws of physics. For example they believe beams of “microwaves” are causing burning, itching, or pain sensations even while they are indoors. The amount of energy required for such a feat from the distances away (they claim satellites and etc. are involved) is astronomical and such beams penetrating building structures, especially if they are made of flammable material, would burn up. It’s nonsense right off the bat there.

      Bryan also claims that “nanotechnology” in the form of nano robots and etc. are in the global water supplies (or at least the USA’s) and that anyone who has taken a drink has ingested these nanobots and are now under the spell of a mind control computer that uses radio waves to communicate with the nanobots and manipulate your brain.

      The problem with this is that nobody has ever demonstrated from a water sample that these nanobots exist. I am puzzled why Bryan or another TI couldn’t get access to a microscope to provide this proof.

      Bryan has claimed that all you have to do is go to any doctor and request a “nano patch” lab test. I looked this up and there is no such test that exists – which means he made this up or he is just repeating what someone else has made up.

      So if you want me to take these claims seriously you need some credible proof. To date I haven’t seen it. It’s far more likely and actually plausible that the TI community consists of unmedicated people with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      I happened across Bryan Tew and another, female TI while the majority of my time on the internet was spent debunking chemtrails. The two delusions in many ways follow the same script, although TI take it to a very personal level. There is no consensus in either as to the who, the what, the when, or the why, and all locations are claimed to be used. Each believer claims to have found secret knowledge, has put the pieces together, askews any factual information that would sway any other, more rational person. And all done through a Google, or similar search.
      I’ll stick with Bryan Tew here.
      What facet of the lump of crap known as Bryan Tew would you like to focus on? His body of work, which has been cut&pasted for years with no new information or insight? His torture by earache, panic attack, carpal tunnel and being aging, obese, sedentary, unhealthy habits, and heavy drug abuse? His inability to handle pain and do for himself? His globe-trotting, where he acts like an ass to locals and somehow expects his “rights” to be respected? How no one in the entire world, including the freakin’ Red Cross and UN believes he is a refugee, worthy of humanitarian protection and aid, except him? The only way the word “asylum” should be used in relation to Bryan Tew is the one into which he is finally committed.
      The only thing I won’t discuss is his habit of “forced masturbation.” I think that little habit should warrant a heads-up to whatever hostel he stays in, because he has been open about it and don’t want that picture in my head. Or the heads of the people residing with him.

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