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Serial liar Bryan Tew lies about audiology results

Bryan is back in Ecuador for reasons we’ll never really understand. He complains that the Ecuadorian government is a bunch of “peasants” who do the bidding of the CIA, i.e. by running the supposed organized stalking rings in Quito that always bother him when he’s there. He continues to beg and sue for asylum from these “peasants” that he hates so much.

Anyway, first order of business for Bryan was to get yet another pointless audiology exam that shows the exact opposite of what he is claiming.

His results, like all the results previously, show what appears to be normal hearing except for some small dips and a slightly bigger dip into the “moderate” hearing loss range at a specific frequency. I’m going to go out on a limb and say he probably has reasonably good hearing for a man of his age.

The hyperbolic title of his video claims this is proof of “SEVERE” hearing loss. No it isn’t, Bryan! You lie!


  1. RJ

    He’s outside the door of the Russian embassy, trying to do what I don’t know. And in his video description he says he was already punched in the face in Colombia. I wonder what he actually expects to get out of this Ecuador trip?

  2. Ima Nonomus Tew

    He is proving himself to be a complete idiot AGAIN. Ecuador does not use 911 as a medical or police emergency. The fact that he still doesn’t even try to learn the language should show the puppet-government he is not someone as a citizen. They should kick his butt out and flag passport so he can’t come back.
    Which would be sweet.

    • Stefan Adams

      The irony is that he now plans on suing Ecuador in an American court because Ecuador failed to sufficiently protect him from the Americans. Tew can’t wrap his head around how stupid that sounds apparently.

      • RJ

        His latest video, he seems more coherent – but just wired and sped up. Like on the days when he is less “off” and kind of cognizant of reality. And odd that he for once is not listening to music on his earbuds. And, he thinks it is only slightly damaging his ears. Hmm, coincidence? And what is up with his wardrobe? He is back to wearing the green “Tropical” t-shirt. I have not seen that one since he was last in Ecuador. Does he pick is shirts on where he thinks they are most appropriate? I can’t imagine he keeps clothing stored in these countries. Or maybe watching Tew videos is making me crazy too!

  3. Stefan Adams

    Bryan went in for a cardiology exam – looks like he wore a holter monitor (basically a portable ECG machine that you wear for like a couple of days to record your heart rhythm over time).

    I took a screenshot of the “Conclusions” and fed it through Google Translate. It wasn’t a perfect translation but the best I can tell the doctor didn’t find anything seriously wrong.

    He has a very common arrhythmia that is not considered a real problem and most people experience some of the time for ordinary reasons. It’s only when they become very frequent that they indicate a problem.

    It can be aggravated by anxiety and excessive caffeine consumption (and perhaps his favorite opiate pain meds but that’s a guess):

    As usual, he’s blowing it out of proportion just to create drama and draw undeserved sympathy.

  4. AA

    I’m glad to see that he’s able to get his favorite hair color down in Equador. Nice to see his sideburns now match the rest of his hair. Does he think coloring his hair makes him more appealing to women? Or….? At any rate, glad he’s still out of country and hope he stays where he is. He mentioned his family is being tortured. Yes, I imagine this whole thing is quite a burden on them, being saddled with a mentally ill family member who refuses to get help and plays these games.

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