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Bryan Tew absentmindedly puts $1000 laptop down and walks away

Why does a homeless man on Social Security need a $1000 laptop? Shouldn’t that money be spent on food, shelter, and medical needs instead? As opposed to buying a $200-$300 model that will work just as well.

The laptop supposedly contained “evidence” for a frivolous lawsuit that he is filing (either his lawsuit against the Ecuadorian government or his lawsuit against the federal/local government here in San Diego).



  1. Susan

    Yeah, he manages to travel around the world, get on a plane, navigate transportation and find lodging.
    He conned Father Joe’s into giving him dental care when he squared there last time. Then he wanted to sue them for his “pain”.
    There is no vast army government agents following his sorry ass every where. He needs to go home to mommy.

    • Stefan Adams

      Hi Susan, thank you for the reply and sorry for the late response on my part!

      Bryan posted this video today where he recounted a story about a bad dental experience he had. See here:

      Is this the same incident you speak of in your comment? Bryan said he had to visit the ER after his trip to the dentist due to some kind of (allergic?) reaction.

      If you’re bound by HIPAA or don’t want to risk outing yourself then no need to respond but wondering if you had any other details.

      Sometimes I wonder if Bryan really has massive bad luck wherever he goes or if he just fabricated or exaggerated his story. Some amount of post-op swelling is normal after dental surgery I believe so I’m thinking he just exaggerated his experience.

      If you’ve ever watched old re-runs of Mr. Bean on BBC or PBS, there is this episode where Mr. Bean visits the dentist but through his clumsiness he ends up knocking the dentist out cold and ends up having to finish the dental operation by himself. At least that’s how I remembered it. That’s what comes to mind after seeing this video.

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