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Professional TI Beggar Candy Grandpre Discovers This Website

Is it time we have a Candy Grandpre thread? I think so. Candy won’t stop talking about me, despite me NEVER making a post about her on here. I don’t find her interesting – she’s just a paranoid vulgar professional beggar wanting attention. Well here’s your attention!

I don’t have a lot to say about her. She has a YouTube channel where she frequently posts about her adventures being homeless on the streets of Pensacola and accusing random innocent people of gangstalking her. The people who respond to her have no fucking clue what she’s rambling on about and deny the accusations which makes her in turn accuse the innocent victims of “gaslighting” her. Notice how these paranoid nutters always like to accuse people of gaslighting them?

She also has an ongoing feud with her twin sister Brandy, you can see Brandy’s frequent responses to Candy’s bullshit over on her channel here.

Here’s a video she posted today going over my posts accusing me of slander, lies, etc. Nothing I’ve posted is a lie. She also briefly weighs in on Kevin Christian’s butthole zapping.

(The stuff about tiwatch starts around 1m 40s)

Bryan Tew Departs Spain, Arrives in Quito, Ecuador

Bryan finally figured out that he wasn’t going to get asylum any time soon in Spain so he tucked tail and ran back to Ecuador.

He’s currently in Quito whining about how terrible Russian people are for not wanting to entertain his bogus claim for asylum:

Bryan is now claiming that the Ecuadorian Gov’t / CIA is running honey traps at him:

If you remember from a few years ago, Bryan engaged in the services of a prostitute but ended up arrested after the prostitute stole his cell phone and he caused property damage to the hotel he was staying at:

Kevin Christian Has Meltdown Over Me/Website

Bryan isn’t the only one having a meltdown over me, Kevin Christian had to have his own meltdown too. Claims I’m slandering him and that he could sue me.

Just for the record, everything I’ve posted or commented is based on his own videos, many of which he appears to be embarrassed about and has deleted. I do have his entire channel archived and may re-upload them later. If not videos then it’s based off of public police records and transcripts of 911 calls.

So yeah, good luck with any future lawsuit, it will simply cause all that material to be displayed in open court.

Additionally, I am not writing comments as “Kevin Christian” as he accuses me of. It’s entirely possible someone else wrote them but I have no idea if it’s him or someone else.

He denies past and present drug use and thinks the incident at the hotel (see previous thread) was some sort of police setup.

Note that I haven’t been talking about Kevin for the past month or two but he apparently missed the attention. Well here you go buddy!

Kevin Christian’s most recent stint in prison:

Kevin also deleted a video on his channel that shows him walking out of prison. I’ve re-uploaded the video to rebuff Kevin’s claim that he doesn’t have an extensive criminal record:

Bryan Tew Discovers My + Omni Eris’ YouTube Channel

He has a predictable response which is to label us and our content as created by a computer rather than a real person. He says some CIA agent wears a special helmet that feeds into the RNM Supercomputer to generate the videos on my channel. Apparently the graphics on Omni Eris’ channel are just too sophisticated for a human to have created too.

He proudly claims that “Well I must be doing something right” and “anyone who comes across as credible they need to target” (LOL). Bitch you aren’t credible, you’re just hilarious. Delusional narcissist.

Bryan, your #1 problem is that you make wild fantastic claims that have no supporting evidence. Where is your evidence that a CIA agent is wearing a special “brain to computer” helmet to create my videos? You just pulled that straight out of your shit-covered asshole.

Bryan Tew – Open Thread

Not much going on with Bryan the past few months. The highlight continues to be his frivolous lawsuit against Spain (see: Bryan Tew files bogus lawsuit against Spain).

There are no updates to his case – the last update was Bryan hiring a firm that specializes in international legal process to formally serve Spain (the nation) with his lawsuit which happened back in April. The suit was served as far as I know but Spain has not responded yet.

The latest stuff from Bryan:

Bryan meets with some attorneys who were appointed to represent him in his asylum case. Boring:

Bryan discovers a video YouTube user “Meegs B” made about Bryan a few years ago and is incredibly upset. If anyone remembers, Meegs thought Bryan used to be “Brian” but became a victim of the Mandela Effect and turned into “Bryan” because of nefarious activity involving time machines and what not.

Bryan is very upset that she made this video and accuses her of being a “perp”. (Video is on Bitchute):

Bryan pens a letter to his asylum attorneys making a demand that he be allowed to visit Cuba to seek medical treatment. I don’t know if Bryan makes these ridiculous demands with any expectation of getting what he wants. He’s way more needy than actual refugees from war-torn regions who arrive in the country on boats with no possessions.

The last I heard, Bryan was banned from returning to Cuba (he’s talked about it several times, including recently) so I don’t understand why he thinks he can return.

Kevin Christian a/k/a Targeted Individual and his relationship with meth

Thank you to Mr. Nayrb for providing these files to me.

This is about the TI Kevin Christian who also goes by “Targeted Individual” on YouTube and elsewhere. He is a resident of Jonesboro, GA and produces daily videos (usually several per day) detailing the disturbing hallucinations that he frequently experiences as well as the technological struggles he has with his phones and computers.

All of these troubles he blames on a household on a nearby street called Howard Circle. He frequently refers to them as the “Howard Circle Gangstalkers”. He believes that this household possesses sophisticated mind control technology that is used to beam voices into his head (or cause itching and/or pain sensations) and has the capability to hack all of his computers, phones, and etc.

Mr. Christian has an extensive record with law enforcement; he frequently calls law enforcement agencies to report this household for their supposed crimes against him and insists on his videos that he will have these people jailed. Of course it goes both ways – I have just learned that Kevin has a rap sheet for possession of meth, a substance which is known to cause the hallucinations and psychotic behavior that Kevin exhibits.

Kevin will not acknowledge or admit to his probable (opinion) drug use; he insists in harassing this innocent household and accusing them of bizarre crimes. He frequently names members of this household much to their distress.

Here is a gallery of images: (1) is a police report plus accompanying documents from his arrest at a Red Roof Inn and (2) is an incident report from what appears to be his house during one of his frivolous calls to the police

TI Kevin Christian thinks his neighbors are zapping his butthole!

A little change of pace here.

Some of you are already familiar with him. He’s some dude who lives in Georgia who believes a family living close by on “Howard Circle” is collectively harassing him using V2K (the schizophrenic voices in his head) and other types of supposed electronic weapons.

He also has many videos up accusing this family of hacking into his phone, YouTube account, and etc. The reality is that like other TIs (i.e. Bryan Tew) they don’t understand how technology works and just think their phone running out of space is some sort of gangstalker conspiracy.

He apparently regularly calls the police on this innocent family when he hears these voices or has technology troubles.

He goes by “Targeted Individual” as well as his real name online. (If anyone has a better introduction to Kevin, let me know and I’ll link it in here).

He wasn’t that interesting to me until this morning when he started complaining of butthole and genital attacks. I snickered.

Bryan Tew spends $1500 on gadgets and boner-killing drugs instead of actual medical treatment

From the comments of the previous article. A brief recap:

Bryan just purchased a $200 espresso machine (actual price may be higher depending on options and accessories).

(The obvious question is – how does he plan on lugging this machine around from country to country? I mean yeah, sure, he can check it into his luggage, but when you own like 3-4 cell phones, multiple tablet and laptop computers, and other gadgets, it starts to become a big chore to get from point A to point B as a homeless person, especially one that complains that both of his shoulders are damaged in addition to his spine.

And, as is plainly obvious, you can get your caffeine/coffee fix from something as simple as a shared coffee maker in your dorm, a coffee house, or even from instant coffee and hot water. Why this machine?)

Bryan just spent $600 on chemical castration drugs while whining that the Spanish government should have provided this medically unnecessary treatment to him for free. He’s getting tired of having boners that “force” him to masturbate to images of football players:

(and if you think I’m being unfair to Bryan, it’s Bryan who has made posts about homosexual fantasies involving football players and having “forced orgasms” while hanging out in notorious gay hookup spots in San Diego)

and Bryan spent $700 on an Apple Watch that he says is required for him to “function and survive”. Odd, I’m functioning and surviving without one. What a fucking douchebag!

(No offense to Apple Watch owners who aren’t crazy like Bryan, but c’mon, it’s hardly a necessity for a homeless person to have a fancy watch like this)

Then today, Bryan emails his attorneys and whines that he can’t afford medical care in Spain!

That’s right folks, Bryan will spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy coffee machine (here I am getting by with a $20 coffee machine from Walmart), $700 on a retarded watch for hipsters, and $600 on drugs to kill his boner (because he can’t confront his homosexuality honestly and openly).

Bryan Tew files bogus lawsuit against Spain

This is a continuation of the discussion over in the comments of the previous story and I’m just creating a new discussion to hold any further updates on this.

If you kept up with Bryan, you know that he was in Spain for pretty much all of 2020, going in and out of various shelters and trying to apply for asylum multiple times. I’m too lazy to link in the highlights, you can just read most of the 2020 posts and comments to get a run down of what happened.

Basically, he wasn’t getting what he felt entitled to and had a few run-ins with shelter staff, street people, medical staff, and police officers. He’s given up on Spain (now currently in Stockholm, Sweden) and has decided to file a completely ridiculous lawsuit in American courts against the Spanish government.

He is using the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act which is a law that generally shields foreign governments from lawsuits but provides some limited exceptions in which the immunity can be waived and a lawsuit could proceed.

If you read his lawsuit (above), Bryan is claiming that the Spanish government engaged in acts of terrorism and hostage taking against him (these are some of the things the FSIA allows for waiving immunity from a lawsuit against a foreign government). Of course this is completely ridiculous because Bryan was never subject to being held hostage in Spain nor was the hostility he received from a taxi driver (that was a result of his own harassment) an example of terrorism.

The lawsuit will undoubtedly fail. I feel like Bryan knows this but is just filing the lawsuit anyway because he wants there to be, as he has said before, an “official record” of the “atrocities” he thinks is happening to him. So making a complete fool of himself in court on the world stage is how Bryan thinks he will bring the right kind of attention to his situation.

Here is a video Bryan made pleading with various law firms to represent him in his case.. Bryan says he can’t pay them and they will only get paid when (if?) he wins, which is hilarious.

Bryan Tew’s main YouTube channel shut down for repeated copyright violations

So on Sunday 12/27, Bryan Tew’s YouTube channel with approximately 5K subscribers was shut down for good due to repeated infringement of copyrights.

Bryan has been known to upload clips from Hollywood movies, usually psychological thrillers, that supposedly explain some aspect of his life and what he perceives to be happening to him as a TI. He also listens to commercial music playing on a speaker while he is recording himself on YouTube live (serious YouTubers know that this is also a no-no).

In both cases, this earns him either a forced monetization of his infringing video (meaning YouTube will place ads on his video, with all the ad revenue going to the copyright holder), or a removal of the video and a copyright strike placed on his record. Too many strikes results in your channel being permanently deleted, along with all of your content.

I believe the last video Bryan uploaded was a re-upload of a video that “Ella Free” created about the “TI Day” event that happened earlier this year (2020) where a bunch of TIs made video testimonies about being a TI.

Bryan reuploaded this video with a title and description suggesting (with no evidence) that all of these TIs were “crisis actors” designed to discredit the TI movement.

The problem here (apart from being a ridiculous paranoid lunatic) is that Bryan has no rights to re-upload copyrighted content. There is such a concept known as “fair use” under copyright laws (in the US at least) where you can use a limited amount of copyrighted content if you turn it into a commentary or a news report or similar. However, simply reuploading a video and making an dumb claim about it in the description box isn’t sufficient to claim a fair use exception.

It appears that the re-upload of Ella’s video was the final straw that took down his account. This is not surprising to me considering that Bryan pretty much considers 90% of the TI movement, Ella included, to be government agents, and the people who are the target of Bryan’s unfounded claims dislike being labeled this way.

Ella flagged the video and this was the end of Bryan’s channel. He had one more chance to clean up his act w/r/t copyrights and failed with this video upload.

In usual fashion, Bryan is blaming the “shadow government” for his account shutdown. Since it happened right before his scheduled flight to Ecuador, he thinks it is no coincidence and that They(tm) are doing this to remove all of his “evidence” he needs to make an asylum claim.

Of course regular viewers will know that Bryan applied for asylum in Ecuador a couple of years ago and was subsequently rejected, so that’s kinda silly.

Being that I have a bit of interest in Bryan’s antics, I suspected that one day his videos would disappear for whatever reason. My feeling at the time was that Bryan would do something either homicidal and/or suicidal which would result in social media companies scrubbing his accounts as often is the case.

I have a pretty comprehensive archive of Bryan’s YouTube channel. It doesn’t have every single video he’s ever made but it has most of them. I began this by using video downloader tools manually every once in a while, but sometimes he uploaded a video and then deleted it before I had a chance to capture it.

If there is a particular video of Bryan you are interested in seeing again, let me know (help me narrow it down by date as there are literally thousands of videos).

Bryan, I’ll even let you have a copy of your videos. But it’s on one condition – you must agree to an interview with me by email where you answer my questions.