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Bryan Tew detained by police at VA Hospital, cited for battery

So Bryan was at the San Diego VA hospital presumably mooching free healthcare off of the taxpayer when he got into trouble inside.

His story is that there was a “collision”. That’s a description he uses to try to take blame off of himself, implying that someone just ran into him while he was innocently going about his business and cried foul to get him in trouble.

Bryan thinks that this is all a setup and none of this is his fault.

Bonus points for the referral to mental health services!

Will Bryan make his court date or will he get a warrant for failure to appear?

Edit: I listened to the video again and Bryan admits he ran into the guy (“the guy I ran into”). You just admitted guilt, Bryan.


  1. RJ

    Awesome. This is the kind of stuff I’ve been waiting for. Sounds like he’s already paid for his next ticket to China. So this will be a matter of skipping court and leaving the country, or showing up and who knows what will ensue. Then he will either have some sort of non-voluntary mental evaluation, or just be charged with a fine or something. I know a lot of people don’t show up to court and end up with a warrant for their arrest – but he’s making it look like he is fleeing the country, like a murderer or something. I wonder if they’ll scan his passport and think something is up. But I really doubt they can make him stay here because he has a court date. I don’t think a simple matter of pushing someone will get him actually in some position where he can’t leave the country. I do like his new U of M shirt!

    • Stefan Adams

      He’s definitely getting worse. Not to say he was completely sane the last few years but I had the impression that he was able to hold himself together and act normally most of the time even if he was posting nonsense online.

      Now he constantly complains about not being able to sleep and is getting into fights (that he appears to be starting). At least in the past it seemed like he was just yelling at people, now it seems like he is trying to be violent with them and every time it is ending poorly for him.

      Today he posted about getting into a fight at 7-11 while buying coffee – in the same post where he complains about not being able to sleep!

      If he doesn’t get seriously hurt or killed he will end up in jail at some point, and maybe he’ll get some kind of psychiatric care while he’s there.

        • Stefan Adams

          Yeah, no dude. Mental illness predates the 1970s. Some people are genuinely fucked in the head, that’s a fact.

          If you’ve come here looking for validation about the voices in your head or all the people you think are conspiring against you, you won’t find it here.

          Get help.

          • Bet

            Stefan, You have neither investigated the issue of mental illness, schizophrenia or psyciatric disorders or you would understand that there needs to be pathological proof to have any of these so-called problems. Damage to the brain or being a psychopath is not mental illness. Go and get yourself educated in this area then come back and tell us what you have discovered.
            So please, for everyone’s sake, do go and educate yourself “yesterday” and stop-down your support for population manipulation.

          • Stefan Adams

            Brain damage can most certainly cause mental illness. I never said anything about psychopathy.

            Let me guess, you have been diagnosed with schizophrenia and refuse to accept the diagnosis and the treatment plan? What are your symptoms – do you hear voices in your head and blame the government for it?

            I’m not going to have an extended argument with you about mental illness. If you refuse to accept the mainstream views, that’s your loss. You won’t get better until you do.

  2. RJ

    Tew’s story is looking like it’s coming to an end. Apparently he has lost “everything” which at least includes his passport and other identification. He’s stuck in San Diego, with a looming court date which he posted that he has no intentions of attending. He posted a note he sent to his Ecuadorian attorney, saying that he won’t go to court for his assault infraction, and he needs to get to Ecuador to proceed with his asylum claim. And his videos are getting worse. One of the most recent ones ended with him being confronted by a janitor, and the location of where he was recording was kind of odd; looked like he was hiding in some kind of metal crate. And he has been in and out of the hospital and telling the doctors all about “CIA DIA trauma based mind control”. For the first time ever he is talking in his videos about “delusional thought patterns”, “disassociation with reality” and hallucinations. Almost like some doctors are actually diagnosing him.

    • Stefan Adams

      Thanks for the update. I saw the videos about losing his passport and his extreme distress about not being able to sleep; he does seem to be at the end of his thread. I’m not convinced he’s throwing in the towel just yet though. We’ll see if he gets worse or better at this point. If he can convince a doctor to give him something like vicodin or ambien and he’s able to rest he may become normal-ish (for Tew).

      Where do you see the note about refusing to make his court date? I’ll check his Facebook again but didn’t notice that.

      • RJ

        That was in a comment he made on his own video here:

        In case the comments section gets wiped (by the CIA of course), here is what he wrote. This is all just text copied and pasted by Tew in his comment, Diego Garcia doesn’t look like he is responding to any of this.

        Bryan Tew
        6 days ago
        Diego Garcia (Human Rights Asylum Claim Attorney in Ecuador)

        Yes, please move forward with Asylum Claim. Their entrapment attempts we’re bound to work and set me up eventually. The CIA DIA are able to get away with these atrocities because there is a perceived 80-100 year gap between the technology on the market and top secret government technology.

        Please move forward with Asylum Claim at court in Ecuador. I have simply run out of options and am currently trapped in the USA.

        Kind Regards

        Bryan Tew


        Let me know in advance when and I will send you additional funds when needed.

        Show quoted text

        Diego Garcia

        Email the power of attorney quickly before they arrest me. The charges are criminal citation for misdemeanor criminal battery and misdemeanor criminal fighting in public.

        Kind Regards

        Bryan Tew

        On Friday, December 22, 2017, Diego Corral

        Show quoted text

        Diego Garcia (Human Rights Attorney Asylum Claim in Ecuador)

        Organized Stalking is heavy in USA with more set up and entrapment attempts. Remote neural attacks of white hot rage called Impulse Injections or Impulse Sequencing accompany each Organized Stalking Assault.

        Please get power of attorney to me asap before they arrest me. I will not appear on court date because I cannot risk being locked up and unable to defend myself against their brutal technology, which is what happened in 2013 before I fled country to apply for Asylum Claim in Iceland, Belgium and Switzerland. I was arrested for an unpaid traffic ticket in Kentucky and held for a week before being allowed to see judge. I was brutally tortured that whole week inside jail with directed energy before I saw the judge and was released.

        They are going to arrest me. I cannot maneuver around the constant set up and entrapment schemes.

        Please send Power of Attorney Asylum Paperwork asap via email.

        I am trapped. Passport stolen. Set up and framed before I could fly out to China.

        Please act quickly. If you don’t hear from me again it could be because I am in jail.

        Totally illegal everything they are doing to me and hundreds of thousands of other innocent Americans and millions of innocent people worldwide.

        Kind Regards

        Bryan Tew

        Show quoted text?

        • Stefan Adams

          Thank you! If he does skip his court date I will consider getting in touch with the DA’s office and letting them know about that.

          I am on his block list so I don’t see his comments. I had to log out. I’ll keep that in mind going forward.

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