Bryan Tew – Open Thread

Not much going on with Bryan the past few months. The highlight continues to be his frivolous lawsuit against Spain (see: Bryan Tew files bogus lawsuit against Spain).

There are no updates to his case – the last update was Bryan hiring a firm that specializes in international legal process to formally serve Spain (the nation) with his lawsuit which happened back in April. The suit was served as far as I know but Spain has not responded yet.

The latest stuff from Bryan:

Bryan meets with some attorneys who were appointed to represent him in his asylum case. Boring:

Bryan discovers a video YouTube user “Meegs B” made about Bryan a few years ago and is incredibly upset. If anyone remembers, Meegs thought Bryan used to be “Brian” but became a victim of the Mandela Effect and turned into “Bryan” because of nefarious activity involving time machines and what not.

Bryan is very upset that she made this video and accuses her of being a “perp”. (Video is on Bitchute):

Bryan pens a letter to his asylum attorneys making a demand that he be allowed to visit Cuba to seek medical treatment. I don’t know if Bryan makes these ridiculous demands with any expectation of getting what he wants. He’s way more needy than actual refugees from war-torn regions who arrive in the country on boats with no possessions.

The last I heard, Bryan was banned from returning to Cuba (he’s talked about it several times, including recently) so I don’t understand why he thinks he can return.

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  1. Bryan is weirdly obsessed with honey traps and thinks the government is sending women after him, as if he’s important enough to want to set up with one (he has an inflated sense of self-importance).

    In reality it’s just street prostitutes in the bad parts of town he likes to hang out in trying to drum up business with him.

    If anyone remembers, the last time in Ecuador he had to leave in a hurry because he got arrested as a result of getting violent at a hotel after a hooker he hired stole his cell phone. (Probably fell asleep in the middle of an act and she bailed out with his phone as payment)

  2. Performative Tew screaming. Not sure where he’s at, but I last saw him (earlier in the day) leaving his hotel room supposedly on the way to Cuba but he made a stop over at the local homeless shelter where they rejected him, so I suspect he may be on the street somewhere.

  3. I think the doctors are onto him. He is demanding medical treatment, and thinks it will all be free. No. They will expect him to pay, up front. If they check his “refugee” status, and his claims of asylum and find he has none. He’s mentally ill, doesn’t do anything to help himself, takes Rx drugs to the point of abuse, and now seems to be having money problems? No one wants to help that.

    • I find it amusing that he is trying to make his way to Cuba in the middle of the social unrest and government crackdown they’re having. Also they supposedly have turned off and/or severely restricted Internet access. Not sure if that affects tourists in hotels. But regardless it is a particularly bad time for him to be going.

      Plus he got deported and banned last time, I can’t imagine it going any better for him now.

    • Yeah, he explained towards the end of this video that the doctor basically put him on his shitlist. They got wind of the fact that he was recording them and uploading the conversation to YouTube.

      Also, his Apple Pay stopped working. He claims he needs Apple Pay to work in order to do financial transactions in Cuba. Do American credit cards even work in Cuba?

      I think he is just building up to a final excuse for not going to Cuba. He’ll end up back in Latin America or maybe Asia again is what I predict, if he goes anywhere.

  4. Bryan now says he is filing an action against Spain in the European Court of Human Rights. I don’t know anything about the ECHR but I predict it will be as successful as his lawsuit against Spain in US courts.

  5. Bryan is rambling about hive mind teams on a train back to Barcelona with the usual half-assed mask wearing. Part of me is really rooting for the Delta variant to get Bryan.

    As I predicted, he’s using this bullshit about Apple Pay not working, which would never work in Cuba anyway, as an excuse for not going to Cuba. No forms of payment drawn on American banks (besides cash in hand) work in Cuba so it is a stupid and lame excuse.

    So back to Barcelona to try to game the asylum system again, I presume.

    • I don’t quite understand what’s going on, but he was on a train to Barcelona (or so he says) in that video above, but new videos show him moping around an ER and the Chinese Embassy in Madrid. Not sure if he’s posting these videos out of sequence, or if he immediately made a return trip back to Madrid. Whatever.

      I thought it was rather amusing that he’s whining about internet censorship (the upload starting at 80% is not “filtering” or “censorship”, regardless) in front of the embassy of the world’s most notorious internet censor, hoping to receive their assistance. Clueless dolt.

  6. He still hasn’t figured out his emails are likely all blocked as spam and/or people not wanting to deal with his crazy. Because he is so oooooo important. At least he has figured out how to use a bench and isn’t sprawling is crazy ass and all his junk on the floor. Let’s see how long this remains…

  7. Ecuador has stripped Julian Assange of his Ecuadorian citizenship:

    Although he hasn’t said much about Ecuador lately, Ecuador has been on his list of places Bryan considered returning to in recent months. I wonder if he will finally stop trying to get asylum there now that they’ve finally made it clear that they want nothing to do with people like him.

    As you may recall, they booted him out of their embassy in 2019. This was after Rafael Correa was replaced by Lenin Moreno as President and he distanced himself from Correa’s anti-western agitation.

    Bryan’s lawyer (Diego Corral) told him he could get asylum under the “Assange Protocol” and took quite a bit of his money in the process, only for nothing meaningful to happen other than him eventually getting arrested after a whore stole his cellphone.

  8. Yeah, he’s posting on that channel now.

    Current situation: Bryan was a dumbass and didn’t check to see if his passport expired before booking a non-refundable ticket. Now he has basically no money and nothing to show for his efforts.

    He says he will absolutely not visit the US embassy to get a new passport; he intends to hire a lawyer to do it for him. I guess he’s afraid that a CIA spy in the embassy will pull out a ray gun and zap him or something.

    He also says he will refuse to accept another 6 month passport. I’m pretty certain that’s beyond his control. He showed that he can’t be trusted with one (keeps “losing” them) so that’s all he’s going to get. Tough!

    • Also he acts baffled that not knowing Spanish would be an impediment to him navigating their bureaucracy.

      Then he whines about how his orthopedic specialist dropped him and again acts baffled. Why would a guy who probably reeks of piss, shit, and many days of sweat / body odors not be welcome in a professional practice like that? Someone who is always rude and belligerent to staff and someone who records every interaction with open hostility like he does. Total mystery Bryan!

  9. Call Me Nappy: Targeted Individual (formerly Nappy Head Roots)’s shtick is getting out of his van, often in the middle of intersections, to harass people who he thinks are terrorists for driving with one burnt-out headlight, which he believes is a gangstalking signal.

    ^ We usually see videos shot from his cellphone so we can’t get a view of Nappy himself when he’s harassing people but here’s one that appears to be shot on a dashcam where, after 2 minutes, he leaves his parked van (which he lives in) and approaches the vehicle he thinks was brighting him. You can’t hear anything when he’s confronting the person but what I find a little alarming is that he’s holding what looks to me like a crowbar.

    ^ In this set of videos, Nappy harassed a pregnant woman for driving a car with one headlight and she called the police. He says the woman falsely claimed that he had a knife. Maybe he didn’t, I wasn’t there and I can’t say, but did Nappy possibly bring out that crowbar-looking thing from the other video?

    • The scary part is this is literally a homeless schizophrenic who parks his van and harasses anyone who has a headlight out. That is what we see here. A homeless man, who is reporting, recording and posting to YouTube anyone he encounters who has a headlight out. Not even a headlight – usually a regular daytime running lamp (which you’d never know was burnt out unless this guy accosted you about it.) To think he is worried about “stalkers”, while actively recording people, their license plate number and their faces, and posting them on YouTube – and making wild claims and accusations about them.

      And to think this guy’s comment section is full of people encouraging him. Every single comment is “OMG, could they make in any more obvious? See how defensive they got.” Or, “They were definitely stalking you, did you see how fast they drove away, and covered their face?” Or “Look how confrontational they are getting now!” No matter how you react to this mentally ill man approaching and recording you in traffic, his followers will view it as “exactly how a gangstalker would act”. There is literally no way the victims could ever respond that would make the commenters ever say “Hey, you know I think that was just some random lady sitting in a car. Maybe she can’t afford to get her headlight fixed.” Never. Not once.

      From the perspective of everyone, this is a mentally ill homeless man who is hung up on cars with a headlight out. Anyone who sees him stopping traffic or recording them only knows one thing: This man is delusional and thinks having a headlight out makes them a terrorist. Only from the perspective of other delusional people who watch and comment on his videos, is he “fighting domestic terrorism”. They are probably all over the place in his area. Delusional homeless people yelling at cars. Get a YouTube channel and there will be a niche group who thinks it is someone who is fighting terrorism. Who in the hell would want to stalk this guy? I just hope he takes care of the dog who I hear barking in his van. Providing he doesn’t injure anyone, cause a traffic accident, and takes care of his pet – he is fine and not worth anyone stalking. But, he probably scares those people in traffic. Unless they are so used to it in that area.

  10. This guy wasn’t on my T.I. radar at all so I’m only just finding out about him now but you can add Larry Steven Grogan a.k.a. “Steve Grogan Knows” on Youtube to the list of killer T.I.s.

    He murdered a rural mailman in Georgia and got into a shootout with police, who returned fire and now he’s in hospital recovering from non-life threatening gunshot wounds.

    His Youtube channel, full of videos about how he believes he’s being targeted by his neighbors shooting microwaves and “audio spotlight technology”.

    Oh, here’s a video he did called “Shout out to Kevin Christian”. A Kevin Christian fan murdered a mailman.

  11. Bryan is kicked out of another hotel. Don’t have the full story but there appears to be a complaint about his livestreaming equipment that causes the staff to visit Bryan.

    Bryan is in one of those shared dorm rooms but I don’t know if the complaint was from another resident or if staff just noticed and realized it was going to be a problem if it was allowed to continue.

    Bryan refuses to even speak with them and it ends about as predictably as one could imagine.

    Note – I haven’t been able to find where Bryan is livestreaming. Bryan said he was now streaming on Facebook but I can’t find it (possibly it’s a “friends only” stream, or he has a new profile that I can’t find). (BitChute video link)

    Another audio recording – Bryan visits the US Embassy after realizing that it’s probably dumb and wasteful to make a lawyer do it for him. He claims an embassy worker called him “nuts” (which he is). I couldn’t hear it in the recording but he wouldn’t let the alleged insult go and kept calling out the person who allegedly said it.

  12. Might as well post this here since it’s the most recent “Open Thread”.

    Once again, a Youtube T.I. is now accused of a murder.

    Semmie Lee Willams Jr., 39, a homeless man in Miami, Florida, is the main suspect in the murder of 14-year old Ryan Rogers, of Palm Beach Gardens, who went missing on the evening of November 15th and whose body was found a day later. Semmie Williams posted “gangstalking” videos on the channel “Semmie One Seven” (now deleted) and supposedly his videos had put him at the right place and the right time to implicate him as a Person of Interest in the murder. (No comment on that as I haven’t seen his videos myself as this guy wasn’t on my T.I. radar.)


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