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Bryan Tew files bogus lawsuit against Spain

This is a continuation of the discussion over in the comments of the previous story and I’m just creating a new discussion to hold any further updates on this.

If you kept up with Bryan, you know that he was in Spain for pretty much all of 2020, going in and out of various shelters and trying to apply for asylum multiple times. I’m too lazy to link in the highlights, you can just read most of the 2020 posts and comments to get a run down of what happened.

Basically, he wasn’t getting what he felt entitled to and had a few run-ins with shelter staff, street people, medical staff, and police officers. He’s given up on Spain (now currently in Stockholm, Sweden) and has decided to file a completely ridiculous lawsuit in American courts against the Spanish government.

He is using the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act which is a law that generally shields foreign governments from lawsuits but provides some limited exceptions in which the immunity can be waived and a lawsuit could proceed.

If you read his lawsuit (above), Bryan is claiming that the Spanish government engaged in acts of terrorism and hostage taking against him (these are some of the things the FSIA allows for waiving immunity from a lawsuit against a foreign government). Of course this is completely ridiculous because Bryan was never subject to being held hostage in Spain nor was the hostility he received from a taxi driver (that was a result of his own harassment) an example of terrorism.

The lawsuit will undoubtedly fail. I feel like Bryan knows this but is just filing the lawsuit anyway because he wants there to be, as he has said before, an “official record” of the “atrocities” he thinks is happening to him. So making a complete fool of himself in court on the world stage is how Bryan thinks he will bring the right kind of attention to his situation.

Here is a video Bryan made pleading with various law firms to represent him in his case.. Bryan says he can’t pay them and they will only get paid when (if?) he wins, which is hilarious.


  1. Ima Nonomus Tew

    He received notice that some server his mass email of his suit detected some form of malware. Which is not surprising, given he relies on the networks in the cheap housing he uses. I can’t imagine any savvy clerk in charge of email correspondence would even try, whether they receive a similar notice or not. If I recall, his file was 50+ pages. And if his email includes a link to the video mentioned, likely it will be shared (after scrubbing) with other lawsuits, with a note something like “check out this crazy guy who thinks he’s an international law lawyer!”
    Anyone as twitchy as he is with his mask probably makes people wonder what drug he is on. Or what drug he needs prescribed.
    That boy ain’t right.

  2. Stefan Adams

    Bryan changed hotels again. He booked at some place called “City Backpackers” but apparently was totally rude to the staff during checkin and they told him to get lost.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      I LOLed at this. I bet most of the places he’s stayed at would do the same. He is incredibly rude to everyone he meets for any reason. It’s nice to see him get called on it.

      • Stefan Adams

        His new hotel (after being denied a stay at City Backpackers) is on a boat (or ship or whatever you want to call it). It actually looks really cool (just my opinion).

        Here he is giving a tour of the boat. For someone who is injured and disabled, he sure gets around a cramped ship just fine. He does slip and fall once, that’s more due to the snow than his supposed “permanent disability”.

        He claims he is being stalked but nothing on the video indicate any stalking. In fact he’s the only person in the video at all.

  3. Jeff Murray

    Ashkenazi Bolshevik Marxist Communist Stefan Adams defamation slander as detailed here against this innocent targeted individual Bryan Tew validates and proves the character assassination of the Synagogue of Satan Worldwide Stasi in the Hijacked Nation States … as described in the Protocols of Zion chapter 17 points 7 and 8.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      Wow. The old “Protocols of Zion” paranoid delusion. You might want to look up the history about that.
      As well as the definitions of both defamation and slander.
      No one needs to assassinate Bryan’s character. He is his own worst enemy and his own behavior shows his character is less than exemplary. He’s also posted his medical history includes mental illness.

      • Stefan Adams

        There’s a strong overlap between people who are TIs, people who believe in various assorted conspiracy theories, and people who blame Jews for their problems / the world’s problems.

  4. Stefan Adams

    For reasons not stated, Bryan is trying to get out of Sweden and back into Barcelona, Spain. You know, the country that he accuses of engaging in acts of “terrorism” and “hostage taking” against him. What a clown. Even though the lawsuit was already frivolous on its face, it’s going to be indefensible for him to explain why he voluntarily returned to the country that he claimed was oppressing him so badly.

  5. Wet Nayrb

    Isn’t Bryan Tew’s 6-month passport close to running out? Is he planning on being a nuisance in the country he’s trying to sue but wants to claim asylum in (again) and he’ll used the expired passport as an excuse as to why he’s not leaving Spain even though he claims it’s so terrible to him that he’s forced to sue

  6. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Typical narcissistic behavior. They will never take responsibility for anything they have done.
    I strongly believe it’s an unconscious way to continue his story.
    Without something to whine about he’d have and be nothing.

  7. Sasha

    I don’t get it, you stay in a Hostel and other people are going to be placed in the same room. I’m sure the presence of other people cuts down on his midnight ramblings and tugging his penis but hostels are going to be busy soon and they will not be dealing with his shit.

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