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Bryan Tew files bogus lawsuit against Spain

This is a continuation of the discussion over in the comments of the previous story and I’m just creating a new discussion to hold any further updates on this.

If you kept up with Bryan, you know that he was in Spain for pretty much all of 2020, going in and out of various shelters and trying to apply for asylum multiple times. I’m too lazy to link in the highlights, you can just read most of the 2020 posts and comments to get a run down of what happened.

Basically, he wasn’t getting what he felt entitled to and had a few run-ins with shelter staff, street people, medical staff, and police officers. He’s given up on Spain (now currently in Stockholm, Sweden) and has decided to file a completely ridiculous lawsuit in American courts against the Spanish government.

He is using the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act which is a law that generally shields foreign governments from lawsuits but provides some limited exceptions in which the immunity can be waived and a lawsuit could proceed.

If you read his lawsuit (above), Bryan is claiming that the Spanish government engaged in acts of terrorism and hostage taking against him (these are some of the things the FSIA allows for waiving immunity from a lawsuit against a foreign government). Of course this is completely ridiculous because Bryan was never subject to being held hostage in Spain nor was the hostility he received from a taxi driver (that was a result of his own harassment) an example of terrorism.

The lawsuit will undoubtedly fail. I feel like Bryan knows this but is just filing the lawsuit anyway because he wants there to be, as he has said before, an “official record” of the “atrocities” he thinks is happening to him. So making a complete fool of himself in court on the world stage is how Bryan thinks he will bring the right kind of attention to his situation.

Here is a video Bryan made pleading with various law firms to represent him in his case.. Bryan says he can’t pay them and they will only get paid when (if?) he wins, which is hilarious.


  1. Ima Nonomus Tew

    He received notice that some server his mass email of his suit detected some form of malware. Which is not surprising, given he relies on the networks in the cheap housing he uses. I can’t imagine any savvy clerk in charge of email correspondence would even try, whether they receive a similar notice or not. If I recall, his file was 50+ pages. And if his email includes a link to the video mentioned, likely it will be shared (after scrubbing) with other lawsuits, with a note something like “check out this crazy guy who thinks he’s an international law lawyer!”
    Anyone as twitchy as he is with his mask probably makes people wonder what drug he is on. Or what drug he needs prescribed.
    That boy ain’t right.

  2. Stefan Adams

    Bryan changed hotels again. He booked at some place called “City Backpackers” but apparently was totally rude to the staff during checkin and they told him to get lost.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      I LOLed at this. I bet most of the places he’s stayed at would do the same. He is incredibly rude to everyone he meets for any reason. It’s nice to see him get called on it.

      • Stefan Adams

        His new hotel (after being denied a stay at City Backpackers) is on a boat (or ship or whatever you want to call it). It actually looks really cool (just my opinion).

        Here he is giving a tour of the boat. For someone who is injured and disabled, he sure gets around a cramped ship just fine. He does slip and fall once, that’s more due to the snow than his supposed “permanent disability”.

        He claims he is being stalked but nothing on the video indicate any stalking. In fact he’s the only person in the video at all.

  3. Jeff Murray

    Ashkenazi Bolshevik Marxist Communist Stefan Adams defamation slander as detailed here against this innocent targeted individual Bryan Tew validates and proves the character assassination of the Synagogue of Satan Worldwide Stasi in the Hijacked Nation States … as described in the Protocols of Zion chapter 17 points 7 and 8.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      Wow. The old “Protocols of Zion” paranoid delusion. You might want to look up the history about that.
      As well as the definitions of both defamation and slander.
      No one needs to assassinate Bryan’s character. He is his own worst enemy and his own behavior shows his character is less than exemplary. He’s also posted his medical history includes mental illness.

      • Stefan Adams

        There’s a strong overlap between people who are TIs, people who believe in various assorted conspiracy theories, and people who blame Jews for their problems / the world’s problems.

  4. Stefan Adams

    For reasons not stated, Bryan is trying to get out of Sweden and back into Barcelona, Spain. You know, the country that he accuses of engaging in acts of “terrorism” and “hostage taking” against him. What a clown. Even though the lawsuit was already frivolous on its face, it’s going to be indefensible for him to explain why he voluntarily returned to the country that he claimed was oppressing him so badly.

  5. Wet Nayrb

    Isn’t Bryan Tew’s 6-month passport close to running out? Is he planning on being a nuisance in the country he’s trying to sue but wants to claim asylum in (again) and he’ll used the expired passport as an excuse as to why he’s not leaving Spain even though he claims it’s so terrible to him that he’s forced to sue

  6. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Typical narcissistic behavior. They will never take responsibility for anything they have done.
    I strongly believe it’s an unconscious way to continue his story.
    Without something to whine about he’d have and be nothing.

    • Stefan Adams

      Bryan apparently has never heard of cloud services like OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud, and etc. Actually he’s well aware of those services, like you said he just wants to whine for attention.

  7. Sasha

    I don’t get it, you stay in a Hostel and other people are going to be placed in the same room. I’m sure the presence of other people cuts down on his midnight ramblings and tugging his penis but hostels are going to be busy soon and they will not be dealing with his shit.

  8. Wet Nayrb

    I know it’s not the region of Spain where Barcelona is but you have to presume that other Spanish regions may follow.

    Assuming Bryan’s not going to leave Spain again any time soon, it looks like he will be getting a quite-likely mandatory jab of one of the same vaccines he’s been spreading mind control conspiracy theories about.

    • Stefan Adams

      The funny thing will be most countries will end up mandating the vaccine in some way, especially for visitors and Bryan will not have much choice but to come back to the US.

      I’m sure there will be a few poorer countries that will tolerate the unvaccinated but he’ll have few options besides returning to the US.

      • Stefan Adams

        I just read that China is requiring all visitors to undergo COVID testing using an anal swab that China believes to be more sensitive / accurate than the typical nasal swab used in the west. It has already caused some international incidents after several diplomats were required to go through the procedure.

        Bryan might want to rethink his obsession with returning to China. Unless he’s really into ass play.

  9. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is whining that the mail box he had in San Diego is returning his mail as undeliverable. He put the mail box address as his return address in his correspondence to the court so his lawsuit may be in jeopardy and never get successfully filed.

    I know in the past he was using the address of a homeless shelter; I don’t know if he is still doing that or if he’s upgraded to one of those services that can receive, open, and scan your mail for you. Either the homeless shelter got tired of receiving all of his mail or he forgot to pay the bill. Bryan blamed the “hyper game theory”.

    • Stefan Adams

      OK, he was using a UPS Store in San Diego to receive his mail (I don’t know if UPS will scan mail for you, or just hold / forward it for you).

      Could be any number of legitimate reasons why the mail was returned..

      • Ima Nonomus Tew

        Now he’s whining about, and filing suit against, his Spanish lawyers. And the Spanish government is doing things correctly and require an interpreter for his asylum, meeting. That he doesn’t recognize this as a good thing shows he is not thinking. His lawyer in Ecuador spoke perfect English, but did not translate everything said in the hearing test video. The audiologist (wrong type of expert, he should be seeing an ENT) said at least a paragraph, and the translation was a short sentence. Two translators guarantees he will be told everything, important for whatever agency /entity/people to know, too. Brushing off the government when they are trying to help is not a good tactic.

  10. Stefan Adams

    Hot off the press. Bryan just had his asylum interview. Accuses his attorney of corrupting his asylum interview.

    No Bryan, you could have the best and brightest attorney in the world, you’d still lose your asylum bid because it’s obviously farcical.

    Posted an hour long audio recording (I haven’t listened), for anyone who wants to hear it:

    • Wet Nayrb

      I’m not sure if it’s the interview itself or just him talking to the attorney prior to the interview.

      The attorney’s going a mile a minute in Spanish at a rate much too fast for me to even begin to hope to understand. Like, I’m not from a part of the world where I would have studied Spanish in high school but I can generally get the gist of written Spanish (without using Google Translate) or people speaking Spanish when they’re speaking slowly because of its similarity to French (due to both languages having evolved from regional variants of Latin, obviously). However, English-speaking “fast-talking lawyers” have nothing on this guy’s speed.

    • Stefan Adams

      Now Bryan is threatening to sue the law firm that represented him. Hilarious!


  11. Stefan Adams

    The law firm that Bryan hired to help him with his asylum interview in Spain and then Bryan subsequently threatened with a lawsuit for supposedly “corrupting” the legal process appears to have issued a DMCA / copyright takedown on one or more of Bryan’s videos that feature photos of that law firm’s lawyers.

    Edit: Replaced YT link with screen capture.

    • Wet Nayrb

      Yeah, I had wondered if Bryan would get any blowback from the videos attacking his lawyers.

      It should be pretty self-evident that videos accusing lawyers you hired of taking part in a conspiracy against you aren’t generally the most wise thing to upload since, well, they’re *lawyers* and can easily do things like, for example, file lawsuits. Which is something Bryan also does but, unlike Bryan’s lawsuits, their lawsuits don’t get dismissed before they even go to trial.

  12. Stefan Adams

    So I just ran across this video. It’s from a dude in Frankfurt who works (or used to work) at a law office in Frankfurt dealing with immigration and asylum cases. He claims he took one of Tew’s frantic phone calls while Tew was in the Frankfurt airport a while back.

    Only thing is this dude is a bit of a nutter himself. Still entertaining nonetheless. The bit about Tew starts at about 6 minutes in if you want to skip the rest.

  13. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is getting tired of having to beat his meat constantly so he’s got himself chemically castrated again. He thinks he is entitled to free doses of chemical castration for some reason, even though he has no legitimate medical need for it and likely isn’t eligible to receive socialized medicine in Spain (I’m not actually familiar with Spain’s healthcare system).

    Bryan doesn’t understand that even people who have insurance and/or eligibility to receive some kind of free or discounted healthcare do not automatically get whatever drugs and treatments they want; pretty much universally you have to prove an actual medical need. Otherwise people would be barging down to the pharmacy counter demanding free narcotics because they said so.


    Medical treatment and medication should be free. Constant games based on the mathematical model known as the Hyper Game Theory

    Taking shot of Lupron to stop remote neural attacks of lust. Cost of medication is €500.00 Euros or $605.00 USD”

  14. Stefan Adams

    Bryan says he can’t “survive” without a $700 Apple Watch. Absurd and comical thing to claim.

  15. Stefan Adams

    Looks like Bryan scored some more pills. The clinic diagnosed him with delusional disorder.

    FYI, Google says these are Catalan words, in case you’re trying to run it through translation.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      Nice to see he is being treated for the nutter that he is.
      Zyprexa sounds like a good start.
      Way long ago, I told him what he needed for many of his problems is Elavil. It’s what I take for both depression and interrupted sleep patterns. It is not a sleep aid, but helps people stay in deep sleep longer.
      But Zyprexa might help, too. If he takes it. Which I doubt. It would mean admitting to the fact he is mentally ill.
      I’ve not seen a TI yet who would admit that, though. If they get the delusions to go away, they are no longer the center of the universe.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      Typical Bryan Tew muddied thinking. In his travels, how will he be taking a coffee machine with him? What about the hostels, where you are usually not allowed kitchen appliances in the sleeping rooms. Had he not heard of instant coffee? Pour-over coffee? Hot water is a lot easier to find than space to put a coffee machine. But he has champagne taste and must get top of the line everything, without regard to practicality. The other TI I follow had plans to get a toaster oven and a juicer, because she thinks microwaves are bad, and raw veggies are good. She decided against it, I think after some comments, which is good because she has noticed that carrying bags of belongings or pushing shopping carts around makes you look homeless. She could have put them in her storage unit, for which she pays $100+ a month, but she’d need to get a cab ride to get them. Gotta save $$ because each town living is expensive.
      TI’s are mentally prepared for nothing.

      • Stefan Adams

        So that’s like a $200 espresso machine (give or take), $600 worth of castration drugs, and a $700 Apple Watch. All bought within a few days of each other.

        I used to think that Tew could pay for his airfare, lodging, and occasional gadget purchases with just his disability checks but now it’s clear to me he has another income source, whatever it may be. Perhaps his family is indulging him (rather than seeing him become destitute and even worse off). Perhaps he is turning tricks (well I guess he wont anymore, at least until the Lupron wears off). Maybe he has some other money-making scheme I can’t figure out.

        I know his Gofundme from a few years ago turned up basically nothing. There was a couple of token $20 donations from fans, hardly anything at all really.

        • Stefan Adams

          Tew can spend about $1500 on completely unnecessary purchases but he’s whining to his immigration attorneys (it’s not clear if it’s the same ones he wants to sue, or if its some new ones) that he can’t afford medical care in Spain.

          An espresso machine, an Apple Watch, and boner-killing drugs are more important to him than ACTUAL MEDICAL CARE THAT MIGHT HELP HIM!

          • Wet Nayrb

            If Bryan wants us to read the text in the video, wouldn’t it make more sense for it to scroll down rather than up?

  16. Edward Snowden

    Good to see you deleted the full January 2021 edition of your disinfo campaign against Mr Tew.
    I note this was probably to get rid of my comments I made with regard to your public discrediting of the Tew case.

    This only reinforces the fact this website is made by a coupe of state lackies absuloteot desperate to discredit the story of Bryan Tew, Why? Because you absolutely have to hide the criminal activity and acts of terror you and your colleagues commit daily towards Mr Tew and millions of others globally.

    It is so obvious what this page serves to do. You have a man (Mr Tew) detailing the mechanics of your colleagues Artificial Super Intelligence/Life and the advanced levels the Synthetic Telepathy technology is at. Not to mention the progression of remote neural monitoring since the recent vaccines.
    You have to cover all this up somehow all the assaults using EMF weaponry, mostly by satellite and drone. I would say it is mostly done by drone these days.
    The daily intrusions, invasions of privacy, the gangstalking, gaslighting and numerous other callous war crimes Mr Tew describes down to a tee.

    To combat this and attempt to drown out what Is really happening you have sites such as this one, numerous YouTube channels with Stefan Adams ACTIVELY SEEKING OUT Mr Tew, why you so worried Stefan Adams if he’s simply nuts? Why do you need to stalk Mr Tew the way you and your colleagues do???

    It went from a website discrediting Mr Tew ( because he’s fair game and its absolutely OK in your twisted mind to mock people with possible mental health problems publicly) where was I???Yes… It went from a paid website dedicated to discrediting the Tew case and escalated to YOU Stefan Adams and a few of your office colleagues actively stalking Mr Tew all around the Web.

    Again why all the effort if hes so crazy. Could it be that he’s being absolutely truthful. And because he describes it truthfully wait is happening to him and millions worldwide… you and your perverted little twisted buddies will go to absolutely any level to hide you and your colleagues crimes and cover your asses.

    No doubt you’ll delete this comment also you piece of scum filth.

    Theres no debating/ arguing with people like you. You need served up your own medicine. At least have the decency to act like a man and come into the same room with your bs.

    • Stefan Adams

      Nothing other than garbage from spam bots selling pills has been deleted. Nothing of yours was deleted nor have I deleted anything of mine during the timeframe you are alleging.

      Your accusations that I am involved with artificial whatever is false. The rest of your comment merits absolutely no response since we’ve discussed all of that already.

      I won’t delete your comments unless they become flagrantly abusive which is at my discretion, but do note I haven’t deleted anything from you as of yet.

  17. Edward Snowden

    Yeah you’re boxing clever now and keeping it to a minimum lol

    And as usual you swerved each and every one of those questions, which I may add weren’t answered in the first place.

    It doesn’t matter what is said. You’re only going to take in what you can use to discredit, abuse and verbally assault people with which is basically the whole point of the “artificial whatever”

    A bunch of moron degenerates hiding behind technology to say/do things and cause pain to people they only dream of matching in intellect. So you use technology to cripple them and you know full well!!!!!

    Why else would you spend so much time chasing them around the Internet and other places.

    • Stefan Adams

      Well it mainly comes down to the fact that I set this website up as a place to document and comment on people like Tew, not answer questions from disgruntled mentally deranged folks who think they’re entitled to interrogate me.

      So yeah, if that’s what you want to believe, more power to you. Nothing I can say/do will ever convince you otherwise because your viewpoints were not formed on the basis of rationality.

  18. Edward Snowden

    My view points are bang on im afraid, I wish they weren’t for the sake of the population but they are. Its absolute fact this is happening and rationality isn’t a thing that can be thrown up as some sort of defence where this technology is concerned because it defies anything that has been demonstrated so far.

    You know this, you’re paid to negate it because you rely on the ignorance and lack of scope the general population has on it. So you use outlets such as these to cover up and pollute the Internet with nonsense to try and hide the torture of millions.

    Keep at it Mr Tew. There are enough people who know what’s happening and who have documented everything.

  19. Stefan Adams

    Tew’s LOLsuit was officially entered onto the docket and a judge assigned.

    So far the only activity on the case is that his complaint was uploaded and a “Summons Issued”. I’ll check back regularly and post updates (I have a PACER account).

    The complaint, same thing he uploaded already:

    1:21-cv-00589-TSC TEW v. KINGDOM OF SPAIN et al
    Tanya S. Chutkan, presiding
    Date filed: 02/12/2021
    Date of last filing: 02/12/2021

    • Wet Nayrb

      So, basically, we can expect every photo that Bryan can find of that judge to appear in videos where he’s accusing her of being part of the conspiracy against him in the description after she inevitably dismisses the suit for being paranoid schizophrenic ranting?

  20. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is running into a snag with his lawsuit – the court mailed him a copy of the summons that he is supposed to serve on the defendant (Kingdom of Spain) but apparently he’s not able to actually access anything sent to that PO Box in San Diego.

    I’m not a lawyer nor am I super familiar with the rules of litigation but it appears the actual summons is only sent as a paper copy. I see in PACER that the summons was issued but there is no electronic version I can access, and presumably Tew can’t get an electronic version either. So it seems at least for summonses, you only get paper copies of that. Anyone who is familiar with federal courts can chime in here.

    If Bryan can’t serve the summons his lawsuit will be dismissed.

    Too funny.

    edit: I also LOVE how he bcc’s a bunch of random consulates and embassies as if any of them care about his ineptitude with the legal system.

    • Stefan Adams

      This is what I see in PACER in the History/Documents section of his case. There is a doc associated with the complaint but not with the summons. That implies the summons only gets mailed.

      Tew bad!

      • Wet Nayrb

        I’m not sure I follow, doesn’t the court send the summons or is Bryan supposed to do that himself? Who would they even send it to, the Spanish embassy in D.C.?

        Not that I need much of any legal expertise to predict that this case will be thrown out before it gets to trial for being delusional garbage.

        • Wet Nayrb

          Oh, never mind, you more or less explained it in the post above the one with the PACER image. I clicked on the link for your post with the PACER image but didn’t realize that it was an addendum to a post above it.

  21. Stefan Adams

    Bryan says his laptop was stolen. Says he can’t serve the summons without the laptop, but this wasn’t the story he had earlier today.

    Earlier he said he couldn’t serve because the documents weren’t made available to him electronically. So this immediately makes me suspicious of him.

    Certianly if it was just a matter of printing out a document, he could do this at any Internet Cafe and most decent hotels have a “business center” where you can check your email and print out stuff.

  22. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is using the services of this company to help him serve the lawsuit on Spain. Apparently they specialize in this sort of thing, although probably not from vexatious litigants like Tew. But hey, money is money and I’m sure they’ll be happy to take Tew’s as long as the credit card isn’t declined.

    Celeste is the director of this company (you can see her last name if you blow up the image and look closely at the background). Not interested in doxxing her personally, just explaining what company she represents and what services they do for their clients.

  23. Stefan Adams

    The summons is on its way to the Justice Ministry in Spain courtesy of Crowe Foreign Services.

    I’m not a lawyer but my prediction is that Spain will respond with a motion to dismiss which the judge will grant. It’s a farcical lawsuit that has no chance of winning and I’m sure the judge will see it that way. But regardless, we will see!

  24. Stefan Adams

    I just logged into PACER. The latest update is that Tew filed a “Motion for Leave to Proceed in forma pauperis” which basically means he is asking the court to waive fees because he can’t afford them. He lists $932 in income/monthly from Social Security and $220 in his checking account.

    I’ve attached the filing which includes his benefits letter from Social Security.

    Note – this is public information available to anyone online from the court’s electronic filing system.

    Motion for Leave to Proceed in forma pauperis

  25. Wet Nayrb

    If anyone here wants to sit through over three and a half hours of crazy, here’s a Bryan Tew and Vulcan Wolverine crossover stream.

    Even on 2x speed, that’s one hour and fifty-one minutes of unmedicated ramblings.

      • Wet Nayrb

        I skimmed it using the keyboard 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 method to fast skip between various evenly-spaced points in the video.

        1 is in the middle of Bryan talking about how the Gotthard Pass Tunnel opening ceremony (from 5 years ago) is really about transhumanism and goat (re: Satan) worship, 3 is Bryan getting a bit agitated at Kyle (Vulcan Wolverine), saying that he doesn’t understand the technology, 4 is Bryan talking about how they zap him with lust, 9 is Bryan pushing some Bible commentary website as the key to stopping mind control.

        Maybe there are some other highlights between the numbers but I can’t be arsed to listen to the whole thing right now.

    • Wet Nayrb

      Kyle privated the video with Bryan Tew for some reason.

      I sometimes save videos with Youtubepp but not ones that are three and a half hours long. I don’t think the service I use lets you save videos longer than 2 hours anyway.

      • Stefan Adams

        Yeah I regret not archiving the video. Kyle posted an update and says it’s because Bryan mentioned names of other TIs that Bryan considers untrustworthy and those other people got upset with Kyle. So apparently he’s working on an edit of the interview with all those parts edited out.

        • Stefan Adams

          “i spent the day hanging out with my grandma and talking to bryan for 7 hours that day”

          7 hours talking to Bryan sounds like pure bliss.

  26. John

    Although Bryan Tew and 99% of the people who claim to be TIs are clearly mentally ill and have never been targeted by the government, this does not mean that every single targeted individual is delusional.

    Most of the groups which have been formed to “help” TIs (incl. TargetedJustice) are run by the criminals behind this program and are deliberately spreading disinformation (bullshit about mind reading supercomputers, satellites or 5G) in order to make it look like all targeted individuals are nutcases.

    The portable microwave weapons which are used against real TIs contain: a microwave amplifier, a transmitter with ELF (extremely low frequency) amplitude modulation, and a lens antenna or waveguide.

    One victim saw a cannon-sized device aimed at his apartment and the beam from the lens antenna left marks on his window.

    Microwave weapons can cause brain damage, heart palpitations, insomnia and sweating. It’s just a weapon that causes extreme discomfort, it cannot be used for mind reading or anything else.

    Gangstalking is also possible and in my country, it is usually done to terror suspects. There’s a mobile app used by stalkers (I actually have the name of it) which shows the locations of targets (obtained through GPS tracking spyware after the target’s phone is hacked using cyberattacks called 0-days) along with a picture of them.
    The stalkers have to record themselves screaming a death threat at the target, then they get paid.

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