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Bryan Tew Discovers My + Omni Eris’ YouTube Channel

He has a predictable response which is to label us and our content as created by a computer rather than a real person. He says some CIA agent wears a special helmet that feeds into the RNM Supercomputer to generate the videos on my channel. Apparently the graphics on Omni Eris’ channel are just too sophisticated for a human to have created too.

He proudly claims that “Well I must be doing something right” and “anyone who comes across as credible they need to target” (LOL). Bitch you aren’t credible, you’re just hilarious. Delusional narcissist.

Bryan, your #1 problem is that you make wild fantastic claims that have no supporting evidence. Where is your evidence that a CIA agent is wearing a special “brain to computer” helmet to create my videos? You just pulled that straight out of your shit-covered asshole.


  1. Stefan Adams

    Bryan visited the clinic to receive an MRI and complains that the MRI technician “maliciously” placed him into an MRI machine without earplugs. Wrote out a dramatic complaint form to describe his experience.

    I know absolutely nothing about MRI machines so I can’t really comment on this but I doubt there is malice associated with a nurse / tech forgetting to give you earplugs, if they’re even considered necessary.

  2. Stefan Adams

    Bryan says he refuses to leave Spain until he gets the free medical care he feels he is entitled to. I still don’t understand this – he spends thousands on redundant, repeated tests (plus the anti-boner injections) but won’t spend a dime on getting healed?

    • Wet Nayrb

      Did Bryan get a two-week suspension from Youtube, possibly for one of the Schizophrenia’s Creepiest Home Videos he uploaded the other week?

      That’s even though the same video of the same little girl is still online in the upload he entitled “ENTIRE FAMILIES ARE BEING TARGETED, TORTURED & MURDERED VIA ELECTROMAGNETIC LOW FREQUENCY WAVES” except that upload also includes her very delusional father talking to the camera, and the video appears to have been recorded on VHS in 2003 before there was even Youtube for schizophrenics to build on each other’s persecution narratives.

      • Stefan Adams

        Yeah, he got a violation for *something* recently, not sure if it was for that video. He posted a screenshot of the email informing him about the strike.

        Yes that video was creepy and I did report it. I’m of the belief that Bryan is a closet pedophile.

  3. Stefan Adams

    Bryan spends over $2K on a new laptop that is overspecced for his needs. This is the sort of thing I’m talking about when I say Bryan never spends money on getting healed from his supposed injuries, it’s always spent on something else that’s totally unnecessary but we’re supposed to believe he’s financially destitute and can’t get treatment because the government won’t give it to him for free.

    I know the difference between a tablet, a chromebook, and a real computer and why you might want a real computer vs. a cheaper tablet, but none of the things Tew does requires a laptop with a high end CPU and a large SSD. An entry level laptop would be fine for what he does – browse the web, type up frivolous lawsuits, minor video editing, that sort of thing. A few hundred bucks would get you a system that would do that and run Windows 10.

    Says his last laptop was stolen and that it contained “evidence” needed for his lawsuit against Spain, implying “they” took it to foil his lawsuit. Bryan has never heard of Google Drive, Dropbox, and etc.

    Well actually I know he’s well aware of those services because he uses Google Drive to share other “evidence” with his audience regularly. But apparently he, someone who is supposedly the victim of a multi-year serial government-sponsored theft campaign, never thought to keep backups online, if we are to take his claim at face value.

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