Bryan Tew Leaves San Diego for Los Angeles

Other thread is getting large so thought I’d make a new one to reduce the clutter.

After being ejected from two facilities in San Diego (Veterans Village and Neil Good Day Center) for misbehavior, Bryan decides to leave San Diego for Los Angeles.

LA VA hooks Bryan up with shelter but things don’t appear to be going well:

55 thoughts on “Bryan Tew Leaves San Diego for Los Angeles”

  1. Bryan has a new bonkers take on cryptocurrencies. I’m not a fan of crypto myself, but not for the nonsense reasons he states.

    THE MARK OF THE BEAST IS NOT A TATTOO, MICROCHIP OR IMPLANT. IT IS THE MERGER OF ARTIFICIAL SUPER-INTELLIGENCE & AUGMENTED REALITY FOR THE WEAPONIZATION OF NEUROSCIENCE It is a Biological Block-Chain using Crypto & Digital Currencies remotely tied to each person’s brain wave signature similar to China’s Social Credit System

    A few days ago Bryan did an interview with Renata a/k/a GodIsOurProtector on YouTube.

    It’s 2.5 hours long and I’m not overly interested in watching it. I did skip through some parts and it appears to be just his standard drivel.

  2. Bryan’s crush on Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal continues unabated.


    Remote neural manipulation attacks of fabricated and falsified memory references and motivational impulses of tennis star totally falsified over and over in a looping pattern for over a year 1627 hrs Aug 16 2022 injecting remote neural manipulation attacks into even my prayers

    • Bryan made a couple of videos this morning describing his burning lust. He mentions the homosexual themes of his lust but doesn’t specifically mention Nadal. He remembers to mention that he’s still thinking about women too, so he’s not totally gay.

      I helped edit and contextualize his video so his viewers understand what’s going on.

  3. So Bryan has been at the mini-shelters at VA CTRS for 2-3 weeks now. It seems like a better place for him since he doesn’t have to interact with people too much.

    He has refrained from his usual behavior of recording everyone / everything around him so I take it to mean he’s avoided social contact or he’s figured out that such recording doesn’t help him and often reveals he is causing the problems.

    He did get a new slate of medical appointments with dates in September. Will he actually go to his appointments or make excuses again?

    His recent video monologues state that he wants to get treatment at UCLA instead of VA but he needs to apply for “Medi-Cal” first which I believe is California’s state-run medicare program.

    I take that as he either doesn’t want to wait for his VA appointments or he has such little faith in the VA system that he no longer wants care from the VA.


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