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Bryan Tew Leaves San Diego for Los Angeles

Other thread is getting large so thought I’d make a new one to reduce the clutter.

After being ejected from two facilities in San Diego (Veterans Village and Neil Good Day Center) for misbehavior, Bryan decides to leave San Diego for Los Angeles.

LA VA hooks Bryan up with shelter but things don’t appear to be going well:


  1. Stefan Adams

    Bryan claims he was thrown out of the Los Angeles VA. Didn’t listen to the audio yet.

    • Wet Nayrb

      One of them had a very, very patient police officer explaining that the police only deal with criminal matters while Bryan being kicked out of the shelter is a policy issue, not a criminal one. (He appeared to call 911 a second time last night after the federal police already showed up once to deal with his usual nothingburgers.)

      I tried listening to a few more of the audio-only Facebook videos but they were mostly audio of nothing happening (i.e. him taking a bus or trolley somewhere). I’ll wait for the digest version.

      • Wet Nayrb

        On a tangent, what does Bryan even mean by “U.S. Federal Police”? Is this something separate from the FBI?

        I’m not an expert but those police officers look more like LAPD officers than FBI agents to me.

        • Stefan Adams

          I can’t make out any of the insignia so no idea if local or federal but there are several federal police forces that take care of policing issues on federal properties. It’s a bit of a rabbit hole apparently.

          VA has their own police force:

          While out driving on city streets this morning, I saw a police car for the “Federal Protective Service”. I had to Google that and found out they provide police services for the entire federal government (courthouses and federal agencies that don’t have their own police). I’ve never seen them before.

          The officer at the FBI building may very well have been an FPS officer. FBI obviously can arrest people but the skills of an FBI agent are probably wasted on having them providing security at the front entrance.

    • Col. Michael Angelo Aquino

      After following both Bryan and this website for a long time for my own reasons, I only have some questions:

      Why are you obsessed with Bryan? You register and maintain an entire website in order to discredit and attack a “mentally ill” person? No one else is paying attention. Just “Stefan Adams” going out of his way (with a military avatar pic) to attack one person instead of helping him in any way. Glows with COINTELPRO motivations. And I’ve read Dr. Robert Duncan’s works (I’m college educated in psychology and engineering and have been successful in my professional life in these fields.) I know for a fact some of what Bryan claims is real. This is CIA/DIA/DoD and your COINTELPRO BS isn’t changing that. Literally no one else is paying attention to Bryan. About his “whiney” behavior – Why do you care? Also, being tortured and having no way to deal with it would leave me extremely angry as well… 75% of what he claims may be BS because of induced paranoia (not just naturally-occurring) but 25% of it is accurate in my opinion, like the severe audio torture that is clearly not tinnitus or related to age-related degeneration of hearing at his age.

      In the past and currently you are making false claims about Bryan. You’ve claimed that he is both gay and had relations with a female hooker who (you claim) he claims stole something from him. So which is it? So he’s bisexual? There’s statistically a very low probability of that. You claimed that he is addicted to benzos but I would be dependent on them too if I heard severe ringing in my ears 24/7… And he has been taking medically recommended doses (which haven’t worked for him). Not abusive dosages. I only have access to his youtube videos and not other social media, but you’ve never provided links to your claims from what I’ve seen. Who is this “Rafael Nadal” you’re talking about? Where is the link to Bryan’s comments regarding this? If you could have screenshotted these things then you would go to the effort of posting those images here.

      And I’ve seen your sockpuppet account on YouTube as well. False claims with no links, just Bryan’s posts taken out of context with your attacks on him. What motivates someone who create a new YouTube account and spend years attacking one man who has no influence and who you have no connection to? Don’t you have something else to do…

      And why are you so obsessed to document a man become homeless and die on the street but make no effort to provide any aid? Do you think being in a Psych ward is help? That’s containment. The reason there are so many homeless on the streets is because the psych industry was implicated with so much abuse of their “patients” decades ago. They started shutting down the psych facilities in the ’70s and releasing supposedly mentally ill people back onto the streets because of these revelations of widespread abuse.

      Good luck helping destroy a person’s life with no apparent motivation at all…

      And the only people reading this thread don’t even know who the Federal Police are or how to find out on Wikipedia?? And why are they even paying attention and viewing this website?

      This entire operation is the equivalent of COINTELPRO.

      • Stefan Adams

        Duncan doesn’t have a PhD. He’s a scammer who grifts the mentally ill. I challenge anyone who believes the stuff Duncan says to show evidence he possesses a PhD to be worthy of the “Dr” title.

        I said Bryan is likely bisexual. Bryan made posts admitting that he’s had sexual fantasies about the University of Georgia football team. Now it’s Rafael Nadal. Here’s your screenshots: You can figure out who Nadal is yourself.

        Why is Bryan so ashamed of his sexuality that he has felt the need to seek out chemical castration?

        You don’t take Ativan for tinnitus. He takes it as a sleep aid. And yes, he has admitted to taking “double” and “triple” doses of this medication and other medications such as Zopiclone to try to sleep. It’s dangerous to do that. You can end up going into a deep sleep that you never wake up from. Lucky for Bryan, he always washes down his sleeping pills with an entire case of Red Bulls.

        What aid should I provide Bryan? You think I should support him financially so he can abuse more drugs and jet set across the world to make torture fetish videos? Nah, I’m already doing that – who do you think pays for his social security checks? We all do.

        The psych ward stuff – well, Bryan’s living on the street with all these untreated injuries. A trip to the psych ward would be an improvement over his current situation because he would be given access to medical care and have a clean place to stay.

        In his current situation, he keeps booking appointments with doctors and then not showing up to them and getting into verbal altercations with the staff who is trying to help him and getting kicked out of shelters for asshole behavior. He’s surrounded by people TRYING to help him but he keeps sabotaging himself.

        • Col. Michael Angelo Aquino

          You didn’t address my most important question: Why do you go to so much trouble to harass this one man in a country full of mentally ill people? What makes it worth the effort for you? Sadism? Money? (I’m already having to block Doubleclick javascript and trackers.) He has no influence and it seems like you would have more important things to do with your time. You could “aid” him by not calling him out publicly and running an entire website dedicated to discrediting him. Do you fetishize mocking mentally ill people? Because that’s what this looks like even if your claims are 100% true.

          Yes, Ativan IS prescribed for some people with tinnitus so they can sleep. And even “trippling” a dose of 1mg Ativan is not going to kill anyone who isn’t drinking very heavily AND in bad health or using some other similar combination.

          As far as Duncan goes, I don’t have a HarvardKey and am not Harvard alumni so I can’t confirm or deny what degrees he has, who he really works for, or what his actual motivations are. But you can’t make that much money off of “grifting mentally ill people” by writing a couple of books that no one buys. But yes, every mentally ill person who reads his work may believe their problems are caused by his explanations, I’ll agree to that. It doesn’t discredit the information that he disseminates.

          And fine, I’ll agree that Bryan’s use of caffeine under his conditions is questionable at best. But, you didn’t answer my first question. Why are you dedicated to attacking Bryan? Why don’t you go out and actually help mentally ill / homeless people instead of attacking this one person? There can be no decent explanation.

          • Stefan Adams

            He’s entertaining. That’s really all the explanation I owe you. You’ve already claimed I’m CIA so why do you bother asking me if you’re convinced of that?

            This website going away would not make Bryan better. Bryan getting treatment, which I advocate, would make him better. Someone publically calling him out is not the source of his problems.

            PhD dissertations are easily accessible. Duncan doesn’t have one. I don’t know what his net worth or income is but his claims are provably false so that makes him a scammer regardless of whether or not he’s rich from his scamming.

          • Col. Michael Angelo Aquino

            I didn’t claim that you are CIA. 80% of their work is outsourced anyway AFAIK.

            You locked the thread so I could not reply to your latest post.

            “He’s entertaining” you say. So, sadism it is. You’re watching a man become homeless and die on the street in horrible health and you find that entertaining.

            I used to feel bad watching brilliant programmer Terry Davis degenerate (he blamed the CIA) as mentally ill until he ended up homeless and jumped in front of a train to end it. That’s because I’m not sadistic and was hoping for the best for him. There’s plenty of this on YouTube but you’ve chosen Bryan and you decided that his decline in health and his homelessness is entertaining to you. Got it.

  2. Stefan Adams

    The past couple of days I’ve seen Bryan bitch and moan about the accommodations at the VA in LA. Extremely ungrateful, rude, and arrogant towards staff who were being patient, kind, and understanding to him.

    The first night I think he spent at some temporary “pallet” shelters on campus (he has a video on his Facebook about it, but they’re these type of shelters: He whined that he was “boxed in” by the presence of other pallet shelters (the little buildings were spaced maybe 10 feet apart or something).

    Of course, if the pods were spaced like 100 feet apart, Bryan would be complaining that “they” are trying to prevent him from interacting with other people (the “random and chaotic activity” Bryan thinks “defeats” the “system”).

    Then I guess after the first night, they got him into a proper shelter which were cubicles in a shared dormitory. He whined that nobody gave him a pillow and that he didn’t have enough sheets. I mean, I’d want a pillow too, but not being automatically given something isn’t malicious.

    His specific complaint was that he had to ask for it, which is “generating responses for the supercomputer”, so he thinks the lack of pillow was a deliberate attack on his soul.

    I don’t exactly understand what led up to the police being called. I know Bryan is a little whiny bitch and probably back talked enough to get staff upset with him which I guess is what led Bryan crying “Daddy!” and calling 911.

    The last thing I remember Bryan whining about last night was:

    (1) He was having (presumably sexual) thoughts about Rafael Nadal again (mentioned by name).
    (2) He wanted to listen to Christian Content(tm), probably at an excessive volume (perhaps to distract him from a Rafael Nadal-induced boner). He complained that nobody at the shelter knew the WiFi password.

    I suspect the confrontation had something to do with that. He either bitched staff out about not having the WiFi password, or he caused problems by playing Pastor Wilkerson way too loud at midnight and bothering everyone else.

    • Stefan Adams

      Bryan is now being told that if he wants shelter, he has to go to “Skid Row”. Which I assume everyone here already knows is the very seedy, impoverished, crime-infested part of Los Angeles that the homeless tend to congregate at.

      It seems kinda fitting for someone like Bryan. He is privileged by virtue of being a veteran of having access to medical care and social services that the regular homeless don’t get (or don’t get at the same level) through the network of VA hospitals and VA resources/programs but every time he interacts with the VA, he’s a snotty, whiny, sniveling little bitch who causes so many problems and is ungrateful for everything that is being provided FOR FREE.

      I’m sure the VA shelters aren’t ritzy or classy but I’m certain they are better than most of the regular shelters that are smack dab in the middle of the bad parts of town where there is little to no screening of people.

      Will Bryan learn from this? I doubt it. All of his problems in his eyes are everyone else’s fault. But there is some schadenfreude to be had from watching Tew have to go through this.

      • Wet Nayrb

        He’s going downtown to Skid Row?

        (I know that’s based more on Skid Row in New York City than L.A., although the Little Shop of Horrors version of Skid Row was really a giant set built on the James Bond Stage at Pinewood Studios in England, but it still mostly applies to Skid Row in L.A., at least as it was mid-20th century.)

        I think Bryan’s probably going to try a VA shelter in a new city since he’s effectively burnt all his bridges with the VA’s in New York, Los Angeles, and San Diego already.

  3. Stefan Adams

    Candy Grandpre has a video (well, only audio) about Star and I. Playing it now. Eager to find out how I have been “human trafficking” by merely writing a blog.

    As I play this, Candy say Star is going to hell for saying Candy’s writing sucks (your writing DOES suck).

    EDIT: Candy is accusing me of getting her kicked out of the library. I didn’t, but if you continue to accuse me of being “perverted” and other slanders, I might just do so in the future.

    (For future reference, all threads are “open threads”, feel free to post about anyone on any thread)

  4. Sasha

    More moaning and whining. He had shelter! He didn’t like the country place, in San Diego, too far from the bus stop and people woke him up in the morning but was clean and comfortable.
    He didn’t like another San Diego shelter because there were ‘crazy’ people sharing his room.
    What he wants is a private room with food delivery and no time limit on how long he can layabout. He wants no psychiatric care.
    In LA, he’s mad that he ask for a social worker and then he scurried away because someone called him names and he missed the appointment. Now he’s left his passport and new computer in a storage unit in San Diego and didn’t pay the bill.
    His phone service is telling him that it’s going to be turned off for nonpayment, doesn’t he know about free government phones?
    Ending the day crying that the lawn guys are deliberately blowing dirt in his face as they work. Call the White House Bryan, thats the ticket.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah, I don’t even know what to say anymore. He had shelter provided to him several times. Even got a semi-private cubicle a few times that I recall. Won’t stay around long enough to make his Dr’s appointments and/or makes excuses for not going.

      Whines that the appointments are too far in advance (i.e. 3-4 weeks out but he wants to see one ASAP) but if he’d stay in one place long enough and BEHAVE, he’d have already seen the doctor rather than be on the move for several months.

      Refuses to even speak with a psychiatrist, would rather throw himself onto the street than be made to see one. But he plays ridiculous games trying to get the FBI to arrest him where they’d probably end up having him submit to one if he keeps it up.

      I think this guy has a persecution fetish. I think he knows his behavior leads to these consequences but it validates himself to experience being thrown out of a million places and be on the street. He doesn’t actually want help. He just wants to be recognized for being oppressed.

      • Col. Michael Angelo Aquino

        Alright, this is ridiculous. You are harassing a non-name person that no one cares about, who has no influence, while callling it “torture porn.” You are the only person enjoying this. Fixing this. Don’t fuck with the underground.

  5. Stefan Adams

    Bryan has been sleeping on the sidewalk somewhere on the VA campus in LA. Like most places that want to keep their campus looking good in the brutally hot summer, they have an automatic sprinkler system. Bryan complains “they” forced him to fall asleep and then “they” switched on the sprinklers:

    There’s also another video (I’ll get the URL when I find it again) where he’s laying on a chair in a public sitting area outside on the VA campus. What appears to be an older gentleman sits down on a chair near Bryan to take a phone call. Bryan whines that “they” sent him to disrupt his Christian Content(tm). Bryan believes he is entitled to that sitting area for his exclusive use, nobody else is allowed.

    • Stefan Adams

      Update: Bryan has been admitted to the New Directions For Veterans shelter in Los Angeles. He’s complaining that the shelter searched his belongings and confiscated his narcotics.

      I’m a little torn because, on one hand, they shouldn’t be encouraging drug abuse in a rehabilitative environment, but on the other hand, it can be unsafe to abruptly pull an addict off of whatever substance they are abusing. I’ll assume for the time being that someone qualified and competent evaluated him and decided it was safe to do so.

      I do see on their website that they have a substance abuse program at this shelter.

      Anyway, he’s already setting the stage for leaving the shelter saying the “torture” is too severe (but it was “severe” outside too, so what’s the difference?). That’s if he doesn’t get himself kicked out for being belligerent and/or disruptive like usual.

      • Wet Nayrb

        I’d say I don’t understand why they’d keep Bryan’s heart medication away from him and only let him have a pill at a specific time of day but I suppose it could be to keep the pills safe from the other patients in the facility, who might go rooting around in other people’s stuff looking to swallow any random pill they find.

  6. Sasha

    Unfortunately, this could be end game for Bryan. The environment outside the hospital is not good and he faces danger from people more unstable than he is. I can’t imagine him be allowed another passport, the last one only good for one year and you cannot book international travel with a passport that will expire in under 6 months.
    Why is his financial situation so precarious?
    It would be better for Bryan get physically well at the VA and then he can just be an ordinary eccentric with his tall tales of government spies.

    • Wet Nayrb

      Why is his financial situation so precarious?

      I think the thousands of dollars per year he spends on airplane and train tickets is a good start to solving that mystery.

      Not that I think he’s going to do much more travelling in the near future in his current phisical state, given how much he’s visibly deteriorated since he left Spain.

  7. Leon Theremin

    Jewish Man, Unemployed PhD, Stabbed Russian Journalist Because She Was “Harassing Him Telepathically” (2017)

    “Using this telepathic contact she stole in every night and tormented me. … She had been (sexually) harassing me for two months,” the man says in the clip.

    A blog post revealed by the Echo of Moscow also shows Grits claiming there would be “very unpleasant consequences” should her alleged stalking continue.

    “Tatyana Felgengauer is stalking me non-stop: morning, day and night,” he wrote. “In a few weeks, I am coming to Moscow and if this does not stop the consequences could be very unpleasant.”

    Putin seems unaware of these technique for creating crazy people and weaponizing them for chaos.

    “A sick person showed up. What does freedom of speech have to do with it? He came from Israel and attacked a journalist,” Putin was quoted by the state-run TASS news agency as saying.

    Russian investigators said last week that they believe the attack was most likely driven by Grits’s “psychological instability” and that there is no convincing evidence of a hidden agenda or a third party involved in the stabbing.

  8. Stefan Adams

    Bryan destroys a shower chair and falls on the floor. His first thought after falling down isn’t to try to get up or call for help but to pull out his camera and make a video about the incident.

    He throws up a caption about “HYPER GAME” and says “they” did this to him to make him look bad. But if he didn’t make the video, we wouldn’t even know it happened. He’s up and walking around in later videos after this happens.

    He posted this to pretty much every social media site he has an account on.

  9. Stefan Adams

    Bryan announces he will frivolously sue the shelter he is currently staying at:


  10. The Watcher

    In a later “Just Press Record” video from 7/27 fall incident, Bryan is screaming at medical staff at the hospital “I LOST CONTROL OF MY BOWELS.” Actual audio starts around 7:56 mark

    I’m glad to have stumbled upon this site. I have been following the misadventures of BT for a few years and had no idea others are entertained by him as well.

    • Wet Nayrb

      “I’m not worried about a psychiatrist.”

      Says the man who is clearly worried about psychiatrists, to the point of leaving shelters, hospitals, and cities just to avoid talking to a psychiatrist for a few minutes even just as part of routine screenings.

      • Stefan Adams

        Listening to today’s recordings, plus yesterdays.


        Bryan has a complaint I do not fully understand. He tells staff about his fall injury and they call 911 for him. Paramedics arrive and asked Bryan if he wants to be transported. Bryan objects to being asked for consent to transport because he thinks it is somehow a conspiracy / setup. Cites the legal doctrine of “vicarious liability”. I kinda understand what that is, but I don’t really understand how Bryan turns that into some sort of plot against him.

        Does he prefer that the paramedics grab him and throw him into the ambulance without his consent? There’s only a few times when they can do something like that, i.e. if you’re unconscious and injured or if you are very clearly gravely hurt and not behaving rationally (i.e. your arm got chopped off in a machine and you insist it’s nothing worth going to the hospital about).

        Then there is this recording (audio only):

        Bryan is talking with staff (possibly the director) of the shelter. He’s explaining that he doesn’t want to be treated at the VA anymore. VA definitely has Bryan’s patient file flagged as a nutcase. Bryan literally runs out of the ER any time someone mentions “psych” within earshot of him (suddenly his hearing becomes very sharp now days).

        Guy says he can’t have Bryan just sitting down (in the shelter) and moaning about his pain for days on end and he needs to go somewhere. The guy explains that the shelter does not provide transportation, all they can do is call 911 for him.

        But apparently 911 is refusing to come out because Bryan refused transport earlier (see above) and they don’t want to waste their time on him. Bryan doesn’t have money for an Uber/Lyft/Cab. Sounds like they’re going to try to call 911 one more time and say “pretty please, Bryan promises to go this time”.

        Does refusing medical care when he’s obviously in need of it rise to the level of something they can forcibly throw him into a mental health hold for? I don’t know, just wondering aloud. It’s getting to that point with him.

        Again I say the worst case for Bryan in talking to the shrink is that they put him into something like a 72 hour mental health hold while they evaluate him. In the mean time he actually gets some medical care and a treatment plan for his various issues. That’s better than having a multitude of back / shoulder issues and whatever else he has going untreated for years.

        And if they don’t put him in a hold, he just talks to a shrink, shrink takes some notes, then Bryan goes to his regular doctor appointments and gets the help he needs.

  11. Sasha

    Amazing too how he can’t hear but eavesdrops on the medical staff outside his room like Mrs. Kravitz.

    What’s UCLA going to do for him, apparently they’re in on the game.

  12. Stefan Adams

    Bryan has been kicked out of New Directions.

    Also, the place with the drop-in shelters (the “pallet shelters”) has banned him as well.

  13. Wet Nayrb

    It’s been well over a day and a half since Bryan’s posted anything, which wouldn’t generally be that notable however he had noted on Friday that officers were threatening him with a 72-hour emergency mental health hold.

    I wonder if the officers actually followed through on that? I checked the criteria for a California 5150 psychiatric hold and Bryan would have to have been determined to be a danger to himself, a danger to others, or in a “gravely disabled” condition. I’m not sure if anything I’ve seen from Bryan lately indicates that he’s a danger to himself or others but, obviously, I can only see what he posts on his phone.

    There’s also the possibility that Bryan is travelling to another city (I don’t think he can travel outside of the United States right now unless he managed to get his passport back) although he usually posts from an airport or train station beforehand.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah, I had similar thoughts about his absence. Any number of things at play here. I do remember him saying his phone continued to work despite the bill not being paid so I am expecting his phone to actually be cut off at some point soon if not already.

      Although I’d expect him to figure out how to leech off of nearby WiFi to continue posting at least and he hasn’t done that.

      So I figure he maybe got a good dose of something from the hospital and it knocked him out for a good long time. It wouldn’t be the first time. That’s kinda my assumption for now.

      I searched LA County records and didn’t see his name appear as being in the lockup (which would not show 5150 holds AFAIK).

      The 5150 thing does seem like a distinct possibility. There’s a difference between what the law says and how it is interpreted by a cop or a doctor, it is entirely subjective and he would probably get released after 72 hours with no consequence to whoever put him there.

      Worst case, well, I don’t really want to go there. He never posted anything making it sound like he was ready to end it all. But I could see him pissing off the wrong street person and getting shanked.

      • Stefan Adams

        (Edited a bit)

        Wanted to add. One of the last videos Bryan posted was about being “threatened” with a psychiatric evaluation by the VA Police and Bryan basically saying “Bring it on, I’m no longer scared”.

        Prior to that video, right before he was kicked out of the shelter, he was continuing to ask the shelter staff for his pills (from Mexico) back. The dispute ended at the VA Police department HQ.

        A very tolerant but very obviously annoyed VA Police officer tries to listen to Bryan and starts losing his patience with him. They only return one bottle of medicine to Bryan. The rest of his medicine was seized because it was not properly labeled.

        I believe California is similar to my state in that Rx medicine must be labeled with the patient’s name, dosage, quantity of medicine, and prescriber’s name and contact info. Possessing unlabeled Rx drugs is technically a crime.

        Those boxes of Ativan and whatever else he got likely didn’t have any of that. Bryan protests otherwise. I didn’t see his recent pill haul from Mexico but I know the pills he gets from Ecuador and other places just come in the manufacturer’s boxes without any of that required information on the box.

        Everyone involved here seems to be happy that Bryan is leaving.

        • Wet Nayrb

          Assuming Bryan is currently being held for a mental health evaluation, hopefully he finds out that psychiatrists are generally not nearly as scary as he makes them out to be although, realistically, once he’s out, he’ll just be fuming and talking about another federal lawsuit for a false diagnosis.

          • Stefan Adams

            Bryan has started posting again. No explanation for the absence. Just the usual posts from him. He’s signing his posts with the wrong date though (it was 8/1 by the time he posted this).

            Has one completely dark video complaining about the pain in his shoulders. Only lasts about 30 seconds.

            Attacking me with directed energy torture attacks at asme time sending psychologists and psychiatrists into park to assess me. HIGH TECH ENTRAPMENT July 31 2022

          • Wet Nayrb

            Ah, yes, the roving late night bands of park psychiatrists and psychologists are the worst.

            They might awaken you just to ask you how you got along with your siblings!

  14. Wet Nayrb

    Targeted Incel-vidual “Poisoned Christ” has a car with a whole rear window full of cray-cray, helpfully warning any of the “attractive females” he thinks are being told to shun him to stay well away.

    Anytime he calls women “females”, which is very often, he sounds like a Ferengi.

  15. Stefan Adams

    Bryan has insisted that the medicine that the shelter staff / VA police confiscated and disposed of was properly labeled as per the laws in California.

    I went back and found the video he posted right after his trip to Tijuana. I can’t see every possible angle in this video but he does turn over a couple of the boxes and they do not appear to have the label that’s required to be on there. Despite Bryan claiming (i.e. lying to the police) otherwise.

    CA law:

    Federal law:

  16. Sasha

    His recordings of other patients conversations in the emergency room is alarming and against the law.
    Most emergency rooms and doctor’s waiting rooms have signs prohibiting cell phone use but since most people in the waiting areas are using their phones as way to entertain themselves, it’s usually an ignored rule.
    The violation of patient privacy laws includes recordings and photographs taken in the emergency room. Bryan is breaking HIPPA laws by recording other patients as they converse about their own health with medical providers

    • Stefan Adams

      I learned a lot about HIPAA over the last couple of years during all the debates about employers and vaccine mandates. I’ll leave it at that.

      It’s definitely not cool that he’s recording private conversations. It might be worth notifying the hospital about what he’s doing, it’s definitely going to be against hospital policy. I know the ER department at the VA is getting tired of him – he’s a frequent flyer.

      They probably can’t stop him from coming to the ER but they probably can have security force him to surrender all of his electronic devices, including his Apple Watch as a condition of admission. Especially since none of his admissions were for actual emergencies.

  17. Sasha

    Looks like he’s got a cabin shelter for a while, probably won’t be happy for very long but at least he’ll be fed and possibly cleaned up for a couple of days.
    Couple of years ago, he stayed at Father Joes and wanted to file malpractice against the free dentist who did a root canal on him. Probably going to be difficult to find another dentist to help him.

    • Stefan Adams

      The staff over there must have felt pity for him. Just last week they were denying him entry and Bryan recorded them calling him a “jackass”. Maybe he apologized.

  18. Leon Theremin

    Florida attorney drove car into people, claims “voices in [her] head” were telling her to kill them

    STUART, Fla. —

    Beatrice Bijoux, 31, made her first appearance before a judge Wednesday, facing four counts of attempted murder after Stuart police say she intentionally drove her car into a group of people outside the Fresh Market Tuesday, sending one to the hospital, and then trying to run down a witness who attempted to stop her from driving away.

    According to the arrest report, police found Bijoux thanks to a witness who followed her. Bijoux refused to pull over and drove to the Stuart Police Department, where the report says she got out of her car and told police, “the voices in her head had told her to kill the people.”


    Florida attorney did a hit and run and then went to the police tell she tried to murder because voices in her head told her to.

    Another case of a person harassed by microwave weapons seeking relief on the legal system and getting none.

    Petty criminals are recruited on 4chan, Kiwi Farms and similar, given computer access to microwave weaponry and let free to harass to death people of color, LGBTQs, journalists, human rights defenders, children and anyone else.

    • Stefan Adams

      Petty criminals are recruited on 4chan, Kiwi Farms and similar, given computer access to microwave weaponry and let free to harass to death people of color, LGBTQs, journalists, human rights defenders, children and anyone else.

      It would be nice if you had evidence for any of those claims.

  19. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is still chugging Red Bull:

    (note that Bryan has been whining about his heart rate skyrocketing due to his illegal pills being confiscated. I’m not sure why he thinks it is a good idea to binge on stimulants while claiming to have an ongoing heart problem)

    Bryan is posting copyrighted Star Wars clips of Jedi mind tricks in an effort to explain mind control. Star Wars isn’t real, Bryan.

    Bryan is still bothering the FBI apparently. This time in Los Angeles. No video clip yet.


    My visit at 0900 hrs Aug 8 2022 is NOT random but precisely timed for my earlier request at Federal Police office to speak with Liaison for FBI which I was told would be there at 0900 hrs today

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