Deranged TI Stephen Marlow kills 4 in Ohio

Porter said he was aware of a TikTok video in which Marlow appeared to provide his explanation of the slayings, identifying himself as a “targeted individual” and claiming he was a victim of mind control.

In the video, Marlow said he was planning a “counterattack” and would “gladly die to expose this.”

So this guy kills an elderly couple as well as a mother and her young daughter because he believes they are somehow part of a conspiracy to mind control him. Never heard of him before.

The TI community will react in a predictable way to this – claiming that he was not responsible for his actions (it was mind control after all) or that he was an ”perp” sent out to make TIs look crazy / bad. TIs never do bad things because of their beliefs, according to the community.

Just documenting the dangerous cancer that is the community of untreated mentally ill people known as ”Targeted Individuals”.

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  1. Candy mentions Star and I in a video (approx 14m20s), regarding her copying and pasting entire comments sections into her blog. She says that if we post her videos, she has the right to copy and paste.

    Candy, posting a video is not the same thing as copying entire comments sections to your blog. A video is a hyperlink that points to your channel, it is not a copy that I am hosting. What you are doing is copyright infringement. I’m making the choice not to file a copyright takedown on you.

    She also accuses us of unspecified crimes and says it is our fault she has to live on the streets. Please explain how posting a blog forces you to live on the streets.

  2. Bryan’s latest round of VA doctor’s appointments began today. It seems he actually made his appointment(s) today which is nice for a change.

    He has a bunch of recordings up (don’t have time to listen). I did watch one recording where he was at the pharmacy complaining that it was taking them hours to fill his prescriptions.

    I do remember him saying last week / week before that he wanted to give up on the VA and go to UCLA Medical but I don’t think he ever got around to applying for MediCAL to make that happen.


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