Deranged TI Stephen Marlow kills 4 in Ohio

Porter said he was aware of a TikTok video in which Marlow appeared to provide his explanation of the slayings, identifying himself as a “targeted individual” and claiming he was a victim of mind control.

In the video, Marlow said he was planning a “counterattack” and would “gladly die to expose this.”

So this guy kills an elderly couple as well as a mother and her young daughter because he believes they are somehow part of a conspiracy to mind control him. Never heard of him before.

The TI community will react in a predictable way to this – claiming that he was not responsible for his actions (it was mind control after all) or that he was an ”perp” sent out to make TIs look crazy / bad. TIs never do bad things because of their beliefs, according to the community.

Just documenting the dangerous cancer that is the community of untreated mentally ill people known as ”Targeted Individuals”.

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  1. I wish I had known about this guy to report his videos to the FBI before he murdered anybody but, as far as I know, he wasn’t on Youtube so he wasn’t on my radar at all. (I’m too much of a “Boomer” to browse Tiktok.)

    • We have TIs that regularly utter death threats and every couple of years one of them goes on a shooting rampage but you’re here worried that I’m too spiteful. Your opinion, as worthless as it is, is noted.

      • I’ve been quite involved with this so-called TI community over the past twenty years. I’ve never come across any death threats myself. Nor do I know of many examples of an alleged TI going on a shooting rampage. I can think of two examples, other than this one. That’s three too many, of course, but it’s hardly one case every three years.

        Anybody making credible death threats, regardless of whether he or she claims to be targeted, poses a public safety problem that needs to be dealt with. Nobody who doesn’t presents that problem to our knowledge, whatever “communities” he or she belongs to, TI, mental health-affected, and/or other.

        Anybody who doesn’t know that going on shooting rampages is wrong obviously has an impaired sense of right and wrong, whatever “communities” he or she might belong to. Who is more likely to be able successfully to de-radicalise such a person? Somebody who is otherwise like the potential miscreant? Or somebody quite unlike him or her, who expresses contempt (fair enough) not only for radicalised TIs (a rare breed indeed), but for all TIs, and people with mental health issues?

        • This website isn’t therapy for TIs. I don’t think I’ve ever advertised it as such. TIs who want to stop being TIs can seek out mental health services. I’m not qualified to do anything other than tell them to talk to a mental health professional.

          This is a place for people such as myself to gawk at the spectacle that TIs have created for themselves and the burdens they are inflicting on society. I don’t pretend to play nice with these people. I want them to be helped but I’m not the one who will provide that help. The existence of this website does not prevent a TI from seeking out that help.

          As for TI shooting incidents, I’m aware of the following. I’m sure there’s more that I’ve missed but what I have listed justifies the comment I made. A TI with an untreated mental illness goes off and takes / attempts to take someone with him.

          Aaron Alexis (Navy Yard shooter, 2013)
          Myron May (FSU shooter, 2014)
          Gavin Long (Baton Rouge cop killer, 2016)
          Kevin Douglas Limbaugh (Davis, CA cop killer, 2019)
          Stephen Marlow (Ohio shooter, this incident, 2022)

          My opinion about TIs is that the authorities (cops, courts, administrative and legislative bodies) do not take them seriously enough. TIs have built these communities where they radicalize each other into thinking that random people / police officers / etc. are doing nefarious things to them. It occasionally does lead to violence and unlike other communities of radicals (terrorists, racial supremacists, etc.), it’s being done completely in the open with nothing more than shrugs from authorities.

          If you want to take the position that this isn’t that big of a threat and that a small handful of killings is acceptable to you, you’re more than welcome to take that position (it appears to be the position the government takes). The families of victims would likely disagree.

          • Don’t forget Larry Steven Grogan, a Youtube TI who murdered a mailman last year (and who was a big fan of Kevin Christian’s videos).

            I discussed him in this comment.

            Bryan Tew – Open Thread

            I conveniently also mentioned another killer Youtube TI from last year, Semmie Lee Williams Jr., just two comments later.

            Bryan Tew – Open Thread

          • Oh, guess direct links to replies don’t work. I guess I’ll just copy and paste.

            [August 11th, 2021]

            This guy wasn’t on my T.I. radar at all so I’m only just finding out about him now but you can add Larry Steven Grogan a.k.a. “Steve Grogan Knows” on Youtube to the list of killer T.I.s.

            He murdered a rural mailman in Georgia and got into a shootout with police, who returned fire and now he’s in hospital recovering from non-life threatening gunshot wounds.


            His Youtube channel, full of videos about how he believes he’s being targeted by his neighbors shooting microwaves and “audio spotlight technology”.


            Oh, here’s a video he did called “Shout out to Kevin Christian”. A Kevin Christian fan murdered a mailman.

            [December 13th, 2021]

            Might as well post this here since it’s the most recent “Open Thread”.

            Once again, a Youtube T.I. is now accused of a murder.

            Semmie Lee Willams Jr., 39, a homeless man in Miami, Florida, is the main suspect in the murder of 14-year old Ryan Rogers, of Palm Beach Gardens, who went missing on the evening of November 15th and whose body was found a day later. Semmie Williams posted “gangstalking” videos on the channel “Semmie One Seven” (now deleted) and supposedly his videos had put him at the right place and the right time to implicate him as a Person of Interest in the murder. (No comment on that as I haven’t seen his videos myself as this guy wasn’t on my T.I. radar.)

            [Follow up reply]

            Minor correction: according to this news story, it was Semmie Williams’ DNA that implicated him and Local 10 News later found his Youtube channel which had videos corroborating his trip to Palm Beach County on the day of the disappearance.

            Homeless Drifter Who Made Paranoid YouTube Videos Is Arrested for Randomly Murdering 14-year-old Boy: Reports

          • Another killer Youtube T.I. from 2021: William Robert Wolfe a.k.a. “Arachnonixon”, who murdered a couple in their apartment.

            [June 20th, 2021]

            Not about Bryan but I think still of interest to this site:

            Apparently a Targeted Individual in Kalamazoo named William Robert Wolfe who went by the Youtube handle “ArachnoNixon” and who sometimes participated in Vulcan Wolverine’s livestreams flipped out and murdered two of his neighbours. (Of course VW Kyle thinks it was a False Flag.)


            Kyle speculates that Wolfe may have been looking for directed energy weapons in the couple’s apartment, so, if true, we’re looking at Kevin Christian-like delusions here.

            I’m unfamiliar with ArachnoNixon. He had a Youtube profile that’s still up but, if he had any videos, they’ve either been taken down or they’ve been made private.

            [End of repost]

            I got a feeling that there was at least one more killer Youtube T.I. sometime in early 2021 or late 2020 but I’ve had enough of perusing my old comments right now.

  2. Bryan Tew posts a clip of Stephen Marlow to his channel. He claims the first shooting was real but the second shooting was not. He does not explain further or provide any evidence.

  3. One way to stop these killings is to construct a safe place to house victims of microwave torture.

    Something with an outside big aquarium with brine water (absorbs radiation).

    Undersea caves have been reported to block Voice to Skull and microwave hits – but aren’t livable habits. Something artificial but similar should do the job.

    Detentions and prisons aren’t safe and when victims are there they are microwaved until they suicide in solitary (search for “schizo” on The Intercept for cases).

    If you don’t want to do something to bring relief to Targeted Individuals, you are putting yourself at risk just because the numbers of petty criminals recruited to conduct this program are increasing and so are the number of killings.

  4. Okay, THIS is why I continue to follow Candy Grandpre. I know she is unable to afford or even manage to travel from her current location to mine, but I worry that some other crazy asshat will connect with her, she will spread her lies about me and they will take the initiative and come looking for me. I have already warned off one TI, who lives less than an hour away across the state. To those who don’t know, Candy Grandpre made a video identifying me by legal name and hometown and said I needed to be murdered. I tried to get it taken down by YouTube, but it apparently did not go against their TOS. Showing your face or giving out your phone number can get you kicked out of YouTube, inciting a murder will not. And because Candy is delusional, she removed a bunch of videos, including that one, and now says it is not true; I did report it to her local PD, so I’m sure they have it copied. I reported it as what it is, a mentally ill, untreated person who hasn’t quite figured out how to pee without wetting her pants, and said while it is a crime, I considered it a cry for getting her 51-50’d…..I mean for help. The person I warned off, I told if I were to see her either in person or harassing me online, I would report both her and Candy as criminals. Officially, the charge against Candy would have been a serious felony, incitement to murder.
    So this kind of thing happens, and despite YouTube working hard to censor things for our “safety,” they don’t reay care until something bad happens. Then they poo-poo their part in spreading these psychos messages and threats.
    The only relief TIs need is the proper medication and therapy. If they can’t live in this world, they should stay off the internet. The whole “gangstalking” thing is a bunch of people with paranoid delusions, who 30 years ago would have been committed into state care as mentally incompetent. It’s hard over the internet and no one ever looks at the widely different stories, because doubting someone who says they are a TI means others might doubt YOU. The more you look for actual facts, the less facts you will find. The who, what, and why is different in EVERY SINGLE claim. The only points that are the same are the rampant paranoia, delusions, and narcissism.

    • That is a classic trait with these people, they never admit they were wrong about anything. I don’t think Candy has ever had a moment of humility and humbleness at least that I have seen.

      In the case of Bryan Tew, I will say I have recently started to see him very occasionally say something nice about the people helping him find food / shelter once in a while. Also remember him once or twice admitting that he was mistreating other people. I don’t know where that’s coming from, the sermons he listens to or if his friends / family are trying to give him life advice. But he goes back to being his rude and belligerent self very quickly.

      I’m sorry that you have to go through all of this. I consider TIs a threat to personal and public safety and posture myself accordingly.

  5. Gangstalkers are messing with Kevin Christian’s ability to buy Bed, Bath, and Beyond stock.

    Yep, that’s the problem, gangstalkers. It’s nothing to do with Bed, Bath, and Beyond stock being the latest “stonks” meme and many meme “stonks” traders all using the Robinhood app at around the same time for the same stock almost certainly leading to some connection issues.

    • It’s funny because his main source of income is a package sorting job at the FedEx hub at the Atlanta Airport (well I assume he still has that job) but somehow he thinks the real problem is that the guys on Howard Circle are going to stop him from making a few bucks on the side pumping and dumping $BBBY. If he actually makes and money and doesn’t lose any, that is.

      • Another thing, even if I had the same hacking ability and access to exotic technology that he thinks his boomer neighbour has (which I obviously don’t) and even if I wanted to troll Kevin Christian, I wouldn’t do anything to prevent him from losing… sorry, I mean, “investing” as much money as possible into Bed, Bath, and Beyond since that entire chain seems to be on the verge of shutting down anyway.

  6. This is for Candy Grandpre, because I know she stalks me online. Yes, Candy, you outed yourself. You mentioned I put up a “poorly written sentence,”YOUR WORDS. I did that on Facebook, and did not mention you at all, so it would not have come up on a search, and you do not have a FB account. So YOU DO stalk my every post anywhere online. I watch your videos, and try to get the whole point of your writing, because so far it has shown itself to be pointless. And is still bad, and thematically, the same storyline: someone lives an unfulfilled life, they get Jesus, they become preachers/ministers/counselors in their own organization, askewing the usual trappings of such a venture and winning souls for Jesus. Every. Single. Story. For quite awhile. I suppose it is not the normalization of domestic violence, child abuse, and the abuse and neglect of animals some of your earliest efforts, but still…..
    You are no longer residing at the motel you used most recently. You do not understand how easy it is to find it, though. Not many “breakfast diners” have nachos and salmon, and there is only one that does beside a motel within the same motel chain next door. It took .ess than five minutes. While I’m sure the motel does not want it’s guest making videos about how much you are abused by your imagination, nor would they like you sneaking photographs of people within the guest areas, I am not going to call them. I’ll leave that for someone else.
    You need to put your big girl (age, not size, but…) and stop thinking the entire world is about you. Sirens are so emergency vehicles can get through traffic. It’s not done to harass, intimidate, or scare YOU. I hope you never need an ambulance, police or fire truck, but you will be happy when you hear them coming as fast as they can to help you. When my hip broke hearing the sirens coming helped, because I knew help was on it’s way. Stop being such a coward. You about as needy a 39 year old as can possibly exist. You need money, you need 100%affirmation of all your thoughts, you need to be in a sterile environment YET CAN’T STOP WETTING YOUR OWN PANTS? Really? The only reason you need a plastic bag on a bus seat is so you don’t leave a wet spot. You need to adult now. If you can’t, ask for help at adult protective services. They can help you as much or as little as you want, but it would be real help.
    Oh, and young men who can afford Audis and dress like a gang-banger parking off the street will not take kindly to you videoing him, especially his license plate. It is likely most of the people whompark along that building at night are not being 100% legal good citizens. Geez, it could have gone really bad for you. And if someone sees the videos and tells him? Would not want to be you.

      • I seemed to have touched a nerve. Oh, well. Given her “truth” is the direct result of untreated paranoid delusions and not anything REAL, it is what I expected. On her blog, the only place where I can comment directly to her, as opposed to what I say on someone else’s videos or blogs, I pointed out that her poor reading comprehension skills are evident, because what she says I said, I didn’t. Candy, reading real books will help you with that, and they are available free at a library. You misunderstand so much of what you read, all your “research (cognitive dissonance)” you have done on the web is thrown into doubt. That you cannot understand the word “normalized” shows you read at a low level, or that you just want to warp everything to your view. Or both, which I think is what happens.
        Candy you are also gullible. You do seem to understand that the vast majority of your subscribers on YouTube are there to watch the trainwreck. But all the calls and messages you get are NOT REAL. They are people messing with you, Solely for shits and giggles. I can say honestly that the one time I did that to you showed me you are too easy to mess with. So I never did it again, and deleted that account. One clue you don’t understand about people messing with you was the name I chose, which you did not pick up on. I was “Candyland Watcher.” You didn’t have a clue. Keep on believing everything that portrays you as a victim of nothing real. I’ve said it before, your videos and blogs will be great documentation for when your competency will be questioned. You do not understand most of what you (think you) see or read. But one good thing came from it. You have posted things I wrote, show you don’t understand what was said and let other people see how really dense you are. Good job.
        As you will notice, I still do not have, nor plan on starting a blog, video or book about you. So when YOU make them about me, YOU ARE THE INSTIGATOR. I am only speaking out in defense of your lies and delusions. That you find comments on other people’s videos and blogs, shows you look for such things. That makes YOU THE STALKER. Just like when you claimed the person you claim is named Alex was stalking you, when he was places and you came AFTER. You were following him, whether it was accidental or not doesn’t matter. When you call me by name, I will always defend myself. Why is your right to do that greater than my rights. Who gives you authority to tell me who I can talk to, what sites I can visit, what I can write or anything else about my life? Who gave you the right to use my name in a TITLE of your blog? You are sad, stupid, ignorant and narcissistic to think you have the right to do things and I do not. Your whole personality is duplicitous. <<< that means you say one thing and do another. And I have never said you need to be killed or murdered, unlike what you have said about me. That you lie about it? Even more of a reason to follow your public videos and blogs and make sure you don’t do such things again. Once again, YOU ARE THE INSTIGATOR.
        And you will continue to get a cold shoulder at restaurants by not tipping and hogging up spaces at tables for a glass of juice so you can use their bathroom and charge your phone. When you do that, the management needs to pay the waitress as though you had, so you are pissing off two people at once. They are babysitting you, when they could have better paying and tipping guests. It’s called “turnover.” They make their schedules according to their sales by hour. You sitting there with a minimum purchase cuts into their business. It is not a good system to pay a fair wage, but that’s the system now. I have never had to wait tables, and I tip well and only in cash because I know that is the most fair. You are a leech everywhere you go, and your entitlement mentality is wrong.
        And how can you say you can’t afford to tip, yet “need” over $10/meal? Here’s something you also don’t understand, MATH. And I’m using your own claim about how much money you “need” for meals. There are three meals a day (although you don’t need them) at $10 meal (avg) is $30/day. There are about 30 days in a month. That works out to $900 a month, just for food. That is more than your only monthly income. JUST. FOR. FOOD.
        How are you claiming you want “independence” and are “just trying to survive,” exactly? Damn, GG! You is already thick.
        Oh, and my names here are all sarcasm. Get a clue.

        • Candy complains about people talking near her storage unit. Says she can’t take a nap or film a video there.

          FYI: Using your storage unit to sleep in is certainly against the contract of the storage unit and so is loitering to do anything other than store or retrieve items in your unit.

        • You sit here antagonizing “deluded ” untreated schizophrenics” yet you say you follow everything they do as youre worried about them connecting with some other freak and reacring adversely in some way towards you , maybe offline ,idk?

          Perhaps don’t antagonize folk and you won’t have to worry about reprisals . Simple really

          You seem like the typical bully . Love dishing it out . Cries like a bitch when you get a punch in the mouth. Suddenly its everyone else’s fault what yall are involved in.

          Personally I hope one of you do get tracked down and assaulted .badly In fact

          That will teach you for thinking you can stalk , bully and abuse folk and get away with it .

  7. Don’t know if I mentioned it before, but YouTuber “Burger Boy” is creating a large catalog of highlighted TI videos. Some funny, some interesting, many boring. He reuploads TI videos with some kind of artistic or psychedelic take on top.

    Anyway, I giggled when he uploaded this video from this TI with a British accent who insists male TIs need to “retain” their semen. Guessing he just got finished reading the /r/NoFap subreddit.

  8. Radio2Speech: High Quality Speech Recovery from Radio Frequency Signals

    Given human brains still send minuscule signals to the speech muscles when doing “inner speech”, given that may be enough to produce tiny vibrations invisible to the naked eye but visible to high speed cameras/radar, the approach used for this academic work may just be enough to extract people’s inner speech wirelessly.

  9. Ah, the crazy just keep on being crazy, and the claims of being an author keep on showing that it will never be a fruitful endeavor.
    Candy, GG…..there is a little part of writing that is essential to creating a cohesive storyline call “CONTINUITY. ” Just another thing you likely do not understand and something you break fairly often. Like your last story. In the first few sentences, and you even say you have edited this before publishing. Really, it is laughable. Continuity is used in TV and movies as well. When any portion is redone, a person’s whole job I to take pictures and make sure that the things in the shot are exactly the same. For example, a person portraying a cashier is wearing a red shirt during the scene. The scene needs to be reshot for whatever reason, or maybe from a different angle, and the continuity supervisor makes sure the cashier didn’t change to a blue shirt. Heck, you even lack continuity in your delusions. Which is it, white, black, gray, red, blue or “funny fake” color is the sign of a gangstalker? You claim them all. You might as well admit that ANY CAR is a gangstalker, because you don’t have a car and that pisses you off.
    What is “Fredna?” She must be magical, because she starts out being a dog, and ends up being a ferret.
    That’s just the first weird thing in your story. Giving a person a pet for a gift is why there are so many bunnies in animal shelters after Easter. It is a bad idea, and often leads to neglect. Especially something like a ferret. They can be great pets, but properly caring for one is not something everyone can or will do. It leads to neglect and abuse.
    I also am not mocking your faith, although I sometimes doubt it. I merely pointed out you use the same theme, over and over and over. Just another thing that highlights your problems with reading comprehension. And as far as you other liking my chosen Church? I don’t like you damning people to hell everyday, which seems to be a basic tenet of your chosen religion.
    Keep mentioning me in your blogs and videos and I will keep answering back. You do not have the authority to tell me to do or not do anything on the internet or anywhere else. You seem to think you are above God Himself, judging people the way you do.
    You know something Candy? I can start a blog about you. Or write a book, naming you. Or make videos that pick apart your videos, word for word. How would you like that? You can’t tell me I can’t, you can’t tell me to not use your name, you can’t stop me from doing anything. I could even claim “fair use” and critique your writing and point out things like your lack of editing skills and continuity. And how you normalize bad things. I would find it highly entertaining. And there is nothing you could do about it.
    Do unto others, GG. That’s in the Bible. Try it out. Leave people out of your delusions online and they won’t need to defend themselves against your lies.
    And look up sarcasm. You don’t recognize it. Like my name here.?

  10. Candy, my IQ is over 150. There is no competition between you and I in anyway. None. I am not jealous or envious of you over anything. It shows your delusions about your place in my life or the world in general. What do you have I could possibly want? Living in a beach town for free? Not in Florida, unless there were manatees. Otherwise Florida is too hot, and has too many bugs and crazy people, like you. You age? Age is just a number. You have the mind of a child and the body of two people much older than you. Your own toilet reports show you have the bladder of an 80 year old man with an enlarged prostate. I am also continent, both bladder and bowel. That you don’t at 39? Expect a lot of money spent on Depends.
    I said you have every right to write and publish your short stories, but I do not think it will ever be an actual sole income, or any income beyond a dessert every now and then.
    No one owns you, nor think they own you. If they did, you would be housed, clean, put on a diet after you receive proper medical attention, and have your internet access taken away unless and until you are able to realize that the internet is full of lies and you are over your delusions and paranoia.
    You are a sad little small-minded, stupid, rude, arrogant, delusional, paranoid, mean, vile, nasty person. Stop making videos and blogs about me until you can prove anything you say is actually real. Sold my soul? How and when? Paid to get annoyed and entertained by you? Show me that income. Part of a team of people intent on making you scared by wearing the wrong color shirt or driving with the car windown down? THAT IS A SHARED DELUSION, KEPT ALIVE ONLY ON THE INTERNET.
    I own a home, two cars, three dogs, have everything I need and most of what I want, I am multi-talented, highly skilled, and have friends and family who love and care about me and have for decades.
    And I can tell the difference between a ferret and a dog, or at least remember which I used in something I wrote, from one sentence to the next.
    Go away and stop mentioning me. I have every right to right your lies about me, but if you keep me out of your delusional videos and blogs I won’t have a reason to watch or read anything your addled brain craps out. But you are too much of a narcissist, and need the attention because without your videos you would be just another crazy person begging on the street, smelling of piss and shit…..oh, wait…you already are.

    • Wasn’t “Soylent” in the book just a portmanteau of “Soy” and “Lentils”, the actual ingredients?

      They changed the ingredients of Soylent Green just a tad for the movie. It reminds me of stories about people going to watch the original stage play of Glengarry Glen Ross only to be disappointed that nobody gave the “Coffee is for closers only” speech that Alec Baldwin gave in the movie adaptation (because the entire Alec Baldwin monologue was added to the script for the film).

      • This was meant to be a reply to the post about Candy’s “Soylent” video, I must have hit the wrong “reply”, d’oh! :-/

  11. Candy thought it was important that she make a video about a used and discarded condom:

    this is the content people are watching her channel for right?

    • Candy thinking a used condom on the sidewalk is “sending her a message” reminds me of a T.I. on a long-gone Youtube video who thought a dead rat in an alley in New York (where there are plenty of rats, alive or dead) was “sending him a message”.

      Candy should probably just call 311 to send someone from public health to dispose of the condom properly.

  12. Agent Stephan, our multi-national, multi-agency, multi-verse cover has been blown. Candy Grandpre has outed us.
    Does this call for any action on our part? I lost my cyanide tablet ages ago.
    I think more critique of literary attempts are in order, but am trying to finish my knitting. Can’t do both at the same time.
    Life is hell when you have so many responsibilities.

    • I assume you’re referring to this video:

      “Star Bricker is CIA trained” “They are powerful perps!”

      I LOL’d at that.

    • Oh, God…..she took this as true. Retarded people should not have internet access. The part about my knitting is true, Candy. The rest of it is all a joke. Everyone would recognize that but you. Reading comprehension skills again.
      Sorry about the name spelling. Stefan is not my usual spelling of the name. I know too many Steve’s and Stephans. “Stefan” is now coming up predictive, so I should be able to stop that.
      At least I know the difference between “dog” and “ferret, ” used interchangeably over two sentences, just five words apart.
      I’m not braindead. Or sleep deprived. Or just plain old stupid. Because those are DIFFERENT SPECIES, not merely alternative spellings of a name. Because that kind of mistake is just DUMB.
      I’m just too lazy with the editing.

  13. Umm, I don’t think that ferry to St. Petersburg, Russia is running again any time over the next few years, at least not until Vladimir Putin leaves office (one way or the other). Not that I think Russia would let Bryan into the country in his current disheveled-looking state anyway.

    • Lunacy. He was deported from Russia for the asylum nonsense he tried to pull last time so good luck Bryan.

      On the topic of Bryan, I ran across this video from “Conspiracy Underground”. It’s basically standard TI vs. TI fare but he’s way full of himself.

      He says many things about Bryan I agree with (i.e. that he’s obviously mentally ill, his travel destinations are a little sus re: sex tourism, and etc) but he paints himself as being some kind of genius who lacks any kind of mental illness (lol) and thinks “they” are putting crazy people into the TI movement to discredit it.

      Listened to the first half before I got bored with it.

  14. One of the more bigoted Candy Grandpre videos I’ve heard in a while. Tranny this and tranny that and justifications why she didn’t leave a tip.

    If you can’t afford a tip don’t eat at a restaurant that has tipping. You have McDonalds. Your money will last longer too. You can eat off of the value menu vs. paying casual dining prices.

    When you refuse to tip, you’re basically causing the waitstaff to lose money because the IRS assumes they are receiving tips and taxes them accordingly.

    Being homeless doesn’t give you license to hurt other people.

    You’re an asshole.

    • Candy replied to this on her blog, I’ll reply here:

      Stefan, you hypocrite! You use the internet to hurt targeted individuals. Mind your own business! You’re gay for harassing other men. You don’t get to dictate what & where I should eat. Stop being self-righteous. You’re going to hell!

      1. How am I a hypocrite? I always tip when eating out, unlike you.
      2. I never wrote anything about you on this website until you started making slanders about me. Take your own advice!
      3. Writing posts and comments is not “harassment” and is not “gay”. Whatever that even means in this context.
      4. I don’t get to dictate to you personally, no, but the owners, managers, and waitstaff of these establishments do. You think it’s okay to take money out of their paychecks to satisfy your greedy desires and you’re living the consequences of that behavior.
      5. I’m righteous because I behave morally, unlike you.
      6. You’re the one who should be worried about the eternal fires of hell, based on the behavior you record of yourself.
      • Amen, Brother Stefan! I cannot believe the video of her encounter is still up on her channel. I joined a FB YouTube Community group asking for an explanation for why calling someone what she does is hate speech everywhere but YouTube. I kind of expect no answer, because they don’t like to be second guessed about their decisions. But I can dream. Her entire channel is nothing but hate spewed at people she knows nothing about. If she doesn’t have a YouTube platform, she would have no life. She is ignored everywhere else. How would she beg? How would she be sanctimonious with no one supporting her? How would she be able to eat $10+ meals, three meals a day? How would she continue to gain weight?
        I kind of love whoever secured their WiFi, though. Likely it was the offices across the alley from her.
        I often wondered how the good people at O’Reilly’s would feel about the videos of their license plates and knowing that she is using the parking lot they use behind their business as an open toilet.
        Things that make you go hmmm……and look up their social media pages with links.

  15. Kinda quiet this week..

    Candy damaged her cell phone sometime last week during all those rains in Pensacola. She’s begging for donations. Documented on her blog:

    I bet not having a functioning phone is probably good for her mental health but I dunno.

    Kevin Christian continues to think that Touch ID not working on his phone means his phone was hacked by the Howard Circle(tm) people.

    I dunno if Kevin still reads this website but I did explain in a previous comment that a smudged sensor or a dry / chapped digit can cause the reading not to succeed. This was a frequent thing for me before I switched to a phone /w Face ID (now I just deal with it not liking my face sometimes, which too is not hacking).

    • Welp, she got a new phone this evening. She’s back to having manic episodes over cars with burnt out headlights and yelling at cars randomly. Such a clown show.

  16. Any updates on Nappy Head Roots? The last update I can find is from June from Renata (GodIsOurProtector) complaining about his bail being too high.

    Didn’t bother looking up his court documents, was just wondering if anyone knew off hand.

    EDIT: His name is Jacob Daniel Mills according to some commenters on YouTube, but I need either his DOB or booking date to look him up on the Santa Clara County inmate register to confirm if he is still in jail.

    • Someone in the comments of his last video gave his PFN (inmate profile number?): DLW106

      You can also search for his court appearances at where you only need his name or the case number (C2207476).

      Nappy has a couple of court appearances scheduled this month, on September 6th (“Hearing Ordered by the Court”) and September 12th (“Master Trial Calendar”).

      I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Nappy’s attorney (a public defender) is pushing for “Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity”.

    • Minor update on Nappy Head Roots.

      Although he still appears to be in custody, his case seems to be officially “suspended” until October 7th. That hearing is listed as “Doctor Appointment per PC 1368”, PC 1368 being the code for an evaluation of his mental competency to stand trial.

      Penal Code 1368 PC – Mental Competency for Trial in California

      (I don’t mean to advertise for Shouse Law Firm but I don’t know specifics about the legal system in California when it comes to defendants who appear to be afflicted with mental illness and Shouse is the first law firm to come up in these kinds of searches.)

  17. Have you never actually thought outside the box and considered the possibility that there are weapon systems in use today that are entirely capable of following a person around from above , surveiling them and harassing them ,causing them in untold psychological distress or worse?

    Look at what’s available technology wise in today’s world there are many examples of weaponry being used of high spec . When you break away from the usual habit of thinking along with the bandwagon and do some research instead of adopting a tyrant like philosophy its actually not that hard to contemplate .

    Now I understand and totally get your plight along with the satirical nature of the page in general and think your site opens up another view of how easily one can suffer from actual delusions and easily get sucked into the ‘ Targeted Individual ‘ thing whereby some (not all) people with genuine mental health problems are looking to be part of some form of a ‘community’.

    It is obvious a lot of these people claiming to be ‘targeted individuals’ who are in need of genuine psychiatric help and don’t do themselves any favours by posting fruitless , nonsensical videos and rants on the likes of YouTube , Facebook and the rest.

    However , should every person speaking out about this kind of thing face the same backlash from sites such as this? Or is that what this site serves to do ? Discredit ALL who have the audacity to speak out with regard to rogue departments using illegal/inhumane weaponry??
    There is good and bad in all walks of life . However , these days there seems to be a lot more of the bad guys masquerading as the good guys especially involved in the departments using advanced technology and cognitive research .

    When soldiers, high profile activists and ex CIA operatives start to report being targeted in the same manner and their stories mirror those of the portrayed so called “lunatics”‘ “schizophrenics’ “delusional maniacs” and so on so forth isn’t it time we paid attention or at least kept an open mind ?

    I have never understood why someone with a clear cut status , career and reputation would risk going to great lengths to speak out and possibly ridicule themselves or what they would gain from lying about their experience . For example Barrie Trower , Bill Binnie , Katherine Horton to name but a few. The latter has been seen on YouTube surrounded by tin foil …crazy? maybe ..driven to desperate measures ? Most probably.

    On the other hand should they need to worry about ridiculing themselves when there are dumbing down / discrediting sites willing to take such a leap in the dark and rather definitively label people mentally ill , without even being qualified to do so or even walking a mile in the persons shoes beforehand?

    Websites such as this one are Govt affiliated or at the very least originating inside some depraved department somewhere with a group of your wierdo colleagues dedicated to trawling the web for anyone who may speak out about being tortured in this manner. How dare they whinge about their suffering huh?

    It is not too difficult to see how shallow minded this group involved in the daily/weekly running of this site really is and how naïve they must be to be unable to dig/research further than the crazy cliché.

    Other than the past known depravity of the folk in charge of our countries and their previous history of being deviants and strictly dealing with the facts based on experiments we already know to have happened in the past and weigh it up with the advances in today’s technology coupled with the massive global effort there seems to be in keeping these types of weapons out of the public eye. It suddenly isn’t too difficult to see that there is something happening.

    Of all the people said to be targeted by such weapons systems all their descriptions seem to be more or less the same.
    From each case we have studied. The person describes at the very beginning an attempt to create a negative complex within the person , to then there comes a breakdown of the persons spirit , opinions/beliefs (some claim via physical / psychological torture ) Then there comes the description of what can only be seen as an attempt to hijack the persons entire nervous system. Every single aspect describes methods used in psychological conditioning and repatterning techniques .

    It may appear “crazy” and “delusional” but ask youself …what if they were using a system that was tailored to each person that only that person felt , seen , heard or experienced ? How easy (and depraved) would it be to blame it on mental health ?
    Or to knock it up a gear what if they had an actual device that mimicked mental health issues (caused people to see / hear anything they wanted ) Has this not already been used before in Middle Eastern Territories? . How much ‘fun’ could a bored moronic tyrant or group of tyrants within a department have with something like this? Would they become addicted to doing this shocking act of terrorism to anyone they see fit ? Going by the length of time people describe this has been going on it certainly seems that way.

    Again its hard tro see them all being crazy .
    The system being used is so advanced noone may understand it and the methods used regarding invasion of privacy , human rights , and so inhumane that noone dare be told or have knowledge of it. This includes the general public all the way up the ladder from the boots on the street police , doctors , nurses , clinicians , healthcare , welfare etc etc.
    Only those permitted with managerial status at a certain level of clearance were in fact – in possession of this knowledge or even aware that the technology existed . It would not be the first time .

    If that was the case , then who would they practice this ‘knowledge’ on ? Other members of similar rank ? Other members with that same ‘knowledge’ of the weapons existence ? I think not . Of course not! they would not target their buddies or anyone in their gang (unless they were to speak out or do something rash to merit it).

    The hierarchy of today’s world need ‘lesser people’ to look down on and exert their dominance over despite all this political correctness and land of the free there exists a behind the scenes cult ,capable of the worst crimes imaginable. Therefore they wouldn’t target their own.
    Instead they target the people they see as being of less importance . Men , women and children of all ages , anyone who can be easily discredited especially prisoners ,psychiatric patients , homeless persons . Anyone they don’t like is fair game as the unhealthy side effect of this technology is the fact that it directly mimics mental health and those at the terrorist organisation behind the countless acts of torture are safe in the know that people like you so easily fooled and sites such as this will continue to assist in the whitewash .

    • You’re more than welcome to come here and ask questions, disagree, or whatever but I see in your other comment that you’re wishing death or injury on people who don’t agree with you. That’s not going to be tolerated here.

      The general idea I have is that it is not plausible that the government wants to stalk and harass tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions (the number differs depending on which TIs you talk to) of random nobodies for no apparent reason or have the sort of apparatus in place to be able to administer such a program in complete secrecy. It’s not plausible.

      Nor are the phenomena described plausible either (i.e. the idea about microwaves being used to inject voices or cause physical sensations); basic understanding of physics and the inverse square law means that it would take absurd amounts of energy, amounts of energy that would not only be very detectable but also would cause heating or burning to be able to penetrate into buildings.

      The burden of proof that such a system exists is on the people who claims it exists and so far no plausible evidence has been presented.

      Certainly I do believe the government lies and has kept hidden things it doesn’t want people to know, but those things have come to light because of the inability to keep such things totally secret. Domestic surveillance, for example.

      Havana Syndrome is as of today unexplained but it does not involve thousands or more people; it involves a small handful of people who are employed by the State Department in diplomatic affairs. It’s very unlikely that if it is a real phenomena vs. some kind of psychosis that it involves satellites beaming down terawatts of energy unbeknownst to the rest of the world. If it is real, it likely involves agents of a rival government using nearby ultrasonic or RF emitters. Also note that victims of Havana syndrome do not report voices in their head (V2K).

    • “Dr” Barrie Trower (as certain misinformation merchants mistakenly call him) doesn’t “testify” to anything. He merely repeats what others tell him. He has no career to lose, unless he’s a shill. He is a retired schoolteacher living in Liverton, who has made something of a career of what he does now, for whatever reasons.

      Bill Binney, of whom I have a fond impression, wasn’t primarily known as somebody who testified to ill-effects that he attributed to targeting when I met him in 2014. However, he is (I’m told) married to Katharine Horton, who does.

      Stefan Adams appears not to want to know about what is potentially feasible nowadays, or the extent to which different people testify to similar ill-effects independently, many of them not diagnosed with any mental illness at all despite having had mental health assessments, a coincidence on a massive scale that common sense should tell Stephan needs looking into. His particular concern – and it is a predictable one for him to have formed giving his apparent interests when it comes to reading matter – is self-described targeted individuals who misbehave criminally and/or anti-socially, up to and including committing homicides. His particular way of coping emotionally with the distress this phenomenon causes him, seems to be to assert that all who allege targeting are mentally ill, and to suggest (to some extent) that something should be done to protect the public from all such people, in case they misbehave too, regardless of the rights of those concerned. I can see where he’s coming from. Can’t you? He’s not necessarily a shill. He is more likely to be a “useful idiot” (so-to-speak). I am using a cliche here, but I don’t intend to insult Stefan, calling him an idiot. He is, rather, someone who doesn’t know certain facts, and does not know that he does not know them. Given the general poor quality of a lot of the huge volume of purported “information” published by self-described targeted individuals, it is hard to blame Stefan for his ignorance and prejudice.

      • Stefan Adams appears not to want to know about what is potentially feasible nowadays

        Uh huh. Why don’t you tell us exactly what is or isn’t “feasible nowadays”?

        or the extent to which different people testify to similar ill-effects independently

        Are they really independent though? You underestimate the power of confirmation bias when it comes to these people searching for explanations.

        When you search the Internet and discussion forums for “why am I being followed” or “why do I hear voices” or that sort of thing, you will get rational results as well as drivel from the TI community.

        many of them not diagnosed with any mental illness at all despite having had mental health assessments, a coincidence on a massive scale that common sense should tell Stephan needs looking into

        Well excuse me if I’m a bit skeptical given how the TI community is actively hostile towards the mental health profession.

        I’ll throw you a bone though – it’s possible to believe the government is up to no good, is watching political dissidents, etc. without it devolving into a full blown psychiatric disorder.

        His particular way of coping emotionally with the distress this phenomenon causes him, seems to be to assert that all who allege targeting are mentally ill, and to suggest (to some extent) that something should be done to protect the public from all such people, in case they misbehave too, regardless of the rights of those concerned.

        That’s odd, I don’t recall ever suggesting this. What I do remember saying is that many TIs have telegraphed violent and/or homocidal ideation towards others. I pointed out that, for example, Bryan Tew has in the past repeatedly imagined himself as a future mass shooter and has shared his thoughts about wanting to kill random people he meets. I expressed my frustration that the authorities largely ignore these reports and generally ignore the warning signs in the TI community where such threats are often expressed, even if they are rarely manifested into actual actions.

        I don’t recall, but I may have suggested that the authorities should actively monitor public forums, YouTube channels, and the like for these types of outbursts as they could possibly identify future acts of violence.

        I never suggested that someone who merely calls themselves a TI or manifests some of the common symptoms of one should have their rights abridged. If you think I have, please quote me where I supposedly said that, thank you.

        He’s not necessarily a shill. He is more likely to be a “useful idiot” (so-to-speak)

        Thanks, I guess?

        He is, rather, someone who doesn’t know certain facts, and does not know that he does not know them. Given the general poor quality of a lot of the huge volume of purported “information” published by self-described targeted individuals, it is hard to blame Stefan for his ignorance and prejudice.

        You’ve been here how many years? You have had plenty of opportunity to share such information with the rest of us TI-skeptics. You haven’t.

        • @Stephan Adams

          “tell us exactly what is or isn’t ‘feasible nowadays’?”

          All thaT is feasible now, I don’t know. To learn some of what (at very least) was already feasible by 2009 at the latest, please see click on these two links:

          “You underestimate the power of confirmation bias”

          Maybe I underestimate that “power”. Maybe you overestimate it. Who is to know? What does it matter, when we get down to brass tacks?

          “excuse me if I’m a bit skeptical given how the TI community is actively hostile towards the mental health profession”

          There are several “mental health” professions, of which psychiatry is lord. In a liberal democracy, fake or real, one is still legitimately allowed to be sceptical of those professions’ various asserted “scientific” underpinnings without personal hostility towards any of their individual practitioners.

          “it’s possible to believe the government is up to no good, is watching political dissidents, etc. without it devolving into a full blown psychiatric disorder”

          Thanks for throwing me that “bone”. If you desire that all real-life, qualified psychiatrists, worldwide, should resume routinely diagnosing all self-identified targeted individuals as “full-blown” psychiatrically disordered, you’ll have your work cut out, I think.

          “You’ve been here how many years? You have had plenty of opportunity to share such information with the rest of us TI-skeptics. You haven’t.”

          One can’t be everywhere at once. You are better placed than I am to tell your readers how long I’ve been here. But the decade+-old information I’ve at last shared here today, using the two links above, is no less valid, for any want on my part of my having shared it earlier, here.

          • Your links are just largely a collection of non-scholary, non-peer-reviewed opinion papers. I have neither the time or substantive background to go through all of this and throughly respond to everything so I won’t.

            I have a background in STEM (being non-specific on purpose) though so I do feel pretty confident in maintaining my continued skepticism of the vast majority of TI claims re: psychotronic weaponry and my quick glance through your website doesn’t sway me on that. I don’t really see anything new there either.

            One theme I see repeated many times is w/r/t the microwave hearing effect; I’ve addressed this several times and I’ll address it again. The MHE has never been demonstrated to work across long distances and requires a lot of energy to pull off. In other words, it works in laboratory conditions, not in large crowds, not in between buildings, and not even between rooms. This belies typical TI claims about V2K.

          • John McMurtrey’s papers are not “opinion papers”. They are literature reviews, and their scholarship is admired. The papers themselves are not all peer-reviewed, but at least one of them is cited by Steven Rose, and, as you’d expect in the case of a literature review paper, the sources John’s papers cite in the references are peer-reviewed when they are papers published in learned journals, as the most important of them are.

            It doesn’t matter how far light has travelled to its destination. If it has enough watts per square metre at the target area aimed for, it’ll do what it has been demonstrated to do at that power in the lab, which includes speech transmission via the Frey Effect, even if it has come a long way.

            The feasibility of the four capabilities I claimed were feasible wasn’t in dispute in Ettlingen. Rather, John B Alexander’s line (when questioned) was that although everything I said could be done, could be done, he had no knowledge of any of it actually being done. Of course he hadn’t. He was a spokesman for the Pentagon. He wouldn’t be told anything his employer didn’t want him to publicise, in his highly public-facing role.

            This said, a great deal of what self-described TI often claim, is complete bollocks. Unlike us, most of them don’t have STEM backgrounds.

  18. Have you considered covering Christopher Borra, AKA @Nitemerises? He went off the deep end after being banned by a local fetish club. He’s now accusing the community of gangstalking, poisoning him, etc, and the club is working to enact a restraining order against him. He’s one of those “running for president” types as well. It’s absolutely insane.

      • Yep! That’s it. What sets him apart is the context in which he focuses – he’s deadset on a kink community that focuses on privacy and trust, something he has relentlessly attempted to destroy ever since his eviction from the club. Though lately his accusations of gangstalking have extended far beyond that community – the local police, his own family, etc.

        He’s got all the classic traits – self-proclaimed Jesus comparisons, a savior complex, POTUS aspirations, word-vomit-tweeting to anyone who might hear him, etc.

  19. Candy Grandpre discovers Soylent, a meal replacement drink at her local grocer and unjustifiably freaks out about it.

    I have a little bit of an axe to grind with her since I consume this product personally. I’m going to nerd out if y’all don’t mind.

    I’ve been a customer since like 2014 or so, back in the days where they named their product “1.4” or “1.5” based on the particular version of the recipe they had at the time, and it was all powder-based at the time (add water and mix yourself), whereas today they have a bottled ready-to-consume version on store shelves now.

    Arguably it is a poorly named product but the founder of the company, Rob Rhinehart will tell you it is based off of the sci-fi book, not the movie. It is the movie adaptation of the book that made Soylent a people-based product.

    Rob created this product because he was a busy entrepreneur who didn’t have time to prepare meals and saw going out to eat as a waste of his valuable time. So he wanted to come up with a quick and cheap “meal” that met a person’s dietary needs (calorie and nutrition wise) and didn’t have anything objectionable in the ingredients. People are definitely not in the ingredients.

    My personal interest in this was that I too hated cooking and I had poor nutrition because of consuming too much fast food. I drink the bottled version now but more as an occasional thing when I don’t want to cook and want to avoid the temptation of going out for a burger.

    I don’t think Rob is involved with Soylent anymore. Previously the company he founded was called “Rosa Labs” and they had a few different products over the years. They dropped the Rosa Labs name, presumably for marketing reasons (food from a lab doesn’t sound so hot I guess).

    See if you’re that curious about it.


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