Bryan Tew has a freakout because pharmacies in Mexico won’t feed his benzo addiction / Open Thread

Bryan decided to leave San Diego again for Tijuana. He’s not having a lot of luck obtaining controlled substances, apparently Mexico is getting pretty strict about dispensing them. He is also trying to book a ticket to Bolivia but not having luck with that either.

78 thoughts on “Bryan Tew has a freakout because pharmacies in Mexico won’t feed his benzo addiction / Open Thread”

  1. Bryan says that he called into the Times Square Church prayer line and told the lady about the bonkers stuff Bryan always claims and supposedly the lady told him “oh yeah we’re hearing that a lot”. Bryan thinks this is confirmation of his beliefs and not the lady trying to be agreeable and non-confrontational.

  2. Bryan is having another good time out in public:

    VA HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM 1917 hrs June 27 2022 More violence on Transit System (Train Trolley) by Organized Stalkers (government informant-provocateurs). Violent attack knee to lower spine where already severely injured. Right shoulder injury now worse. San Diego Police we’re hostile. Attackers yelled threats of more violence as I lay on floor of train after attacks taking off their clothes dancing around me calling me names and threatening more violence. Everything recorded on surveillance video but attacks went on for about five to six minutes Last time I was attacked at Trolley Station MTS Transit refused to release video surveillance. San Diego Police extremely hostile began LIEING to me telling me all the things they could not do. I told them they could call into MTS for live real assessment of attack to spine on video and the repeated assaults that followed that went on for over five minutes. Police officers lied (Officer Lucas) said no they couldn’t but “only detectives could later’. This was a lie because San Diego Police did that they exact same thing last time I was violently attacked in Old Town Transit MTS Center. Seargant Huff of San Diego Police said he would “look into it”. MTS and MTS Security refused to give Trolley Drivers name. Told me that number of Trolley was # 73. Refused to give other information.

    • VA is finally on to Tew’s games and flagged him as a probable nutcase. Says (according to Bryan) that VA won’t see him any more until he completes a psychiatric evaluation. Probably due to all the times he’s gone in and out of VA-affiliated shelters without actually participating in their programs and/or showed up at VA ER’s and involved the police. Plus all the times he’s booked appointments that he no-showed at.

      Bryan falsely says that he is “blocked” from medical treatment.

    • Updates. Bryan has not a single recording of this incident, or at least one he is willing to upload. He has no problem using his “Press To Record” app to record every minor social interaction he has but this supposed brawl he had with attackers removing their clothes (!!) has nothing to show for it.

      This morning he puts out another video claiming he was attacked with a knife in a separate incident. He says the police went so far as to sent up a chopper to look for the suspect. Again Bryan has nothing of this incident recorded. He also doesn’t appear to have actually been stabbed or lacerated so I’m guessing it was a “guy with a knife” not a guy attacking him with a knife. The way Tew described it, it sounded like he was just being chased off, perhaps from someone’s private property or by another homeless dude or random tweaker (getting Kevin Christian vibes now, lol).

  3. Bryan went back to that Veterans Bridge place that he famously freaked out at a few years ago when they found weed near his bed and he called the cops (even though it is legal in California, just not allowed by the shelter so it wasn’t a police matter at all). I also remember him putting out that video that semi-doxxed / harassed the staff that they asked YouTube to remove (they complied, then Tew just re-uploaded it).

    Anyway, they apparently told him he’s not really welcome there. Not clear it was from his past incidents or because of how he interacted with staff today (Bryan says they accused him of being rude to staff today when asking for shelter).

  4. Looks like Bryan’s up for another round of “wasting thousands of dollars on airline tickets and maybe a couple of weeks in third world hostels before he runs out of money again and comes back to the United States”, this time with the added financial peril of travelling without health insurance.

    • Bryan’s complaining that the price for a ticket of a flight to New York is too *low* for July 4th. Uh, yeah, it’s pretty common for ticket prices to drop on the day of the holiday since fewer people travel on the holiday itself.

      But now he’s trying to rent a car instead because, I guess, he hasn’t heard the news about gasoline prices lately. He’s not planning on sleeping in the car, is he? I’m pretty sure that’s against the terms of service unless you’re renting an RV.

      • Yeah I can’t figure out what he’s doing either. Apparently his CC was declined because he doesn’t have enough available credit to cover the $500 hold.

  5. Anyway, Bryan is very clearly NOT having a good time, more so than usual. Of the things I believe about Bryan, I do believe he suffers from something musculoskeletal related. He’s had that truck accident way back when and he’s been beaten up countless times. He probably really is in pain and needs medical attention.

    But he’d rather have debilitating pain and suffer on a constant basis than spend any amount of time with a psychiatrist.

    He’s also still working on his lawsuit against the VA. He talked about how the docs at the VA wouldn’t give him pain meds back in 2017. He says it is “illegal and unethical”. It certainly isn’t illegal. Unethical might describe how we as a society are dealing with the opioid crisis w/r/t legitimate patients being denied meds outright (but another topic altogether).

    So yeah, more pointless performative stuff like filing lawsuits and maybe going to foreign countries where he can’t afford proper treatment anyway. I mean if Bryan was going to get treated in the countless countries he has been to, he would have been already.

    So suck it up and see that shrink and get yourself fixed. But you won’t will you?

    • I strongly suspect that Bryan also suffers from sleep apnea. I can almost guarantee that he’d be sleeping much better if he were prescribed with a CPAP.

  6. Bryan is contemplating asking people dressed like doctors he’s seeing at trolley stops for prescriptions for muscle relaxants.

    I’m not exactly familiar with medical regulations in California but I strongly suspect just giving prescriptions for strong medications to any panhandler on the street who asks for one is frowned upon at best and possibly an easy way to lose your medical license at worst.

  7. I’m not sure where Bryan got this video from but all it seems to show is that there’s an asshole in a big truck who follows too close and who is driving too close to the line. Assholes and bad drivers exist, it’s not a conspiracy. The other cars appear to be honking at the truck driver, not the guy in front filming him (although driving with one arm well out of the window holding a phone isn’t exactly good driving either, these people should really get two-way dashcams if they’re so eager to film other drivers).

    Bryan’s using it to illustrate the point that you need to make four right turns to make sure a driver isn’t following you, which is a fair enough point (except for specific circumstances where you’d expect other drivers to also be circling the block, like if they’re waiting for their kids to come out of school but school property is a no-stopping zone, so they gotta circle the block a few times until their kids come out).

    • From the “fair use” intro it would seem obvious that he copied someone else’s video. His use of that clip is definitely NOT fair use though it is unlikely he will be sanctioned for it.

      Bryan has not once shown any examples of people following him whilst he makes “four right turns” (be it as a pedestrian or as a driver) so there is no way to validate his claims.

      (By the way, speaking of copyright issues, that video of Kevin Christian tweaking and abusing his ex-gf was removed. Apparently Ms. K has been sharing that video with some folks but did not approve of it being posted to YT. The person who published it wouldn’t take it down so she filed a DMCA against it to get it taken down.)

      • The big problem with that particular upload was that they should’ve edited out or at least pixelated K.B.’s face. An edited digest of Kevin being abusive would’ve been better.

  8. Bryan admits he is still receiving Workers Comp benefits from Ohio BWC. It was a bit unclear for a while whether or not he was still getting this or switched entirely to SSDI.

    However the benefits apparently get loaded onto a debit card that is sent through the mail and he has yet to receive it.

    I am curious how he received these benefits overseas if they are only available via debit card. I’m going to guess he wasn’t receiving WC during that time or had some alternative means of getting them (but it doesn’t seem plausible that a family member would pick up his mail for him – they all live on the east coast AFAIK).

  9. Bryan’s videos are starting to look like Candy Grandpre’s videos. His delusions and paranoia are getting noticeably worse.

    Here Bryan thinks that an SDPD officer probably doing his normal rounds and stopped behind the bushes is spying on him.

    In a followup video a very exasperated Bryan claims the video was hacked because it doesn’t show the rest of the footage of the officer driving off.

  10. “I have enough money in my pocket.. I have almost two hundred dollars, and almost a hundred and fifty on my credit card, which, between the two, is enough to purchase a ticket, but I can’t purchase one in cash or my credit card by itself, I have to use them in combo which means I have to have an open counter which there isn’t one.”

    If he has to use both forms of payment to buy a ticket, that means that he has less than a hundred and fifty left over. What’s he going to use to pay for things with once he arrives wherever he’s going? Great planning there.

  11. Bryan says this company’s work van knocked him over. They apparently trade each other’s information so he can file a claim.

    It kinda feels like this is a scam to me. I’m saying that because Bryan has been complaining about not being able to get care at the VA hospital without going through their psychology department and not being able to afford care at a normal hospital or clinic.

    So what better way to get into the hospital than claim someone else injured you and get THEM to pay for your bills?

    • On the plus side, yesterday Bryan was inquiring about treatment for his prescription drug abuse.

      Hopefully he follows through with rehab.

      • Am I incorrect in thinking that rehab programs usually have mental health / psychologists involved as part of the treatment? Bryan will bail out as soon as he realizes that.

        I do want him to get help of course.


        It’s been two days! Posted July 13 2022 1027 hrs in route back to VVSD

        Maybe the federal government could sell me some “painkillers without a prescription”

        • Bryan slightly overselling things with this video title:

          “One of many Top secret secretive recordings that secret government agencies didn’t know about”

          Basically, he gets into a verbal spat with another homeless guy, and I’ll defend Bryan to a point here since I’m not exactly fond either of getting into conversations with random homeless guys who can’t read the room and aren’t aware that the person keeping to themselves most likely aren’t interested in getting into a conversation with you, and then he signs up for the drug abuse prevention programme (apparently, he had already taken these meetings back in 2018). And then it’s the usual sounds of Bryan walking around and/or taking the trolley for 14 minutes.

  12. The Clean Urine Stash’s latest stream has a Bryan Tew segment.

    It’s still going so I can’t give an exact timestamp but the Bryan segment starts about 18 minutes in.

    • I used to thumbs down gangstalking videos until I learned that it’s worse for you to watch a video but then not thumbs up or down (or comment) at all according to the Youtube algorithm.

  13. Bryan obnoxiously blocks the entrance to a Starbucks while someone tries to make a night delivery. Chaos ensues and police are called, but not before the Starbucks delivery guy gives Bryan the noise show he deserves.

    Eventually he gets taken to the San Diego VA hospital.

    • Part 2, Bryan’s in full diva mode, refusing to answer most questions about the chain of events that led to the police being called.

      He’s just begging for a 5150 “Mental Hold”.

    • Is it wrong that I think that kicking him out for calling the police is a little harsh, even if the right thing for him to do would be to tell staff?

      Or is it one of those “he was on thin ice with them already for his usual drama queen antics” kind of situations?

      • I think its the latter. I don’t know the shelter, its staff, or its relationship with the community, but often times homeless shelters aren’t well-liked by the surrounding community.

        NIMBY activists can take the number of police calls to a particular location and use that as evidence that “see this place is a hotbed of criminal activity, time to close it down” so I’m sure the shelter would prefer to deal with this petty stuff in-house rather than having police called.

        Just my $.02.

    • After the FBI told him to fuck off, Bryan went to camp out on the sidewalk in front of the FBI building.

      Bryan just came back on a TikTok live video (unfortunately I don’t have a way to save those yet) saying the FBI called the SDPD on him to chase him off. Bryan whined that he was on federal property and SDPD had no jurisdiction.

  14. I think I forgot to mention but Bryan was banned from the Neil Good Day Center some days ago. I don’t think NGDC is a shelter per se but more of a place where the homeless can go to take showers, do laundry, get out of the sun, that sort of thing. It is also the place where Bryan receives his mail (it’s the address he always gives to banks, hotels, etc. that require he give his home address).

    Apparently the NGDC has a rule that you can’t sit in one spot for more than a certain period of time. They require that you physically get up every couple of hours or something like that (based on a recording Bryan posted).

    Bryan complained about being made to get up frequently with his current medical situation. There was a lot of backtalk from Bryan and he complained about how they were mistreating the disabled.

    Apparently this continued on more than one visit and I think on one of the later visits (which I didn’t hear a recording) he got belligerent enough to make the staff eject and ban him from the NGDC.

    (I’m not entirely sure how to feel about this, part of me thinks Bryan should get some sort of accommodation/consideration, but I do understand how they don’t want people to actually stay there when it’s not really a shelter and more of just a “business center” for the homeless).

    Today Bryan was at the VA hospital again, talking with the social workers trying to find housing. He got off to a bad start when he found out that the social workers worked out of offices in the psych wing of the hospital.

    They gave him a referral to the NGDC and Bryan retorted that he wasn’t allowed to go there, which I’m sure gives him a favorable impression with the social workers.

    Anyway, this makes two places Bryan is banned from due to poor behavior.

    • After I posted this comment Bryan made a post on Facebook from the Santa Fe train station in San Diego. He has a ticket to catch a train to Los Angeles. He realizes he has been run out of San Diego.

      • Bryan is now in Los Angeles. He’s complaining that the LA VA ER staff triaged him and basically said he wasn’t an actual emergency case so he’s being made to wait in the non-priority queue to be seen, which is currently 18 hours long. Given that its the VA, that’s not surprising but it is to him apparently.

        I’d like to point out that before leaving San Diego, Bryan had appointments with the San Diego VA primary care clinic made for him while he was in the ER. Appointments that he most certainly will blow off.

        • Somehow Bryan got seen sooner than 18 hours. Didn’t listen to all the audio so dunno. Anyway, he is hooked up to an EKG and when the staff is away he starts ranting and raving about all the hidden cameras that he claims are in the room. As usual Bryan doesn’t offer any evidence for these hidden cameras existence.

          After being discharged (because there is no emergency situation here, obviously) he starts ranting and raving about the time in 2017 and claims he has the right to assault random innocent people and then claims the nurses “threw away” his vials of blood (which is hard to believe) instead of processing them (for lab tests).

  15. Omni-Eris featured Bryan Tew again for the first time in a long time.

    The segment starts at 1:58:45 and features four of Bryan’s recent videos including the FBI security guy’s total lack of interest in arresting Bryan.


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