17 thoughts on “Candy Grandpre Banned From Library Bathroom; Caught Recording in Bathroom / Open Thread”

  1. Eric Schmidt: However, our report says that it’s really important for us to find a way to maintain two generations of semiconductor leadership ahead of China. Now, the history here is important. In the 1980s, we created a group called SEMATECH. We had a bunch of semiconductor manufacturing in America. Eventually that all moved to East Asia, primarily Singapore, and then South Korea and now Taiwan through TSMC. The most important chips are made in Samsung and TSMC, South Korea, and Taiwan. China has had over 30 years to plan to try to catch up. It’s really difficult.

    Eric Schmidt: We don’t want them to catch up. We want to stay ahead. We call for all sorts of techniques to try to make sure that we rebuild a domestic semiconductor and semiconductor manufacturing facility within the United States. This is important, by the way, for our commercial industry as well as for national security for obvious reasons. By the way, chips, I’m not just referring to CPU chips, there’s a whole new generation, I’ll give you an example, of sensor chips that sense things. It’s really important that those be built in America.


    What are the chips that “sense things” and that Schmidt wants so much to prevent from being available to China and any other country?

    Short answer: electromagnetic sensors used to spy on everybody so Google can show them “relevant ads” and profit. You will find them embedded on your CPU, on the nearest cellphone tower’s transmitter and on Starlink satellites.

    Slightly longer answer: since the 1980s, Silicon Valley has used semiconductor radars to collect data about what you think (your inner speech) by means of machine learning with data extract from wireless imaging of your face and body. It has proved very convenient for them, as this enables blackmail, extortion, theft, sabotage and murder like nothing else. They can do this because they design the semiconductor used on your phone, computer, TV, car and for your telecom supplier’s network equipment, which makes possible to embed silicon trojans everywhere.

    Don’t underestimate what machine learning can do. e.g. Study shows AI can identify self-reported race from medical images that contain no indications of race detectable by human experts.


    Also, don’t underestimate the number of people Silicon Valley is willing to kill to maintain a monopoly, as you may be the next victim.

    • It’s important for us to maintain semiconductor leadership simply because we are dependent on semiconductors. If suddenly 90% of our chips are made in China, it becomes a tool they can use to strangle our economy. It’s also why we’d likely go to war if China tries to take Taiwan.

      And of course we don’t want China to have better technology than us.

      • China taking Taiwan doesn’t mean it will just hoard the chips for itself, but it does mean they would remove the backdoors and spying mechanisms the US inserts on chips.

        • I didn’t say anything about hoarding. I simply pointed out that ownership of such a large % of the world’s semiconductor output would give China leverage over the US.

          The US manufactures only a small % of semiconductors right now.

  2. And once again Candy has been confused just who is the Queen of Pensacola. She says I can call anyone, anywhere and tell them to give her trouble and they will cover for me, AND she can call video taping people coming and going from the restroom is perverse, but sees nothing wrong with making videos IN the restrooms. She also told another homeless person they have “no authority” to sleep in a public park, as though SHE has the authority to tell anyone what and where they do in a public part. She is unaware of her duplicity, yet duplicity seems to be in every waking thought.
    She is a confused and confusing nutter.
    She has mentioned her reading comprehension is bad, and shows it every single day. No one has said they want her dead, that she is forbidden to do things, and that she is being denied her “rights.”
    What has been said is she is going to GET KILLED, because she keeps running up on people and cars yelling at them. Or pissing off people. In Florida, where they have “stand your ground” laws.
    Comprehension, GG. Get some.
    What has been said is that she likely cannot make money from her blogs and short stories because they are poor written. It’s like she has never read a real short story. Her “recipes” are awful, and poorly written. Her “children’s stories” show she has never dealt with children, her “romance” stories show she has never had true romance, her blogs are slanderous, her “non-fiction books” are fund-raising and weird video play lists, and her attempt at what she calls uplifting, Christian” stories are bizarre. No one ever said she cannot be an author. What has been said is she is a bad author, and likely will never make much money selling what she has written. Which is true.
    She also claims she is being denied a house, a car, a job to her standards, a family, friends, the chance to marry and have kids…everything she wants and doesn’t have she claims as a somehow God-given right. No. People have homes, cars,,comfy beds at night, jobs they like, relationships, even children (sadly not 100% of the time on the kids) are things people work at and for to have. If you want a house, earn the money to pay for one. Same with a car, plus you need money for insurance, gas, repairs– save up for a car and earn the money to keep it. And you have to love someone to have relationships and she proves every day she loves only herself, and even that is iffy.
    She is a child, unaware of the normalcy of adult life. She lies, because she makes things up in her head and believes it as “truth.” Because she has paranoid delusions
    She is a royal pain in the ass.
    But what do I know? I’m a Satanic witch, lesbian stalker, all powerful, able to control the entire city of Pensacola and Amazon books at my whim (when she is not demanding people do things HER way), cancer-riddled, old woman who is not dying fast enough to suit her so maybe I need to be murdered….and I’m not any of those. Especially the lesbian part, because she says I lust after her. Ewwwwwww…..
    And she still doesn’t understand sarcasm. Gangstalker Extraordinaire, signing off for now.

  3. Oh, and never said she was going to be fired from her new job on the first day. I said she likely will not last long. She will be detailing and moving cars at the airport, so likely for a rental company. But just the past week she said people with new luxury cars were stalking her. ALL cars stalk her. How is she going to deal with that? And she might be moving cars. Every account of her driving has been less than successful, even the last time she drove one a year ago, where she could not manage a parking lot without rolling over a curb. And what if she sees one of the cars has a light out, or is “funny?” I hope she is successful and long term enough to save….nah. That is likely to not happen. She will be working around people, have to work hard getting in and out of cars, her boss and coworkers will likely be younger than her, it will likely be a noisy shop, and she will likely be slow…there are a lot of reasons to think she will not last long, all based on her past experiences and videos.
    Oh, and if someone watches her videos, like they did at SkyZone, she likely will not last long.
    And she will blame me.

  4. Kevin actually believes that clicking “do not track” on a web browser completely prevents advertisers from being able to track you.

    Mutahar from SomeOrdinaryGamers just put out a video today on this very subject about how it’s near impossible to prevent social media sites and advertisers from tracking you despite whatever “normie” tricks you use in your web browser or on your smartphone that make you believe you’re anonymous, since they can still track you by, for example, your computer’s specs and settings “thumbprint”.

  5. Nappy Head Roots/Call Me Nappy Targeted Individual (who made “one headlight cars are gangstalker” videos long before Candy ever did) now claims that Prius’s and Teslas are “shooting military frequencies”.

    Them Prius’s and Teslas must have impressive battery capacity to be able to shoot military frequencies and still be able to drive between Nappy zapping sessions.

  6. Bryan Tew is apparently lusting after Rafael Nadal:

    Remote neural manipulation attacks of fabricated and falsified memory references and motivational impulses of burning lust over and over in a looping pattern APPRX every 30 seconds totally fabricated and falsified repetition as torture

    Supercomputer constantly injecting with fabricated and falsified memory references and motivational impulses of grandiose graphic abusive incoherent memory references of Rafael Nadal over and over in a looping pattern repetition as torture directed energy torture going on for months 0731 hrs June 2 2022

    • Rafael Nadal, the Spanish tennis player (yes, I had to look him up)?

      This must be Bryan’s “coming out” post for Pride Month. Well done, Bryan!

      • Yeah. The Clean Urine guy mentioned that Bryan had an obsession with Nadal a couple weeks ago but weirdly this is the first time I’ve seen Bryan mention him.

        Am I missing some other place Bryan is making posts?

  7. Bryan suddenly showed up in the Tijuana airport trying to book a flight to Bolivia or elsewhere. He whined about how the “corrupt” Mexicans were blocking his travel. Made some related derogatory comments about Mexican people as a whole similar to what he’s said about “peasants” in Ecuador.

  8. At the end of this video, it’s almost like he’s bragging about being a pill-popper who is only in Tijuana to go to pharmacies.

  9. And back to Candy Grandpre. She survived the job for two weeks, quitting in a foul-mouthed rant. There are few things out of her mouth that I believe to be true, but apparently the manager said he was glad she was gone. Totally believable. Because she spends like a grade-schooler, her SSDI check was gone in a week. She got a week of motel rental ON CREDIT, which was a bad idea. If she is going to stay in the motel, she will be using her entire work check for her room for two weeks. But then she won’t have ANY money, still. She is right now down to pennies and a nickel. And she is being her usual Charmin self, calling a person who ignored her panhandling a “bitch”, and followed her into a store. At the counter, the woman turned to her and offered to buy her something to eat. And then told Candy that she had more chance to call her a bitch. SCORE!
    Even though she knows remodeling is going on at the motel, she has complained several times that the man working on the remodel is harassing her with noise from working, always late in the morning, when Candy was left (apparently) without a ride to work, her pounding on the door of the on-site assistant manager a few minutes after 9am. She knows the guy is management at a pizza place, so likely worked late, but still was offended that the guy yelled at the unknown person who was waking him that they better stop of he’d shoot them. Called the manager of the motel with the story that he had “threatened” her with death and she did not feel safe there. That saying I needed to be murdered she regards as just something that people say when they are mad, she’s got a lot of nerve.But it also speaks to her narcissism. She has also complain that there were “covert. death threats” because she saw a hearse TWICE! Candy is not the sharpest tool in the shed and never thought to look at a map of the area around the motel, where she would have found two cemeteries within 3 blocks. Yeah, that’s where a hearse will go. And sirens are not emergencies either, they are just harassing HER. Once again a simple look at a map would show her she is a few blocks away from a hospital and a few blocks past that is the County jail, so there will be police and ambulances around often. Candy also considers the neighborhood of the motel to be “in the Hood,” so a stronger police presence is both likely and a good thing. No, they are covert death threats and intimidation. Right…
    The biggest thing going on with her right now is that she is STARVING, and no donations are rolling in anymore. I think peop.e finally saw her sucking up donations and spending stupidly. For example, she ordered a smoothie on Doordash, to be delivered to her job. And when she had to beg for a ride home from work, she still had enough to order Doordash wings and fries while she waited for the person giving her that ride, which was noticed and commented on by the ride giver. Now that she is down to less than a dollar, she went to bed not just hungry, but weak from starvation. She is pulling all the pity whore tactics to beg for more. She even has only a bit of water left to drink, which means the plumbing must not be working, because she has a.full bathroom. And churning out more bad writing, so she can make a living writing. The fact that there are writers out there who make a good living writing, so surely that she cannot is MY fault. Yep, me. Not that she doesn’t write anything readable, and much of what she writes would likely be actionable for slander, the fact that I got Amazon to remove one book and she makes squat on what remained is still reality to her.
    So she is 260ish pounds of starving to death. And running out of water. The average adult can live without air for three minutes, water for three days, and food for three weeks. She is supposed to be paid for her job Friday. Which means she will have to decide which is worse, living homeless on the street or not eating until her SSDI comes in. She has had a donation, though. Someone Paypaled a whole 10 cents. She was offended and refunded it. She can’t take a joke.

    • Maybe she should have spent more time actually working and less time making vanity videos at work and claiming she was being “mobbed” when no such thing was happening.

  10. Candy Grandpre is not in need. She is a liar and a scammer and is taking advantage of people. She collects social security checks and was working two jobs. But she’s still online pretending to be broke. And anyone that donates she makes videos cursing them out and sharing their information https://youtu.be/fOu6acPKTW0 here is another video of her harassing and tormenting a homeless woman https://youtu.be/VIEokI5mYOk
    She does not need a fundraiser all she does is scam people. Nobody needs to help her  poor hygiene having self with anything. She’s a lying scammer who doesn’t do a anything with her life. She purposely quit two jobs because her lazy and greedy tail just wanted to hide and make videos and not actually do her job. All she was worried about was getting free food like when ylahevwas at the gulf breeze schools and Tony’s cuisine. But didnt clean a thing. She harassed the chef about lunch 3 times. At the gulf breeze schools the principal had to actually ask her why she’s asking about lunch?  Now she’s lying and scamming about a job that she technically didn’t get yet. How is she asking for money for steel toe boots and pants and they didn’t even call her back yet. And look at all the people that have helped her sorry self that she has disrespected and doxed. She doxed Tricia after she let her funky tail stay in her house. She cussed out the lady who gave her $300, cursed out the lady who let her use her food stamps card, cussed out the owner of the ice cream shop and she’s lucky she let her stink tail stay that long. She cussed out Michelle from pathway for change. The list goes on. And guess what I just reported her goget funding. And I will report her PayPal and Venmo and cash app and I will encourage others to do the same. And I’m contacting social security to show that she collected $505 in her fundraiser that she has not reported. I’ve had enough of her foolishness. She don’t deserve any donations Ms. I want to live in luxury and you can’t even keep a job. She just wants to live off off others. She really thinks she deserves to stay in motels every night and have dessert everyday and $40 steak dinners. She needs to be at the soup kitchen or dollar menu. Stop thinking you are above other homeless people  because you’re not! She is nothing with that fake bachelors degree that’s not helping her. She can’t even speak Spanish she cheated her way through that degree. Those girls on the scooters should have jumped her like they said they would and I can’t wait untill someone does.I will not rest until everyone knows the truth about candy grandpre and sheno longer get donations and she’s finally put in a mental institution or prison where she belongs !!

  11. Amen! She can do no wrong. She is not invading people’s privacy, she’s “exposing their crimes.” And has yet to show proof of anything but that she thinks abnormally about pretty much everything. Two men chatting on the side walk gets “They are talking on purpose.” That is what her life is: narcissism so toxic literally no one can move, drive or talk without HER being annoyed, on purpose.
    Since I know she trolls here, Candy, you did follow a person into a store after she didn’t give you money and you calling her a bitch. If someone does something that makes you angry, you wait for them to leave, not FOLLOW THEM. But she owned you, so that’s amazingly heartwarming.
    And you said that you were already planning to go into that store yourself. We’ll, Candy, everyone you claim is doing anything to harass, stalk, annoy you is doing what THEY WERE PLANNING TO DO BEFORE YOU GOT THERE. It’s called living their normal life. They don’t even know you are there. No one does until you run up on them with a camera in their face or doxxing them by showing their license plate. You walk around as though you are the center of the freakin’ universe, and no one cares or even notices your existence. You are rude to everyone, you mutter insults unless so,even gives you money, and your thinking is not normal.
    And here’s a dose or reality. Your hyperacusis is a YOUR problem, not an everyone else problem. Most of the “noise harassment/campaign” videos you make no one can hear except you. If noise annoys YOU, it annoys ONLY YOU, and the rest of the world thinks it’s absolutely normal. Everything you show is the same way. All your little annoyances are a YOU problem, and it’s on you 100% to deal with it, instead of expecting the world to do what you want. That you don’t realize that shows how narcissistic you are.
    And your whiny “do y’all have change for food to eat?” pleas fall flat, because you have been homeless for three years and still you are morbidly obese and gaining weight. “I’m just trying to survive,” is a lie. You can live off food from a grocery store instead of a restaurant, and struggling to survive, but still having dessert? You don’t need dessert. You need iceberg lettuce and tuna. Don’t you understand that walking up on a group of people who are talking or seating at an outdoor patio you are rude and interrupting them. And then you insult them….if they don’t give you money. Narcissist actions through and through.
    Earlier this evening, you had $17, and now you don’t have money for breakfast? That is shameful. But so is spending your only steady income in less than two weeks, two months in a row? You are doing something wrong.
    And the “mentor” you will be seeing is part of the SSA. The first step is diagnosis, so they can better understand your challenges. Having a mental disability and choosing to not receive treatment for that goes against SSA policy. They expect people to try to be their best self, and the past three years only show you have declined in cognitive functioning. They could, rightly, pull your SSDI income. That someone hasn’t turned you in already is a miracle.


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