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Bryan Tew Flees New York, Returns to San Diego / Open Thread

Quickie post, maybe I’ll expand later.

Bryan got into a lunch room fight at the homeless shelter with another bum and decided to leave a few days ago. He was briefly in Los Angeles but has since moved on to San Diego.

The last I saw of him, he was camping outside of the “Old Town Church” and later that morning, he went to the DMV to attempt a renewal of his California driver license. Does this mean he wants to get another vehicle (car and/or scooter as before) and possibly live out of the car? We’ll see how this unfolds.

(Note – Video embeds from Bryan’s Facebook page. The embeds will not appear if he has you blocked – use Incognito Mode accordingly)


  1. Wet Nayrb

    “How did I get a thousand dollar ticket?”

    Didn’t he abandon the Ford Escape he bought a few years ago? It probably has something to do with that.

    • Stefan Adams

      I thought he sold it back to the place he purchased it at (presumably at a massive loss).

      Two other things come to mind:

      – He assaulted another patient at the San Diego VA and was cited. He never went to his court date. That may have turned into a failure to appear, fines, and a bench warrant.
      – He got a ticket one time while out on the road. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ignored that too and it turned into a failure to appear /w fines.

  2. Susan Kurner

    Oh f*** he’s back in San Diego. Go away! We have enough homeless and confused people here, go home to your people.

  3. Wet Nayrb

    I sort of understand why Bryan left New York. I don’t understand why Bryan left Los Angeles after only two days. Bryan just showed up on the weekend and seemed to expect that he’d just be handed his choice of apartment in a prime location on the VA hospital campus right away.

    It’s like, Bryan doesn’t seem to appreciate that he’s dealing with bureaucracies (and probably also waiting lists for subsidized apartments) and these things take some time to work and the best thing to do is have patience and stay in one place even if it unfortunately means that you have to deal with other mentally ill homeless people with serious personality issues (not that the guy that hit him with the tray shouldn’t be charged with assault, assuming Bryan’s version of the story is true).

    • Wet Nayrb

      Bryan returned to Los Angeles and is now back at on the VA campus in Santa Monica.

      I’m not sure what that San Diego diversion was about. Was it just to renew his California Driver’s License? Can’t you do that at any DMV in California?

  4. Stefan Adams

    Bryan spent ~$500 on a new laptop and headphones at Costco (presumably the laptop is for the lawsuit he is typing up).

    Now he made a post saying he is going to sue the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, he’s apparently unhappy with the lack of housing options. Not sure what legal theory he thinks he can use against the VA.

    • Wet Nayrb

      The price of the laptop is… reasonable, I guess? (I only ever buy used.) However, why is he spending $100 on Beats Flex? Most reviews I’ve seen of them have the list price at $50, not that I ever spend that much on headphones myself (but I don’t buy headphones with the Apple/Beats branding markup).

      • Wet Nayrb

        Oh, minor correction, while the Beats Flex headphones appear to cost $99.99 at Costco, looking at the receipt carefully it seems like the cost of the headphones was re-imbursed when he bought the computer. I guess it must be a package deal or something.

  5. Leon Theremin

    Fifteen minutes and a call to a shadowy offshore agency are all it would take for him to know everything about me, the retired U.S. Army Master Sgt. on the other end of the phone line told me. I supposedly have a dossier tucked away there that’s filled with information about my beliefs, education, and even things I’ve written. Jess Johnson, the military veteran, was not making a threat so much as putting a shot in the air warning about the potential consequences of asking questions about directed energy weapons, organized stalking programs, mind-reading technology, and other ingredients of the strange and disturbing world of people who call themselves targeted individuals.

    “Pure Evil”

  6. Stefan Adams

    Candy Grandpre thinks it is a conspiracy that her motel has a lawn service that cuts their grass. She’s being “tortured” by the sound of a lawnmower.

    • Stefan Adams

      Candy, it does not appear to be actively raining at the time you are filming. Regardless, I’ve seen lawn services mow lawns during light rains. Unless the ground is absolutely saturated with water, lawn mowing companies are going to continue working because time is money and time not cutting grass is money lost or money delayed if they have to come back several days later. It’s absolutely normal and it doesn’t have to be completely dry to cut.

  7. Stefan Adams

    Kevin says he’s lawyering up.

    Kevin, save your money and spend it on psychiatric and medical treatment instead.

  8. Wet Nayrb

    It looks like Bryan is leaving the country, presumably to somewhere in Latin America since his United Airlines ticket was only around $200.

    Bryan left a note on his cabin asking the VA to hold it for him while he’s gone.

    Yeah, no, that’s not how that works. These cabins are temporary shelters for destitute veterans, not some fashionable Santa Monica condo that you only live in a few weeks a year. They’re just going to re-assign the cabin to some other veteran who needs it in a day or two.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah, seriously. I laughed at that.

      If he can’t wait two weeks for a doctor’s appointment then he needs to go to the ER, which I believe he did a couple of nights ago. If the ER saw fit to discharge him without treatment then he can wait two weeks.

      The fact that Bryan can afford to leave the country on a whim is evidence that he’s not qualified to stay in these shelters. He can clearly afford to rent an apartment, or at least apply for assistance to defray the cost.

      • Wet Nayrb

        He also probably could have already seen a cardiologist by now if he had just stayed in New York rather than starting the whole VA process over again in L.A.

  9. Stefan Adams

    On Bryan’s other Facebook page, he copies a post from an Eric Karlstrom accusing Bryan of being a fake. Bryan is apparently unhappy but oblivious to the fact that he (i.e. Bryan himself) accused pretty much everyone else of being fake / perps:


    Ex-FEMA and DOD employee, law student, and self-described “targeted individual,” Bryan Tew, is prominently featured in these films. It is perhaps worth mentioning that Bryan contacted me by phone near the time when my targeting began. We spoke for a couple hours at that time.

    For about 3 or 4 years thereafter (a period of time in which he sent me well over 1000 emails!), I believed Bryan was a credible expert and a legitimate TI. However, I now suspect he is a “fake TI”/perpetrator.

    per Dr Eric Karlstrom

  10. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is in Mexico and whining about how he’s being “forced” out due to harassment. Then he goes on to whine about how multiple pharmacies refused to dispense Lorazepam without a prescription and says Americans aren’t required to get prescriptions to get drugs from Mexican pharmacies. I don’t know how true that is.

  11. Wet Nayrb

    It looks like Bryan’s considering going to Managua, Nicaragua again.

    Will the planets align for the reunion of the century, Bryan Tew and the Machete Guy?

  12. Wet Nayrb

    Bryan got into another sissy slapfight… I mean, “violent altercation” at Mexico City airport, and he’s being very rude to the medics who try to assist him.

    Bryan also now seems to also be thinking of returning to Sweden to try to get in to Russia to apply for asylum via St. Petersberg even though he knows full well that that ferry won’t be running again any time soon due to heightened tensions between Russia and Sweden (plus Finland) (and, even if he could somehow magically get into St. Petersberg, he’ll just be laughed at again by the Russian authorities).

    • Wet Nayrb

      (Whoops, “St. Petersburg”, not “St. Petersberg”. I know how to spell it correctly, I was just very tired.)

      Bryan posts a video of part of the encounter with the guy he had a supposed confrontation with.

      Whether the other guy cut in front of Bryan, I’m not sure, it’s just “he said, other he said” here, but it doesn’t seem like something worth making a scene about. (Bryan seems to have been in a different line than the one for that particular counter given that he had to go left to confront the other guy who said the agent working the counter signalled him, not Bryan to come forward, however Bryan doesn’t really show how these line-ups are configured.)

      I wonder just how many of these “violent attacks” Bryan’s gotten into that he could have avoided by not making a scene and escalating the situation?

  13. Stefan Adams

    Bryan made his way back to Panama and is asking authorities there for asylum.

    Here’s to hoping Bryan makes it back to that same hostel and creates another awkward video featuring the woman with a big butt that he accuses of being a gangstalker.

    • Wet Nayrb

      I wonder how seriously a second refugee application in Panama will be taken after Bryan already had a refugee interview but then soon after returned to the United States, the country that he claimed was so terrible to him, to get free healthcare and apply for social services from the VA.

      And I thought the whole point of this trip was to see a cardiologist sooner than 10 days. Has he actually made an appointment with a cardiologist in central America who will see him sooner than the one that he was already going to have seen at the VA in Santa Monica if he hadn’t embarked on another ill-advised world tour that will almost certainly be harder on his heart than simply waiting 10 days somewhere that he at least had a shelter with a bed?

      I hope his cabin in Santa Monica has already been given to a veteran who actually needs it.

    • Wet Nayrb

      I don’t have time to listen to the whole video right now, not even at 2x speed, but it seems like Bryan got refused asylum in Panama very quickly.

      Bryan does remember that he already applied for asylum in Panama late last year before going back to the country he claimed to be fleeing, right? His return to America probably invalidated any asylum case he might otherwise have had in Panama.

      • Stefan Adams

        He was in Panama maybe 24 hours or less? He claimed he got hit by a car on the way back to the airport in Panama. Then several hours later he shows up in Fort Lauderdale / Miami and posts a video of himself at the ER at a VA hospital in Miami.

  14. Ima Nonomus Tew/aka Star Bricker, Gang-stalker Extraordinaire

    As this is an open thread, Candy Grandpre has struck again. She is the queen of poor life’s choices. Despite proclaiming she cannot live with or near another person, and largely due to her narcissistic paranoia (if you do ANYTHING she doesn’t like, going all the way to early childhood, than obviously you are a fake TI, narcissistic abusing, hypo-Christian, Satanic, Masonic, gangstalker because the world spins around only her), Candy decided that going to live with a stranger was a smart thing to do. Oh, how wrong she was. The woman has a red car, does not see gangstalkers everywhere she looks, reads FICTION, has a TV, and expected Candy to at least try to do something and a whole litany of other things Candy insists means she was being “groomed” to be a…? Blood sacrifice? Lesbian lover? Sell her soul? No, the woman just expected her to be a person who was not bat crap crazy with at least a bit of initiative. Instead, Candy claims changing her clothes, as you have to do to maintain proper hygiene, causes her organs to be squished. Most people would realize that if clothes make you feel squished you either need to fart and/or lose some weight. Which I had already pointed out was not decreasing, she was far from starving, and requires 13 calories per pound given her non-existent activity level, so more food than she really needs….at least 3380 calories a day, which is over twice what I eat and I am heavy and non-active due to freaking cancer, not just chosen lifestyle. TI’s are coming out and saying she is bad news. And because she cannot understand the concept of “cost of living” being too high for her to find a house she can afford in a (middle-class) Beach town, aftern freakin’ years, she is returning to Pensacola, and would appreciate everyone give her money so she can once again stay in a motel and have food delivered, so she can continue flattening the back of her head whilst producing assinine, poorly written crap, which should be giving her a living because other people write books and they make enough money, so she should as well.
    And I am still a Satanic witch/cultist gangstalker, jealous of her. Because….? Haven’t figured that out yet. I own my home outright, own two cars, am married, have a child, have grandchildren, have everything I need and a whole lot of stuff I just want, hobbies, interests, skills, and have never wanted to even visit Florida or live at a beach, can get any food I want delivered but have a kitchen so I can cook stuff….everything she moans about NOT having or being. When she finds this, and I know she will, ???

  15. Stefan Adams

    Bryan has been in the Miami airport for 2-3 days now. He took a picture a couple days ago of what appeared to be an American Airlines’ booking agent’s computer screen (I think its that ancient SABRE system they use) that showed him returning to San Diego but today he showed himself purchasing a ticket to Copenhagen on his tablet.

    He also posted a photo of himself in front of a lounge intended for military service members and veterans. I believe he managed to gain access based on a video he posted of himself laying down on a sofa in some type of lounge area. For someone who openly hates the American military industrial complex, he has absolutely no problem availing himself of services intended for members and veterans of said military industrial complex.

  16. Wet Nayrb


    Is he talking about those lawsuits from around a decade ago that you can see on Those all seem to have been thrown out of court, probably for being overlong, rambling, and incoherent. That’s also why you never use Youtube as a backup without making other backups elsewhere since there’s no guarantee that a Youtube account will always stay online.

  17. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is really on a tear talking about his “irrefutable medical evidence” the last 36 or so hours. He’s been reposting copies / videos of his fairly ordinary audiology exams (I think we’ve all seen his exams, so no point linking but his recent videos on this are all over his Facebook and various YouTube channels). The same tired old bullshit that shows decent hearing for someone of his age.

    I don’t even get this because he rambles on about the attacks while pointing at one of his exams that has comments from the doctor saying he has “excellent” hearing.

    At this point I’m more worried about Bryan’s eyesight because he could at least cover these notes up with a photo editor if he wants to present this as a story about his awful no good hearing. Like does he not see what we can read on the screen? Maybe he just thinks we are stupid and won’t notice it.

    This link shows how hearing drops off as you age, seems about right for what Bryan is showing.

  18. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is back in New York at the NY VA hospital.

    Did Bryan leave any belongings at the homeless shelter in LA/Santa Monica? I know he purchased a laptop at Costco prior to his trip to Mexico and Panama but haven’t seen it since then.

    Nothing Bryan does makes any sense but that’s par for the course with him.

    • Stefan Adams

      Trip to Mexico to score some narcotics: a bust
      Trip to Panama: got hit by a car and turned down by immigration authorities for asylum
      Trip to Miami: The Miami VA refused him narcotics (forgot to mention he made a whiny video about going to the VA and not being given anything a couple days ago)
      Return Trip to San Diego: Never happened
      Trip to Copenhagen: Never happened, possibly lost money buying the ticket

  19. Wet Nayrb

    Bryan’s complaining that they don’t properly screen out the mentally ill at the Borden Shelter.

    Maybe the other mentally ill guy that attacked Bryan before (which I’m not disputing) also claimed during his screening process that he wasn’t mentally ill and didn’t need to see a psychologist?

    Also, “The Clean Urine Stash” on Youtube just made this compilation video of Bryan’s various international jaunts set to Daft Punk’s “Around the World”.

    (If TCUS is reading this, I think the title should be “International Man of Mystery”, not “Man of International Mystery”, unless you intentionally changed the word order from the title of the original Austin Powers film.)

      • Mr. Clean piss

        Hahahahaha oh shit my silly video made TI watch. I’ve been reading this page for a while, never figured any of my Bryan tew edits would make it. Has anyone mentioned his odd sexual attraction to tennis pro Raphael Nadal?

  20. Wet Nayrb

    Bryan filmed himself laying on the pavement outside of a CHASE bank across the street from the VA hospital, saying he got kicked out (probably because the hospital itself isn’t really a shelter).

    I have some sympathy for Bryan but, on the other hand, just the other week, he showed that he had more money in his bank account than I’ve had at any one time in nearly a decade, and that’s after he bought the laptop, but he squandered it all on plane tickets.

    • Stefan Adams

      Another one, more of a “woe is me” video. He’s kinda admitting that there’s no point in running around anymore. Too scared to go back to the shelter but has no choice.

      Still sticking to the story about his ordinary audiology exams being proof of .. something.

      I remember a while back another TI offered him a room in California but he turned him down. That’s not looking so bad now.

      He should just go and buy that used car like he was trying to do last week. (I mean he should get psychiatric treatment, but if he won’t do that then at least living out of a car is probably going to work better for him than the shelter where he’ll continuously get into fights)

      • Wet Nayrb

        It seemed like the cabin on the VA campus in Santa Monica would’ve been better than sleeping in a car or also staying at any of these New York shelters. I’m not sure why he gave that up beyond “I don’t want to wait 10 days for a cardiologist appointment!” (without actually seeing a cardiologist at any point on his post-LA journeys as far as I’m aware).

      • Stefan Adams

        Bryan is at the JFK airport this morning trying to book a ticket to LAX. He thinks it is a malicious conspiracy that “” redirects to “” (I checked and the domains belong to the same company) even though that is extremely common practice.

  21. Stefan Adams

    We may have had this discussion before (if so, just ignore me or whatever) but re: the audiology exams, Bryan is complaining about ringing / screeching sounds in his ears more than anything.

    I don’t think a standard audiology exam would pick that up – he’s just getting standard frequency response tests that test his ability to hear tones over a range of frequencies. He sees the slight dip at a certain frequency and translates this to “severe trauma” (and ignores everything the audiologist actually says in the remarks about his “excellent” hearing ability).

    In other words, he’s going about this the wrong way. He’s not getting the right tests. He’s probably not actually *telling* the audiologist what is wrong, he just wants a fucking test to parade around on YouTube and in front of people who don’t believe him.

    People with tinnitus especially more severe cases report the condition to often be unbearable and psychologically taxing. So I get it, it may be a big deal for him.

    But it is also a common condition (Wikipedia says 12.5% of people have some form of it) which kinda deflates the claims that the ringing has anything to do with microwave rays being beamed by secret CIA agents in a room next door or whatever (the more people have a condition, the less and less plausible the notion that the CIA has the manpower to target that many hundreds of millions of people across the world in a way that’s unnoticeable).

    • Stefan Adams

      So Bryan, go tell the doctor what your problem is. Don’t mention CIA agents and microwaves. Millions upon millions of people have this condition in some form and severity. You won’t seem unbelievable or an oddball case by complaining about ringing in the ears. Let the doctors decide what tests you actually need.

      I have to wonder if the pain pills Bryan likes to consume have anything to do with it. Rush Limbaugh famously suffered severe hearing loss after abusing opiates and required cochlear implants to be able to hear again. Although in his case, it was just hearing loss, not tinnitus AFAIK so I’m not sure.

      Also the way he uses earbuds / earphones. Is he playing music super loudly *because* of the tinnitus or is the super loud volume causing it? It certainly can’t be helping it.

  22. Stefan Adams

    Been too busy to watch the countless spew of her videos posted in the last 24 hours but Candy Grandpre appears to be out on the street again without a place to stay. Every source of noise that bothers her is from a gangstalker specifically targeting her (or so she claims).

    Every car with a missing headlight or tail light is also a gangstalker which makes even less sense than thinking the ambulances or lawnmowers are targeting her – at least you can say the annoying/distracting sirens are somehow a conspiracy against you, but how is a broken light that causes zero harm or annoyance to you a conspiracy?

    • Ima Nonomus Tew/aka Star Bricker, Gang-stalker Extraordinaire

      Everything triggers her. It used to be headlights during the day, now it’s no headlights during the day. She just calls everything “funny” now and doesn’t even try to explain. Like “brighting lights.” A car pulled into a parking space in front of the building at night, so headlights on. She was sitting down, so her eyes would be near level with the light. The car is turned off, the lights go off. All usual things that shouldn’t need explanation. But she is so deluded, Everything triggers her as a “stalking tactic,” or it “traumatizes” her.
      I once tried to explain to her that cars playing music will sound louder the closer the car gets to her, and goes softer as the car moves away. Nope. Cars turn their stereos up and down, just to annoy her. Same thing with sirens.
      Currently, she is pissing off everybody she encounters. She also insists on giving the “I peed on myself” reports while calling other homeless people dirty. Places she knows that banned her, she is entering, then getting all indignant when told to leave.
      And doesn’t understand subtle nuances of speech, like sarcasm.
      As far as her triggers go, I have asked a TI group when I find one, who made the triggering list, what authority does that person have to make such a list, and how was each item on the list determined. Because it is literally a .pdf on a website. No one has ever answered. I think it made them uncomfortable to even think about.
      Why I mention it now is Candy now claims such things as tinted windows, something very common in hot, sunny areas because of heat and people who drive with their window down and their arm on the door are both “tactics.” If my window is open, my arm is on the sill, and I’ve been driving a long time. It’s why I got whiplash on one side of my neck, because my left arm wasn’t holding onto the steering wheel. And my old VW van had mirrored windows in back, because those suckered were ovens in the sun without.
      So for Candy Grandpre, tactics and triggers are everything that is not either giving her money, food, or praise.

  23. Wet Nayrb

    So Bryan’s back on the VA campus in Santa Monica.

    Here’s the kicker, they didn’t even realize he was gone. Yes, I remember Bryan telling someone he was going to the airport but I think it was the middle of the night and maybe the night staff are incompetent at relaying messages to the people who keep track of these things.

    At least Bryan still seems to have his cabin, perhaps not the most luxurious of accommodations but it’s clean and he seems to have a modicum of privacy and he can still make the appointment that he had later this week.

    Assuming Bryan really does have a problem with his heart, I think it’s far better for him to stay in one place while seeking treatment than it is to put more strain on his heart with the stress from hopping from airport to airport and hostel to hostel without a clear plan.

    • Stefan Adams

      That’s funny. His wallet is at least a grand lighter and what exactly does he have to show for it? Nothing. Right back to where he started.

    • Wet Nayrb

      Bryan thinks that a VA doctor asking “Are you a threat to yourself or anyone else?”, which is a very standard question doctors ask to anyone who they think may be experiencing emotional distress (he was going into detail about how he thinks the supercomputer is zapping him with directed energy weapons), is grounds for a federal lawsuit.

      Also, his cabin not having been reassigned to another veteran (due to the night staff not getting a message through to the day staff) is proof of the conspiracy, even though their incompetence actually worked out in his favor, where he has a private place to sleep without having to apply again. But, I suspect, if the cabin had been reassigned to someone else, he’s also claim that to be proof of the conspiracy, which would be… umm… hyper game theory (but it’s not hyper game theory when he uses it himself, I guess).

      • Wet Nayrb

        Something occurred to me, since those cabins at the VA in Santa Monica are basically glorified metal garden sheds anyway (except with a bed, air conditioning, and a couple of outlets), if you think that you’re being zapped by directed energy weapons, wouldn’t a metal cabin be not the worst place to sleep assuming that there is a bit of a Faraday effect?

        • Stefan Adams


          That reminds me of a time Bryan was in a hostel somewhere in LatAm (Nicaragua?) where he went into the kitchen and tried to wear pots and pans over his head as a form of shielding. He’s since poo-pooed the idea of using metal shielding since clearly no amount of metal is going to protect you from what only exists inside your head.

          I also want to say that there was a time Bryan tried to hide inside a dumpster to shield from the microwaves but I’m not as sure if that was him or another TI / homeless person in a dumpster I’m thinking of.

          He explains that the technology is so sophisticated that it can “adapt” to the shielding. That doesn’t really make any sense (because the metal shielding will have an attenuation effect that attenuates the same amount of RF regardless of what modulation is used, but I digress).

          I probably have the pots and pans video in my collection somewhere, it would be one of his older ones, probably 2012-2014. I literally have thousands of his videos so it makes it difficult to go through them all…

          • Wet Nayrb

            >I also want to say that there was a time Bryan tried to hide inside a dumpster to shield from the microwaves but I’m not as sure if that was him or another TI / homeless person in a dumpster I’m thinking of.

            This is probably not what you’re thinking of but Vulcan Wolverine used to sleep in a self-made “enclosure” in his bedroom that involved many different layers of painted corrugated aluminium.

          • Wet Nayrb

            >many different layers of painted corrugated aluminium.

            Correcting myself, several layers corrugated steel with aluminium paint.

      • Stefan Adams

        My PCP’s office used to give out a form to all patients that, among other questions, basically asked if you were contemplating suicide. My mom got a new doctor after she moved and she complained about having a similar question directed at her.

        It was a long time ago and I don’t remember the exact phrasing but it wasn’t as legalistic and direct as “are you a threat to yourself or others”, it was more along the lines of “do you feel you have a reason to not continue living your life” or similar.

        It seems to be a semi-standard thing that some of these clinics like to ask patients. I agree it can be off-putting, my mother told me she did not like it and thought it was inappropriate.

        (I don’t think it is, PCPs are sometimes the first place people go when seeking mental health treatment but I can see how some people may feel weird about it).

        Anyway, I digress.

    • Wet Nayrb

      Speaking of Kevin and his unextraordinary symptoms that he blames on extraordinary causes, I think I’m seeing the early stages of rosacea on his nose and cheeks in photos and videos that he’s posted over the past few months.

  24. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is threatening to leave the shelter.

    He showed a photo of an appointment (its in the video thumbnail) with “HPACT” that he was given, I’m sure it has to do with this.

    I looked this up and it is basically a group of professionals (medical and social workers) geared towards giving homeless veterans relevant care and trying to cure them of their homelessness. They bill it as both helpful to the veteran and saving the VA money in recurring visits to the ER (looking at you Bryan).

    Anyway, Bryan, if you didn’t mention anything about stalkers and directed energy and simply stuck to your symptoms, i.e. say that you have ringing in your ears (remember, 13% of people have this – it’s common!) and heart problems and its making your life difficult, you’ll likely get unbiased non-judgemental care that doesn’t involve being thrown into the mental ward.

    Then that just leaves you with your paranoia about gangstalkers. Wouldn’t it be better to be paranoid about stalkers and not have those other issues?

  25. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Wow….his mouth is really messing with his speech.
    And he still doesn’t really understand hyper game theory.
    The entirety of being in a society is reacting to the things going on around you. Any interactions with another person or entity (used in the legal sense), requires a response. If that response is not based on the interaction, there is no communication and no understanding. IF it was truly a hypergame, Bryan would not realize it was happening. That is one of the differences between regular game theory and hypergame theory. It is uncooperative, because one player is completely clueless.
    As much as I know Bryan is completely clueless about…well, EVERYTHING, if he was truly a player in a hypergame, he wouldn’t be talking about it. His mere mention of it as a tactic being used against him makes his claim null and void. Just like his social life.
    But the teeth thing? It makes him look homeless and unable to care properly for himself. Running away from treatment means he will never get better. His uncooperative attitude toward receiving any care isn’t a game, it’s his life. And so far, he is losing.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah, really.

      My thoughts on his fearfulness of talking to the social workers / mental health workers at the VA. I agree that mental health holds are often abused by authorities and that being stuck in one can be unpleasant.

      I doubt he would actually get placed in one just for thinking he’s being followed. I mean, lots of homeless are mentally ill to some degree, he wouldn’t really stand out just because he was a little off in that regard.

      Nonetheless, I think his quality of life is almost certainly going to improve if he were to be thrown in one. I mean, how would it be worse than sleeping on the street and wandering the world aimlessly?

      It’s not likely that they’re going to actually abuse him unless he were to become combative or something. They’re not going to force drugs in you just because you’re delusional about gangstalkers. They’d only force drugs in you if you were doing something crazy like poking your eyeballs out or something that extreme.

      They’re not going to strap him to a table and subject him to medical experiments (this seems to be what he implies would happen, he thinks these psych facilities are full of “cognitive researchers”).

      He’d literally rather be destitute and in the streets than be helped.

    • Wet Nayrb

      >But the teeth thing? It makes him look homeless and unable to care properly for himself. Running away from treatment means he will never get better. His uncooperative attitude toward receiving any care isn’t a game, it’s his life. And so far, he is losing.

      Bryan could probably get implants, at least for the missing front teeth, through the VA if he stayed in one place long enough to follow through on an appointment with a VA-covered orthodontist.

      Community dentists helping Veterans smile with innovative VA dental program

  26. Stefan Adams

    Bryan hasn’t commented much but he signed his latest Facebook post from San Diego. I’m guessing he is done with the VA since he’s deathly scared of their HPACT program. I think he’s trespassed from the San Diego VA because of that 2017 incident too.

    Guessing he’s gonna try to buy a car and go back to the lifestyle he had back in 2016-2017.

    (I know there’s a couple of you here who are really looking forward to his presence in the city)

    • Wet Nayrb

      He couldn’t afford a used car a few weeks ago before he wasted thousands on airline tickets, I’m not sure he could afford one now.

      Also, no surprise Bryan couldn’t sleep last night because he traded a bed in a clean cabin where he had privacy to an uncomfortable airport floor where he had none. He’s throwing away the best opportunity he had to improve his life that I’ve seen since I first came across his videos almost a decade ago and that’s just sad.

      • Wet Nayrb

        Looks like LAX security has cottoned to Bryan’s lollygagging.

        He dates this May 19th even though it was the 20th (and it’s now the 21st in LA as I type this) and I don’t remember him flying from New York this week but, then again, I thought he was in San Diego. Either this is an older video or he’s wasted yet more money on plane tickets, or he’s lying about having come in from New York. Where in the World is Bryantew Sandiego?

  27. Stefan Adams

    Bryan has a minor interaction with San Diego police. Basically they’re wondering why he’s being a vagrant.

    • Stefan Adams

      Bryan is camped out in front of “Old Town Church”. He’s starting to behave like Candy in that he thinks that random cars that aren’t interacting with him in any way are somehow a conspiracy against him.

      • Wet Nayrb

        Wasn’t Bryan sleeping outside Old Town Church for a week or so several years ago? Not sure why he’d think sleeping in the open on a hard sidewalk or an alley outside a church is better than a private cabin with a bed beyond “something something Jesus”.

        • Stefan Adams

          Yeah. He’s scared to death of those social workers and counselors at the homeless shelter who want to talk to him about mental health, that’s why.

    • Wet Nayrb

      Funny how, when Kevin’s listing the “hard stuff” he thinks his imagined mind control stalkers are on, he neglects to mention meth.

  28. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is at the San Diego Law Library and he’s busy typing up his next round of frivolous litigation. This time against the VA.

    Once we get past Bryan’s internet connectivity issues, we can see he’s naming the VA Hospital in San Diego and in Los Angeles as defendants. The video quality on my end is rather poor so it’s tough to read but he’s accusing the medical staff in engaging in “medical cointelpro”.

    He’s continuing to lie about his physical abilities as far as being able to work goes (I wonder if I should file an amicus brief with the court showing Bryan’s antics and his admitting to disability fraud…)

    He’s asking for $1,000,000 in damages. I’m certain he knows he won’t get a dime, it’s just performative legal frivolity so he can satisfy his demented psychological need to “document” the supposed conspiracy against him.

    BTW: I saw a document in Bryan’s OneDrive called “IRAN LAWSUIT”. Wonder what that’s about?

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