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Bryan Tew Returns to America / Open Thread

(Note: some of the embedded media is Facebook videos from Bryan’s Facebook page. If you’re blocked by Bryan, the embeds will not be shown. I recommend opening this post in an ”Incognito” mode window to bypass the block if you are blocked.)

Bryan’s adventures in Panama have come to a halt. He applied for asylum and even attended an interview, but claimed the translator was corrupting his testimony (no evidence provided) and decided to leave several days after the interview.

Bryan ends up taking a flight out of Panama back to New York City where he passes through immigration and returns to American life. For how long is not clear.

Here’s the adventure so far:

Bryan gets into an argument with police officers at JFK Airport. The officers have zero tolerance for Bryan’s bullshit and lies:

After being given the bum’s rush at JFK Airport, he ended up at a city-run veteran’s shelter:

Bryan left the veterans shelter after a day or less, apparently because he thought they were harvesting his DNA through the use of COVID testing, which makes no sense at all. DNA doesn’t change, so if they actually care to catalog his DNA, they need only take it from a single sample, not from countless continued samples taken on an ongoing basis.


  1. Wet Nayrb

    Is Bryan low-key complaining that the room at the Holiday Inn is too small? Looks pretty normal-sized for a room at a Holiday Inn if you’re not paying extra for a suite. And he’s staying in lower Manhattan where space is at a premium; if he wants a larger room at a cheaper price, he could always take the NJ Transit train to Newark.

    • Wet Nayrb

      “lower Manhattan”

      Minor correction, 48th Street is considered “midtown”, I think. I guess you can see the Freedom Tower from quite a ways away.

    • Stefan Adams

      Just a couple days ago, Bryan says he had lost his credit cards and had no money. He’s at the homeless shelter for like a day or less and then suddenly has the means to stay at a Holiday Inn.

  2. Stefan Adams

    Bryan thinks Putin and/or Xi are making him itchy. Guess his propagandizing for the Russian military isn’t working out for him.

    • Wet Nayrb

      So Bryan is another T.I. claiming to have been “sold” or “human trafficked” despite him being free to roam the world?

      Doesn’t human trafficking generally imply that they’re being held against their will somewhere and there’s a captor or two involved, not just a Russian supercomputer making you feel a little itchy thousands of miles away, which I’m sure is something Russia would have spent trillions of rubles developing?

  3. Stefan Adams

    Bryan says in a Facebook post that he was “forced” out of the Holiday Inn. No elaboration. No idea where he is at now.

    He also has several audio recordings up of visits to a medical clinic. He is belligerent towards medical staff as usual. Complains that he has to repeat himself to medical staff (he thinks this is some CIA mind control trickery). Complains that there is a wait in the clinic. Too many recordings to try to gather and link here (just visit his Facebook pages).

    • Stefan Adams

      Here’s one. He’s waiting for some kind of ear doctor.

      Yesterday he posted a recording where he told the attendant that he was “severely injured” but it seems the first issue he wants to have addressed is the non-issue with his hearing. He keeps posting those audiology exams that show normal hearing for someone of his age.

      What happened to his spine, shoulder, and drop foot? If you listen to some of Tew’s other videos and posts, you’d think the guy was crippled, but it seems like the only thing he cares about right now is his hearing.

    • Stefan Adams

      Bryan’s latest videos are still geo-tagged at the Holiday Inn in Manhattan Midtown so the statement he was “forced out” was BS.

  4. Stefan Adams

    Bryan posted several pedo-themed videos last night. I’m not going to bother posting them here – they’re not pornographic, just pointless clips with pedo- and sex-themed conspiracy theories in the description text.

    Although one video has a thumbnail that Tew selected showing what looks like a couple of 15-ish year-old girls dressed SLIGHTLY suggestively.

    Basically Bryan is now claiming that Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is to expose and stop human trafficking and child sex rings in Ukraine, which is odd considering that Putin himself never said that.

    • Stefan Adams

      He also claims that Russian soldiers discovered a child-trafficking dungeon in central Ukraine whilst searching for bioweapons labs, it was supposedly full of hundreds of emaciated children of various ethnicities.

      If this was real, you’d think the government-controlled news agencies in Russia would have no problem making this a top headline. Bryan’s source for this is a website called “Real Raw News”.

      Hey Bryan, would you like to see photos of the dead and maimed children caused by Russians bombing civilian residential centers in Ukraine? Or is that “fake news” to you?

  5. Stefan Adams

    Here’s a video of Bryan walking into the Times Square Church and awkwardly roaming around pointing a camera at everyone he sees. I guess everyone who goes to church is a perp now.

    This is actually the church that Bryan’s favorite pastor, David Wilkerson, founded. He will probably be spending a lot of time here if he doesn’t get kicked out for being weird.

    I’m wondering if Bryan ended up in New York specifically to seek out this church or if it’s just a coincidence.

    Wilkerson is dead now but Bryan is always posting Wilkerson sermons on his Facebook page and has repeatedly said that “dogmatic” Christian Content(tm) “depatterns” the voices/visions/deviant thoughts that he has, and has called out Wilkerson’s sermons specifically for being the right kind of “Christian Content”.

    • Stefan Adams

      Welp, it sure didn’t take long for Bryan to have an altercation. Technically this is outside of church, likely far enough away that it won’t affect his standing with the church.

      My interpretation is that Bryan is on a crowded sidewalk and tries to dodge some lady who is carrying groceries but absentmindedly gets in the way of or runs into someone else.

      That’s me being charitable though – if you remember back in 2017 at the San Diego VA hospital, he was given a police citation for assaulting someone, which could very well be the case here.

      Edit – it’s really weird that Bryan puts a fair use copyright disclaimer on uploads that consist of 100% his own content.

  6. Stefan Adams

    Bryan makes the bonkers claim that he was attacked with bioweapons while in the airport in Kiev. Bryan elaborates no further; we’re to take his claim at face value.

  7. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is being relocated to a shelter on “65 Charles Gay Loop” near a psych ward. This has him spooked.

    • Wet Nayrb

      It’s the Schwartz/Schwarz* Assessment Facility for the Homeless where they’re supposed to determine each clients’ needs before enrolling them in various programs and benefits.

      “Schwartz Assessment Shelter is a program that incorporates lessons to offer a more structured and service intensive environment for clients who have not been successful in completing the goals of their independent living plans.”

      * Strangely, official sources seem to spell it both with and without a “T” depending on which government agency I’m looking at.

      • Stefan Adams

        I have a crazy theory that maybe someone, such as his family, goaded Bryan into coming back to the US and enrolling into one of these social programs. Perhaps his funding source was threatened to be shut off.

        Perhaps they let him choose the city – New York was his choice because he’s a fan of Times Square Church (Wilkerson) and the family agreed to it since they apparently have a pretty robust social services program in NY.

        This is probably the closest thing to real help Bryan would possibly be willing to receive, since he’ll never agree to a psychiatrist visit.

        Anyway, this is just a crazy random thought I had, I have no idea if its true. I still think NY is less than ideal of a place for him for the reasons I stated, but I guess if he actually gets help here, it’s a net positive.

        • Wet Nayrb

          I’m not going to say that he doesn’t need mental help but I think if, in this facility, he can see a doctor who can provide him with a CPAP machine (as well as telling him to cut down on the energy drinks), it’ll greatly help with his sleeping which may, in turn, at least make him a bit less frantic.

  8. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is on the bus and sounds rather labored, like he is having an anxiety attack or whatever.

    I don’t think NYC is a good place for him, because of the population density. He’s going to have lots of “collisions” with people just going about their day and Bryan is going to react badly to it and get his ass kicked eventually. Or he’ll just start accusing everyone within 10ft of him of being a perp.

    I don’t see his New York trip ending well. Maybe he can make it to Long Island or wherever is somewhat less densely populated.

  9. Ima Nonomus Tew

    The first thing I thought of is where he’ll be able to plug in his Nespresso machine in a rescue mission.

    Spending problems abound among the targeted. The other one I follow is bemoaning the fact that she wants a vacation…homeless, unemployed, and begging donations to stay in a motel, get carry-out or delivered food, in a middle-class resort town. She needs a break.
    These people are a slow motion trainwreck, and I cannot turn away.

    • Wet Nayrb

      Does Bryan still have the Nespresso machine? I thought he left it behind in Spain, or, if not there, Ecuador or Panama.

      • Stefan Adams

        Havent seen it in months. He just chugs unhealthy amounts of energy drinks AFAIK. A poorly thought out purchase.

  10. Stefan Adams

    Bryan spent the night at Schwartz. Claims staff kept calling him an “asshole”. I can believe that. He made like 15 separate audio recordings of interactions in the shelter, all of it sounding rather normal (go to his Facebook to find them). Didn’t hear any bad interactions with the staff though.

    Claims there is violence (directed at him or just in general?) there. Mentally ill homeless people, it’s possible. Has one video of himself in bed pointing the camera at his bunkmates but it doesn’t look out of the ordinary (though the recording is so short its hard to discern exactly what is happening).

    This afternoon he made a post saying he is “forced” to leave. It’s not clear if he actually left. He lied about leaving the hotel earlier so I’m not sure if he’s actually leaving.

    He posted his intake form that says he’s required to get some medical tests done and a psych exam. If he’s still at the shelter, it remains to be seen if he complies with the psych exam or bolts and leaves.

    He posted that he doesn’t want to be here and that he’d rather go to this specific shelter that offers private rooms. Well I think all chronically homeless have to funnel through here first to get them on a specific “plan”. It’s not free room and board where anything goes and there are no responsibilities on his part.

    I’m trying to take it easy on Bryan because I think this might be helpful, if he stays.

    In that light, I’ve hidden all the funny videos I made of Bryan on YouTube and disabled various social media accounts I use to respond to him.

    If Bryan actually gets better and stops the self-destructive anti-social behavior, I’ll delete everything for good. We’re far from that point though.

    My detractors think I want to hurt him, I just want him to get better and stop being a turd to other people.

  11. Wet Nayrb

    Bryan thinks the “psychiatric evaluation” that seems to be part of the standard screening process for new clients in this program (along with a physical evaluation and a TB test) is “Medical Cointelpro”.

    The routine “psychiatric evaluation” is quite likely just going to be a multiple choice questionnaire and he may even be able to ask if he can fill it out himself. I’ve filled those kinds of psychiatric evaluations out myself on more than one occasion and they rarely take more than 15 to 20 minutes.

    • Wet Nayrb

      I should add that these are going to be standard intake questions where you’re not consenting or committing to psychiatric treatment if you don’t want it.

  12. Wet Nayrb

    Uhh, is Bryan wanting to get to Russia again? He’s looking into riding the ferry from Stockholm to St. Petersburg.

    Of course there are “No Further Sailings”. I don’t think it had been running the past two years because of Covid but now I think there’s also another reason why tourist trips into Russia might continue to be put on hold.

    • Stefan Adams

      That’s funny. He did post more propaganda from RT last night.

      If he REALLY wants to go (I don’t think he does) he would just have to take an indirect route via a country that’s not part of the sanctions against Russia. India or various LatAm countries come to mind.

      Still, I wouldn’t want to be an American in Russia right now.

      • Wet Nayrb

        The thing about St. Petersburg is that, if you arrive by ferry, you can stay for up to 72 hours without a visa. I’m not sure if there are any other entry points to Russia without that short-term visa exemption. The only other place I can think of that might have an exemption like that is Sakhalin if you arrive via ferry from Japan.

        • Wet Nayrb

          > I’m not sure if there are any other entry points to Russia without that short-term visa exemption.

          I meant *with* that short-term visa exemption, and I looked up Sakhalin and it doesn’t have it even though you’d think it would be a natural candidate for a short-term visa exemption since it is an island without any roads to mainland Russia. I guess it’s just not a tourist destination like St. Petersburg is (although I’d love to visit Sakhalin myself since it’s off the beaten track but it’s largely undeveloped natural beauty outside of the capital, Yuzhno-Sakhalisnk, which reportedly has nice hotels).

  13. Stefan Adams

    Some kind of altercation with staff at the shelter. Says a staff member closed the door on his fingers. I don’t really know what happened here but it’s extremely hard to give Bryan any benefit of the doubt that he wasn’t doing something wrong or against protocol to be denied re-entry and having the door closed on his hand.

  14. Leon Theremin

    “Protesters turn to tinfoil hats as increasing sickness blamed on Government beaming radiation rays”


    Prompted by this news, someone release a video title “Defeating Microwave Weapons!” demonstrating how microwaves work, how they effect objects within a certain range and how to defend yourself against them.


    • Stefan Adams

      TIs often claim they are being attacked by microwaves from satellites miles above them while they are inside of buildings made of materials that would severely attenuate any microwave signal.

      Bryan in particular says shielding doesn’t work because the CIA has magic supercomputers that can make the microwaves penetrate it.

  15. Stefan Adams

    Bryan posts a weird video scoping out the Manhattan Psychiatric Center that’s next to the Schwartz Assessment Shelter that he’s currently residing at. He seems to think he’s been placed at this specific shelter so that he can be near the “Hive Mind Teams” that work out of this building.

    • Wet Nayrb

      Bryan’s obviously just reposting a clip from someone else’s video of the Manhattan Psychiatric Center, which seems to have been taken from a tour boat, considering those trees have too many leaves for Manhattan in March. The deciduous trees in Manhattan may be budding now but the ones in the video seem to have full summer foliage.

  16. Ima Nonomus Tew/aka Star Bricker, Gang-stalker Extraordinaire

    He has been switched to Opportunity House. I don’t expect he’ll be there long. A couple of years ago, someone was beaten to death, and Bryan seems to have the ability to pass off nuns and Buddist monks. If he looks them up, he’ll claim they sent him there to slaughter…like he wouldn’t have been easy enough to take out anywhere he has gone much more easily, and with less care for crazy homeless guys.
    Ti’s are toxic narcissists. The other one I follow has claimed that gnats are programed to swarm her computer, rain is trained to fall on just her, all sirens are just to annoy her (is close to a hospital), and even a funeral procession going past the motel she is at currently, was “street theatre” to make her anxious about dying.
    And I am in charge of how everyone feels about her. It is exhausting.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew/aka Star Bricker, Gang-stalker Extraordinaire

      “Piss off” not pass off. Stupid autocorrect should know by now when I say piss, I mean piss.

    • Stefan Adams

      Excellent timing, lol.

      Yeah, I’ve been watching her recent videos too. I guess cops and firemen aren’t allowed to do their jobs when she is around.

  17. Stefan Adams

    They just transferred Bryan to another shelter, apparently one that is notorious for fights to the death. Bryan was bitching about being in a shelter next to a psych ward, now he’s bitching that they’re moving him away from the psych ward. Make up your mind Bryan – maybe the next move for you will be to go IN to the psych ward.

  18. Ima Nonomus Tew/aka Star Bricker, Gang-stalker Extraordinaire

    Great minds, Stefan.
    Want to read a short story considered “light, humorous, and uplifting” by someone whomclaims she makes her living writing because that’s what she wants to do for a job and other people make their living benefiting so where’s her money? She says I personally have kept people from reading her uh,…..stuff? So I want someone else to read it.
    Can this person write? Does this seem “normal”?
    If you can stand it, read a newer post about “Pottying in Costa Rica. ”
    There. I promoted her writing career.
    She posted it in the description on a YouTube video, but it’s not looked at like the videos.

  19. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is never happy and has contradictory complaints:

    – When he’s put in an area by himself (referring to past hostel stays), he complains that “they” don’t want him talking to other people because engaging in “random” behavior defeats mind control

    – When he’s put in a shared living area (such as this shelter) he now complains that being in such an area with other people is more “controlled” and makes mind control more effective.

    – When he was put into Schwartz, he complained that “they” put him there so that the psychologists who are part of his supposed “hive mind team” (lol) at the psych ward next door could monitor him.

    – When he is transferred out of Schwartz, he complains that the transfer is “sudden” and “unexpected”, despite being informed that Schwartz is not long-term housing and would only be his first stop. Don’t you want to be away from the psych ward, Bryan?

  20. Leon Theremin

    “Futuristic device from Israeli firm puts music in your head, without headphones

    ‘Sound beaming’ 3-D technology from Noveto Systems tracks ear and sends it audio using ultrasonic waves, creating personal listening pockets”

    Any guess about if a more advanced version of this is not already embedded covertly in every telecom tower?

    “If there is any doubt, there is no doubt.”
    — Ronin

    • Stefan Adams

      So you think it works inside of buildings? Ultrasound doesn’t travel very far, let alone through solid objects.

      What about the thousands of telecom workers who would be installing such equipment, are they all in on this too?

  21. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is complaining about his accommodations. He wants to be transferred to a VA “Safe Haven” shelter because it offers private rooms.

    In other news, Bryan posted his call history and it shows the phone numbers for the Russian and Chinese consulates in New York. Russia might actually take his call if he offers to be cannon fodder for their war in Ukraine.

  22. Stefan Adams

    Bryan Tew unhappy that American doctors don’t hand out opioids like candy like they do in Latin America:

    • Wet Nayrb

      Also, he now can’t unscrew a bottle with one hand, apparently.

      I can’t speak for Bryan but I’ve never been able to unscrew a bottle with one hand either. Or does he mean he can’t unscrew the cap off the bottle when he’s not holding the phone. That happens occasionally without it being a conspiracy; he can try holding the bottle cap under some warm water to see if it loosens up or he can try opening it with a towel or something like that.

  23. Ima Nonomus Tew/aka Star Bricker, Gang-stalker Extraordinaire

    As this is an open thread, I have such great powers that I can merely call anyone in the Pensacola, FL to get a person banned AND get a GoFundMe account taken down in less than 24 hours by doing absolutely nothing. Who knew? All while knitting a blanket and making a crocheted basket. She is delusional. Still.

    • Wet Nayrb

      Is this about CGP or someone else? I remember a different Youtube TI, “J.L.A.”, also generally seemed to return to the Florida panhandle after each of her cross-country adventures avoiding “Michael” (who isn’t actually stalking her), but I haven’t heard anything new from her in several years (she was in jail for a while for an altercation; I think she’s out now but she doesn’t seem to have an online presence anymore, at least not on YT. Maybe she received proper psychological help and is in a better emotional state which is why I’m only using an acronym of her old Youtube name instead of posting her full alias).

      • Stefan Adams

        Yeah CGP just made a video about the GoFundMe being deleted.

        (If you prefer me not to link to her, let me know)

        • Ima Nonomus Tew/aka Star Bricker, Gang-stalker Extraordinaire

          No, link away. She seems to regularly stalk me online, knowing everything I have ever said, anywhere, at any time. She is also really sad she is “shadow banned” everywhere, so the more links and mentions she gets the better. She mentioned this page today. Steven, you like me are too old to be harassing a disabled black woman. For me, she thinks it’s because Inam a lesbian. Men she seems to think all want her, and if they don’t they are surely “(offensive term for gay).”
          She’s a treat.
          Like Cyanide Truffles.

    • Leon Theremin

      Does Google/Twitter/Amazon/Microsoft/Apple/Facebook ever show you microtargeted advertising? Congratulations, you are a TI. The idea they need your permission to collect data from your devices wasn’t ever a consideration for them. Everything about you is know to them thanks to eletromagnetic surveillance. That some people also have their stolen data used against them in other ways doesn’t make you less of a TI or safe from becoming the next full blown target.

      • Stefan Adams

        Okay, there is a legitimate argument to be had about how Google and etc. are harvesting data from us but I think there’s a big difference between being surveilled through the use of cookies and tracking widgets vs. hearing voices in your head that you think the CIA planted there. Don’t lump everyone in with the nutters.

  24. Stefan Adams

    This is funny – and a little sad. Bryan has been pleading with his case worker for weeks at the VA to be put into the Safe Haven shelter because Safe Havens provide private rooms for eligible veterans. I guess Bryan just found out that Save Haven also provides mental health services and suddenly wants absolutely nothing to do with them. I guess he thinks they have a CIA mind control ray gun that will zap his brain or something.

    He still wants a private room (because of his “acoustic trauma”) but no on-site psychologists or whatever. Not every homeless is mentally ill but mental illness is a very common theme among the homeless and any homeless program worth its salt is going to provide mental health services so I would think this is going to be difficult for Bryan.

    If Bryan would actually accept treatment it might be a good place for him but he doesn’t accept that he has any sort of mental disorder. VA gets a lot of bad rap but it sounds like at least some parts of the VA are trying to help veterans.

    • Wet Nayrb

      I think there’s this cartoonish misconception that mental healthcare in 2022 is like a mixture of the electroshock therapy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest plus the forced eye-open brainwashing therapy of Clockwork Orange when, in most cases, it’s just talking to someone for like 45 minutes once or twice a month without any syringes, straitjackets, or padded rooms involved.

  25. Leon Theremin

    Companies get hacked all the time and extorted with ransomware. The computers that control 3G/4G/5G network don’t have data that can be held for ransom, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be used for extortion after being hacked. What if they are modified to believe there are 50 phones in the space where a person’s head is? The combined power output of the phone tower trying to connect to the non-existent phones would damage someone’s tissues. Now the criminals can give that someone a notice that this won’t stop unless they pay up or obey their orders.

    If not even the giants of Silicon Valley are immune to hacking, there is no reason to expect telecom providers are either, even if public opinion thinks these for profit companies care more about public safety than money.

    • Stefan Adams

      Cellular base stations don’t work that way. The density of power in a given volume of space is not dependent on the number of phones or cellular devices in a given volume of space.

      Take 50 cell phones and rubber band them together next to a cup of water or a slab of meat – or your own head if you’re feeling brave. Nothing is going to happen. The temperature of the water isn’t going to rise, the slab of meat isn’t going to cook, and your head wont be in any worse shape than it was to begin with.

      • Leon Theremin

        One tower may only have 2kW total power output, but if the victim is in a area with 10 towers, that is 20kW. You underestimate criminals’ commitment to do crime. If they are willing to hack one, they are willing to hack all.

      • Leon Theremin

        Besides, a hacked device functions how a hacker wants it too, not how it is intended to by the manufacturer or regulators. With low level firmware access, full control of the radio transmitter is possible and any power limit on the specifications can be override.

        • Stefan Adams

          I’m addressing your specific claim that the amount of power in a given area depends on how many cell phones there are. You made the claim that a tower could be hacked to think there are 50 cell phones in the space where someone’s head is. I’m just telling you that’s not how it works and it doesn’t matter how compromised the cell tower is.

          You can take 50, 100, 1000 cell phones, put them in a box (perhaps with a glass of water or with something that roughly approximates human tissue, such as a steak) and call all 1000 of those cell phones at the same time. The water will not heat up in any appreciable way, nor will the steak cook.

          I can entertain the idea that maybe someone can override software limits on the power output of a cell tower but not so significantly that it could possibly result in the type of damage or hallucinations that you attribute to being a TI.

  26. Wet Nayrb

    Bryan gets kicked out of a church rec room for playing a sermon out loud while charging his phone.

    Is there actually a condition where someone *can’t* wear headphones because of hearing damage? I did my “Five Minutes’ Research on Google” and couldn’t find such an ailment. There are plenty of results about people getting hearing damage from playing their headphones too loud but Bryan’s not claiming that headphones are a cause of his hearing damage, he’s claiming that his hearing damage *prevents* him from using headphones, which doesn’t make too much sense since people with partial hearing loss usually hear better with headphones or hearing aids when compared to not using them.

    Maybe what he’s actually getting at is that he doesn’t want to damage his ears any further by using headphones but there is this little thing called a volume control and he could always buy a pair of volume-limiting headphones (which they even sell at many dollar stores).

    • Stefan Adams

      That was actually in the homeless shelter, not at church.

      Guess what, Bryan is now threatening to sue the shelter. But he’s willing to accept $100,000 to forget about the incident and keep it out of the courts. Hilarious.

      From: Bryan Tew ?CAMBA Mens Shelter
      Opportunity House?59-65 Prince Street
      Brooklyn, NY 11202
      March 29 2022 (2329 hrs)
      To: Charlotte James
      Supervisor of Client Engagement CAMBA
      Opportunity House
      59-65 Prince Street?Brooklyn, NY 11201
      RE: Notice of intent to file a lawsuit by disabled Veteran
      Dear management of CAMBA Mens Shelter Opportunity House
      This letter serves as formal notice of intent to file a federal and/or state lawsuit against you because I believe that I was discriminated against on behalf of my being disabled and my religious belief.
      I have been staying at the CAMBA Shelter for about a week and was charging my smartphone and tablet in cafeteria as others have done nightly for years with permission of staff but was told that I have to stop listening to religious content and get up and leave cafeteria for no read other than staff (aka: Miss Sanchez) decided to discriminate against me and force me to leave cafeteria saying it was closed but offering no other reason for her discrimination between me and other residents in past, saying I could not be listening to my tablet or laptop or charge my devices. This incident occurred on March 29 2021 on or about 2330 hrs in cafeteria of shelter
      I was forced to leave cafeteria and stop charging my devices and listening to Christian content without any reasonable explanation for the difference in treatment which I also believe may have been racially motivated.
      When I informed staff I was disabled and also that my ears were severely injured from microwave energy and therefore could not tolerate sound well and was forced to leave cafeteria at other times Miss Sanchez told me that did not matter, even after I told her that others had her charging their devices and equipment and they said nothing to them.
      Moreover I asked if it was possible before tonight on other nights and staff told me yes that I could do so
      Furthermore the have been yelled at and cursed at by staff at this shelter for no valid reason and wish it stop immediately as I believe it may be racially motivated
      I have been the victim of harassment in the past and believe this may be related
      I desire relief in the form of compensation for immaterial damages in the amount of $100,00.00 and that the discrimination be dealt with and changes be made to stop future harassment and discrimination
      This offer to settle this matter and avoid a lawsuit is valid for 14 business days after this letter’s date. If I do not receive a favorable response in 14 business days, I will promptly begin a lawsuit.
      The letter of intent to sue is governed by the laws of the state of New York.
      Sincerely,?s/Bryan Tew
      Published: March 29 2022

      • Stefan Adams

        I predict Bryan will be ejected from this shelter due to nuisance behavior.

        There is no inherent right to listen to loud-volume religious sermons through a speaker, especially when its past most people’s bed time. He can argue that he is entitled to some kind of reasonable accommodation, but this isn’t reasonable and would be laughed out of court.

        His religious rights weren’t violated. Nobody told him he wasn’t allowed to listen to religious content specifically.

        The claim of racial discrimination is very obviously without any merit whatsoever and is utterly pathetic.

        The demand for $100,000 will be laughed at and probably result in him being banned from this specific organization’s network of shelters and homeless programs.

        They’re going to eject him not just for being a belligerent prick and for being a nuisance to the other people at the shelter, but because he’s now a liability to them with the legal threats. The longer they continue to provide services to him, the more liability they risk (even if the claims are totally meritless, it’s still a waste of their time and money to have to go to court and defend themselves if it comes to that).

      • Wet Nayrb

        >But he’s willing to accept $100,000 to forget about the incident and keep it out of the courts.

        I think he only wants $10K, he just put the comma in the wrong place.


    • Ima Nonomus Tew/aka Star Bricker, Gang-stalker Extraordinaire

      About the hearing thing. CG claims she has “hyperacusis” or super-sensitive hearing. It is a real thing. Does she actually HAVE it? I doubt it. She makes lots of claims about how she is disabled, like that she is “on the autism spectrum” but has never been placed there by a doctor/therapist, she is just guessing based on her “research.” So she claims things that cannot be verified. She claims she is discriminated for her hearing, because she walks around with earbuds listening to a version of “white noise.” Loudly, so she can’t hear things she doesn’t want to hear. So loud noise is how she treats loud noise. It’s what Bryan used to do, so he has changed his mind about his hearing.
      In the case of “hyperacusis, which is what Bryan is claiming, there is treatment using sound, by a doctor that helps you learn to live with it and hopefully lessen the impact. Is it considered a disability, and are unprescribed noise/ noise-blocking devices considered medically necessary? ADA says “No.” With both BT and CG, they fail to realize what they consider “torture” is normal to everyone else, so it is a “you problem” not an “entire world around me” problem.
      Which furthers my claims that TIs are all freakin’ narcissists.
      And no matter what a narcissist says or does, they will counter with a new facet of their personality disorder, because nothing will make them happy.
      CG complains she is imprisoned in her motel room because it is dangerous in “the Hood.” She also thinks any minor traffic infraction should be stopped by the cops and given a ticket (or worse.) But any police activity she sees is “street theater” done only to scare her. So crime is bad, but so are police.
      She also complains daily about sirens from ambulances all day, each time only to hurt her ears and intimidate her, but hasn’t taken the common sense step of finding her motel is blocks away from a hospital. If she hears ANYTHING, it’s torture by Satanic criminals.
      The TI community needs to get rheir act together and get their stories straight.

      • Wet Nayrb

        I know noise sensitivity exists, I’m just skeptical that it would totally prevent Bryan, if he has that specific hearing disorder, from listening to his sermons or Christian music using headphones at a reasonable volume.

        My suspicion is that Bryan doesn’t like using headphones because he always blasts things at the highest volume he can, which would indeed make listening through headphones an uncomfortable and ear-damaging experience.

      • Stefan Adams

        I hate noisy environments, but its just a psychological thing (hearing ability is OK). Used to be a problem for me when I lived in apartments and you could hear everyone talking through the paper-thin walls or dogs barking upstairs, annoyed the heck out of me. Never blamed gangstalkers for it.

        Police cars and ambulances weren’t a problem because I lived in a decent part of a suburban town away from any hospitals.

      • Stefan Adams

        Bryan used to claim “high pitched screeching sound”. Tinnitus maybe? Or just exaggerations and/or auditory hallucinations.

        Those audiology exams of his don’t show what he is claiming though, he always seemed to me to be approaching the problem wrong. He should actually tell the doctor what’s wrong instead of just booking lots of pointless exams that show he has the ability to hear OK for someone of his age.

        Bryan’s ears could be damaged from the years of abuse from his earbuds. I know he said that he liked to listen to “christian content” to “depattern” what were presumably voices in his head. His hearing problems could very well be self-inflicted from all this abuse if he was doing this at loud volumes.

        Anyway, just rambling a bit.

  27. Leon Theremin

    SpeakUp: Silent Speech Interface; Low Cost; Arduino; Machine Learning

    Project Summary by Varun Chandrashekhar: “I have designed and developed a speech interfaced for the paralyzed, which they can use to communicate without speaking. This device detects speech-related electrical signals from the throat and converts them into letters or words that we recognize using machine learning models.”

    SpeakUp – ML Based Speech Aid to Enable Silent Communication

    My comment about the project: easily replicable by anyone with computer science knowledge, different from what is being done with the silicon trojans in the 3G/4G/5G equipment only on it needing physical probes. Anyone doing research on this area be cautious of sabotage when using US designed CPUs (AMD/INTEL/QUALCOMM/APPLE/ARM), as the microcode, SMM and firmware of your system may be manipulated to mess up your computations. Ask your own Nation to stop trusting Silicon Valley and make your own silicon supply chain and tech services. Meanwhile, mitigate this situation by moving to an area away from any cell radio transmitter (check coverage on and shielding yourself and your devices from electromagnetic eavesdropping and interference.

    • Stefan Adams

      So the government is using compromised CPUs to make it seem like paralyzed people are communicating things that they aren’t really trying to communicate? That’s what I’m getting from your comment.

      Seems like a very small niche of people that would need to be worried.

  28. Wet Nayrb

    “Dunkel nah Bubi out”

    I’m not going to link the video because it’s like 12 seconds long and shows Bryan doing nothing in particular but at least the title is amusing.

    • Wet Nayrb

      Semi-related pet peeve, I hate the Youtube Shorts format, at least when viewed in a web browser on a PC or Mac. I want to zoom in to read what Bryan wrote but I don’t even get the “fullscreen” option with Shorts the way I do for a regular Youtube video.

  29. Stefan Adams

    Nothing super interesting happening with Bryan lately.

    The new shelter he’s at has private rooms. Earlier he complained about the noise of the open environment in his previous accommodations, now he complains that “they” are stopping the “random and chaotic conversations needed to defeat the system” with the enclosed room. Whatever Bryan gets, he complains about it.

    He’s been to a few different doctor’s appointments with various specialists. I’m not entirely sure of the results, because I don’t feel like listening to hours of his “Just Press Record” recordings that he has been taking.

    I know at one of the specialists he went to at the VA, he told them he had microwave brain damage and wanted a brain scan, but the doc told him they can’t do that there. Tew accused him of brushing him off and it kinda went downhill from there. Bryan went through his spiel afterwards about “MEDICAL COINTELPRO” and said he was going to find another hospital to go to.

    (Bryan always wants tests, not treatments, and there’s always some excuse or diversion of his doing that keeps him from actually receiving any kind of care. Bryan, if you have a specific problem, tell the doctor what problem you have instead of just demanding tests and let the doctor create a treatment plan, which you never do).

    I think it’s been a couple weeks since Bryan threatened the previous shelter with a lawsuit. As far as I know Bryan hasn’t followed up on his threats to sue, nor has Bryan claimed to have received any settlement money that he was demanding (I don’t seriously believe they will give him anything, of course).

    Bryan’s mouth looks pretty horrible these days (see attached). Not many teeth left.

    Oh and Bryan started talking about his “lust” again. I guess that means he’s rubbed one out inside his private room.

  30. Stefan Adams

    Bryan says his enclosed room (it’s enclosed, but the walls don’t go all the way to the ceiling, so yeah, you can still hear things going on outside) isn’t good enough and is demanding a private apartment as a “reasonable accommodation”.

    Just a few weeks ago, Bryan was listening to “Christian content”(TM) at a high enough volume that the staff told him to knock it off (and Bryan made frivolous legal threats).

    It’s okay for Bryan to listen to his devices at a loud enough volume to bother other people, but it’s not okay for other people to talk or listen to music.

    Yeah I’m gonna say that this isn’t a reasonable request. Your hearing isn’t selectively damaged that your own audio doesn’t hurt your ears but everyone else’s does. Such bullshit.

    • Stefan Adams

      The image is probably too blurry. His writing reads:

      “Severe acoustic trauma to ears from directed energy attack. UNABLE to tolerate noise. Request private studio apartment or 1 bedroom while I wait”.

      There are other pages, but they don’t contain anything of interest. It’s just a required HIPAA authorization form saying he agrees to the release of his medical records to support his request. He didn’t attach anything besides the request form.

      I guess this is why he wants the audiology exam, although if the results look the same as his previous several ones, it won’t support his request. A pair of earplugs would be a reasonable accommodation. He already has a private room.

      Bryan, what about noise cancelling headphones?

  31. Wet Nayrb

    So, when Bryan says after 36:00 that he doesn’t need a psychological or cognitive assessment because he already had one, is he talking about an assessment he had recently or is he talking about the one he had back in 1989?

    If it’s the latter, I don’t think psychological assessments from one third of a century ago, when he was only 21 or 22 years old, still carry much weight, at least when it comes to applying for benefits from Veteran’s Affairs. I think they want an assessment of his current mental state that’s a little more “au courant” (up to date).

  32. Wet Nayrb

    It’s worth listening to this one, at least after the hour and ten minute mark. Bryan gets called “arrogant and obnoxious” by a hospital physician.

    • Stefan Adams

      I’ll try to catch up and listen to these.

      I’m getting the impression that something happened at the shelter, cops were called, and Bryan got himself admitted to the hospital. Bryan didn’t like whatever the doctors were doing (or not doing) and decided to leave on his own. He was escorted out by hospital PD and told he was labeled in their system as a troublemaker which offended Bryan (I guess Bryan doesn’t recall the assault he perpetrated in 2017 at the San Diego VA, or at least refuses to admit he behaved badly).

      I saw a video where there was a lot of trash and water thrown outside of his door. My instinct is that Bryan must have cranked up the volume really high and was asked to turn the volume down. Bryan likely refused and he was given wet garbage as a gift.

      I’m guessing this led to some sort of altercation that Bryan was on the losing end of and hence the hospital trip.

      • Wet Nayrb

        According to Bryan, someone was playing with his food, so Bryan threw a Coke at him, and the other guy whacked him with a food tray.

        The audio certainly seems to corroborate that there was a guy who was acting a lot like a high school bully in the cafeteria to Bryan, and obviously a homeless shelter is going to have numerous people with mental problems acting obnoxiously, so I can mostly buy Bryan’s version of events even if we don’t have the full picture of Bryan’s past interactions with this guy that might have led the guy to single out Bryan.

  33. Wet Nayrb

    It looks like Bryan is rage-quitting New York and is headed off to Los Angeles.

    I don’t think he’s going to have any better a time in the Los Angeles shelter system, so why is he only choosing to go to the biggest cities where the VA hospitals are the most overwhelmed?

    • Stefan Adams

      I suspect the bigger cities have more resources/hand-outs for the homeless. He’d have a harder time in smaller locales where the shelters are purely private operations rather than public/private partnerships with more $$$ flowing in.

      • Stefan Adams

        But yeah if he doesn’t change his behavior, he’s going to have the same problems in LA.

        He’ll end up in the streets again or back in some LatAm shithole.

        • Wet Nayrb

          His stay in L.A. didn’t last long, he’s taken a train to San Diego, possibly his last stop in the United States before he starts endlessly drifting around the world again.

          I think him leaving the VA system in New York City was a mistake as I don’t know how much longer he can go from one third world hostel to another at his age and in his physical condition.

  34. Wet Nayrb

    He’s at LAX and had the usual experience of security hassling him but not the other people waiting around.

    I haven’t flown anywhere in a long time and, as such, I don’t have any first hand experience with the latest in airport security technology but I strongly suspect that it’s trivial with modern facial recognition databases to match a face with their travel itinerary and, as such, airport security can probably fairly easily distinguish between people waiting between flights and homeless people using the airport as a free hostel.

    Bryan talks about wanting to contact the Chinese consulate about his missing 10-year visa. At the end of the video, he shows a detailed scan of his still in-date visa which seems like something someone absolutely shouldn’t post publicly if there is to be any chance of China letting one back in.

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