40 thoughts on “Kevin Christian Sees Cats, Dogs, IP Addresses, “Advertisements” In His Leg Hair”

  1. I get the exact same thing that Kevin describes sticking in my eyes as well but I call it “mucus” and not “broadcast” and I believe the source to be “pollen, the cold virus, or mold (depending on the time of year)” and not “neighbours with top secret sci-fi eyelash glue broadcast technology”.

    • Yeah he’s a hypochondriac just like Bryan.

      I had a chuckle y-day evening because I had really intense phosphenes in my left eye for several minutes, bad enough that it made it hard for me to read my computer screen. I was thinking “Gee golly, maybe Bryan is right and the CIA is lighting me up with directed energy!”.

      Then the phosphenes went away after about 3-4 minutes and the rest of my day was uneventful. But if it was Bryan, we’d probably see several paranoid posts and maybe a video about the incident.

  2. I’m not sure why you’d want to destroy your teeth, Kevin, but, hey, I’m not the boss of you.

    • Lol. Pretty sure he means to destroy the fictional gangstalkers, not his teeth. Though if he’s still using meth, he *is* destroying his teeth further.


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