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Kevin Christian Sees Cats, Dogs, IP Addresses, “Advertisements” In His Leg Hair

Hitting the pipe again Kevin? Not only do I not see any of the things you claim are there, I watched the entire video and YOUR LEG HAIR DID NOT CHANGE.

Fucking methed out tweaker hallucinating!

What Kevin thinks he is seeing:


  1. Wet Nayrb

    You forgot to include the giant nose from which was dripping letters like it’s allergy season but with letters instead of mucus.

    • Stefan Adams

      “Author of the Randonautica app confirmed on a livestream that both his app and TikTok are using data they steal from user’s minds with hardware backdoors.”

      That doesn’t even make sense. There is no technical capability built into today’s phones and PCs that allows a software app to interface with your mind, at least beyond how you normally use display, keyboard, and cameras.

      • Leon Theremin

        “The reality is you can’t audit silicon, because it’s a destructive process requiring extremely expensive analysis equipment.
        You always have to trust the chip manufacturer; doesn’t matter how documented the chip design is, even if the masks are outright public. You can never know that your CPU is not backdoored. That’s just a physical reality.”

        –marcan_42, legendary hacker extraordinary

        • Stefan Adams

          By what means does a phone CPU have the ability to interface with one’s mind?

          A CPU is basically a very large complex set of logic gates that implements a state machine. Even though you’re not aware of the exact design specifications, a collection of logic gates by themselves can’t interface with your mind.

  2. Stefan Adams

    Kevin is a few weeks into his Computer Science program at the local community college. He really does think this will somehow be the key to solving all of his problems.

    He has ambitions for eventually transferring over to Georgia Tech.

    Maybe he should talk to Bryan Tew about University of Georgia – he really loves the football team over there.

  3. Wet Nayrb

    Kevin’s daugther (does he only have one?) has some kind of health issue.

    Kevin tries to convince her to believe it’s because of the invisible men.

    I do hope the girl’s mother is taking her to the doctor for a proper diagnosis.

    • Stefan Adams

      I guess every health ailment is now “gangstalkers”. People never got tummy aches or chest pains until the advent of “gang stalking”.

  4. Wet Nayrb

    Omni-Eris/Michael T. has posted a new Magick Kool-Aid video with most of the first half being about Kevin (after a brief update about that J*stin L*wis R*y guy).

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah, I listened. Every time I hear a Kevin Christian segment on his show, I get enraged.

      Kevin isn’t just a meth-addled loser with a drug-induced psychosis, he’s a deadbeat father and uses violence towards women.

      He’s a piece of garbage human being.

    • Wet Nayrb

      Once again, Kevin uses the “grunge” filter which adds all sorts of elements like fake dirt, fake film grain, and fake scratches not in the original photo and seems to be the main contributor for a lot of the pareidolia URL addresses he thinks he sees.

      Also, the HDR filter on this app seems to really suck. HDR isn’t supposed to make skin look grimy (unless it was already grimy to begin with).

  5. Wet Nayrb

    One of Kevin’s commenters films what is almost certainly Venus just before dawn, thinking it’s a drone stalking his car (even though he’s on a highway and there is plenty of other traffic that a theoretical drone could be stalking instead).

    • Stefan Adams

      “The arousal effects the researchers measured are equivalent to about half a cup of coffee,”

      I suppose you will be warning us about the mind-altering effects of coffee too.

      • Wet Nayrb

        I kind of wish that 2008 Scientific American article hadn’t used the term “mind control”, which is kind of a loaded term for “mild brainwave interference”.

        >The researchers monitored the brainwaves of 120 healthy men and women while a Nokia 6110 cell phone—one of the most popular cell phones in the world—was strapped to their head.

        Most people in 2022 also don’t strap 2G cell phones from 1998 directly to their heads.

  6. Wet Nayrb

    Minor Kevin “Funny”: Kevin doesn’t seem to know the difference between Georgia, the American state he lives in, and Georgia, the central Asian republic whose capital is Tbilisi.

  7. Wet Nayrb

    On today’s episode of “5 Minutes Research on Google”, Kevin’s claiming that gangstalkers infiltrated his Youtube account because pre-roll ads on his older videos were switched to mid-roll ads without his consent.

    Note that the default ad option on older videos switching to mid-roll happened to all monetized video creators in August 2020 and Kevin just didn’t notice until now.

    YouTube changed Ad settings to mid-roll Ads (was: pre-roll) from PartneredYoutube

    • Stefan Adams

      Kevin briefly mentions the monetization issue and says he is filing a police report over it. Wouldn’t this be an issue for Google/YouTube, not the police?

      • Wet Nayrb

        >Wouldn’t this be an issue for Google/YouTube, not the police?

        The Catch-22 for Kevin here would be that, if he complained to Google about monetization issues (ignoring that this particular monetization “issue” having an explanation I was able to find in 5 minutes), his channel would be under increased scrutiny by Google and probably wouldn’t be monetized for too much longer.

  8. Wet Nayrb

    What’s the deal with Kevin’s ambulance story? He doesn’t believe it was a real ambulance because it wasn’t accompanied by a police car?

    I’m nowhere near Clayton County or even Georgia (the American one) so I might be mistaken about how things work there but any time someone in my (spread out over multiple countries) family has called an ambulance over the past couple of decades, only an ambulance (and sometimes also another paramedic car) showed up because a police car wasn’t requested. I know sometimes 911 will also send a police car if they think someone is in distress beyond the symptoms they’re calling about or if they’re unclear on what is happening, but a police car coming with an ambulance call isn’t the default.

    As for why the paramedics didn’t conduct a more thorough medical examination of Kevin, if that’s indeed what happened (keeping in mind that Kevin is a very unreliable narrator), paramedics are very well trained to know when someone is having a heart attack (or a stroke, which has very similar symptoms and, unfortunately, I’ve been the witness myself to a heart attack call actually being a stroke) and I suspect they were easily able to ascertain that Kevin was having neither due to his speech patterns and body movements during the call. I also wouldn’t be too surprised if Kevin was on a county paramedic list of hypochondriac callers.

    • Wet Nayrb

      >I suspect they were easily able to ascertain that Kevin was having neither due to his speech patterns and body movements during the cal

      To be clear, here I mean “call” as in “what happens after they arrived and talked to him in person and could observe him”, not a phone call.

  9. Wet Nayrb

    On today’s episode of “5 Minutes’ Research on Google”, Kevin is once again complaining about “deleted” photos still taking up storage space on his iPhone.

    Is Kevin aware that he also has to delete the photos from the “Recently Deleted” album, where, if he doesn’t delete them, they’ll stay in storage for 30 days?

    Photos app -> Albums -> Other Albums -> Recently Deleted -> Select -> Delete All -> (Confirmation Pop Up) Delete -> (wait a few minutes for photos to actually be deleted)

  10. Stefan Adams

    Kevin filed another bogus police report because he thinks gangstalkers changed the monetization settings on his videos. Predictably and obviously the police brushed him off and said it wasn’t a police issue. Now Kevin says the police are “liable” for tens of thousands of dollars of supposed damages.

    Hilarious nonsense. I’ve seen the view counts on Kevin’s videos, there is no way he makes anywhere near the amount of money off of his psychotic nonsense that he thinks he is entitled to. Millions of views? Fuck off with that delusional malarkey, your most popular video has 19K views.

    • Wet Nayrb

      I can believe the view count simply because of the ridiculous number of videos he has so that they’d all add up to over a million even considering that the majority of his videos generally get only a few hundred views. With well over seven thousand videos, each video only needs just under 150 views to get to a million and, while the videos that get thousands of views are rare, he has enough of those to compensate for videos that don’t even get to 150.

      I can also believe that hundreds of thousands of those views are people who randomly find one of his videos in search, click it, and only last a minute or two before they realize he’s utterly delusional.

    • Wet Nayrb

      “I’m sure Youtube would promote me in their algorithm a lot more had my videos and account not been suppressed like it was.”

      The only reason Kevin Christian has a monetized Youtube channel is because he’s in that sweet spot of obscurity where he gets enough views for the channel to be monetized but not enough views for Youtube or advertisers to take a serious look at his channel to see where the ad money money is going.

  11. Stefan Adams

    Kevin Christian says there are holograms on his genital area that look like “little people”. At least he has the sense not to post the pictures he says he captured.

    • Wet Nayrb

      “Little People”? Like the wooden peg men toys with the round heads from Fisher-Price? That’s still what I think of when I hear “Little People”.

      Fisher-Price Little People Kevin’s Dick N’ Balls Playset, coming to stores this Christmas shopping season.

  12. Wet Nayrb

    Kevin sees a cloud that is visibly well in the process of dissipating and uses his totally legitimate T.I. mind powers to evaporate the rest of the cloud. Yes, that’s exactly what happened to the cloud that was clearly already mostly evaporated before Kevin started to look at it, obviously it was Kevin looking at it that made it vanish.

    This is on par with predicting that a 100-year old celebrity will probably die within the next year or two and then proclaiming yourself a prophet when the very old celebrity invariably dies.

  13. Wet Nayrb

    I get the exact same thing that Kevin describes sticking in my eyes as well but I call it “mucus” and not “broadcast” and I believe the source to be “pollen, the cold virus, or mold (depending on the time of year)” and not “neighbours with top secret sci-fi eyelash glue broadcast technology”.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah he’s a hypochondriac just like Bryan.

      I had a chuckle y-day evening because I had really intense phosphenes in my left eye for several minutes, bad enough that it made it hard for me to read my computer screen. I was thinking “Gee golly, maybe Bryan is right and the CIA is lighting me up with directed energy!”.

      Then the phosphenes went away after about 3-4 minutes and the rest of my day was uneventful. But if it was Bryan, we’d probably see several paranoid posts and maybe a video about the incident.

  14. Wet Nayrb

    I’m not sure why you’d want to destroy your teeth, Kevin, but, hey, I’m not the boss of you.

    • Stefan Adams

      Lol. Pretty sure he means to destroy the fictional gangstalkers, not his teeth. Though if he’s still using meth, he *is* destroying his teeth further.

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