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Bryan Tew in Panama / Open Thread

Bryan Tew finally left Ecuador a few weeks ago and arrived in Panama after failing to find any cheap air tickets to Nicaragua.

Some highlights of the adventure so far (in no particular order) –

Bryan was unhappy with the clinic who performed his PCR test and belligerently demanded his money back. Security was called which Bryan suddenly says there was “no reason” for:

With absolutely no evidence whatsoever, Bryan proclaims that he is “surrounded” by Panamanian “special operations soldiers”:

Bryan has more bizarre sexual nightmares. This time involving fucking a woman that was “possessed”. I guess this is an improvement over the time he had a nightmare about dropping the soap in the locker room for the Georgia Bulldogs:

Bryan can’t seem to figure out how to reach Nicaragua. In several posts and videos he’s said that Nicaragua is unfriendly to the US and he would be able to get help there. Oddly enough that’s the same thing he said about Ecuador several years ago but we saw how far he got with his asylum claim.

Anyway, depending on which posts and videos you watch, he either didn’t get the PCR test results on time, or he slept through the bus departure time and didn’t make it to Nicaragua. Now he wants to try the asylum gambit in Panama:


  1. Leon Theremin

    US Blacklists Dozens of Chinese Biotech Firms That Aid Military, Including for ‘Brain-Control Weaponry’

    The United States on Dec. 16 placed trade and investment restrictions on dozens of Chinese entities over their role in weaponizing biotechnology and other U.S. innovations to bolster the Chinese military and to further its human rights abuses.

    Among the 34 Chinese entities targeted was the Academy of Military Medical Sciences—China’s top medical research institute run by the Chinese military—alongside its 11 research institutes, for aiding the Chinese military with biotechnology, including “purported brain-control weaponry,” the department stated without elaborating on the technology.


    • Stefan Adams

      China’s history of human rights abuses never fazed Bryan. He still wants to apply for asylum in China.

      • Leon Theremin

        The Program and tech behind all that started in the US. China just stole it and got the US operatives under their cover. Bryan knows a lot, but not everything.

  2. Stefan Adams

    Someone got Candy Grandpre’s number and has been crank calling her. No, I didn’t do it.

    She says the phone number adds up to “666”. You can listen to her explanation –

    • Wet Nayrb

      I legitimately hope that it wasn’t anyone who reads this site. Discussing delusional videos on a website like this is fine, intentionally messing with mentally unstable people is not.

      • Stefan Adams

        I’ve noticed that Candy has a lot of “haters” online, for whatever particular reasons.

        I troll for fun and for sport, but I tend to leave things like DMs / telephones / in-person visits / messing with people’s jobs out of bounds for me. Maybe I’d make an exception if the person in question was truly toxic/evil or whatever, but Candy doesn’t fit that description for me.

        I do admit I laughed when she read out that text message from the dude saying he’s going to zap her with a mind control ray.

  3. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is confused about how his blood pressure machine works. The heart symbol means the machine is detecting your pulse, it does not mean it detected “flutter” or any other sort of abnormality. Note that the red outline is from him, not me.

  4. Stefan Adams

    I’m mainly ignoring the actual video here and just reading the video description (you will likely need to click into YouTube rather than using the mini player here).

    Bryan has an essay full of plagiarized paragraphs mixed in with his own words about how the collider experiments at CERN are actually a bunch of black magic fuckery involving time travel and manipulation of reality that will result in certain doom for everyone but the elites.

    He also mentions Israel being one of the countries represented at CERN for some bizarre reason. I’m starting to think of that as an antisemitic dog whistle on his part.

    I’m no physicist but unlike Bryan, I do have a basic enough understanding of particle physics including what the Higgs boson is to know Bryan is just spewing complete and total utter bollocks.

    I have this feeling that Bryan knows he is writing doom porn with no basis in reality because his previous diatribes on “SMART CITY TECHNOLOGY” was partly based on a video game.

    I’m not sure to what end Bryan is doing this, if is just for his personal amusement or what, but for someone who repeatedly whines about how other TIs are discrediting the entire TI movement by talking about aliens and other themes that bring ridicule and disrepute, he’s basically doing the same thing with this CERN black magic time travel nonsense.

    • RJ

      I love how Tew is also concerned about the Mandela Effect. With all of Tew’s fantastical super computers that can reprogram one’s mind – seems that creating a particle collider might be a little more complex than needed just to change the hyphen in a Kit Kat wrapper or make people think Sinbad was in a genie movie.

  5. Stefan Adams

    Another Tew video where you need to read the video description and mostly ignore the actual video itself.

    He’s suggesting that all unvaccinated people leave the United States for Latin America. That sounds great to me! At least it would be for our tragically overloaded medical system here but not so much for the medical systems of those countries.

    Specifically, he suggests Bolivia, Nicaragua, or Cuba. He would have included Venezuela if it wasn’t for those pesky peasants protesting the dire economic situation. How dare they. The food literally falls off the trees he says, and the people are so pleasant and easy-going. I suppose Bryan is not including the “machete guy” who charged at him in Nicaragua in his assessment of Nicaragua.

    I would imagine that these countries wouldn’t be so welcoming once their hospitals filled up with coughing, wheezing Americans with COVID who persistently refused vaccination prior.

    Hard to take Bryan seriously when he isn’t actually in any of those countries at the time of writing, and the time he was in Nicaragua, he was posting the same woe is me tripes and ended up leaving for the same reasons he has left other countries.

    And it wasn’t that long ago when Bryan said the similar nonsense about Ecuador, saying they hate America so much that they’d give him the royal treatment just like Julian Assange.

    • Stefan Adams

      Bryan posted a new video with almost identical video description, except this time he has axed Cuba from the list because of their new COVID-19 restrictions. I looked this up and apparently Cuba is now requiring tourists to be vaccinated.

      He’s replaced Cuba with Paraguay. I don’t recall Bryan ever posting about visiting that country so it’s a bit odd that he listed it.

      Also this time around, he’s talking about an inevitable collapse of society due to future viral mutations. But he apparently thinks these countries are exempt from the same social collapse that he thinks will happen here, or that if it does happen, it’s not a big deal because Latin people aren’t into criminal behaviors (cue the video of Machete Guy in Nicaragua).

      And he seems to think that people’s SSDI checks will continue to go out after American civilization collapses. Derp!

      Bryan, do you ever stop for a minute and think about the things you post before you post them?

  6. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is attempting to purchase an Apple Watch and justifies his purchase by saying the two other smart watches he has won’t detect the “attacks” he think is happening.

    When the Apple Watch doesn’t pick up whatever it is he thinks it is supposed to pick up, is he going to throw a fit about the wasted purchase? I can imagine him going back to the store and having the cops called on him after he starts rambling on about “the game” while belligerently demanding a refund.

    Remember this (plus all the other frivolous purchases he has made) the next time he whines about being financially crippled!

  7. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is mad that some random bible-themed nutter on YouTube re-uploaded an unmodified clip from Bryan’s own channel showing him screaming about his ears, claiming he is being discredited.

  8. Wet Nayrb

    Since it’s just a camrip of a Bryan Tew video with no commentary beyond the description taking Bryan at face value, is Bryan admitting that his own videos are all the proof needed to discredit him?

  9. Stefan Adams

    Bryan very obviously mistypes his email address (doubled the, the email is rejected as invalid (because it is), and Bryan starts whining about ITS NOTHING BUT A DEADLY GAME OF EUGENICS!!!!!

    Also, he shows his password. I’ve censored that in my screenshot.

    (Screenshot in case he realizes his stupidity and deletes the video to save embarrassment)

  10. Stefan Adams

    On Bryan’s latest video, he chose a thumbnail of a young child wearing a devil costume. I guess there are different ways that can be interpreted. The video itself has nothing to do with children.

  11. Tewtewbarmeymulgrew

    Lmao stefan, i couldnt resist but login and setup two-step verification to a totally random number when he sees this he will freak. Pmsl

    Its the rnm supercomputer thats to blame probably from this lunatic lump of lard, as you know (or should know ) by now anything that dampens the neurallink needs to be stopped so as to not interfere with the NLP yadda yadda yadda

    Joking about the account by the way

    • Stefan Adams

      I have a theory that this is no accident. It’s not the first time he’s put his password or other sensitive info out there. I kinda think he wants to be “hacked” so he has someone / something to validate his persecution complex. He reads this website so he’s surely aware that he posted it.

  12. Wet Nayrb

    Here’s Bryan Tew making an excellent first impression (sarcasm implied) on random workers at what I assume is some immigration-related government office in Panama.

    Filming some people on their smoke break on the stairs and then opening a door and walking in uninvited into what doesn’t look like a public reception area, considering it’s on the second floor of a three storey building and only accessible from the outside via a set of narrow stairs with no wheelchair ramp. I’d imagine the actual reception area for prospective clients is located on the inside via those glass doors on the first storey, where there are probably elevators or at least ramps.

    I’m also not sure what Bryan means when he says “These are called verification markers”. I’d call them “caution cones”, “traffic cones”, or “pylons” and they’re obviously there to show people where not to park.

  13. Stefan Adams

    Bryan Tew spews pseudoscientific nonsense about COVID vaccines and COVID test kits. Bonus antisemitic conspiracy theory about the Rothschilds owning the patent for the test kits.

    I know I don’t need to say this here, but nothing he said is true. The BBB is not penetrated by a nasal swab. Personally speaking, all of the tests I’ve done with a local drive-thru clinic involved swabbing the back of the throat from the mouth (there’s a few different test designs out there).

    The patent coming out before the virus was announced is bogus too.

    I certainly understand not liking swabs stuck deep into the nasal cavity but no need to come out and say that it’s a Jewish conspiracy to permanently damage our BBB for some nefarious purpose.

    (I tried to find out whether Richard Rothschild has any familial connection with the Rothschild banking clan that conspiracy theorists like to beat up as the ultimate boogeyman, but a cursory search was inconclusive, other than to say that there are a lot of people named “Richard Rothschild” with various titles and areas of work, so chances are he’s not.)

  14. Stefan Adams

    Bryan whines that real refugees WITH NOTHING from Africa and Haiti are being helped but he, the American with access to VA medical treatment, SSDI, Workers Comp, family members, and other sources of first world income and assistance is getting the cold shoulder.

    What a fucking turd of a human.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew/aka Star Bricker, Gang-stalker Extraordinaire

      There is one part of his SSDI that makes me wonder how much money is wasted at SSDI he. You need medical check-ups, even for mental issues, and for mental issues, you need to be treated and compliant. Candy Grandpre is the same way. She openly says she gets SSDI for being schizophrenic, but denies that diagnosis and will not take any treatment. She doesn’t see how that is fraud (neither does BT) and takes the money for other things she thinks are disabilities, which somfar she has never received a doctor’s note about anything being a disability. How is it that these crazy people who choose to be crazy and not treated can get paid every month?
      This is a sore spot for me, admittedly. I worked for 35 years, get cancer, but cannot get SSDI, because I didn’t work for the previous 7 years of my diagnosis date. So I have to remain alive for another 1½ years before I can start getting SS retirement benefits. That is nuts.
      It makes me want to report these jokers to SS for fraud. Their videos are wonderful evidence. I’m not saying they are not disabled, because they obviously are, but not getting treated means they are making their disability happen. If you are disabled because you broke a bone and cannot work, when you are healed and able to return to work it is expected you do so. You can’t decide you’ll not get your bone fixed so you don’t have to work again. It is mind-boggling.
      And turning people is can be done anonymously. Make these people take care of themselves, which it is obvious they are unable to do alone.

      • Stefan Adams

        Go for it. I don’t actually know the rules for SSDI so I was never sure how to phrase / categorize the report.

        I reported Bryan to the State of Ohio BWC several years ago for Workers Comp fraud. I did it anonymously because I didn’t want my name attached to any official record, so I never was able to see if they followed up on it. I’m under the impression (but not 100% sure) that Bryan no longer receives Ohio BWC benefits anymore.

        I know for the BWC claim, he used his physical injuries from a work-related vehicle accident to make his claim. He *tried* using his schizoaffective disorder diagnosis but they wouldn’t accept it (since he couldn’t prove it is work-related).

        So I simply submitted videos and photos of Bryan walking and running effortlessly and traveling the world to refute the claim that he has a 100% disability.

        I try to be fair to the disabled and I’ve always maintained that Bryan probably does have some lingering issues that contribute to occasional mobility problems, but not to the level he always claims.

        I’ve had coworkers who were confined to a wheelchair pretty much all the time, and knowing that Bryan only needs mobility assistance occasionally, I know he isn’t 100% disabled.

        For the SSDI, I have no idea what he’s claiming. I mean, the guy clearly does have a mental illness, so I figure if anything he’s getting benefits for that.

        But yeah if he’s required to get treatments and send in periodic status reports, he’s obviously NOT doing that. It’s just my ignorance of the rules that kept me from reporting him to SSDI.

  15. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is having more shameful sexual nightmares. He found a local urologist who was willing to give him another injection of Lupron.

    Bryan is not very specific as to what the content of his dreams were, only that they were sexual and graphic in nature.

    • Stefan Adams

      There’s something hilarious about a person who steadfastly refuses vaccination but has zero problems receiving an injection to stop the homosexual thoughts that he is ashamed of.

  16. Stefan Adams

    Bryan (ironically) stalks a woman that he accuses of being a prostitute outside of his hotel room. I suppose she could be but nothing in the video is suggestive of that.

    What’s funny about this is how he titles the video as “VIOLENT ATTACK…” when it’s just a video of Tew rambling about that woman behind her back but neither of them actually interacting with each other at any point.

    Bonus points for Tew’s choice of words when complaining about how this woman “jerked” him. Freudian slip?

    • Stefan Adams

      This morning Bryan uploads the same video to YouTube (the above is from Bitchute) but with a new ridiculous inflammatory title:


      Again, the video shows nothing that is suggestive of any of the claims he is making.

      • Stefan Adams

        Knowing Bryan’s previous involvement with prostitutes in Ecuador, i.e. the time where he invited a prostitute to his room, something happened between them (your guess is as good as mine), and it ends with the prostitute stealing his cell phone and Bryan being arrested after destroying hotel property, something along that same line could be happening here (although the police haven’t become involved – yet).

        This fits in neatly with the past few weeks of Bryan whining about his uncontrollable sexual urges and going to the clinic to receive a shot of Lupron.

        (I don’t actually know if any of this is true, or if it is true, I have no idea if the woman in Bryan’s video was involved with Bryan in any way. I’m just thinking and laughing out loud here!)

  17. Stefan Adams

    Bryan posts a flat earth conspiracy video. I don’t know what the title has to do with anything though.

  18. Stefan Adams

    Bryan makes a video about his chemical castration drug in which he denies that it is actually a form of castration. I guess he thinks it absolves him of having to admit he’s a pervert for needing this.

  19. Stefan Adams


    Yeah, after years and years of Bryan doing exactly that, he’s now decided it’s a bad idea. Probably has a lot to do with me (and others) who use his own videos to show what an assclown he is.

    I really don’t believe Bryan will “stop recording” though, he’s an extreme narcissist who really craves the validation he gets by playing the victim in front of an audience.

      • Stefan Adams

        Bryan has probably broken Michael J. Murphy’s (RIP) record on number of acquired cell phones. Bryan bought his millionth iPhone from Apple and now is feeling bad about it (well he should..) –

        Remote neural manipulation attacks of fabricated and falsified memory references and motivational impulses of guilt and regret and remorse injected over and over in a looping pattern in my mind regarding the purchase of an iPhone yesterday. Artificial brain waves totally falsified 0907 hours February 5th 2022 Panama City Panama

  20. Stefan Adams

    Candy Grandpre announces that Stars15K is back in her life destroying her. What is Star guilty of? Subscribing to her channel.

  21. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is re-posting TikTok videos of women who are being stalked/harassed by creepy dudes, thinking that the phenomena of thirsty men going after unwilling women is exactly the same thing that is happening to him.

  22. Wet Nayrb

    At 24:30 in this (mostly audio-only) video, you can hear Bryan Tew sabotage his meeting with whatever kind of social worker is helping with the asylum process by not listening to her answer as to why it takes two months for them to assign a translator for him and instead telling her that the Americans control all governments.

  23. Stefan Adams

    Bryan found an app called “E Stethescope” and thinks it’s proving that he is being “attacked”. He doesn’t really explain how.

    I’m a bit skeptical that an iPhone microphone can be a reasonable substitute for an actual stethoscope or that this app can accurately tell you anything about what it picks up.

    • Wet Nayrb

      They call it a “simulator” simulating your heart noise with pre-recorded sounds that is for entertainment purposes only.

      I imagine that it syncs up what it can hear of someone’s heartbeat with the closest sound in its library.

      However, being able to use an iPhone microphone as a stethoscope is a relatively mundane claim since a lot of T.I.s seem to believe that there is a contactless brain-to-machine neural module that transmits directly to your brain and which can read your mind without even hooking up a single electrode in every smartphone.

      • Stefan Adams

        There is also a statement buried in the app’s description saying the app is limited by the quality of the microphone on the iPhone (just like I pointed out) and that it should only be used for “entertainment purposes” and not used to diagnose a medical condition.

        Bryan shut off comments on his Bitchute video soon after I pointed that out to him.

  24. Stefan Adams

    Bryan Tew clowning off again, showing off several cans of Red Bull he purchased while whining about his inability to sleep.

    He doesn’t bother to explain what his reasoning is for this obvious contradiction, we’re just expected to see his purchase of Red Bulls as a consequence of his inability to sleep, not as something that is contributing to it.

    • Stefan Adams

      What happened to that Espresso machine from last year? It appears I am correct that it wouldn’t be practical for a homeless dude who hops from hotel to hotel across the world to lug that machine with him everywhere he goes.

      Just more proof that Bryan lacks the ability to think critically about his own situation.

  25. Stefan Adams

    Also should mention that Bryan recently started posting live videos again. One of his live streams earned his channel a strike for nudity. I didn’t actually see the video so I don’t know what it was, i.e. Tew playing with himself again or exposing his junk to the world like he’s done before.

    He’s got a new channel called “CIA TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL SEXUAL PROGRAMMING”. Yeah, cringe.–4YsNcjg3GylA

  26. Stefan Adams

    Bryan whines that his $500 eyeglasses aren’t ready yet. Didn’t we go through this last year?

    Why is he blowing his wad on overpriced glasses at the mall? We told him last year that Zenni Optical has prescription glasses for next to nothing and they’ll ship overseas. This plus his recent purchase of *yet another* brand new iPhone.

  27. Stefan Adams

    Candy Grandpre says she is being “trafficked”. That’s odd, most trafficking victims aren’t free to make videos to the world telling everyone about it. Who are your captors, Candy? Actual human trafficking victims, which are you are not, are shut off from the outside world.

    You mock real victims.

    • Wet Nayrb

      I’ve watched enough gangstalking videos from Targeted Individuals to know that “human trafficking”, besides actual human trafficking, can also mean whatever nebulous thing they think is happening to them, the harder to prove the better, be it hidden microscopic cameras in the bathroom watching them pee to big corporations or movie studios stealing their genius ideas by streaming them directly from their brains.

  28. Stefan Adams

    Bryan Tew, against all odds, managed to make it to his asylum interview (he was whining the past few days about how “they” were depriving him of sleep so he couldn’t make it, all while chugging Red Bulls).

    I generally don’t listen to these hours-long recordings Tew makes, but I was curious enough and just started randomly listening to different parts.

    I started laughing as Bryan told the case worker that he probably has nanotech inside of him if he ever drank a Coca Cola.

    On the nanotech claim in particular, Bryan has always said you can go to a toxicologist and order a test called a “nano patch” (there is no such test, I looked!) to discover all the CIA nanotech in your body. Apparently no toxicologist has ever thought to make light of this revelation and it remains only known among people like Bryan.

  29. Stefan Adams

    A new day, a new purchase of Red Bulls. Not the same video I posted a few days ago, so that means he’s already drunk those others already.

    Total mystery why Bryan can’t sleep.

    • Wet Nayrb

      It’s like he’s spending a lot of money to sleep badly by guzzling Red Bulls.

      There is a website for tracking prices of certain items in various countries. In 2021, a can of Red Bull cost, on average, the equivalent of $2.37 U.S. in Panama. That’s compared to only 97 cents for a half-litre of Coca-Cola (the site doesn’t give price per can of Coke) $1.07 for 1.5 litres of water, or $1.39 for a whole litre of orange juice.
      (The other prices can be seen on the side tags.)

      Personally, I can’t even imagine drinking Red Bull for reasons other than, say, being a college student trying to pull an all-nighter. It doesn’t even taste that good and messes with your sleep cycle much worse than even Coca-Cola (which I can get decaf versions of).

  30. Wet Nayrb

    Bryan claims that he no longer has the dexterity to pick up a fork (although it would appear to be a selective loss of dexterity because he can still type long-ass messages on a phone somehow).

    I thought most of his meals are take out from the clown or the colonel anyway so forks are largely irrelevant.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah, I caught that. He doesn’t have a problem holding up a cell phone to shove in people’s faces but he can’t lift a fork?

      Get your story straight you fraud!

  31. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is tucking tail and leaving Panama after his asylum interview. Next destination is supposedly Mexico City –

    I forgot to mention that he was seeking out local immigration attorneys to try to help him presumably sue the government of Panama – he complained that the translator didn’t properly translate his story. I don’t get that since Bryan doesn’t understand Spanish, how can he possibly know if the translator was competent and/or accurate?

    Apparently he slept through his appointment (or didn’t have enough energy or whatever) /w his attorney and has given up altogether.

    • Stefan Adams

      Apparently guzzling however many cans of Red Bull he purchased wasn’t the solution for his sleeplessness problem.

  32. Stefan Adams

    Security at the Mexico City airport aren’t letting Bryan sleep on the floor. With the shit that’s going on in Ukraine right now everyone is probably a little on edge about weirdos acting weird in the airport.

    Bryan has a ticket onward from Mexico City to New York. Remains to be seen if he actually takes this flight.

    • Stefan Adams

      Still at JFK. Apparently the cops there don’t like seeing him sleep on the floor either. He claims others are sleeping there (maybe, but probably not on the floor) and that they’re targeting him only.

  33. Stefan Adams

    From Bryan’s latest video, I can confirm that he has passed through immigration / customs and is officially back in the USA. Hopefully this is a new chapter in his adventure. But he may just end up taking another flight out in a few days, so I’ll hold back the celebrations until then.

    Will we see more anonymous homosexual encounters in “Old Town” (Presidio Park) San Diego? Sleeping in front of “Old Town Church” again? I’m hoping for a new city this time. Would be funny if he ends up in New York. Judging by how those cops didn’t take any bullshit from him, I don’t think NYC would be great for him.

    Bryan says he lost another credit card and has no credit cards in his possession. Continues to whine about the mean ol’ cops who told him he wasn’t allowed to sleep.

    He claims other people were sleeping and his proof is a few people he shows on camera laying down (well, only one was just partially laying) or sitting inside of the airport right by the front doors (in what appears to be either the ticketing area or similar – not familiar with JFK). None of them were sleeping. Tew is “lying” in more than one way here.

  34. Stefan Adams

    Predictably, Bryan is siding with Russia in its invasion of Ukraine. He thinks American special forces are on the front lines fighting against Russia and bizarrely calls them “government contractors” (our special forces are part of our military, they are not some contracted out mercenaries).

    He says that Russians are being “cautious”, presumably that’s his way of describing Russia’s incompetent invasion that has left roads littered with Russian tanks looking for fuel. Russia has already lost (according to numbers published by Ukrainian sources) four thousand troops in just a few days of fighting. Compare to America, which lost about four thousand in a multi-year invasion and occupation of Iraq.

    I wouldn’t call that “cautious” or careful or anything like that, I’d call that outright incompetent and weak.

  35. Wet Nayrb

    According to his Facebook, Bryan is now at a homeless shelter for veterans in New York City.

    Is he even eligible to be there? It’s hard to find out legitimate information about Bryan’s life before he flipped out but I think he would have been 23 going on 24 during Operation Desert Storm in early 1991 plus Somalia and Bosnia later in the 1990s so it’s at least plausible that he served in the military in a combat theatre and so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt this isn’t just him taking a bed from a legitimate veteran.

    • Stefan Adams

      I don’t know his military history but it’s not his first time using the services of veterans groups before. He stayed briefly in a veterans shelter in San Diego.

      That’s where they found marijuana in proximity of his cot and was accused of possessing it by staff. Bryan decided to make a much bigger deal out of it by doing a video of himself with the staff of the shelter (the man in the video didn’t appreciate being made famous on YouTube and got YT to take it down). He also called police and in his video stated “marijuana is an ILLEGAL DRUG!!!!”, even though it was legal where he was at in California.

      He could have just said “No sir, it’s not mine and here you can look through my belongings, I don’t have any narcotics and I voluntarily submit to a drug test at any time” without all the drama queen nonsense.

      No idea if it was Tew’s weed but I found that entire exchange to be funny and over the top, in typical Tew fashion. In light of other things about him, I do have to wonder.

      It reminds me of that other video Tew likes to re-post of him finding those large purple panties (that happens to look like his size) in his luggage where he claims “they” are discrediting him. If he didn’t make the video, nobody else would know about the panties but him. Now everyone wonders if Tew is a crossdresser. He’s probably posted the purple panties video a hundred times now. So fucking weird.

    • Wet Nayrb

      Okay, Bryan says he served with the National Guard in Kosovo around 13 minutes in during this mostly audio-only video at the Veteran’s Hospital and, considering he’s somewhere where they would presumably confirm his military record, I see no reason to doubt him on that particular matter.

      Not that I’m not going to criticize him for prominently displaying a can of Red Bull while showing us how poorly he’s sleeping at the beginning of the video, as if there’s no connection between guzzling energy drinks and not sleeping well.

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