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Bryan Tew Spanish Refugee Shelter Adventures

New post since the comments section on the other one was getting long.

Bryan has left the shelter. Not really clear if his departure was voluntary:

His departure comes less than a day after he got in trouble for handling out religious tracts to other refugees. I’m not really one to impugn on his religious beliefs but I could see why it could cause problems in a refugee shelter that probably has a lot of Muslims and the staff are probably just wanting to keep everything peaceful.

I think it’s funny that he talks about “I went to law school” and claims to know the law, yet his legal education as far as I know did not cover the legal system of Spain so he’s full of shit in that regard.

Another reason why the shelter would want to be rid of him, apart from the fact that his claim to be a refugee is completely bogus, is the fact that he was living like a total pig in unsanitary conditions:


  1. Ima Nonomus Tew

    The Red Cross told him they couldn’t help him.
    Actually had a meeting with him.
    I bet he recorded it, but it didn’t go his way so has likely already been erased. Where to next? He hasn’t been to the Indian subcontinent yet. Perhaps he should try them next.

  2. Sasha

    Well, he’s on his way to the hospital again. Some kind of “rapid infection”
    The refugee center kicked him out and the hotel that he’s at is probably sick of his shit.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      And either he was not allowed to record or they fixed his boo-boo and told him to f-off.
      Or both.
      I choose both.

  3. Ima Nonomus Tew

    And either he was not allowed to record or they fixed his boo-boo and told him to f-off.
    Or both.
    I choose both.

  4. Ima Nonomus Tew

    OMG! I almost posted his picture thinking it was his fat, pasty, hairy ass.
    Apparently Bryan has a fat, pasty, hairy back as well.
    With a boo-boo. Listed as an “injury.” Waiting to hear about the wallthingy/coat hook/pipe/or whatever attacked him, because provocateurs, torture, medical cointel pro, crazy delusion surely did it.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah, the dude is a hairy freak. I saw that picture and thought it was back acne or similar that got rubbed raw. Some injury.

  5. Sasha

    Mosquito bite or boil. Or maybe the government provocateurs are sending tiny fake bugs to bite and spy on him. Maybe they inject microchips.
    Maybe he just needs to take that flat hairy ass back to the dark bathrooms at San Diego’s pick up park.

  6. Ima Nonomus Tew

    In what is a brief moment of enlightenment, Bryan Tew has realized that when in Spain, you US rights don’t mean s#it. They don’t want him at the shelter, although he feels since he left voluntarily they should, he can’t find a bed he can afford, the police don’t want him laying in the street… In Spain, when they tell you to do something and and you don’t, they will arrest and/or fine you. Surprise, Bryan, that’s called “laws.”
    Bryan Tew is also whining about Spanish people being unable to speak English. That should be a clue that he has failed to acclimate to environs he chooses to attempt to claim as a new home. When you choose Spanish speaking countries, at least make an attempt at learning the language. More than tourist speech and ‘policia” and “intelligentsia.” That you do not makes you look insincere, boorish, ignorant, and very much a douche.

  7. Wet Nayrb

    Looks like another wasted plane ticket, this time to Belgrade, Serbia, since Bryan still seems to be in Spain.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      But it’s hypergame theory that he was running out of money and has to sleep on the 105°F streets! He also is continuing to call every place that has already turned him down and/or refused to talk with him.
      And the Red Cross. The only entity he has actually shown told him directly that they were not able to help.
      I am surprised he hasn’t had someone from the US embassy intervene. He is obviously seriously mentally ill and unable to care for himself. Yikes. It would be for the best to be hospitalized in the US. I cannot imagine that anyone would be able to help in another language, even if the staff spoke perfect English.
      I also think that his booboo on his back is simply him picking at himself coupled with his poor hygiene.
      How long is it going to be before he hits bottom? He is amazingly resilient.

    • Stefan Adams

      It took me a while to catch on but I finally realized that 90% of the time when Tew shows a capture from a booking website, he hasn’t actually purchased it yet. I do recall a few days ago there was some drama with a different attempted booking involving Iberia Airlines; his credit card wasn’t going through on that one either.

  8. Sasha

    So far, he’s managed to overstay his time in Spain, get meds, keep his hair dyed, stay overweight, shave, not get covid and keep his phone charged.

  9. Stefan Adams

    He’s got a new video up on Facebook. Complaining that he’s out of money and the social services agency won’t help him.

    • Stefan Adams

      … if he’s really out there living on the streets and starts becoming a nuisance, he might just find himself on a flight back to the states

      • Ima Nonomus Tew

        The best thing could happen to him.
        You are supposed to self-quarantine for 14 days after entering the country from Spain. Given it’s the beginning of the month, he might have his SSDI by then, but I doubt he would expect to pay for housing. If he acts strange enough, maybe he’ll finally be 51-50d .
        Yeah, right…????

  10. Stefan Adams

    The homeless shelter is having him moved to some kind of shelter for the mentally ill. Not really sure if this is a mental asylum per se. Bryan is complaining about being exposed to all the COVID-positive people – all while demonstrating improper mask wearing. I’m surprised he would agree to it.

  11. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Unable to travel anywhere or pay for his own room and board, Bryan was put into a homeless shelter. He said it is full of both the Covid-19 and the mentally ill.
    Good job, Spain. It’s perfect.

  12. Stefan Adams

    Well that didn’t last long. Some sort of dispute about where he is allowed to lay down. He was whining about how “they” sent someone to share his room, as if he is entitled to a private suite and apparently he got in trouble for lounging around somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be. Now he’s leaving the shelter.

  13. Stefan Adams

    Bryan left the shelter of his own accord. He’s complaining that they won’t return his belongings to him. He’s refusing to sign discharge paperwork so they’re holding on to his stuff. Bryan’s take is that he doesn’t want to sign any papers that says he’s leaving voluntarily even though that’s exactly what’s happening.

    Bryan is spinning it that he wasn’t being allowed to lay down, but listening to the video, it sounds like that the attendant/whoever is telling him that he’s not allowed to lay in certain places. I’m having a hard time making it out but it’s sounding like he was laying down in some other area where they didn’t want him. I think it has to do with Tew not wanting to be in the room with other people or something.

    In one of these video’s he’s also claiming that they took away his personal wheelchair that he owned. I don’t know if that’s true (Bryan lies a lot) but if it is true, they did him dirty on that. It could also just be a simple language barrier issue.

  14. Stefan Adams

    Bryan has been at a hostel the last few days. No mention about if he ever sucked up his pride and signed his release forms to get his belongings back (I’m betting he did and doesn’t have the courage to admit it to his audience). Anyway, he’s trying to make his way to Barcelona so he can bum around at a refugee camp there.

    Also, he had some kind of altercation at the hostel. According to Bryan, he was talking to staff about something (which he hasn’t elaborated on) and supposedly a “perp” in a white shirt opened a door for him. He’s made several posts about how terrible that was and how suddenly he has this urge to kill the dude in the white shirt.

  15. Ima Nonomus Tew

    If he gives the name of the hostel, it is worth reporting. A sane person does not “burn with white hot rage” over a courtesy. He hasn’t yet, but I think Bryan has the potential to go postal.
    Or get arrested or beat down for “forced” jerking off.
    But he seems to be walking now. Probably because he has to.

    • Stefan Adams

      He already left that hostel and now he’s in Barcelona. I agree with you though.

      He took a train ride to Barcelona to play more games with the asylum / refugee program since he didn’t have any luck in Madrid (he certianly didn’t make a good impression with the local staff with his shitty behavior). I don’t know why he thinks he’s going to have better luck there.

      I haven’t heard him talk about the “forced” masturbation in a while. He’s either become smart enough to realize that it makes a really bad impression to broadcast that information to the world or his castration injection is working for time being.

      • Ima

        Found the latest hostel and gave them a heads-up. The “game was already beginning, because his was the last available. Considering how cheap Spain is right now, I am not surprised, but hey, I think like a normal person who considers things like not being able to leave the country, so let’s visit within the borders. And he will probably see a few of them, because the desk clerk was getting freaked about the whole mask and video thing. His weirdest video/picture was him wondering how someone knew he spoke English. With his total lack of self, he should know that he obviously , PAINFULLY obviously, an American. He’s overweight, sloppy, doesn’t speak the language, doesn’t understand personal and reasonable societal rules of behavior…he’s a stupid American, just waiting to get robbed and beat up. That he hasn’t yet threatens my belief in Karma.

      • Wet Nayrb

        “He took a train ride to Barcelona to play more games with the asylum / refugee program since he didn’t have any luck in Madrid (he certianly didn’t make a good impression with the local staff with his shitty behavior). I don’t know why he thinks he’s going to have better luck there.”

        Maybe Bryan thinks that, since it’s Catalan, Spain, he’ll have better luck there than in regular Spain.

        It’s also a fairly short trip to Andorra from Barcelona. I don’t think Bryan has applied for asylum in Andorra yet.

        • Ima

          They would probably see any attempt he makes as “asylum shopping.” That’s when you are granted refugee in one country, then use that to attain asylum in another country with better benefits. As no one has ever made the leap as to make him legally recognized as a true “refugee”, that makes it more likely he won’t get ever reach that status, he might have problems getting ANYWHERE, for that reason. He has been told he cannot and will not be given asylum from the Red Cross, and the UN and all the countries he has tried has not gotten him any further than his own fevered imagination. As time goes on, it might be hard for him to go anywhere or do anything. Except ship him back to the US.
          Or Africa. He hasn’t tried anywhere in Africa. Perhaps he should try that.?

          • Wet Nayrb

            I was at least half-joking with the Andorra suggestion, they don’t seem to get many asylum claims over there. Basically zero.


            That could work in Bryan’s favor, if they have any refugee centre at all in Andorra, it’ll likely be empty so there will be no roommates to bother him.

            The downside to Andorra is that they seem to prefer people seeking permanent residence to speak Catalan (which surprised me, I thought French and Spanish were also likely to be official languages due to it being right on the borders of both France and Spain but, according to Wikipedia, it’s just Catalan) and we all know how much patience Bryan has with languages that aren’t English.

        • Wet Nayrb

          >Maybe Bryan thinks that, since it’s Catalan, Spain, he’ll have better luck there than in regular Spain.

          Off topic but it bothers me that I accidentally wrote “Catalan” (the language) instead of “Catalonia” (the semi-autonomous region) when I do know the difference between the two.

  16. Stefan Adams

    Some more updates – Bryan’s castration is wearing off. He’s having more homosexual nightmares. He went in a few days ago to get another dose of Lupron. There’s an awkward video of him in the doctor’s office while the injection is being prepped and the doctor shying away from the camera. The whole situation is comical and absurd.

    I take it he never recovered his belongings from the previous shelter. He’s got another video up about how he spent $1500 on a new Apple MacBook with spiel about how his belongings were taken from him (read: he refused to sign his release paperwork to retrieve his luggage). Again, totally absurd. He could have purchased a $200 laptop with Windows 10 from an electronics store or some place like Costco and it would have provided the same capabilities he is looking for.

    Note that Bryan has a new YouTube channel. He has received three copyright strikes on his old channel due to his constant uploading of movie trailers and other content he does not have the legal rights to reproduce on his channel. He should know better as a wannabe lawyer but apparently not. The videos below are from his new channel so just click though there.

  17. KF

    Watch the youtube video: Dr. James Giordano neuroweapons targeted individuals Mkultra. Dr. Giordano paints a grim future with the military with regards to neuroweapons. You seem to doubt that this technology exists but Dr. Giordano’s lecture to a military academy class seems to suggest otherwise.

    Why do you think these patents (voice of god, etc.) are benign or that TI’s take them out of context and they are not really weapons? The microwave auditory effect has been discussed openly as being a weapon and has been used by our government.

    Take Bryan’s case out of the equation because you seem to have some sort of personal vendetta against him. Yes, he can appear psychotic and at times doesn’t make sense. However, someone who is targeted with these directed energy weapons would have neuropsychiatric issues. How is it possible that over a million people report similar problems. Most of them don’t fit the diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia. I read that they call it mass delusions or something ridiculous like that. When doctors don’t have the answers they tend to blame the victim.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      The same way it has been happening for centuries. Made worse by the internet, where crazies are finally able to pat each other’s backs. And share stories. And create symptoms. It’s the downside to social media. People who would be TI on the internet today were the paranoid delusional people in asylums , prisons, and caves centuries ago. If you follow a few, and I have, their stories are the same, their symptoms are the same, their delusions are all the same, but the DETAILS are all different. Who is right, the USGov bunch, the Masonic believers, the satanists, the Catholics, some other obscure cult, the NWO…everyone claims a different “who” is doing “things” to them. The only thing all TI’s agree on is that they are not crazy. But most have actual mental health problems diagnosed in their histories. If TI’s didn’t have the internet to spread their story, there would not be any TI’s, but a lot more paranoid delusional in hospitals, asylums, and prisons.

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