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Bryan Tew Hospitalized

After about 4-5 days of no activity, Bryan has just posted a new update on Facebook indicating he was hospitalized with symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

He says his symptoms began around April 2. He did not mention anything about it until now and we can see videos from around that time forward where he’s interacting with people which is incredibly irresponsible on his part.

He claims that his test came back negative, which I find dumbfounding. He has either gotten over the virus by the time he was tested or that this is just an incredible coincidence that he has COVID-19-like symptoms that were caused by something else. Or he’s lying about it.


  1. Sasha

    Geez, there he is again, talking about his $10000.00 in Brooks Brothers clothing that went missing on the way to South America.
    Does anyone believe that he owns or needs 10 grand of designer clothing?
    Now he’s back in a hotel he says that he can’t afford, still being “stalked” but providing the location and even the room number.

    • RJ

      That is the nicest hotel Tew has ever stayed in. And he even told us room 4036 or whatever it was. How is he paying for this? Is he just going to skip out on the bill? Or did they put him up in whatever hotel was available as part of some pandemic situational accommodation? He’s going to be stuck in Spain for the next couple months. This is going to get boring really fast. I always liked US based Tew way better. He got into way more trouble. Getting beat up in restrooms, owning a car and a scooter, fighting with hospital staff.

      • Wet Nayrb

        >Or did they put him up in whatever hotel was available as part of some pandemic situational accommodation?

        That’s what I’m assuming otherwise I doubt the hotel would’ve let him stay there. At minimum, they’d probably have figured out by now that he can’t afford to stay there if the government wasn’t paying them.

  2. Ima Nonomus Tew

    I love how he somehow manages to make the whole global event happening centered on him. And him leaving the phone off the hook is not going to endear him to the hotel staff. With the way he basically trashes everywhere he has been, I fear sorry for the maintenance crew, if he let’s them in at all.
    I’m pretty sure Brooks Brothers do not sell t-shirts, baggy shorts, and cargo vests. Or that anyone would buy him $10,000 worth of anything. It’s normal for him to exaggerate everything, especially about money, with the amount climbing the longer between videos.
    I hope “They” torture him out of that hotel, back to the streets where he fits in.

  3. Sasha

    Well, he’s back in the hospitality for “Pre-Covid 19”
    Camera phone in hand, he’s flopped on the bed like a carp, moaning about his heart and and the CIA to a hospital worker who only speaks Spanish.

  4. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Oh, boy. Spain just continued it’s lockdown for a further 8 weeks. He better start using his time to learn Spanish so he doesn’t think everyone is just playing a game.
    I know he won’t but I can dream.

  5. Wet Nayrb

    Well, Bryan’s been spamming Facebook with the same crap he’s re-posted hundreds of times including the CIA haunted house post, so at least we know he’s not dead from Covid-19. I’d imagine he’s still in the hospital, though. I can’t imagine he could just walk out of this one like he does every other time he’s been in the hospital in the past.

  6. Sasha

    Hysterical! He’s waiting for his stimulus check from a government that he hates and his SSDI from a government that he hates so that he can flee Spain. And won’t those Iranians welcome him and his evidence!
    Yeah, he’ll show ‘em.

  7. Ima Nonomus Tew

    His hubris will be his downfall. He has been putting his “evidence” on the internet for several years. So Iran won’t have anything new to know about him should they take the time to Google Search and watch is videos.
    And his “evidence” is just his imagination working overtime. He imagines a man is an “agent” spying on him, he mistakes what he is told as a threat, then he stretches that into felonious charges.
    If he gets into Iranian state territory, he better hope it is an embassy. If he makes it into beyond the Iranian borders, he could get thrown away, without money, without internet access and making a fool of anyone who took him seriously… not a good country to piss off.

    This covid19 has TI’s all mixed up. “The government is torturing me, but I sure can use that stimulus money.” And “This is the start of the NWO,” but no FEMA camp round-ups. Another TI I follow is certain that there will be food shortages, yet went to two “fancy” grocery stores and was able to get everything she wanted…with her stimulus money. When all her dire predictions don’t come through I worry about her mental state. She is mentally and intellectually disabled, and being a TI is really all she has. She alienates everyone including her entire family, is unemployable, feels everyone is punishing her, and believes the 8 year old son of the lady she is renting a room from is a perp. While we will have a new normal, nothing she sees as “truth” will happen. She will only get worse.

  8. Sasha

    Iran will not let him have unfettered access to the Internet if his fantasy of getting there ever come true that is and he no use to them.

    Another thing, how does he get food? He’s as plump as a spring hog yet he never talks about eating. He doesn’t speak Spanish!
    Yeah, bad time to be a wanna be TI. One Vanessa Dobbins on Youtube is sitting in a wreak of car with her dog in Maryland, smoking and cussing and getting zapped with handheld directed energy weapons. She’s demanding her stimulus check too. I’m feeling bad for the dog but hearing that she wanted her mother buried with dirt from Jim Morrison’s grave was kind of a hoot.

    • Wet Nayrb

      >Iran will not let him have unfettered access to the Internet if his fantasy of getting there ever come true

      True but Iranians still have much better Internet access compared to the citizen prisoners of Bryan’s other dream destination, North Korea.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      He is the classic example of an “ugly American.” He wants to live in a Spanish speaking country and hasn’t made any effort to learn the language. He is rude to anyone not Christian. He is a slob. He has no clue about his impression and social place. And he wants to go to Iran? And be Christian and rude to non-Christians? His sense of entitlement comes from being a US citizen, and is meaningless to others when you are in THEIR country.
      I’m surprised he hasn’t been arrested for abuse of their emergency and healthcare services. Who would help him then?
      The US Embassy. It’s their job. And if he refuses their aid, he’ll expect to be given an English-speaking lawyer and whine about his “rights.”

      • Stefan Adams

        Well he knows how to say “policia” very well, lol.

        Unrelated, he appears to have an appointment on Wednesday to get a Lupron shot. That’s the chemical castration drug he’s used in the past.

        Just trying to imagine how that conversation went. Do doctors dispense that sort of drug off-label for that purpose without some kind of referral from a psychiatrist?

  9. Wet Nayrb

    Bryan Tew posted a video from someone else, I’m not sure who it is but I’ll just call him “Goku T-shirt T.I.”.

    “Goku T-shirt T.I.” is in the subcategory of targeted individuals who post long rants they film while driving where they spend an alarming amount of time looking at the camera instead of the road, because distracted driving is totally okay if it’s done in the process of shooting a Youtube video about the exotic military hardware or whatnot that you think your neighbors are zapping you with. See also “Vulcan Wolverine” and “Targeted Individual” (Kevin Christian).

    • Anonymous

      Who stuck him
      Stick and move.
      Watch him run around with his head cut off.
      Drink a Tequila Shot. It relaxes everyone else.
      Life moves slowly.

      • Anonymous

        Nice play. There is a girl I know who walks around with this shit every day. Watch Coyote Ugly. That is how the entire world functions. Actors are fuckin dorks. Just my opinion.

  10. Wet Nayrb

    Ha ha! Bryan Tew got an accurate diagnosis of “anxiety” from doctors who speak English well enough to know the word salads coming out of his mouth are just schizophrenic delusions.

    The ear damage he so often complains about is probably the result of a combination of listening to godawful Christian music too loud and overenjoyment of Oxycontin.

  11. Sasha

    He’s complaining the the embassy won’t hurry along his US Passport so he can find n his words, “A country that hates America”.
    Dude, just buy a bicycle and go.

  12. Ima Nonomus Tew

    He was allowed into the Iranian embassy and was ask to apply for asylum in writing.
    I hope they see watch the videos of him trying the online option. It shows him to be as tech savvy as he is same. Like all his “hacked” videos show. He’s not hacked, he just expects everything to do instantly what he thinks it should. Since Spain is still locked down, him getting a good internet signal 100% of the time is probably slim.
    Now we will see how modern Iran Intelligence and their similar agencies are regarding Googling people’s social accounts.
    And Bryan would do well to check out what living in Iran will be like. Internet? Likely access is both censored, filtered, and crappy signal. Get money from the US government being used out of a US bank card? Also not likely. Will the US put his money into an Iranian bank? Will the US still pay him monthly after he flees their control and renounces his citizenship?
    So many questions he hasn’t seemingly considered.
    And since Bryan is a rabid Christian, and openly contemptuous of other what he call “pagan” religions, how will he feel about being in a Muslim nation? Many Muslims are easily offended if you don’t honor their religion. Especially from a fat white guy from the USA.

    But I predict he will not get what he wants, and they will blow him off as a looney that they don’t want to have to babysit.
    Or if they let him in, he will want out, because the shadow government is in cahoots with the UN, and Iran is part of the UN.
    But we won’t know, because he’s not going to have freedom of speech and expression in Iran, and as an important US whistleblower able to take down the FBI, he probably won’t have access anyway.

    • Stefan Adams

      He’s already accusing the US of working with the Iranians behind closed doors at the embassy to deny him asylum. I’ve noticed in his last several posts that it is finally dawning on him that NOBODY wants him (took him this long to realize that); he’s accused the UN of having some sort of international protocol to deny him asylum wherever he goes.

      He was baffled that the embassy staff didn’t have a standard form for him to fill out for an asylum request. He was forced to write out his request on a blank sheet of paper. He’s really clueless to think Iran is some sort of place people go to to flee oppression to such an extent that they would have a form for him to fill out. People generally FLEE places like Iran for America.

  13. Stefan Adams

    He went to “Unidad Medica” to see a doctor about his gangstalking-induced injuries, as well as to see a urologist to get castration drugs. First doctor wrote up a prescription for more exercise. That really made me laugh out loud.

    He explained what he wanted to the urologist and that apparently shocked the urologist to the point where he (the doc) wanted to dial up a catholic priest. Not sure a catholic priest would be someone I would call for issues of unwanted sexual thoughts but whatever, the whole situation is hilarious to me.

    • Stefan Adams

      The other interesting thing to me is that Bryan apparently goes around everywhere with a tape recorder on him. I knew he liked to record things but just not to this extent. He does this without informing other people about the recording, which is illegal in a lot of places.

      • Wet Nayrb

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Bryan’s recording using an app though some schizophrenic T.I.s like Leslie Williams, the woman who lives in a tent in a gully in suburban San Diego, actually do carry around digital recorders to record “proof” of people around her saying “gangstalking”, “Oh My God”, “suck my dick” and whatever else she believes she’s hearing (it’s just pareidolia, she hears what she believes she’s going to hear in the muffled audio).

        She brags of having thousands of hours of “evidence” but the only time I ever hear anyone besides her actually saying “gangstalking”, it’s just other people repeating what she just said.

        • Sasha

          Leslie is a kick, her recordings at the police station are worthy of a Saturday Night Live sketch. Unlike Bryan though, she manages to navigate her circumstances like a city possum; just under the radar.

          • Wet Nayrb

            Oh yeah, I don’t think Leslie is otherwise all that comparable to Bryan. She may be bonkers but she’s not generally rude to other people.

        • Wet Nayrb

          I should probably clarify that Leslie Williams hearing “gangstalk” in her muffled audio is pareidolia. I don’t doubt that she hears people actually saying “Oh my god” and “Suck my dick”, probably the former much more often than the latter, but people saying “Oh my god” are doing so without being prompted by some super shadowy agency of evil specifically to gaslight her. “Oh my god” is a common thing people say all of the time.

  14. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Uh-oh…Bryan is now have moments of “white hot rage” and killing stalkers. Not quite a threat, but similar to other people who kill people then themselves and are part of the TI fan base.

    His claims of studying the bible and knowing more than any priest made me laugh. He knows the Bible as much as he knows about networks and other computer functions.
    Which is squat.

  15. Stefan Adams

    Bryan claims to have received his Lupron shot. Hopefully we won’t have to deal with the TMI about when and where he’s jerking off for a little while.

    He does seem to be losing it again; he appears to be back in his manic state. He’s calling the cops, refugee agencies, and the usual litany of embassies of countries not friendly to the US government. He’s popping pills like crazy, can’t sleep, etc.

    He also wrote a rambling incoherent email to the Iranian embassy and the Spanish outpost of the UNHCR about “microwaves torture microwaves ears” (rough paraphrase) but no specific request for anything.

    Another detail that’s interesting to me is that he’s including his lungs in his torture reports and claiming (in some posts, anyway) that he can’t breathe and etc. If he couldn’t breathe he would be dead but I digress. An interesting coincidence with the whole COVID-19 thing.

    I don’t know if he’s adding his breathing to his usual list of complaints try to get free medical care under the auspices of having COVID-19 or if it’s some sort of psychological power of suggestion making him think his lungs are failing him.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      If the doctor was worried it would go against the Catholic church, which I could see as our family doctor would not give my father a vasectomy 50 years ago, giving him a placebo wouldn’t be a problem. Or he might have figured the nut bag diagnosing himself and demanding a particular drug should not breed. Either way, I’ve always thought his theory about why he needs it is crazy.
      He is most definitely manic, and making less coherent demands all the time. The email he sent is surely a warning sign to Iran that he is a looney, and I won’t be surprised if Iran never contacts him. Or anyone else he spams and calls.
      I am still surprised the law has not contacted him about his multiple calls to their emergency line. That could get him into trouble, and it should.

  16. RonBenLubeBraindraino

    Video may 18th of mandarin Beijing China, notice how high pitched almost effeminate his voice has become unless he’s doing this on purpose. He phases between his normal voice and Alabama persona country hick idiot persona when he finds it benefits him. So maybe now playing a wee little victim?

    • Stefan Adams

      I’m assuming this is old footage as he’s definitely not in Beijing right now, unless he’s doing a voiceover on top of old footage.

      He has been screwing around with chemical castration meds (test blockers to help stop his obsessive compulsive masturabtion and other sexual behaviors he’s ashamed of) off and on the past few years so it’s possible that those drugs feminized his voice during that time, though I have never noticed that before, so it may just be an issue with the recording or editing.

      He still owes that hospital about $4500 – notice how he proudly shows off the bill that they keep sending him every few months. He had medical insurance that was supposed to be good for international travel but they rescinded his coverage because he lied to the insurance company when applying for coverage (did not disclose his pre-existing conditions). He was in the middle of getting some tests when the hospital was on the phone to get insurance authorization when it happened. So he got left with a bill but he absolutely refused to pay it and fled the hospital and the country. For someone who is supposedly severely injured and claims total disability, he sure has no trouble leaving a hospital on his own and globe trotting when it pleases him.

      He can damn well afford to, after that stunt he purchased a brand new scooter and a used car to play around with on the streets of San Diego.

    • Wet Nayrb

      It’s a repost of an old video, Bryan endlessly reposts his old stuff (he’s even worse with that on Facebook, see the CIA haunted house post that he’s re-posted, at minimum, hundreds of times).

  17. Sasha

    He showed himself at the Veterans Hospital in San Diego.
    How long was he supposedly in the military?

    Who is paying for his Spain hotel?

  18. Wet Nayrb

    Bryan’s complaining that he’s finding porn videos on Google Videos using the search term “Organized Stalking Spain viatec” (dunno what “viatec” is… “via tech”, maybe?) and it’s hypergame theory specifically targeting him.

    Considering I’m seeing thumbnails for the same video on the third page of results for the same search terms, I’m gonna say it’s less “hypergame theory” and more “spammers using thousands of unrelated search terms in their description or tags to try and game the system”.

    • Wet Nayrb

      Yes, I am fully aware that, if I find the same search results he does using the same search term, Bryan Tew will just claim that’s hypergame theory too to fool me into believing that the nefarious omnipresent “they” aren’t specifically targeting him.

  19. Ima Nonomus Tew

    I am waiting to see his video or audio of his PT visit. It will be a laugh. Figured it would go this way, since he is such a baby. Someone would have taken through a whole range of things like motion, strength and flexibility. And a good PT will know about fakers and somatic symptom disorders, like what I think Bryan does. I’m not saying he’s faking anything, but he seems to blow any twinge way out of proportion. And makes claims he can’t do things like walk when he just doesn’t try. And a good PT won’t say anything about what is normal and what is not until he is done testing. Bryan doesn’t like people telling him anything he doesn’t believe, so it probably went very wrong. The scoring he got from the prescribing doctor, 4/5 is GOOD. That he says he can’t walk, shows he just doesn’t want to walk, but is physically capable of doing so.
    Which he has shown all along.

  20. AA

    Oh, he has NO issues getting around. He struts like a turkey. I’ve followed him up a hill, down a hill – just going to work and by happenstance he was there and knowing his violent tendencies I stayEd behind and never tried to pass him. Sometimes I’d be having coffee at the place across From “Old Town Church” where he slept before he got his car and Vespa and see him strutting past without a care in the world. If he has drop foot, it is negligible and not something that stands out. I’ve seen people who have extreme drop foot and he doesn’t have it. BTW those 911 calls summoning help that he actually does not want, are deliberately vague as to where he is so that they cannot show up, to illustrate to his TI followers that this is just to mess with him. He is so “brilliant” but he doesn’t know he’s at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church on San Diego Avenue after camping there for two months? He knew exactly where he was and if he was in true need or fear of his life he wouldn’t take the time to pose and record the call on his iPad. He’d cough up the real location pronto. I continue to follow here because I know he is comfortable here and will return, and when he does I want to be aware of it.

  21. Ima Nonomus Tew

    I found a site that can translate from an image.
    Sounds like Russia is blowing him off, and has been since 2016. He must have a file.

    Dear Bryan,
    Your requests from September 13, 2016, recieved at the email address of the FSB of Russia, we have reviewed. The information provided is taken into account.
    Head of the Center,
    O K Mateev

    Which explains why he didn’t provide a translation. He is probably a bit stumped figuring out how the “Federal Security Service of Russia” is swayed by the US shadow government. Considering that the last time he tried he was turned away at the border, it should be a clue.
    But Bryan exists in another world, where normal cues of human interaction seem to ricochet around in his cerebral cortex, and self-destruct. Or he will understand what it is and make it go away, because if it is not what he wants and can’t be skewed for his purposes, he deletes and forgets.

  22. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Can’t stop laughing! He was fired by a doctor after one visit! If he needed medical help, besides stroking his self-diagnosing ass/ego, this would not have happened. They don’t refuse medical treatment if it is needed, or at the very least would have found him an alternative doctor to see along with the information how to reach the office, or even had an appoimtment already made. They don’t want him, and don’t want to make a colleague to hate them for sending Bryan Tew.
    Of course, this is all Conintel-pro to deny him needed medical treatment, documentation of his torture and his rights as a refugee to free medical care.
    Which I’m surprised he hasn’t been whining about yet.

    • Stefan Adams

      Ty, I see you commenting on Bryan’s videos so obviously you’re a fan boy of his. I would like to know what your opinion is of Bryan’s repeated instances of sexualizing children on his Facebook posts. This week he made a post about having uncontrollable urges of lust immediately followed by a picture of a very young child. This isn’t actually the first time he’s made a post like this so it’s definitely NOT a coincidence.

      Can you in good conscience continue to be on Bryan’s side after he does something like that?

    • Sasha

      No shit! That made my skin crawl too. Where did that image come from and why did he post it? Nuts totally nuts

  23. Sasha

    Using a reverse search, I found the photo on the Mom’s Facebook and I messaged her Immediately. The little girl has cerebral palsy and her Facebook is to keep friends and family apprised of her progress.

    I don’t know what his purpose is but it’s fucked up anyway.

  24. Ima Nonomus Tew

    He went live on FB. So I commented. Asked him stuff. He didn’t answer. He censored, filtered, and blocked me! Imagine. Someone who whines constantly his stuff has all of that done to it, but he does it to a freakin’ housewife from Indiana. Duplicity again, Bryan. You can’t abhor CENSORSHIP then do it yourself. You just want an audience who believes you. It’s called “folie a`u deux.” You tell stories, someone with similar mental health issues thinks “that happens to me, too” and you all meet each other on the internet, simultaneously eating up other’s stories and spewing out your own. Which is just sad. When other countries research you, they will have the same idea: THIS GUY IS NUTS.

    I have screenshots of the comments made while I could. Not a good time now, but I’ll publish and share them when I can.

    • Wet Nayrb

      “Folie à deux” almost describes the discussions in nearly every Vulcan Wolverine T.I. livestream except it’s not “Folie à deux”, it’s “Folie à plusieurs douzaines” (several dozen).

      Bryan and Kyle (Vulcan Wolverine) have actually been referencing each other a couple of times lately.

  25. Stefan Adams

    Bryan’s new boogeyman is INTERPOL. He’s claiming that it is INTERPOL who is causing problems for him all over the world and uses them to explain why China and Russia isn’t doing shit for him and why he’s being beaten up all over the world. Basically it’s dawning on him that nobody wants to help him, including Iran, so he has to invent a new conspiracy theory to explain it.

    He made an awkward video pointing at his chest to explain it all.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      He left the comments open again. I told him to look at his e-visa video again. That he was wrong, no one was blocking him. Of course, the comment was removed. I’ve not yet checked if he has removed that video or not. He is removing and reposting at a manic rate.
      That he thinks the Iranian embassy in another country is going to give him a different result proves he’s insane.
      That he got hung up on from his only “hope” is hilarious.

  26. Sasha

    Did anyone see his Passport? It was a reissue of a lost one. This one still expires on June 15, 2020.
    No visa can be issued for an airline ticket If the passport expires in 6 months. He can’t get a visa for any passport that expires in 8 days.

    • Stefan Adams

      Lol, I didn’t zoom in on that. Yeah, he’s screwed.

      I was about to remark that he finally figured how how to get his photo from PDF to a JPG. Previously in that Internet cafe he claimed the CIA blocked him from applying because the evisa website wasn’t accepting his PDFs and now it seems he’s figured out that wasn’t the case.

  27. Ima Nonomus Tew

    He is manic today, reposting about 10 videos in less than an hour.
    It still puzzles me that people believe he is such an expert, yet his videos are repeats, right down to the cut and paste intros.

    But what I REALLY like is the picture he chose for a thumbnail about the hearing doctor. She looks drunk. Like her speech would be slurrying. It is not flattering to her and it doesn’t seem like something to draw people to watch it. I know she wasn’t, but stil…
    I also love how his Ecuadorian lawyer who was turned into whatever his bad guy du jour happens to be at the moment, is still considered by Bryan to be absolutely truthful of everything he told Bryan. Bryan is so blinded by his storyline he doesn’t see the disconnect. Why would someone messing with his medical records and tests give him nothing but positive news about results? And the woman speaks Spanish for what has to be a few sentences, which the lawyer interprets with a few words.
    Bryan, DISCERNMENT. Look it up.

  28. Sasha

    No Bryan, a “game” didn’t cause you to need a new passport.
    Your passport was expiring in 4 days you idiot.
    Why the embassy didn’t ship him back to the US is a mystery.

  29. Ima Nonomus Tew

    And he thought he could record things in the US embassy? Hello?
    Uh, first, you need to ask, Bryan. Especially if you get to Iran. If they found out you were secretly recording things, you would likely be arrested for espionage. Since there is no US embassy in Iran, you would be on your own.
    Unless Iran decided to release you due to healfh issues.
    MENTAL HEALTH. Which is why they hang up on you and won’t let you in.
    But Iran’s with medical establishment and lack of guman rights, means that would be miraculous.

  30. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is baffled that the Iranians are skeptical of his claims and don’t want to let him into Iran. They told him (rightly so) that if he already has medical evidence (of whatever bogus maladies he claims to have) then why does he need to get yet more medical tests done. That’s all that Bryan ever does, he gets pointless medical test one after another and never gets any treatment (besides narcotics).

    He’s doubling-down on this claim that Iran is part of some international conspiracy against him when all they did was point out the flaws in his logic.

    It doesn’t dawn on him that Iran has reasons to be paranoid of Americans. As far as Iran is concerned (worst case), Tew could be a government agent trying to concoct a bullshit cover story to get into their country. Best case, Tew is going to cause trouble and rack up medical debt that he won’t pay for. Why would they want you, Bryan? You have nothing to offer this authoritarian regime.

    • Wet Nayrb

      I think the only reason Iran would let Bryan in would be as a “useful idiot” American they could incarcerate to use as leverage in negotiations with the US government.

  31. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Bryan, Bryan, Bryan.
    The only person who believes your claims is YOU.
    The only entity that believes you are a refugee, from anything other than compulsory behavior health facilities, is YOU.
    The US government, whether real or your “Shadow” delusions, Interpol, Satanists, and any country you have tried, are not interested in anything you think you know, and actually do know you have nothing.
    The only person who has said they believe was your shyster lawyer, who you think was turned against you. The more tests you took, the more time he spent with you meant only he was padding your bill. He did not believe you, and I think his law firm at the time did not want you as a client, which would explain why he never met you there. Heck, if he had been in the states I would have contacted the Bar in the state and ask them to look into the ethics of him leading on someone who is so obviously nuts. He took advantage of you gullible ass, and you were too nuts to understand. Which is sad.
    Come back home. You need help.

  32. Wet Nayrb

    Bryan Tew is now complaining about “memory erasure” which is “totally different you guys” from the “forgetting stuff” that normal people who are not targeted by science fiction supercomputers experience all the time.

  33. Sasha

    Back to the hospital he goes, taken there by a taxi driver that has done everything he asks and then gets treated like shit, can’t even close the frickin door Baby Bry?
    Now he’s at the hospital, gasping like a grooper and bitching about microwaves. No doubt the hostel is thrilled to have his bed empty.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      And his description of what happened is not what his videos show.
      The cabbie is driving fast, but was called to take an injured person to the hospital, so had he driven like a little old lady, Bryan would bitch about.
      Bryan is the one who opened the door and didn’t shut it. He aalso exited the car and walked behind it to take a video of his license plate.
      But his 2nd video in his continuing saga shows him sprawled out on the sidewalk. If he fell, it’s his own stupid fault. I think it was another “slow fall”, like in the first cabby video. Fall, meaning get to the ground safely to look bad, but not injuring himself.
      I think he freaked the cabbie out, and that the cabbie wanted police assistance in dealing with the nutcase in his cab.

      • Wet Nayrb

        Isn’t the clip of him on the floor in the 2nd video from the supermarket incident in Ecuador in 2017 where he just lied down for a couple of hours (I think he claims he was punched) and the staff gave him all the attention he deserved (next to nothing)?

      • Wet Nayrb

        Oh, I hadn’t seen the first video all of the way through. Yeah, he’s on the sidewalk because maybe something minor happened that he exaggerates was an altercation or maybe he just wants you to think something happened for because he’s fishing for headpats from his paranoid schizophrenic fanbase, just like he did with the Ecuador supermarket incident.

        • Ima Nonomus Tew

          Yeah, I’m sure he considers his video evidence of assault, but when he is getting the tag, he is walking just fine. He chose to lay on the ground and whine. Again.
          But is able to maintain his image just fine. Again.

          The other TI I follow is also going nuts. Well, MORE nuts.
          She was certain that the woman’s center were all perps and “narcissistic abusers” because they had rules. And she just got a motel mad at her claims of bedbugs. She has a picture of one bed bug, on top of the bed. But the motel manager didn’t know that she was insane and brought bedbugs in her stuff when she rented a room. I think they are in her stuff. They gave her back the deposit , but not the three nights paid, told her to leave, and called the cops on her for trespassing. She also has decided that she needs $$upport so she can fulfill her calling of writing THREE books. No paying job, she’ll be an author. She won’t let it be edited, either. She has a degree in Spanish language, but has never been fluid, so it’s kind of useless. Or if someone gives her a car she can travel and be a travel blogger. Or if someone could only give her a house of her own, so she can be her own boss in her own business. Because working on a job is just too stressful, and anyone not her is a perp.
          Is there a full moon?

          • Wet Nayrb

            Hmm, sounds like a Youtube TI I remember who kept on drifting from coast to coast and back again in the southern USA. She imagined that her ex-boyfriend was in every other car and that he was responsible for things like motel room thefts, people giving her dirty looks, and being magically able to change the music on the radio to send her a subliminal message every time she went into a supermarket. (It turned out that her ex-boyfriend was stationed at a military base in Kansas, if I remember correctly.) She was always getting into shouting matches with any poor store worker or church attendant who had the misfortune of getting on her bad side, which was the only side she had.

            Last I heard, she was in jail in Florida for assault.

  34. Ima Nonomus Tew

    In the never ending documentation that Bryan Tew is totally unaware of social cues, he seems shocked and insulted that the email address given him by Iran’s people.
    They have hung up on him, they have blocked his calls, (I think) they block his emails, they have told him no, they have tried to placate him with an interview… What is it going to take for Bryan to understand Iran doesn’t want his craziness and would prefer he go bother someone else?
    Bryan, embassies in every single country all work for tbe same government, and all have the same people to discuss national matters with. If the Iranian embassy in Spain considers you an undesirable, then every other single embassy will consider you the same. They don’t need to talk with you, they don’t need anything you could possibly send them, they don’t need more time to discuss you with more people, they do not want you. They are being polite and hospitable, because they are Muslim, and that is part of the culture. But remember, they also jail Christians, execute people, make people disappear, and have zero tolerance for people screwing with them.
    North Korea bombed something in the DMZ today. You might want to apply there, while they are distracted.

    • Sasha

      Was the Youtuber the AA woman who imagined that Michael was following her everywhere?
      Man, she could get foul and really racist. She was screaming obscenities at two little Hispanic kids in a laundromat and I couldn’t believe that the mom didn’t give her a beat-down.
      She was always in the south but one day, I looked and she was filming a place and cussing at a store only a mile away from me in coastal California. What were the odd, her and Bryan only 30 miles apart?

      • Wet Nayrb

        Yeah, it was the woman being stalked by Michael and his endless fleet of completely different cars not to mention his ability to teleport anywhere in the United States from Kansas, where he was stationed.

        I remember this one time she got a lot of stuff stolen from a motel room in… was it Phoenix? There were some shifty looking guys hanging around the motel who seemed like they could’ve been thieves but, nope, it was obviously Michael who she named in the police report.

  35. Sasha

    Well, his time in the Madrid refugee camp is done. They’ve kicked him to the curb…the everlasting story continues.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      Do you think he will be able to escape before he gets kicked out?
      I really, really want to see him get kicked out. The butthurt would be EPIC. He might implode. And since he records everything (but posts only what he thinks is in his favor, he’ll have the audio.

  36. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Dear God, will his suffering never end? He is now pleading with Russia and China because his ears itch.
    How can he go on?

    The real question is why someone official doesn’t just sit him down and tell him the only person on the planet who thinks he is a refugee is him, so please cease and desist.
    Or commit him to a mental healthcare facility for an indeterminate amount of time.

  37. Stefan Adams

    Bryan has a strange post up on Facebook. It’s a picture of a cast iron pot from Amazon and he’s saying that the supercomputer is forcing him to think about that particular product 50 times a day. That’s not particularly remarkable for Tew but what is remarkable is that Amazon shows the first name of one of his relatives and their zip code.

    I’m not interested in doxxing his innocent family members here, so I won’t repeat the information or link it. However I was able to put (relative’s name) Tew into Google and the fist result was an obituary for a gentleman that appears to be Bryan’s father and lists the (relative’s name) and Bryan’s name (spelled as Brian). So it’s most certainly his father.

    Mr. Tew (the father) looked like an interesting man, I just can’t imagine what it was like having to raise him and deal with his mental illness. Hopefully for them the worst of his mental illness didn’t come until he left the household.

    I’m not laughing, it’s just kinda sad to think about.

    • Wet Nayrb

      I wish I had saved the video but, back in his Nicaragua hostel days circa 2015 or 2016, Bryan Tew showed a video of himself putting an iron cauldron on his head to protect him from the remote neural monitoring supercomputer waves and he looked as ridiculous as you’d imagine.

      • Stefan Adams

        I vaguely recall that. Hilarious. He now admits that you can’t use metallic shielding or hide in an underground bunker. He claims the CIA has special algorithms to defeat the shielding, whatever that means. The mental gymnastics he goes through to avoid admitting that the problem is in his head.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      Clueless as usual. He is so self-centered he is unaware of current world events.
      He has met the qualifications of being a junkie, he’s just the US white middle class version, and uses prescription drugs.
      He also has not shown any video or comments about his PT. So something must not be going his way. Like walking normally. PTs are tough and don’t put up with people who are whining or faking. We know he can walk, he just doesn’t try. It destroys his narrative if he heals at all.
      Bryan, if you read this, ask for amitriptyline. It quiets your brain in a way different than sleeping pills. It is also not addictive. And I don’t think any doctor would balk at an Rx. The more sleeping pills you take, the less they work, and the more you need. Thats’s addiction.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      Do you think anyone has ever sat him down and told him he is not a refugee? I know he wouldn’t accept that conclusion, but it seems he has worn out his welcome at every country he contacts. When Iran and Russia refuse your calls from all over the world, he should have a clue.
      Or, most likely, his brain is stuck, like a broken record, trying to weave his delusions into unfriendly countries being run by the shadow US Government. It does not compute.
      But nothing does with Bryan. I left a comment on one of his videos asking why one video is sleep deprivation torture then the next being unable to stay awake. It has since been removed, without answer.
      Both are symptoms of barbiturate addiction and mental disease.
      No surprise there.

      • Stefan Adams

        He mentioned something a couple months back (when he was trying to leave Spain earlier) that the Germans (I think it was Germany) refused his request for asylum on the grounds that he was “asylum shopping” (not sure if that was the actual quote), I guess they did a quick Google on Bryan’s name and found he’s been playing this bogus game for a long time. That’s when he supposedly almost got deported back to America but somehow made it back to Spain.

        Anyway, here’s Bryan being confronted by the shelter’s staff over having a dirty room. Bryan denies having a dirty room so the lady says “use your own eyes” and Bryan pans the camera over to the pile of garbage on the floor, as if the viewer is supposed to believe Bryan vs. their own eyes, lol.

        • Ima Nonomus Tew

          He has been a slob just about everywhere he goes, and his own videos show it is true. No wonder they are (reported as being) openly hostile to him. It is likely therir job to keep the place clean and he likely doesn’t let them in his room around his stuff. I wonder if his personal hygiene is as bad. I’m thinking it is.

        • Sasha

          He’s a slob, look at his dirty jeans and who knows what else shoved on the floor. Did he imagine that a refugee center comes with laundry service too?
          Surely, the Spanish authorities have dealt with paranoid schizophrenics before this and why they are not demanding that our embassy ship him out of Spain is a mystery.

  38. AA

    I would imagine he reeks, based upon his footage of the mess he lived in when he was living in his car in San Diego with old rotten pizza boxes etc all over the place, and whatever is fuming out of his rotting teeth must be a joy from across the room. They’re rotting away because he obviously is not brushing them. Funny he never blames the government for his tooth decay. The issue with that is that they will get infected and without attention, that’s too close to his brain and heart, and cause severe damage or even death.

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