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Dr. Bryan Tew, Coronavirus Expert

The novel coronavirus will rewrite your DNA so that the government can control your mind.


  1. Ima Nonomus Tew

    I am trying the “false news” report feature on Facebook. It works for anti-vax nonsense, so his postings on both his accounts might get a special addition, with a facts check. Which will only serve to enflamed his paranoia about “censorship. ”
    I hope other people saw his secretly recorded plea for medical specialists to confirm his evidence of “torture.” And he wants them to produce a lawyer to accompany him for another hearing test, for “forensics.” Considering the orthopedist has already not found anything wrong with his back, spine, leg, and whatever else, and the xrays of his abdomen showed normal heart and lungs, AND all his medical tests he had previously showing nothing much more than age, weight, and lifestyle conditions, I can’t wait to see his posts about his medical visits on Monday. It should be good.
    Bryan keeps mentioning how many people are in this place, “thousands” is his estimate, yet he has his own dormitory? Did they figure out he was a problem to put with other people? Seems a waste of space and resources. That some Muslims were screaming at him in the cafeteria, and his zealously Christian LOUD sermons and music and “studying” I could see keeping him segregated so he doesn’t piss off the real refugees, who would be Muslims. He’s shown himself to be intolerant and downright rude about other religions.
    Meant to mention this above, but it’s too late to try editing, so I’ll just add it. That he has not shown more of the camp than his dorm and was recording his demands for medical treatment in audio only, makes me wonder if taping inside the camp is not allowed. I would not be surprised that was the case. I wonder what the IRC would feel about him recording surreptitiously. They might not be pleased. Also, because many of the refugees are from the Middle East, possibly some from Iran, how would they feel about his continuing attempts to contact Iran. Of course by now, they might even pay his cab fare and wave bye-bye gleefully.

  2. RJ

    So Tew is sure that the virus is part of a giant mind control conspiracy. And of all places, where does he keep wanting to go? Iran, and China.

  3. Stefan Adams

    Tew has his first run-in with legitimate refugees:


    Assault is Deliberately placing another human being in the immediate fear for their personal safety.

    Battery is the slightest touch in anger.

    Tactic used repeatedly in other Refugee Camps where I have sought ASYLUM. Done in a manner which appears common ordinary and expected to the casual observer.

    After I kept repeatedly ignoring them the Muslim Asylum Seekers (informant) began physically placing his hands on me.

    Apprx 1725 hrs Traiskirchen Refugee Camp Austria

  4. Ima Nonomus Tew

    First his definition of assault and battery won’t fly, because of his paranoia. He thinks anyone who merely brushes past him in a crowd is assaulting him. But, as the step daughter of an Iragi, Muslims do not take rudeness well. They almost think ignoring them is an personal assault on their character, the equivalent of saying they are lower than a dog. And, because they are so charitable (if they are offering you anything and you don’t take it or acknowledge it, you are saying “what you give me is shit” which is an insult. And makes them mad. Bryan’s lack of tact, lack of manners, intolerance of any religion but his, and his total unawareness of his “self” combined with his unrealistic “asylum” claim…I bet they are going to be happy when he leaves. The lack of hum whining about counterintellpro of his medical care, makes me really wonder how that went.

  5. Stefan Adams

    He’s out of the refugee camp. Posted a couple of videos. Looks ragged, probably will end up in a hospital soon pumped full of drugs and back to his usual self soon:

    Not really surprising to regular viewers here but he’s without his wheelchair and is up and about without any trouble. The wheelchair act ended when he left the camp I guess.

    • Stefan Adams

      Says he’s going back to Ecuador, land of easy to obtain pills. He’ll be bragging about his new score of oxy, xanax, and zopiclone soon, and he’ll be making a mess of whatever 3rd world hostel he decides to stay in this time. Perhaps we’ll get to hear about his forced orgasms with the local prostitutes.

  6. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Back to laying on the floor, thinking he is in a game and that he can ignore with law officers. They think he is drunk. And once again, he sabotages his own travel, by giving back the wheelchair they had given him to use instead of being an adult and trying to understand what questions were asked about it. His attitude will get him arrested, hopefully in a third world country where the concerns for his civil rights are not going to be high priority.
    Also, I’ve been told, and backed up on Google, that a break in an adult bone is a dark line on white bone. Which his xray does not show. And any xray I’ve seen with a broken bone, the radiologist has marked with an arrow showing the fracture. I’m calling BS. He likely thinking it’s “counterintelpro” and they wouldn’t tell him it was broken. So he looks at it sees a line, and makes his own diagnosis, which he hasn’t been correct about ever.
    How do people fall for his BS? He is wrong and cherry-picking the events in his life, not talking about things that don’t fit his mind, and wants pity for all the bad stuff. It’s cray.
    But so is he.

  7. Stefan Adams

    He’s posting sovereign citizen derp now. Claims TIs can convene their own grand juries and investigate government officials who are allegedly behind whatever delusion of the day is affecting them. As someone who spent a little bit of time in law school, he should know better than that – it doesn’t work that way.

    He also posted a video claiming TIs can go to Cuba to get medical treatment free of “medical cointelpro”. Also made a post saying he’s trying to book another visit. This is hilarious given that the last time he tried to go to Cuba he was not allowed and told he was blacklisted and said the CIA “cut a deal” with Cuba to curtail his travel there.

  8. Sasha

    He clearly doesn’t know that the direct deposit of disability checks will not be possible in Cuba and Cuba doesn’t need or want loony lazy freeloaders. His credit and debit cards won’t work there either.

  9. Ima Nonomus Tew

    One of his trips to Cuba, he went to the internet room in one of the bigger hotels. He was not a guest, but he is the King of Entitlement, so stuff like that does not matter to him. He tried to download some videos to his contact list. Given his contact list is several pages long, includes the embassies of several nations, and that his video title include reference to every alphabet agency of the USA, it probably set off all kinds of alarms in their intelligence office. Which is likely why he was blacklisted. He also thinks every internet connection is going to download smoothly and really fast, so he does several videos at the same time. I don’t know how the internet is used and available in Cuba, but I imagine it is not fast or open like he wants. This looks like just more fuel on his conspiratorial delusions. And shows he doesn’t think stuff through, because he will both claim that the US shadow government is preventing him from traveling to Cuba, while at the same time saying that you can go there without the shadow government messing with your medical tests.
    Can’t have it both ways, Bryan.

  10. Stefan Adams

    Looks like Bryan is stuck in Madrid for the foreseeable future. Spain has implemented a lockdown and Bryan even posted a video of the cops rolling down the street ordering everyone to stay inside. If he hadn’t had thrown his dumbass tantrum with the wheelchair a couple of days ago he might have just made it to Ecuador.

  11. Ima Nonomus Tew

    I’m thinking he is not going to be able to lay on the floor at the airport for the duration. And he has been his charming best with a bad review of the hostel he was staying in, so he’ll have to find a new place. Or he’ll insist he can’t leave the airport, cause a problem and be thrown in jail. Which serves him right. Couldn’t happen to a better person.

  12. RJ

    Ludicrous that the “Targeted” assholes will still continue to think everything is about them. World is falling apart, yet the CIA is still trying to make them paranoid by disabling a headlight and driving past them in traffic. Sure, the “gangstalkers” are not going to quarantine themselves, because their job is to go around following people.

    • Wet Nayrb

      Speaking of which, I’m surprised Nappy Head Roots usually gets away with blocking intersections, getting out of his van, and yelling at the drivers behind him that they’re “domestic terrorists” for whatever headlight-related slights he thinks they’re using on him.

      Nappy’s in California (used to be in San Jose but I think he’s in Sacramento now), I guess the lockdown doesn’t apply to you if you’re living in your van.

      • RJ

        Sad that YouTube lets this happen. That guy is dangerous, and the people in his comments section are encouraging it. Think about this, he believes these people are TRYING TO KILL HIM. He repeats it over and over, in video after video. Mentally ill mass shooters think that they are in danger and killing the enemy. They aren’t trying to kill innocent people. They think they are saving people, or saving the world, or shooting evil people. This Nappy guy – how do they let him continue this? Both the police and YouTube. His channel is dangerous.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      I have been following another TI who thinks that people know where she is going so they can get there before her. No kidding, if she gets on the bus, and someone who has yelled at her is already in the bus, HE is following HER. She’s got proof, videos of him being in places when she arrives. She’s been kicked out of just about everywhere, including soup kitchens and the only woman’s shelter. And thinks weather, birds, bugs and every car on the road is there to annoy her. She makes Bryan Tew almost look civil. Her blog is here:
      Her YouTube channel is

  13. Ima Nonomus Tew

    If Bryan Tew calls an ambulance for a pain in his manboob during this, I hope someone smacks him and throws him in jail for wasting valuable time.

  14. RJ

    “The game is beginning” and something about showing us his airline tickets. Tew is wearing a mask now! What a selfish pig. He still thinks the world revolves around him. And he’s flying around, hanging out in airports, playing around with refugees, spreading disease and not shutting up. Of all things, it is probably going to be the coronavirus that finally stops him. He will be another forgotten case. Nobody to lock him up or put him in some kind of therapy. Just another COVID-19 victim. The years long story will have a very unsatisfying and anti-climactic ending. We may get one video about how they hacked his ventilator, or they are targeting his lungs – then that will be it.

    • Wet Nayrb

      Bryan may be able to fly to Managua but would an American flying from one of the COVID-19 hotspots likely even be let in to Nicaragua considering they’re just now beginning to react and seal off their borders?

  15. Caleb Hester

    He is complaining that his flight is American Airlines instead of Iberian Airlines? They are the same alliance. He should realize that just because he is booking on their website doesn’t ran it would be operated by Iberian!

    • Wet Nayrb

      I think Bryan also didn’t want to have to go through Miami as it’s in the United States. Because, you know, obviously there being no direct flight from Madrid to Managua that he can afford is obviously hyper game theory or something.

      • Caleb Hester

        Last time I went through America the customs officers were literally screaming at people and it felt like the third reich, so I actually don’t blame him for avoiding America.

        • Stefan Adams

          I didn’t see his precise itinerary but if he has a stopover in Miami’s international terminal and connects to another international flight in the same terminal, he probably would not need to clear customs.

          He’s just a paranoid wacko and thinks that merely being on American soil will cause him more trouble somehow.

          • Wet Nayrb

            Bryan seemed to get another ticket afterwards direct from Madrid to Mexico City although I’m not sure if he’ll be able to get the flight due to his going to an audiologist due to his usual “my ears, they’re targeting my ears” hypochondria.

            I’m surprised he was able to get an appointment at all due to the total lockdown in Spain.

  16. Wet Nayrb

    It’s hypergame theory that the woman at the Iberian Airlines check-in counter (which is for checking yourself and your luggage in, not for selling tickets) can’t sell Bryan a ticket at 3 a.m.

  17. Stefan Adams

    Now he has this wacko idea that the CIA really wants him to go back to Ecuador and Nicaragua so he may be nixing that idea altogether. Now he has posts up about trying to visit the Russian embassy in Madrid. Also saw something about the Iranian embassy a couple days ago. The Russians are basically ignoring him at this point, he’s visited Russian embassies all over the world the last several years and I think he was deported at least once. I doubt they want him back.

    Nothing he does makes any sense and nothing he’s done has helped his situation. I saw one of this TI buddies (on Facebook) back in the US ask him why he’s writhing on the floor of the airport suffering in pain and why doesn’t he come back and stay with him in his spare bedroom so he can have some comfort and a place to stay. Tew’s only response was that he didn’t want to get the coronavirus, which he’s at more risk of on the dirty nasty floor of the airport in one of the hot zones vs. a bedroom somewhere that is relatively isolated.

  18. Sasha

    He’s complaining that the homeless are in the airport. News flash Bryan, you are also a homeless vagrant in the airport. I don’t buy that he “accidentally” hit one of them with his bag before the guy kicked him. Bryan has anger issues and a persecution complex, of course he hit the guy on purpose.
    The CIA isn’t going to kill him but the virus is marching through Spain and he’s real target for it.
    This is probably the last of The Bryan Show.

    • RJ

      The Bryan Show coming to an end like this is a shame. For all of his globetrotting and videos and theories, just to think he will end up as another number in the COVID-19 totals – it is kind of disappointing.

      I did recently find another schizophrenic who made a video of herself watching one of Tew’s “interviews” where he talked about his theories. And then she went on about it – like it is all real. It was just another example of how this stuff is like a virus transmitted among these people. They don’t even need to be in contact with each other – just need to watch a YouTube video. She also studies the writings of “Doctor” Duncan, and believes everything Tew says and states it like it is factual information.

  19. Wet Nayrb

    Now Bryan Tew is flying to Frankfurt since the Spanish authorities have ordered him to GTFO the airport and there’s nowhere else for him to go within Spain.

    He also made a video with a notice from the Swedish government unreadable even at 360p (likely he captured it at a lower resolution) other than the headline about travel to the EU via Sweden being temporarily banned while whining in the comments about how they should let him in anyways because he’s making an asylum claim, even though it’s a global emergency and Sweden probably isn’t going to let someone coming from Spain (and someone who evaded quarantine going back and forth from central Madrid to the airport) in even for asylum.

    He also claims his asylum claim in Ecuador is currently before the courts but I don’t think he’s getting into Ecuador any time soon as bodies are lying on the streets and the hospitals are in meltdown mode.

  20. Ronnie

    His latest one, absolutely great. You can send a kid overseas to visit family with an airline chaperone, and they’re okay. Send Bryan across the world and his passport has been stolen 4 times, flights jumbled up or “canceled” on him; disability money over the roof to make these travel expenses. You can trust a 13 year old more than Bryan.

    • Wet Nayrb

      I did the “flying alone to visit relatives who live on another continent” thing when I was 9 and don’t recall having any serious issues either outbound or inbound.

  21. Ima Nonomus Tew

    The world revolves around him though! Global pandemic? No, just Them making his life more difficult. Hospitals in near panic mode and he complains that they hung up on his sorry whiny ass.
    He deserves to be jailed, as he believes he is somehow above the law which makes him a threat to public health.
    But one of the biggest laughs I had this week was him, in SPAIN telling Spanish police that some had committed a “federal offense. ”
    Sweden will likely not let him out of the airport. Which he will say is against his rights. This is going to be good.

  22. Wet Nayrb

    Bryan Tew thinks he’s still going to be able to get the Moby St. Petersburg ferry from Stockholm, Sweden (assuming Sweden even lets him into the country considering the virus hotspot he’s travelling from).

    That ferry has been cancelled until April 19th (and I wouldn’t be surprised if the cancellations are suspended indefinitely) and, even if they run a ferry on the 19th, non-Russians won’t be allowed off the ship until May 1st (assuming Russia doesn’t extend the closure of its borders even further).

    And, let’s say Bryan can get off the ferry at St. Petersburg on May 1st without being turned around because of his recent travel history in Spain, he’s just going to find a mostly shutdown city where he may not even be able to get a bed at a hostel due to no hostels being open.

    • Wet Nayrb

      “and I wouldn’t be surprised if the cancellations are suspended indefinitely”

      Whoops. Obviously, I meant “I wouldn’t be surprised if the cancellations are prolonged indefinitely”.

  23. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Bryan is going to be in a world of hurt. In the end, I wonder if the only way to get out of this mess is “playing the game” and contacting the US embassy. Or he will be jailed, quarantined, and then likely committed to a mental hospital, where he will finally understand “asylum” has more than one meeting.
    Currently, he is spamming YouTube with his previous videos, many with the same c&p sermons.
    If he keeps buying tickets before a final time and plan, he will likely run out of ready money. Which will not endear him to whatever country he is in at the time.
    I’m expecting an internet silence from him soon.

    • Wet Nayrb

      This is what Bryan’s asylum requests look like?

      I can barely decipher it and my first language is English. I can only imagine that a bureaucrat in a non-English speaking country wouldn’t be able to make heads or tails of his chicken scratchings.

  24. Wet Nayrb

    Bryan seems to have returned to the airport in Madrid. Did Frankfurt Airport send him on an unexpected return trip? Are European airports playing “pass the lunatic” with each other?

    • Stefan Adams

      Here’s some more context. Says the Germans tried to deport him back to the United States after trying to reach Sweden but Tew has an attorney on speed dial who convinced them to only send him back to Madrid. Something like that. Thinks he is entitled to break social isolation orders just because he’s a TI.

      • Wet Nayrb

        I don’t get it, if he just accepted the free flight to the United States, he’d be quarantined for two weeks in a room with a bed and probably other amenities he’s not getting sleeping on benches at the airport in Madrid.

        Is Bryan Tew incapable of reading the writing on the wall? The era when he can just whimsically hop from country to country to make doomed-to-fail asylum claims is over, at least for the immediate future.

        • Ima Nonomus Tew

          He would have a full-fledged psychotic break, if that happened. It’s why we are being spammed with only old stuff. He has shown before that when reality comes crashing down, and his storyline is no longer being supported, he goes silent, and relives his old most reactionary videos. The US government helping him in anyway negates the very core of his narrative. How can they help him when they have been annoying him and torturing him for over a decade? I’m surprised he even called them. But on foreign soil, unless he physically steps in the embassy, they can’t just grab him. And given his travels, he should be a ticking time bomb of disease. They probably don’t want him either. He is reaping what he sowed. He’s the cause of his own troubles, and he needs to deal with the consequences.
          Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. He has to be running out of options by now. They will arrest him for breaking the current quarantine laws, and/or he will be committed for both medical and psychological reasons, or he will get sick. Sad but true. Once someone with the legal power to commit him interacts with him, he will likely disappear.
          I can speak from experience, once in a psych ward, you are not allowed internet access, and phone access only while being monitored. And I was admitted only for restarting meds, not because I was bat shit crazy.

  25. Sasha

    Remember about 18 months ago, a passionate letter from a guy who quit his family and a good job to become a Homeless “spiritual” yoga leader was circulating because the guy killed himself?
    He had gone to Israel where he decided he was a yoga jesus and Israel wasn’t on board with that so the state department snagged him and brought him home. He wanted to move to San Diego and was sad to discover that we don’t import homeless yoga Jesus guys and he wouldn’t qualify for free shit.
    Why hasn’t Bryan been picked up by the state department. Why do they keep giving him passports? Bryan is as nutty as homeless yoga Jesus.

  26. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Now he is in a motel room he says he cannot afford and continuing to harass their emergency phone center. I hole they arrest him, and treat him badly. He is a waste of their time, especially with their current problems.
    But the whole world revolves around him, anything that happens is not because he’s an insane idiot, and until he is locked up, he is digging himself a bigger, deeper hole.
    Should they do decide to visit him, I fully expect him to whine about his rights and physically resist arrest. He doesn’t understand after all this time, when everywhere you have gone and every organization you have tried, has not given you “refugee” status, you are NOT a refugee. Therefore you do not have “refugee rights.”

    • Wet Nayrb

      What’s the worst that will realistically happen when he’ll be unable to pay for the hotel room?

      The hotel manager will yell at him? Isn’t that at least a once a month occurrence for Bryan anyway?

      I could be wrong but I doubt the police will arrest Bryan for seeking the only shelter he could find in an emergency. It’s the hotel’s mistake for giving him a room in the first place unless Bryan’s wrong about the situation and it’s the authorities that are paying.

  27. Wet Nayrb

    Here’s another episode of “Bryan Tew yells like a crazy person at the emergency line operator and she hangs up on him”.

    What an asshole.

  28. Sasha

    He went to the U.S. Embassy to get another passport! He’s out waddling around Madrid with no face mask and the embassy let him inside? He still wants to go to Cuba and his visa for Spain needs to be renewed.
    At what point does the embassy hear his crazy story and then fails to lock up until he can be shipped back, idiots!

    • Wet Nayrb

      Well, other people have been mentioning that it’s about time for the US State Department to intervene in Bryan Tew’s neverending bogus asylum request scheme, maybe Bryan’s trying to hasten the process.

    • Stefan Adams

      No updates from Bryan since 4/8 (that video he made about his passport being expired). Tew seems to always rise like the phoenix so I’m not hopeful that he’s been detained, probably just got a hold of something that made him fall asleep for a while.

      • Wet Nayrb

        Still nothing 2 days later. Maybe the State Department decided that Bryan’s been a public nuisance in too many countries for too long and put him on a plane back to the United States for psychiatric treatment.

        Or maybe Bryan’s just not able to charge his phone right now.

        I’d like to believe the former but the latter is more likely. Other homeless T.I.s like Leslie Williams (the schizophrenic lady who roughs it in suburban San Diego) also are complaining that they can’t charge their phones because most of the places they usually do it in (i.e. Starbucks or the library) are shut (and she also thinks that gangstalkers are draining her phones batteries faster than usual but that’s because she’s using power-draining apps that purport to detect EMF’s or Ultrasound frequencies she thinks “they” are hitting her with all of the time).

  29. Ima Nonomus Tew

    He must still be holed up in the motel. He just posted, or rather reposted, a video. What we will probably get for a while. He must not be tortured where he is, or sleeping. When things are not going according to his story line, he just reposts old stuff. It is likely he was told about misusing the emergency system, though. Which we won’t hear about, because everything he does is necessary and more important than anything else happening in the world.

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