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Bryan Tew gets thread on KiwiFarms

I’m not personally participating but I’m happy to link it:


  1. Richard McBeef

    Thank you sir I just added the TripAdvisor stuff to his page. Thank you for all your help it is greatly appreciated ?

    • Stefan Adams

      Oh yeah. I remember that. I certainly don’t think the CIA planted them there to humiliate him of course. Two theories:

      (1) Someone somewhere, be it at the airport, the hotel, or whatever, pranked him for whatever reason while he wasn’t looking. He’s a fool who starts trouble wherever he goes, so it seems like the perfect thing to do to him to rile him up.

      (2) They’re his underwear (maybe he likes to be a drag queen?) or a prostitute’s underwear that got left behind and into his luggage. Or maybe he hangs out with drag queens himself.

      The underwear definitely belongs to someone of a larger size so that’s how I got the idea it could be *his* underwear. Bryan’s a bit hefty, and it fits into the weird gay fantasies he’s admitted to (though he hasn’t admitted to the underwear being his or being a crossdresser).

      Bryan has been involved with female prostitutes. He’s admitted to it a couple of times. That’s why I’ve been inclined to label him a bisexual. So possible a prostitute’s underwear that he’s kept, either by accident or intentionally as s souvenir.

      There was an incident in 2018 in Ecuador where he invited a prostitute into his room, the prostitute stole his cell phone, and he demanded that the hotel manager call the cops for him. The hotel manager didn’t seem interested in helping him so Bryan got into a fit of anger and started throwing stuff around in the hotel (i think it was a vase or something like that he broke).

      The hotel manager called the cops after his fit of rage and Bryan was arrested and his passport was taken away for a few days. He got a lawyer to help him out, get his passport returned, and the lawyer told him to get the hell out of Ecuador in case they decided to jail him.

      Bryan, for whatever reason, posted a copy of the police report to Facebook in which all the details of the prostitute and his destruction of hotel property was documented, albeit in Spanish so it’s not immediately obvious to the casual observer what happened unless you go to translate it.

      I’ll try to dig out the police report and his various Facebook posts/ YouTube videos about the incident in a bit (or someone will chime in with it).

      • Stefan Adams

        Here’s the post about Bryan losing his cellphone due to a prostitute:

        Not in 2018 like I originally thought, was in the early part of 2019. My memory is a bit shot I guess.

        Basically, the story started out with him saying some random person stole his cellphone and the hotel staff refused to tell him who did it or call the cops for him. He admitted that he got a little violent which resulted in him being arrested. Claimed that his drink was spiked. Did not mention anything about the girl he took with him to his room, at least at first.

        Later on he posted the police report, which was written in Spanish. We translated it, which revealed the actual details. He went drinking at the bar and took a girl back to his room. He fell asleep, the girl took his phone and ran off. (The translated police report is in the comments, the actual spanish language one is on his Facebook somewhere, one of us will have to dig it out if you want it).

  2. RJ

    Tew’s latest video comments start out with “State of the Art Mind Control differs from Trauma Based Mind Control…” Is this new? I’m afraid to Google it. Does he just come up with these things? He has all sorts of them. The “Floating Box”, “Leapfrogging” and a whole lot of other techniques that they use to, well mildly inconvenience him. Not sure if he grabs these ideas from other paranoid delusionals, or if it just seems like something a sinister organization would do. I never listen to his videos, unless there are other people involved in the video. I wonder if he is now adding “State of the art mind control” to his monologues. This is just like James Tilly Matthews and the “Air Loom”.

    • Stefan Adams

      Well it’s definitely not the first time he’s described mind control in that way, he’s talked about that for a few years at least. I think it’s gibberish he’s parroting from Robert Duncan.

  3. Stefan Adams

    Bryan supposedly met with Iranian embassy staff in Madrid today. Bryan says TIs are welcome in Iran and should in fact make an effort to go there and that anything bad you hear about Iran in the media is just propaganda. Right Bryan, Iran is totally a free country that respects human rights. Idiot.

    This will be an interesting chapter in Tew’s adventures, if he actually goes.

  4. Ima Nonomus Tew

    He’ll have to support himself. And his own medical treatment.
    Is it possible to still get US SSDI when you are living in a foreign hostel country?
    I predict when the reality of life in Iran hits him that the US shadow government will torture him so severely that he must flee Europe before he can get a Visa and ticket to Iran. Because that is what ALWAYS happens when he’s balls to the wall.
    And he is in such need of medical he’ll need to return to the US. They seem to be on to his drug-seeking behavior in Spain. He was pissed he couldn’t get his oxy. And mixing oxy with multiple doses of sleep meds is freakin’ dangerous.
    Do you think his family will cover the cost of returning his body to the US? It’s something to consider.

  5. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Okay, he clearly has not thought things through.
    The State department page about traveling to Iran includes trip advise to write your will and discuss your funeral plans with your family.
    Sorry, my tablet is not cooperating to supply the link.

    His support is the US government, with payments made to a US bank. How easy will it be to access in Iran? Probably going to take at least a month or two to figure something out. How will he support himself until then? Selling his information? It’s all over the internet already. For free and without the annoying, overweight crazy guy in tow.
    Speaking of the internet, access to a regular person right now is next to zero. Any one on the internet is likely doing it in fear of discovery. How will he have an audience without Facebook and YouTube? Even if he doesn’t get disappeared, arrested, detained, etc, he will disappear.
    If Iran gives his spoken story any credibility, we know his story is paranoid, grandiose, and delusional. How will they treat the crazy US guy? I doubt they will send him to a first world nation for mental health treatment. They certainly wouldn’t send him home. Bryan is too much of a baby to make it in an asylum in Iran, or really anyplace he goes.
    Luckily, he’ll be forced to flee the torture and abuse before reality has a chance to kick him in the ass.
    Like always.

  6. Ima Nonomus Tew

    I’ve mentioned this before, but now there is video evidence of his lack of knowledge, paranoia, and apparent inability to read. In the video on his FB page, he claims he is experiencing some sort of interference with his attempt at filling out the eVisa form. How the files are on the drive, until he tries to download them on the site, and the files are gone.
    Uh, no. And DUH.
    It clearly says on the web page that only .jpg and .jpeg files can be used.
    The files he is trying to download are clearly .pdf.
    I told him this as a comment on his YT page, which he promptly deleted and shut down any further comments.
    How can people possibly believe anything he says about anything technical when he can’t understand the concept of “format?”

    Bryan I hope you see this. That video makes you look like a fool. Because you are a fool. You don’t understand ANYTHING, not technology, not anatomy, not higher math concepts, not rules of acceptable behavior, not Spanish… It’s a wonder you don’t need instructions to use toilet paper.
    Oh, wait. You do. And didn’t understand those either.

    • Stefan Adams

      I used to do tech support as a side job, I’m trying to imagine someone like Bryan calling in and claiming that we’re in cahoots with the CIA because he can’t access his files. We had angry disrespectful users but not schizophrenic ones who thought everyone was out to get them.

      Anyway, Bryan apparently didn’t make his flight to Belgrade from the Vienna Airport, he has a new ticket to reach Frankfurt via London.

      Keeps saying he needs help from the Iranian Embassy. They already talked to him and told him how to apply for a visa. I guess he wants to tell them that the CIA is blocking his attempts and he needs one processed manually by embassy staff.

  7. Ima Nonomus Tew

    I think the person he talked to was blowing him off, like the guy in Cambodia (? ) did. Since it was started eVisa Iran has been known to not work well, take weeks to get a response, and not work in general. It is not as easy as signing up on a website, and the things you need to show to get approval is long. For example, you need to show where you will be staying, either all the information about your friend or relative so they can be checked out by the government or the receipt for the place you will be staying. You also need insurance to travel there, which can be hard to get and expensive. You need a reason, especially if you are from a hostile nation. Suggested for this is either a code supplied by your employer, or the information about the tour group you are a part of. You also have to pay for your Visa, with a seeming sliding rate depending on the country your passport is from. You need to have at least 6 months left on your passport. You have to show your exit from the country, as in your ticket home. There are rules about money, too. And after you supply all of that, you wait for about a month, and then are usually not informed that you were or were not given a Visa.
    Certainly someone working in a foreign embassy knows all of this, and telling someone to just use the website and ask for asylum when you get to Iran, is a great way to get the crazy guy out of your face and someone else’s problem.

  8. Stefan Adams

    He got a private room in the asylum camp in Vienna. Keeps repeating that nonsense about how he is obviously telling the truth just because we can see how wacked out he looks.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      His latest picture on FB shows him laying on the floor, blocking a door. Once he gets medical care , which is free because he is a refugee, the doctors should be onto him and his drug-seeking ways. I’m sure after a day with the people there they are already aware of his freakin’ craziness. They will likely speak and understand English better than he does.

      • Stefan Adams

        Yup. Here he goes whining about how they dropped him off in the rain because the ambulance wanted to pick up another person at the same time as him and he refused to go, I guess he thinks the other passenger is a CIA agent sent to scan his brain or something.

  9. Ima Nonomus Tew

    The big question now is should someone suggest a bit of research , all publicly posted, on their weirdos. He clearly overstates his pain and medical condition. And he is obviously a head case, to boot. That he will already be whining he had to use his own money to take his sorry ass back to his free room and board, and the obvious sloppy way he lives, they probably want to boot him. And it’s not like the US and Austria are hostile to each other, or ever have been.
    I give to the Red Cross on occasion and that they spend money on him, kind of pisses me off. Just a bit, but still…

  10. RJ

    They are probably wondering why he is in a refugee program. He has to be the only big fat white person walking around there with multiple phones, gadgets, tablets and what looks like new clothes and new sunglasses. and where are his lower right teeth going? And who is pulling them? Looks like the only teeth he has on that entire side are the very front ones.

    • Stefan Adams

      He’ll probably bolt as soon as somebody tries to make him visit a psychiatrist. He’ll leap up from his wheelchair and briskly walk (or run) away.

    • AA

      You would think he’d be blaming his rapid tooth loss on the U.S. Oddly, he never mentions that cia/dia mind control is rotting out his teeth. They probably haven’t seen a toothbrush or floss in years. Also doesn’t blame stalkers for hitting him in the mouth and knocking them out. He’s an odd one.

      • RJ

        It is odd. You’d think he would be making videos going “My teeth! They’re targeting my teeth!” I don’t think your teeth just pop out when they get rotten. I would say there is some degree of pain involved. After watching Tew’s most recent videos, I suddenly have the urge to brush, floss, use mouthwash, and throw out all of my soda and sugary beverages.

        • Sasha

          A couple of years ago, he was at Father Joe’s Villages in San Diego. It’s really where you want to be if you’re homeless and want help but Tew wasn’t happy about the rules, the biggest one being that you have to get your ass out of bed every morning and do something productive.
          Farther Joe’s did get him to a dentist for an abscess in a tooth and the ingrate that’s he is, Tew found many issues to bitch about and he wanted to sue both Father Joe’s and the dentist.

  11. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Already the doctors are onto him. His hearing tests show his hearing is near normal for someone his age. He doesn’t need spinal surgery. He’s sloppy, rude, demanding, and whiny. There is no way he will get “humanitarian” asylum. He’s already whining about how he is being tortured while in the camp, which means he will once again bolt before he is refused. It is so much more believable that his asylum quest was once again disrupted than to explain why he was refused.

  12. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Now our crazy-lazy traveler is still trying to call an Iranian embassy to get asylum.
    Stuck in between posts about Christian Bible study online. Which would not be allowed in Iran, not even ownership of a Bible is tolerated, if not by the government, then potentially by neighbors, landlords, hostel staff, people on the street. Think what will happen when he disregards their religious and cultural traditions by walking into a mosque in shoes, taking videos that he won’t be able to post, because Iran, and narrating how they are heathen, ungodly, and going to hell, like he did in Cambodia. Yikes.

    Also, his complaints are getting more extreme. His latest is that “the game” is beginning, because he had to click twice to post something. OH, MY GOD!! WILL HIS FINGER EVER RECOVER? HAS SOMEONE CALLED AN AMBULANCE AND A SPECIALIST FOR AN MRI? GET THIS MAN SOME OXYCODONE, HE HAD TO CLICK TWICE.

  13. Ima Nonomus Tew

    He’s up to his shenanigans AGAIN.
    He posted a video from a previous asylum attempt in Belgium, but the description states that the same thing is happening to him now. This makes it look like he is getting glass in his food now. Although he does give a date later on, it would be something easily missed or skipped over by someone “new” to following him. Or to TIs who seem to look up to him.
    And he posted a letter of results for a medical visit. They imaged his thoracic organs, and everything was found to be normal. At least for a man of his age and lifestyle. Then he posted previous findings of his spine. All of which are normal, for someone his age and lifestyle. Changes in his spine are normal for aging, overweight and sedentary. And those changes hadn’t changed in the years between his reports.
    Every medical claim or complaint he has only makes him look more foolish and whining.

  14. Stefan Adams

    Looks like he’s on his way out of the asylum camp in Vienna. Claimed in a recent video that he has to ask for doctors multiple times which means they are trying to scan his brain so therefore he must high tail it out of there ASAP (“they’re forcing me to repeat myself to achieve brain emulation” or something to that effect). Whining that they took his passport and won’t give it back right away so he can leave.

  15. Ima Nonomus Tew

    I love his egotism. There are only 22 views on a video, surely the hypergame theory game is beginning. It can’t be because it is the same thing he has shared many, many, many time. Including three yesterday. He also believes that when someone on his FREAKIN’ MASSIVE email cc list doesn’t get his massive amount of emails he sends out, it is because he is being censored. Not that most of those people have his sorry ass blocked from filling their email box. I don’t do malicious, but I wonder how many of those people would not want their address shared in such a manner. I would not.
    Next, he admits in a video that he knows he won’t get asylum in Austria or from the Red Cross, he just wanted the medical care. Again I have to ask: Shouldn’t the International Red Cross know about this? He is using and abusing their care, knowing what he asks for, asylum, means free medical. It certainly seems that the IRC has a “do not assist this mental case” list. Especially since he has used their kindness in multiple nations, always with the same result.
    I bet the people who have to work with and around him are glad he is leaving. He’s shown how messy and sloppy he is. And whiny. I bet the medical specialist he was supposed to see on Monday was for a psych evaluation. Sounds like the doctors he has seen are onto his problems.

  16. Stefan Adams

    Bryan has been busy the past few weeks re-posting (multiple times in many cases) old videos as well as re-posting videos that he does not have the right to re-post (don’t be surprised if his channel goes offline due to multiple copyright strikes). Nothing particularly interesting.

    He did just post this *new* video in which he makes a lot of bold and unproven claims about the novel coronavirus that is going around: TL;DW is that it’s an engineered virus designed to re-write your DNA to control the entire human population.

    When none of that turns out to be true and the world recovers (like it has from every other mass infection the past 10-20 years), Bryan will of course not admit he was wrong and full of shit.

    Bryan is still lurking around the concentration, I mean asylum camp. Apparently still hasn’t received his passport which is hilarious. He’s basically stuck there. Claims he was attacked unprovoked by Muslim refugees.

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