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Bryan Tew describes his life with a movie clip

I’ll let it speak for itself. The usual nonsense about how everyone is out to get him using some sort of elaborate psychological trickery.

In between the clips he has an audio recording of the hostel manager telling him about the complaints they have been receiving about him.

Unrelated, look at the crazy amount of spam email accounts Bryan has:


  1. Ima Noymus Tew

    Uh, Bryan….just because you paid to stay somewhere does not mean they cannot tell you to leave. And asking a staff woman to remove someone who knows your name is covered in the reason he gave you to leave. Quite well, for several reasons. And considering you’ve been kicked out of every motel/hotel/hostel you have stayed at around the world, you are not a good guest. Get a clue.
    Leave while you can, or be arrested for trespassing. Because they have informed you you are no longer welcome, so that is what it is.

  2. Stefan Adams

    He’s trying to call and visit the Iranian embassy yet again. That’s pretty ballsy in light of recent events. Whatever Bryan, if you think an Islamic theocratic dictatorship can save you, go for it!

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      Wait until he starts getting blocked. Surely it is Them, and the US Shadow Government.
      I continue to wonder what of value Bryan thinks he can offer, except for a good laugh.
      His evidence isn’t, his scandal isn’t, his knowledge of Their program does mean squat because he can’t help himself. Iran kills gay men by throwing them off tall places, so he better be careful.

      As a side note, looks like the emergency phone system knows and no longer accepts his stupid calls. Yay them.

  3. Wet Nayrb

    What’s that second audio clip? Did another schizophrenic seek out Bryan Tew’s help? I guess he figured out where Bryan was based on the abundant information Bryan leaves on the Internet about his current location.

    • Stefan Adams

      Lol yeah. No idea. Was thinking someone was trolling him but yeah it could be another TI.

      Room 111 Generator Hostel in Madrid. He’s only published that like 20 times now.

  4. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Once more, Bryan proves himself to be a wuss. According to him, his life is threatened by earaches, headaches, leg pain….none actually very bad because his numerous attempts at getting help/treatment are all dismissed by real medical standards. But he has yet to man up enough to actually show up at any appointment he has. Now he is expected to show up to the Iranian Embassy. In yet another preemptive wuss attack, he must flee the country.
    Bryan, it’s time to grow up. Pull up your purple big girl panties and take action. So far you have shared only words, intentions, and gibberish. Mostly the latter. Pack your things. Show up for your appointment ready to go. Once you have been given asylum, you will need to leave for Iran ASAP, due to brutal torture, right? You don’t expect a third world nation’s foreign embassy to be able to stop all the DEWs, right? I mean their budget is kind of small, I’m sure. And to not leave shows you were just messing around, which will make them angry. Do not attempt to record your encounter as they will remove all electronics at the door. You wouldn’t need them anyway…Iran has shut off the internet.
    I never expected you to make your appointment. You have zero forethought, hindsight, or real plans and never have. You are all bluff and no stuff. Probably why that prostitute in Ecuador stole your phone. It was the only satisfaction she could get.

  5. Ima Nonomus Tew

    I think all his “injuries” are manifestations of panic attacks. That he admits doctors won’t treat him and pointed out his miraculous (forgot a symptom to replicate) healing shows they are onto him and any further episodes will have to be at another place, especially since it will now be treated as a drug-seeking attempt.
    Expect further “fleeing due to torture” whining, more loss of $$ as he buys and wimps out of plane tickets, and further claims his hostel is hostile, therefore provocateurs working for the Spanish Intelligentsia at the behest of the Shadow Government.
    I’ve often wondered how long before he starts revealing the Secret Agenda of the Shape-shifting Reptilian Aliens.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah, he just left the Generator Hostel and moved on to the Bastardo Hostel which is very appropriately named for him.

      • Ima Nonomus Tew

        Left a little suggestion for the good people at Bastardo.
        Including that he calls for ambulances often, to go to the hospital, possibly for drugs.
        Which he did an hour before this posting.
        Should someone ever check his activity from the US governmental types, as he is contacting and attempting to meet with an enemy of the freaking counter with stores about bringing down the entire FBI, he might bring unwanted visitors. They might want a heads up about that, too.
        Or they are giggling like little schoolgirls watching the crazy guy annoying foreign embassies.
        Or both.

  6. Stefan Adams

    Bryan just took a plane out of Spain headed towards Brussels and then on to Belgrade (Serbia).

    He has a new video up saying he wants to return to the US for “emergency treatment” (how many times has he been saying that he needs emergency treatment?) but take that with a grain of salt.

  7. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Same o’,same’o.
    How many doctors need to tell him there is nothing to treat? Just because you think you need spinal surgery doesn’t mean you do and if you don’t the spine is not something they will operate on without really good reason.
    The last ticket and whining I saw was about returning to the US and his impending doom, via NY NY. These people who have been killing him for years will have their chance, because he is certain he won’t be allowed out of the US again. Because crazy paranoid delusions.
    One question I really have is how is his shoulder doing pushing his obese mass + luggage. It must have healed without surgery. And healed well, because using a wheelchair without upper body strength makes you hurt, especially his shoulders and manboobs, I mean “heart” area.

    • Stefan Adams

      His attempted dealings with the Iranian government may give him unwanted attention from homeland security if and when he decides to return.

  8. Stefan Adams

    Wonder why he thinks blowing up the phone at the Iranian embassy in the middle of the night (it’s 3AM over in that part of Europe) is going to be beneficial to him.

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