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Bryan Tew describes his life with a movie clip

I’ll let it speak for itself. The usual nonsense about how everyone is out to get him using some sort of elaborate psychological trickery.

In between the clips he has an audio recording of the hostel manager telling him about the complaints they have been receiving about him.

Unrelated, look at the crazy amount of spam email accounts Bryan has:


  1. Ima Noymus Tew

    Uh, Bryan….just because you paid to stay somewhere does not mean they cannot tell you to leave. And asking a staff woman to remove someone who knows your name is covered in the reason he gave you to leave. Quite well, for several reasons. And considering you’ve been kicked out of every motel/hotel/hostel you have stayed at around the world, you are not a good guest. Get a clue.
    Leave while you can, or be arrested for trespassing. Because they have informed you you are no longer welcome, so that is what it is.

  2. Stefan Adams

    He’s trying to call and visit the Iranian embassy yet again. That’s pretty ballsy in light of recent events. Whatever Bryan, if you think an Islamic theocratic dictatorship can save you, go for it!

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      Wait until he starts getting blocked. Surely it is Them, and the US Shadow Government.
      I continue to wonder what of value Bryan thinks he can offer, except for a good laugh.
      His evidence isn’t, his scandal isn’t, his knowledge of Their program does mean squat because he can’t help himself. Iran kills gay men by throwing them off tall places, so he better be careful.

      As a side note, looks like the emergency phone system knows and no longer accepts his stupid calls. Yay them.

  3. Wet Nayrb

    What’s that second audio clip? Did another schizophrenic seek out Bryan Tew’s help? I guess he figured out where Bryan was based on the abundant information Bryan leaves on the Internet about his current location.

    • Stefan Adams

      Lol yeah. No idea. Was thinking someone was trolling him but yeah it could be another TI.

      Room 111 Generator Hostel in Madrid. He’s only published that like 20 times now.

  4. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Once more, Bryan proves himself to be a wuss. According to him, his life is threatened by earaches, headaches, leg pain….none actually very bad because his numerous attempts at getting help/treatment are all dismissed by real medical standards. But he has yet to man up enough to actually show up at any appointment he has. Now he is expected to show up to the Iranian Embassy. In yet another preemptive wuss attack, he must flee the country.
    Bryan, it’s time to grow up. Pull up your purple big girl panties and take action. So far you have shared only words, intentions, and gibberish. Mostly the latter. Pack your things. Show up for your appointment ready to go. Once you have been given asylum, you will need to leave for Iran ASAP, due to brutal torture, right? You don’t expect a third world nation’s foreign embassy to be able to stop all the DEWs, right? I mean their budget is kind of small, I’m sure. And to not leave shows you were just messing around, which will make them angry. Do not attempt to record your encounter as they will remove all electronics at the door. You wouldn’t need them anyway…Iran has shut off the internet.
    I never expected you to make your appointment. You have zero forethought, hindsight, or real plans and never have. You are all bluff and no stuff. Probably why that prostitute in Ecuador stole your phone. It was the only satisfaction she could get.

  5. Stefan Adams

    He had another tumble while trying to reach the Iran embassy. I say he had an anxiety attack but it’s pretty short on details.

  6. Ima Nonomus Tew

    I think all his “injuries” are manifestations of panic attacks. That he admits doctors won’t treat him and pointed out his miraculous (forgot a symptom to replicate) healing shows they are onto him and any further episodes will have to be at another place, especially since it will now be treated as a drug-seeking attempt.
    Expect further “fleeing due to torture” whining, more loss of $$ as he buys and wimps out of plane tickets, and further claims his hostel is hostile, therefore provocateurs working for the Spanish Intelligentsia at the behest of the Shadow Government.
    I’ve often wondered how long before he starts revealing the Secret Agenda of the Shape-shifting Reptilian Aliens.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah, he just left the Generator Hostel and moved on to the Bastardo Hostel which is very appropriately named for him.

      • Ima Nonomus Tew

        Left a little suggestion for the good people at Bastardo.
        Including that he calls for ambulances often, to go to the hospital, possibly for drugs.
        Which he did an hour before this posting.
        Should someone ever check his activity from the US governmental types, as he is contacting and attempting to meet with an enemy of the freaking counter with stores about bringing down the entire FBI, he might bring unwanted visitors. They might want a heads up about that, too.
        Or they are giggling like little schoolgirls watching the crazy guy annoying foreign embassies.
        Or both.

  7. Stefan Adams

    Bryan just took a plane out of Spain headed towards Brussels and then on to Belgrade (Serbia).

    He has a new video up saying he wants to return to the US for “emergency treatment” (how many times has he been saying that he needs emergency treatment?) but take that with a grain of salt.

  8. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Same o’,same’o.
    How many doctors need to tell him there is nothing to treat? Just because you think you need spinal surgery doesn’t mean you do and if you don’t the spine is not something they will operate on without really good reason.
    The last ticket and whining I saw was about returning to the US and his impending doom, via NY NY. These people who have been killing him for years will have their chance, because he is certain he won’t be allowed out of the US again. Because crazy paranoid delusions.
    One question I really have is how is his shoulder doing pushing his obese mass + luggage. It must have healed without surgery. And healed well, because using a wheelchair without upper body strength makes you hurt, especially his shoulders and manboobs, I mean “heart” area.

    • Stefan Adams

      His attempted dealings with the Iranian government may give him unwanted attention from homeland security if and when he decides to return.

  9. Stefan Adams

    Wonder why he thinks blowing up the phone at the Iranian embassy in the middle of the night (it’s 3AM over in that part of Europe) is going to be beneficial to him.

  10. Richard McBeef

    Please consider making a page for Bryan on

    It’s a great site for archiving individuals like Bryan and they would love him and his antics.

    • Wet Nayrb

      KF user “Rice is Ready” mentioned Bryan a couple of times, contact him.

      I’ve considered starting threads about several Youtube psychotics but the problem is that you can’t do it anonymously and even if you have a user name, someone really dedicated could probably figure out who you really are unless you’re using a burner username just for the purpose of starting the one thread.

      Another problem with Bryan specifically is that there is too much to summarize into a succinct opening post.

      • Wet Nayrb

        To put it another way, the Catch-22 is that the only kinds of assholes I wouldn’t feel bad about doxxing on KiwiFarms are precisely the sort of assholes I don’t want to notify of my existence even shrouded by a throwaway username as I’d be worried about the retribution I’d get (i.e. false police reports or Youtube videos singling me out to other psychotics as part of the conspiracy).

    • Stefan Adams

      I know about KF. Thanks for the invitation but not particularly interested. You’re more than welcome to start one if you’d like and curate my posts (or use my posts to find more of Bryan Tew’s own content).

      I get accused of having a Bryan Tew-centered life, his various fanboys think I spend hours each day following him around. He’s one of a couple of individuals I find fascinating enough to follow on social media but not to the point where I want to basically dox the guy in a tag-team sort of fashion. Just personal preference.

      If someone does start such a page, I’ll be happy to link it here.

      And, as others said, I don’t like the idea of a bulletin-board sort of format for this. For people like Tew, staying anonymous is critical. People like Tew are known to have psychotic breaks that involve shooting sprees.

  11. Richard McBeef

    How would you describe Bryan to someone who knows nothing about him? Can you give me a cliff notes version of his history? Like when this behavior began and why? I am very interested in Bryan Tew since I stumbled on his YouTube which led me to this site. He needs a documentary on him!

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      Oh, dear..where to begin. He is a “targeted individual, ‘ aka TI. This is a shared internet paranoid delusion. TI think that they have been chosen to be stalked by “Them” which is seldom the same group from TI to TI. Could be the government, satanists, Masons, Illuminati, the military, shape-shifting Reptilian Aliens…some believe it is a mix, some just don’t know. Stalking is also something different with every person. Bryan believes it is the US government, which uses satanism, and calls himself a whistleblower. What did he witness and expose? Nothing of note, but that does not stop his delusions. Bryan also suffers from additional medical and mental problems, and his delusions include grandiose thinking, most notably his believing he has recorded the FBI committing many felonies, and can bring down the entire FBI. What he has is a casual conversation with a person he thinks is an FBI agent talking about Bryan’s (at the time) impending lawsuit. Bryan sued about a work injury, expecting lots of money, and this guy is telling him the truth, that he will likely lose or get a small settlement because he would be found to have some fault in the accident. Which is good, true advice. Bryan thinks it is obstruction of justice. There is little that is true if you read his posts. He is somatic, and any twinge is “directed energy weapons” is followed by a video of him moaning and wincing or a trip to the hospital. Where he is never treated for anything, but gets more pain medication. His ears and heart are the major targets, but he has yet to see an ear doctor, going instead to hearing clinics, for hearing aids, and he’s had cardiac work ups , but never been given any form of treatment, so his heart is normal for someone his age, weight, diet, and physical activity level.
      So he circles the globe, trying g to find a country that hates the US to share his information and get humanitarian asylum. He has yet to find a place he wasn’t able to be tortured, spied on, attacked, or injured. He claims to know how to fool the mind-reading delusions, but is still being tortured, so doesn’t know what. There is a review from a hostel owner about what a horrible guest he is. He is rude, demanding, stupid, sloppy, and causes trouble with staff , other guests, and the police.
      Before you think I am weird, I am mostly housebound and it is entertaining. I first found about TIs because I debunk “chemtrails” online. I followed a woman who ruined not only her own life, but also that of her son and aunt, who got fired from her job. She disappeared when she got her car repo’ed, she could no longer stay at the motel, and her aunt was no longer sending her money. Bryan’s videos were suggested and his storyline was so much more involved and interesting. He’s a big deal in the TI world. And has been for years. His current attempts at gaining asylum in Iran will be awesome. So much can go wrong.
      But with all the entertainment I get, there is also the fact that he is seriously mentally ill, and needs help. It worries me that he is going to piss off the wrong person and end up beat up, in jail, or committed in a foreign land. He would not last long in jail anywhere.

    • Stefan Adams

      What the other person said basically. I’ll just add my own bit to it:

      I’m not sure exactly when Bryan became unhinged. I’m guessing it started after he was injured in a vehicular accident at work some years back and became partly disabled. That seems to be when all of his documented legal troubles begin, i.e. he starts accusing the FBI of messing with his medical treatment (no actual evidence the FBI did any such thing) and files lawsuits against everyone tangentially involved in his medical care + the FBI.

      He does have some real injuries and has presented real documentation but he exaggerates the extent of his injuries and has tried to claim he is totally incapable of holding down a job due to them.

      This is evidenced by the fact that about 90% of the time you can see Bryan walking down the street without any problem, even running after people he believes are his stalkers. It’s only part of the time does Bryan have some kind of flare up of his injuries that he has to use crutches or a wheel chair.

      The reality is that he is a psychological trainwreck. He is diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder with delusional component, which is basically a combination of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder with grandiose persecutory delusions about various government agencies harassing him and using sci-fi technology to mess with his brain or bodily organs.

      Whether the psych issues are something he’s had for a long time or perhaps caused by or just merely aggravated by his accident I don’t know. I’m not aware of any actual brain trauma from his accident or any previous incidents.

      For a while he was receiving a workers comp check from the State of Ohio but the workers comp board downgraded him to partly disabled and reduced his payout. Now he’s milking social security.

      He runs from country to country, mainly in the third world, trying to escape from his imaginary stalkers and pleading for asylum. He’s been to places like Ecuador and Nicaragua trying to apply for asylum, wanting them to protect him from CIA stalkers and the CIA’s mind control beams. When his asylum case predictably gets rejected, he accuses those governments of being in cahoots with the CIA. He’s also spent many thousands on lawyers to try to appeal his cases with no luck.

      Basically, the guy is divorced from reality and has zero personal responsibility. Everyone is out to get him. Taxi drivers are employed by the CIA to take longer routes so that CIA agents will have time to set up for the next mission against him. CIA agents work at the hostels to make sure his stays are miserable.

      Bryan will get to a hostel and start blasting religious sermons in the middle of the night, guests will complain, and when staff tells him to knock it off, Bryan blames the CIA for interference with his religion. He also clogs toilets and makes a general mess of things, stuff he gets called out for, and Bryan says that is harassment against him.

      The most ridiculous thing I can think of, Bryan gets to a hostel with a shared room and starts masturbating to pornographic material. The guests complain, the hotel owner turns off the Wi-Fi, and then Bryan whines about the Wi-Fi not working and 1-star’s the hostel on TripAdvisor. The owner responds and tells everyone what Bryan was up to and why the WiFi got turned off.

      On that topic, Bryan likes to tell everyone how often he masturbates. He blames the CIA for his masturbation, saying that the CIA has a computer that beams sexual thoughts into his mind and that he is “forced” to masturbate in order to rid himself of these sinful thoughts. He uses phrases like “forced orgasms” or “forced masturbation” in order to avoid taking responsibility for his own behavior and shifts the blame to the CIA.

      He’s most likely a closeted homosexual or bisexual, despite being outwardly homophobic. He has admitted to having sexual fantasies about being the center of an orgy featuring the University of Georgia football team, although he blames the CIA’s supercomputer for making him have those fantasies.

      When he was in the US (San Diego) for most of 2018, he spent a lot of time in a part of San Diego well-known to locals for illicit homosexual encounters. He has a rather odd video up about how he got beaten up in the bathroom in that part of town.

      So yeah, that’s basically Bryan. A psychologically demented man who absolutely refuses to get treatment for his psychosis, because he believes himself to by psychologically normal, and to any extent that he is psychotic, it’s the fault of the CIA’s mind control program, not his own fault, and psych doctors are part of the conspiracy against him.

      Entertaining to watch him. Perhaps a bit of a guilty pleasure. I’ve tried desperately to encourage him to get help. I’ve tried to get the authorities to do something about him. Nothing I’ve done for him has been fruitful. So fuck him, I’m going to just watch the trainwreck.

      • Stefan Adams

        One more thing to add: Bryan has admitted on video that he committed a crime, i.e. that of fraud, against the government for lying about the extent of his injuries. I’ve accused him of this before but he finally admitted it. He thought that by admitting to his crimes that he would get the FBI to come arrest him so that “they” would stop beaming voices into his head and making him feel bad.

    • RJ

      He now has a video what looks like a young woman in a room reading one of Tew’s monologues in Spanish. It is extra creepy looking.

      • Wet Nayrb

        Oh yeah, I have all sorts of questions about that video. Is she a viewer who sought Bryan out or is she someone, possibly in the sex trade, that Bryan hired to translate/read something he wrote?

        • RJ

          Looks like some girl from his hostel which he got to read one of his video translations. He probably paid her. But at some point she had to have been thinking “wait, is this guy going to kidnap me?”

  12. Ima Nonomus Tew

    A few more thoughts on the wonder that is Bryan Tew:

    He cuts and pastes his video descriptions. Which means that there is no new thought process, enlightenment, clarity, or insight for years. The TI community doesn’t seem to notice or mind.

    He doesn’t understand human anatomy. It’s one of the reasons why doctors don’t treat him. He claims his heart is “fluttering,” which needs to be stopped with a defibrillator or you die. Heart pain, but he grasps his manboobs. Wrong location. His current major complaint, foot drop, is seldom painful, seldom causes swelling, He doesn’t understand time changes everything, so medical diagnoses as new as last week don’t matter. It’s what you are presenting now. His symptoms he is whining about now are classic for plantar fasciitis.

    He doesn’t understand about computer technology. He expects every where he is, at anytime, for any reason, 100% high-speed internet connection. Even in third world country hostels, which is nuts. He thinks any network shown is hacking, any interruption of service, any failure to load…all signs someone is hacking into his stuff. It’s hilarious. He’s always on edge, thinking he’s hacked, yet his videos and post do post eventually.

    He is a spamming machine. Everything he sends is sent to a lot of different people, even multiple foreign embassies. Many who have blocked his mail. Except he thinks it is censorship, and his posts are not allowed to be sent to people. Same thing with his phone calls. He believes what he says and knows is so important he can’t conceive he is blocked.

    He misunderstands and misrepresents his two favorite theories, Occam’s Razor and hypergame theory. And so now other TI are throwing those terms around, too. It all sounds so smart. It’s not.

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