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Adios, Hong Kong. Hello Madrid.

Been busy with life but had to stop by to share some updates.

Tew has been busy the last few days too. A lot has happened since then. His legs/feet are acting up again and he is claiming to be so crippled that he can barely move.

The theme for him right now is getting medical treatment. Doctors in Hong Kong are brushing him off, especially after he assaulted one of them (see below). So depending on the flavor of the day, he’s either off to Moscow, Beijing, Los Angeles, Quito, or whatever.

He’s booked but not taken several flights for various reasons; “they” blocked the ticket or “they” crippled him so badly that he can’t make the flight that particular day.

First it was Moscow through Beijing but that fell through.

I see that he then tried to book a ticket back to LAX but now he says he couldn’t make that one either.

A more recent post has him traveling to Quito, but apparently he’s only made it as far as Madrid:

Before finally leaving, he said an ATM “ate” his credit card. This was apparently the last straw as that credit card was the only form of payment he had in Hong Kong. He can’t buy anything without it!

Here’s a recap of events over the last several days:

He was laying on the floor of the airport and apparently given a deadline to get out of dodge or else. Not clear to me why he’s forced to lay on the floor when he has a wheelchair and crutches. Looks like he’s putting on a pity show to me.

He’s been in and out of the ER and airport clinic the past week. Apparently in the ER he was accused of assaulting medical personnel and thrown out. He denies it. The same accusation was made of him back in California last year. Seems to be a theme with him.

Here’s him being carted off to the airport clinic in the airport version of an ambulance:

More videos on his channel and crying on his Facebook page.


  1. Ima Nonomus Tew

    When you go to that many medical facilities in such a short time, you are flagged as a drug seeker. And that he hasn’t been given any treatment shows no one believes his story, and he fails tests that would show problems, if they are real.
    He thinks he is so smart, but medical staff will always be able to find a faker. Not saying he is faking, I’m saying his complaints are not showing physically. He’s convinced himself, but it’s not reality.

  2. Stefan Adams

    He had the “worst directed energy attack ever” and posted a video of some kind of furniture knocked over in his room. Then said his bunk mate “suddenly left”, as if it’s some sort of conspiracy that someone would not want to hang out near a clumsy schizophrenic knocking over furniture in the middle of the night.

    Now he’s applying for asylum again and looking for another lawyer to help bilk thousands of dollars out of him. What a freaking joke this guy is.

  3. Ima Nonomus Tew

    And he has a pity party video. It’s with his forehead scraped, from like 3 years ago, but the title makes it seem like it just happened. His appointment isn’t until the 28th, so I hope he has the funds to find a translator. Of course, it would behoove him to actual try and learn the language, since he wants to live there. He was trying for what 3?,4? years in Ecuador and never learned more than what you can pick up after watching Sesame Street for a week.
    It’s like how many times do governments and the UN refugee organizations need to tell him he is not a refugee, and that his claims are offensive, considering the state of the world and the millions of real refugees fleeing bombs and genocide? Or that an earache and sore foot are not the same as famine and war? Or that he is a laughable idiot.
    As far as his living arrangements right now, after the mess, the noise of his “agony”, and the fleeing of a paying customer who was probably both normal and really pissed off, I’m thinking that he will be kicked out once again. The shadow government are using cameras and the people in the hostel are all peasants.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah, that video is from last year in San Diego. One of the commenters here is local to SD and identified it as the go-to place for gay sexual encounters in San Diego. I don’t really know what to say other than he was sure obsessed with that park last year and continues to be obsessed with that video, he reposts it pretty regularly.

  4. Stefan Adams

    Booked a ticket (or tickets). He shows a screen capture of a ticket to Quito that transits through Miami. Claims the CIA made him drowsy so that he would make mistakes. Made a pathetic video saying he wasted $1000 because he can’t allow himself to land in the USA. Claims that he is being forced to buy new tickets, not sure if he actually did.

    Made a silly Facebook post after that stating that his airplane was delayed so that the CIA can install cameras in the bathroom of the airplane. He thinks the CIA wants to watch him take a dump or something. Offers no proof that there were delays, or that said delays were due to the CIA, or any proof that cameras are being concealed in the airplane.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      Maybe he needs to review his FB page. He admits to taking a triple dose of sleeping pills. Yeah, that will make you drowsy. Not the CIA. Now he can’t prepay another lawyer to rip off his crazy US ass. He probably should look back at his posts and videos around his departure from Ecuador the last time. He seems to forget that the peasants are all controlled by the shadow government of the US, turning every single person who might encounter him into paid provocateurs and he was tortured so much that he had to flee before he had another ear ache and panic attack.

    • RJ

      I’m hoping for another episode like he had in Chicago. Some kind of serious mishap at the Miami airport. Tew in Florida would be a fun adventure. Crazy happens all the time in Florida.

  5. Stefan Adams

    Just about as soon as he left Spain for Columbia, he wants to go back to Spain! Now he’s talking about going to Iran! Tew is truly off his rocker.

    • Stefan Adams

      He apparently had a $500 hospital bill that he couldn’t or didn’t want to pay, he’s labeling this reasonable request as “gaslighting”. He says that the hospital has seized his luggage and will not release it to him until he pays, so that seems to be the reason he wants to tuck tail and get out of dodge. I’m guessing the cops were called too.

      This is a pattern for Tew: go to hospital, receive treatment, and then run off without paying. He owes a hospital in Beijing, China several thousands of dollars after he was busted by his insurance company for defrauding them.

  6. Stefan Adams

    After a few thousand bucks in pointless airline tickets plus the ones he bought and didn’t use in just a matter of a week or so, Bryan made it back to Madrid.

    He’s whining about how he’s being forced to masturbate in the hotel. Disgusting pervert is probably doing this in view of other people including children.

      • Ima Nonomus Tew

        Um…considering his weight, diet and activity level his is actually pretty normal. He gauges his bpm based on a person who is normal size, better diet, and normal activity level, not him. It should be a clue that he has never been treated for any of his “heart problem.” Beyond doing further testing. I’ve been through this, and if you had a problem, they would treat him.
        He is also talking about his habit of “forced maturbation.” I wonder if the hostel knows about his past experiences with hostels around the world. He has many videos of hostel staff/managers/owners who tell him he is messy, demanding, rude, and just generally creepy. I expect he is already ticked off at the noise and young party crowd. But that is the hostels main target according to their own website. That will be fun.

  7. RJ

    Now he’s starting fights with people in cabs, or cab drivers. Tew was recording some guy and the guy knocked his phone away, sending to flailing to the ground, where of course he laid there moaning. LOL. Tew can’t go anywhere without starting trouble!

    • Stefan Adams

      His defense for his behavior will be “I have a right to confront my stalkers” without ever detailing what precisely they did to earn that label.

      Or he will claim the RNM system gave him a bout of “white hot rage” and he was not actually in control of himself (it was “high tech entrapment”).

      If he wasn’t so frail and out of shape he would be dangerously violent towards other people. Instead he’s just pathetic, self-victimizing, and a public nuisance.

      He gets his ass handed to him every time he confronts someone.

  8. Ima Nonomus Tew

    A great deal of his problems would be helped by learning more Spanish than what he learned on Sesame Street. Someone on YT said the cab driver was telling him that he would take him in his cab, nothing threatening. But the cabbie knows only a limited tourist English, which is normal since he is Spanish, but knows CIA is something not usually “good.”
    Someone is going to beat his ass, he’ll not know what they are saying and make a fool of himself. As usual.

  9. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Oh, he’s been a busy, busy boy. First up, his story has changed in a very important way. He now says the guy was holding his crutches and he collapsed onto the street, not that he was knocked down. It explains his firm hold on the camera and the slow fall. Falling on your own is not violence, which explains why the police didn’t care. I wish I knew Spanish to translate what the cabbie is saying. I wonder if he didn’t share his attack video and they translated it for him. It would explain the time lag.
    That the hospital treated and released him, he doesn’t need surgery. Or an MRI, likely. If they couldn’t reduce his shoulder in the ER, they would have called in an Ortho right then and there, or admitted him. They did suggest a psychiatrist when he told them of his DEW attacks. Likely his pain pills aren’t top shelf for that reason alone. Consistency not being treated by anyone anywhere is a red flag.
    How many hostels around the world have to kick him out before he realizes he is the problem? And how many ambulance trips without treatment does it take? He’s a creepy, rude jerk all over the world.

  10. RJ

    Tew got hilarious new glasses. He looks like John Goodman as Walter in The Big Lebowski. I don’t think Tew even knows what prescription he should be wearing. He’s looking pretty bad in this video. He’s losing a lot of teeth now too.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah, those are the glasses he paid like $1000+ for because the hospital in Bogota seized his belongings for non-payment of a $500 hospital bill.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      Unlike most things to do with Bryan Tew, those glasses really are blown up out of proportion. Not attractive. On his FB, I mentioned he should have tried getting them online. It would have saved him about 90% or more. And likely looked a heck of a lot better.

      • RJ

        He has different glasses already! Just one day after. Does Tew sleep in his glasses and keep having to get new ones? Does he even really need glasses? Why is he never going on about “my eyesight, my eyesight!” I have a pretty strong prescription, and if I thought the government was trying to inconvenience me physically, the first thing I would suspect is they are trying to damage my eyes. Of all things, why is he never blaming his need for glasses on the government? You’d think if they were going through all of this trouble to damage his hearing so he can’t listen to Christian content to block the programming, that they would just damage his eyesight so he can’t even look up the Christian content.

  11. Stefan Adams

    He made a cryptic post saying he’s “moved” to Quito but recent posts still show him in Madrid. The post right below that shows him at a urology clinic in Madrid where he is presumably going to obtain castration drugs to stop his sexual fantasies.

  12. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Did everyone else notice his “emergency medical” treatment has not produced any comment from him? It’s almost as if he was told by a real doctor, AGAIN, that his “injuries” are not really treatable with his own treatment idea of surgery. Like they have in ERs around the world, and the neurologist in California. It’s hard to maintain an unbearable pain and disruption in movement storyline when a doctor doesn’t find a problem.

  13. Ima Nonomus Tew

    He is going to try to go to Moscow again. Or at least he is looking at flights to Moscow. Likely he’ll waste more money because They will cause him trouble and he will be “unable” to make if to the airport. Otherwise, he is eerily quiet, reposting old stuff. His message hasn’t changed in years.
    How dense do these people who follow him and encourage him and think he is soooooo smart, yet has been unable to protect himself or even fend for himself for years? How is he helping anyone?
    His story is not a life’s lesson, it can only be used as a horrible example.

  14. AA

    He justifies his followers belief that they are perfectly normal, and there is nothing wrong with them, and this belief is a permission slip to do as they please and expect zero consequeces for their actions and choices. Always, always someone else’s fault. He feeds into their illness, and their blind allegiance boosts his morale and ego. So he doesn’t have to look at how he has wasted his entire life in running away from himself.

  15. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Hahaha! An early Christmas present. Once again, he’s being denied staying at a hostel, due to other guest’s complaints. I hope the hostel passes on his name.

    Totally inappropriate for Christmas, but still a spark of joy.

  16. AA

    I noticed he recently posted a nonsensical, and old, video of a 911 call from San Diego. Something he consistently did here in San Diego. He loitered at the Church of the Immaculate Conception on San Diego Avenue for months. He fully knew the address. But what he consistently did when making the folly 911 calls, was to refuse to identify his location as anything other than “Old Town church.” There is more than one church in Old Town. There’s at least three.

    At any rate, his refusing to provide the address – which would have resulted in quicker response time, was designed to do just that – delay response time for the benefit of the recording for his followers, so they would ‘see’ that he’s being harassed and not taken seriously, that the govt. is behind it all and that no one will help him. He knows damn well he’s just got a flutter because of his lack of self-care. He knows he’s just got tinnitus. He knows he doesn’t really have drop foot. I’ve seen him strut like the cock ‘o the walk throughout Old Town.

    If he was in actual medical danger – say he’d been bitten by a rattler – he’d have told them the address right out the gate. And he’d never have published the life saving measures because that does not suit his agenda.

  17. Wet Nayrb

    Another Christmas present for Bryan Tew aficionados, he gets into a hilarious altercation with a cab driver and starts crying.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      That was a couple of days ago. Was he injured? Highly doubtful. No place has treated him since. He had an “emergency” appt with an orthopedic specialist, which he never mentioned again. No medical records posted, no comments or videos. His shoulder isn’t healing (according to him) because he is keeping it in a sling and not doing anything but crying and (likely) pain pills.
      “Forced out of Europe…” based on a recent YT post. Too much torture, too medically incapacitated. Which are not hallmarks of his claimed injuries. It’s why he is never taken seriously when he goes anywhere. If you say you are having heart pain, but are groping your right manboob, they know it is not your heart. Wait until his shoulder freezes. That is treated with exercise and brute force. Which he will not like or report on, robbing us of another video of him whimpering. ?

  18. Stefan Adams

    Bryan likes to post pictures of airline booking websites without actually booking anything so take it with a grain of salt but he’s now looking to book a ticket to Laos.

    He’s blowing up the Russian embassy phones as well. He’s got to be on their “nut job with no intel value” list by now.

    I know AA doesn’t want him back but I liked Tew the most when he was in San Diego. Bumming it out in the back of his Ford Escape, riding on his scooter, acting weird around that church, and cruising for gay sex in Presidio Park.

    Lately he’s just cooped up in various hostels not doing much of anything other than pestering the innkeepers and other guests with his public masturbation.

    His Facebook profile is still updated to say he’s moved to Ecuador (he’s certainly not in Ecuador right now) with ECUADOR as the tag line. No real explanation for that.

  19. Anonymous

    Yo bro I know you stuck Bryan. Soccer still sucks American football is better. Your a moron. I’ll live on your site. Your in your 40’s and still watch people scramble. Life in prison. Lol. Bryan# loser

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