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Bryan Tew tries to surrender to HK police, FBI

This is a repeat of what happened about this time last year when he was in San Diego and tried to get the FBI to arrest him. He confesses to committing disability fraud in the hope that he can resolve the supposed investigation against him that is behind all the “targeting” he experiences every day.

HK police weren’t particularly interested in his outrageous story after running his name through their database and seeing that he is not a wanted man.

Now Bryan wants to return to the USA via JFK airport to meet with the FBI although it’s far from clear if he’ll actually do it or if he’ll chicken out like the last time (he said he was attacked by “directed energy” at the door and had to be taken away by ambulance before he could meet with them).

Bryan, while I do believe you are guilty of exaggerating your physical injuries, I don’t think there is actually an active investigation against you right now.

The only person you need to surrender to is a psychiatrist who can actually help you with your mental troubles. The longer you play games and deny the reality of your situation means you will suffer longer. You need to accept that you lack a healthy mental state and are not capable of soundly judging your own situation.


  1. RJ

    I watched his whole video of his phone call to the US consulate in Hong Kong. That was definitely weird. Especially Tew broadcasting his social security number on YouTube. I know he tried to surrender before – but last time he was just surrendering via YouTube videos, which is a little less serious than calling authorities and asking to be connected to the FBI. And I never heard of him ever talking about New York before. I’m not sure if New York is the same as San Diego where random homeless mentally ill are just shuffled off. Maybe Tew will find himself dealing with some FBI agents who want to help him. Not sure how much they are allowed to do for random homeless people begging to be arrested.

  2. AA

    Well, if he comes back here, I prefer New York to San Diego. We have enough problems here without the addition of this guy. His ‘government provocateurs’ at the trolley station have been busy harrassing everyone. When will he get, that when you hang out in certain areas, you’re a target for other crazy people? The people he thinks are targeting him think he’s targeting them. Vicious circle. Hope he never comes back here.

    • Stefan Adams

      There’s still a lot of debate about what happened in Cuba. It’s definitely possible to injure people using ultrasound or EMF radiation, no real debate there.

      The problem is Bryan is very mobile and goes out in public places but is the only one to have these symptoms, whereas the embassy workers work in one location and probably sleep in a geographically confined area. If Bryan is the victim of these types of attacks, why aren’t the other people at the hostels he stays at affected?

      Bryan likely has tinnitus which is a common hearing disorder and has common and ordinary explanations.

        • Stefan Adams

          If you’re serious then please explain how sound waves can pick and choose which person to target in a crowded room or building. It doesn’t work that way.

          • crushonbryan

            i’m just saying what he says. i’m no scientist, but I know everything is vibes and frequencies and everyone has a unique vibe. 6 billion people have six billion sets of waves. they can do it without electrodes now and there are studies.

          • Stefan Adams

            Sorry but that’s nonsense. There are no studies that confirm what Bryan is claiming.

            Sound waves are mechanical vibrations, i.e. mechanical energy flowing through air and hitting your eardrums. It’s not possible to create a sound wave that only one person is capable of hearing but others cannot.

            Bryan also claims that he is being targeted with radiation that can remotely control his brain or attack different parts of his body. This is also not backed by any science.

        • Ima Nonomus Tew

          Yeah, it doesn’t work like that. Any technology targets an area, not a brain pattern. It’s all the people in that area that are affected, although some more than others. I know that They have been using things for a long time. Just try and stay in the Jewel Room at the Smithsonian. The room has a just inaudible hum. It is just unpleasant enough that people come look and leave quickly. It is weird because it can make you feel anxious or annoyed. And because it is a security matter, if you ask, no one can answer your question.
          Certain people are more affected than others, based completely on physical features. I know I am one. I am hypersensitive to noise. I live in Indiana, not exactly the center of the world for seismic activity. But we did have one, back about 35-40 years ago. My family and I were in a library. I started getting nauseated, feeling like seasick, more than stomach issues. I actually had to go sit down. No more than a minute later, the whole building shook.
          Was someone targeting me? No, I just have sensitive ears.
          Besides, the claims he makes are many times impossible. Your heart cannot vibrate. His arytthmia is slight enough to not need any treatment or even follow-through. His hearing test actually show him to be near normal; hearing loss can be expected as you age, and with heavy, loud earbuds.
          His “feels” his physical symptoms and calls it torture like he sees he makes a typo, and calls it hacking. Everything he types all of the time has typos in it. He just doesn’t notice it until it fits his back story.

        • RJ

          “Unique brain wave signature”? LOL. Bryan Tew does have a very unique brain wave signature. I just don’t know how smart it is to be taking anything he says as facts.

  3. Stefan Adams

    Well he definitely didn’t board that flight to JFK as he’s still making videos from HK. I’m not even sure he booked it, he was whining about “interference” at the time.

    The FBI won’t come and arrest him. He claims he is on some sort of “no stop, no arrest” list. He says that the FBI’s refusal to take him away is proof of the conspiracy.

    He is definitely on a downwards trajectory right now.

    What I’m afraid of is that Bryan will commit some sort of crime just so he can get arrested. He’s so desperate that he wants to surrender to the government, he probably feels like it is his last resort.

    I’ve tipped the FBI off to Bryan a couple of times over the past few years. Nothing he’s done so far is really actionable. The disability fraud stuff is a state crime and probably too much work for Ohio to bother with. There’s probably not much they (FBI) can legally do if he doesn’t have a warrant and doesn’t make a specific threat. Wish they could do something though. Just afraid it’s going to end up with somebody (Bryan or someone Bryan decides to target) getting hurt.

  4. Stefan Adams

    Update – Bryan called the Miami office of the FBI and asked to surrender. They told him to surrender to the consulate. Now he has an appointment. I didn’t know you needed an appointment to surrender to the police (“Sorry but we can’t arrest you right now, please come back later”).

    I’m not entirely sure what’s going to happen to him but since he’s not actually a wanted man to my knowledge (other than perhaps that misdemeanor court date he no-showed for in San Diego which I doubt is a matter the FBI cares about) I don’t see much happening to him other than a referral to some psychological counseling that he will never agree to. Being in Hong Kong I don’t think they can force him to do anything, the most they can do is try to convince HK authorities to deport him.

  5. Ima Nonomus Tew

    He mentioned that the FBI once contacted his family to ask if he was mentally ill. Perhaps that little nugget will pop up for the FBI again and they will know the answer is obviously “yes.” I don’t know what they can do for or with him knowing that news. No one really wants him. I suspect not even his family. Because he is so “capable,” all they can do is assist him getting out of the country. Maybe let him book through their own phone and/or computer.
    Because he is so capable, there is another side I considered. Maybe he is short on funds, and thinks he’ll be transported back to the US by the FBI, free of charge. He is losing all kinds of money just with booked and not used tickets. Then living expenses, in a place that is not as cheap as the usual third country nations he frequents. He might not have the funds to leave on his own.
    I agree he is becoming more unable to formulate plans for himself, as evidenced by his inability to make any flight he books, his drug use, spending, and his paranoia. But from his history, he runs from any real help, and hides behind his delusions that he and his “evidence” are so important.

  6. RJ

    Tew actually said something sensible. “The Mandela Effect does not exist”. I mean, once you read further it of course turns into something that the CIA is using their supercomputer to fool people into believing. But, for once Tew is more sensible than the good majority of other nutcases who ramble on about imaginary nonsense.

    The people who make Mandela Effect videos know what they are doing – they are making videos to fool weak minded people into watching their videos, liking, and subscribing. Example is this guy whose videos are all “Watch this video and click ‘like’ if you remember Sally Field once being named Sally Fields…” and such other nonsense. It is sad how this guy gets a ton of comments of people praising him for being a master of noticing new Mandela Effects. People write “Who is trying to make us doubt our memories? The government? The Illuminati? Demons? The aliens who run the matrix?” No, people. The only person screwing with your memory is the guy making those videos.

    At the very least, Tew doesn’t believe that reality is changing around him because he lives in an artificial matrix where space and time warps minor details which nobody actually thinks too much about. Tew’s reality is pretty horrifying though.

    I’d say my first experience with what Tew is talking about, was introduced to me by a guy tripping on acid who I was hanging out with. Not going to say if I was part of the festivities or not – but I clearly didn’t want to hear much of that conversation. Whether it was to get me to freak out, or he was genuinely worried about “CIA having rays in the air that can control and monitor people”. I think it was some counter-culture type people he was hanging out with who gave him these ideas. This would have been in 1991, well before any internet or mass communication methods where these rumors get passed around. And not that the CIA didn’t try to make these mind-control rays work. If they were the CIA, and doing their jobs – as insidious as they are – they would have at least thought about it. Which is what gets these Targeted Individuals going. I was honestly wondering if this information wasn’t passed around via people in and out of mental hospitals, or just paranoid people on acid. But now that we have YouTube, their delusions can be passed around much easier.

    This guy was the first Targeted Individual ever recorded:

    • Wet Nayrb

      I remember listening to those kinds of conspiracy theories on the shortwave radio circa 1995 so it’s easily conceivable that the same kind of fringe programming was being broadcast years earlier. There were also newsletters and Usenet groups for people who knew to go online before the web became mainstream.

  7. Ima Nonomus Tew

    I have been reading another TI’s website. She is a friend of Bryan. She has bothered every single authority she can, and is incredulous that no even once has anything she has reported has been investigated. If you just look her up online, she is a known nut. Her senator has her number blocked. Everyone knows to just hang up when she calls. She makes 20 911 calls a day….over 700 in a single year. Like Bryan, she files suit after suit, and nothing ever comes of it, dismissed with prejudice in at least one case. One case states at the beginning that she has filed over 20 similar suits against everybody.
    It’s a dark side of the internet. Weirdos and the mentally ill can finally meet, and they feed off each other’s stories. If one person has it “figured out” that a satellite overhead is microwaving her head so she gets burns, and another has had a burning sensation they couldn’t explain, then BOOM! Now there are two people being burned by microwaves from satellites.
    It doesn’t fully explain Bryan’s script, though. He is stuck, seemingly unable to formulate sentences off his story. “It’s a deadly game deception, nothing more.” For years. I think Bryan was at one time a smart guy, and has a really good brain that is now broken. He is totally unaware of his own presence in society. And increasingly less able to fend for himself. Which, when you travel the world looking for places that hate Americans while being the very definition of an “Ugly American” yourself, not a good place to be.

  8. Stefan Adams

    He was supposed to turn himself in early AM today (Wednesday) HK time. He clearly hasn’t been taken into custody. I doubt he even went. He’s making his usual groaning and moaning posts today but has nothing to say about his appointment.

    I’ve called him out on it, let’s see what excuse (if anything) he has to give.

    • RJ

      “They” probably stopped him from going, using sleep deprivation torture. If he turns himself in, then the supercomputer won’t be able to record the metrics for verification purposes, thus he will be defeating their billion dollar program. It is a mathematically model called the hyper-game theory. Each move pitches him into a sequence of actions. It is nothing more than a deadly game of deception and manipulation.

      That is probably exactly what happened!

  9. RJ

    “They” probably stopped him from going, using sleep deprivation torture. If he turns himself in, then the supercomputer won’t be able to record the metrics for verification purposes, thus he will be defeating their billion dollar program. It is a mathematically model called the hyper-game theory. Each move pitches him into a sequence of actions. It is nothing more than a deadly game of deception and manipulation.

    That is probably exactly what happened!

  10. Ima Nonomus Tew

    BT has been quiet until today. He did have to change hostels, but no information as to why. And he did not make his appointment(s) with the FBI in Hong Kong, because the hyper game theory of keeping him in theta state to discombobulate him kept him too sleepy to go. You called it 100%, RJ. Well done. The rest of the time he has been living in the past reposting ad nauseam, reinforcing his own story in his addled cerebral cortex.
    He is back. The FBI didn’t, wouldn’t, and couldn’t arrest him. Why? BT could bring down the entire FBI, exposing their torture corruption, and basic worldwide shadow government with the information he has documented.
    And published on the internet for all to see and read for themselves.
    His delusional disorder is getting more grandiose. It’s not the locals, the disability commission, police departments…it’s the entire freakin’ FBI.
    It seems that a person he had a conversation with in New Orleans is the main thing he thinks is corruption. I’ve read the transcript of the conversation several times and see a man with a bit of experience in lawsuits giving BT good advise. He would be considered culpable for a portion of his injuries, he won’t have a big payday, and if he wanted to avoid the stresses BT was feeling about the investigations and questions being asked about him, just drop the suit.
    Am I missing something? BT has since figured out the guy was a FBI informant, and his advise was criminal?
    BT’s medical records and test results are obviously being overstated and misinterpreted and he obviously is not pain tolerant and I know from personal experience chronic pain can have a very real effect on the body and mind, so I can’t really say anything about that but my personal opinion–MAN UP, YOU BABY. He does nothing for himself to better his condition and abuses drugs. How can anyone take him seriously, except for seriously mentally ill?
    Bryan, get help. Real medical help. Nothing you say and feel is as it seems. No one is after you, torturing you, or even wants anything you think you have. You’ve neared the end of the line. Come home. Get help.

  11. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is touting his theory about how Epstein was snuffed out:


  12. RJ

    Now he’s on Facebook posting videos of him harassing some guy in a hostel, and the guy simply asking Tew for a little respect. Looks like the same hostel Tew is posting photos of some young woman, who is trying to keep out of his view behing a makeshift curtain in her bunk bed.

    So ridiculous seeing Tew post articles where he is comparing himself to refugees trying to find asylum in Hong Kong. Those are people who are starving, and come from countries where their government or the revolutionaries are executing people or committing genocide. And here is Tew; who is a US citizen, receives a disability check from the US government, possibly receives some kind of Social Security and/or a pension. Has some form of health insurance, and has some health plan from being a veteran. And his US residence is in a city which is very accommodating to people who are homeless. He has simultaneously owned a car, a motor-scooter, a laptop, a tablet, and multiple phones. He always has new clothes, new hats, new glasses. He is clean shaven, he can dye his hair. And he’s trying to take advantage of services other countries offer to people who have absolutely nothing and are lucky to have their lives. These are people who are probably lucky to have made it out of their village – while Tew globetrots all around the world freely from one place to another. It’s like backwards day, every day.

  13. Stefan Adams

    Tew made a rather bizarre post this morning about a dream he had:

    This morning I woke up and could see about five seconds of the Neuroprogramming.

    A video sequence of a hideous revolting man smiling and laying down on his back saying ‘STICK IT IN THE MEAT BOX’ in which he took a piece of meat (possibly raw meat) and placed it in his mouth.

    This was instantly followed by another image sequence of people sitting down in a dreadful dark tunnel with the Chatterbot stating in an Omnipotent voice ‘THEY WILL BE KILLED’! and it suddenly stopped and I opened my eyes.

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