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Bryan Tew Leaves Spain, Has Fit of “White Hot Rage”, Dislocates Shoulder

So Bryan decided Spain isn’t cool anymore and has left, much to the relief of the Spanish people.

He was supposed to make his way from Spain to France to Serbia but as is typical for Tew, he always does something stupid to get himself into trouble.

He claims the CIA has mind controlled him to lash out in rage. He doesn’t really give out much context but says he tried to swing his suitcase at someone he claimed to be a stalker and ended up dislocating his shoulder.

He’s currently stuck in Paris wearing an arm/shoulder cast that he says will have to stay on for three weeks.

Of course it’s everyone’s fault but his own. He didn’t want to swing that suitcase at an innocent person. The CIA corrupted his mind, convinced him that some random dude is a stalker, and pressed a button that made his arm swing impotently.

I don’t like to laugh at people’s misfortunes … but it’s Bryan and watching his life unfold is just a slow motion comedic disaster of his own making so I can’t help it.


  1. Stefan Adams

    Here’s a bizarre clip. Bryan is hanging around the Chinese embassy in Paris trying to talk to an embassy worker at midnight. He think’s its very suspicious that the embassy would be receiving packages at midnight (perhaps so) but seems to think it’s perfectly normal for him to accost an embassy worker at midnight and ask for asylum in SPANISH.

    • Wet Nayrb

      It could be a private courier service to which they have Amazon deliver packages discretely. Or maybe Amazon does deliver in Paris at any time of day to institutional customers. In any event, Bryan probably just got himself on a blacklist at that embassy.

  2. Ima Nonomus Tew

    He is getting “harrassed” by the police, probably for lying on the floors of CDG airport and the sidewalks outside. Of course, Bryan is feeling violated, and continued taping when told to stop. That will get him in big trouble some day.
    My question about the delivery to the Chinese Embassy at night is WHAT WAS HE DOING AT CHINA’S EMBASSY AT MIDNIGHT? The creep factor of that is pretty darn high. Was he going to sleep in the entrance? Hoping a low level would let him in? Like so much about Bryan, it makes no sense and makes him even more undesirable to anyone who might give him aid. Not that anyone will, especially from China, since he literally ran out of a hospital with a bill left unpaid.

    • Kevin Christian

      Perhaps ask your superiors need to get off the microwave and leave the man alone . Everyone knows the truth about whats going on , there are enough people out there who know exactly whats happening and no amount of covering up and diversion is going to drown the truth out im afraid . Shame on you all . Be safe in the know that noone is getting away with anything . One day there will be people held accountable for the new phase RNM program (1995-2021) and gangstalking cybercrooks like you will be held to account also .

      • Stefan Adams

        OK, fine. I’m done using the microwave. Your turn. Just be warned, I was heating up some fish so it kinda stinks..

      • Wet Nayrb

        Hey, Kevin, you really shouldn’t film one phone with another phone while driving a delivery truck.

        At first, I thought you were parked but that traffic light moving in the reflection at 2:24 suggests otherwise.


          Yo, ain’t nothing to do with you what I do when I drive . I’m gathering all the data from my phones and devices and your virtual networks won’t be there for long , I will be handing the findings to the cops Jack! Marcus from Howard circle . I know this is your main hub for diversion of TIS , so busted man

          • Stefan Adams

            (1) I thought the cops were the ones perpetuating all the harassment of TIs?
            (2) No, that’s not me.
            (3) Nothing on this website or anything we are doing here would be subject to any kind of criminal offense.

          • Ima Nonomus Tew

            Well, yeah it is. When you drive so distracted that you are making a video, smoking, and talking crazy without using the steering wheel in a moving car, it is very much the business of anyone else on the road.
            But you’re a TI, which means you will not admit any responsibility for anything bad that happens. Because “They” made you do it.
            Get help before you kill someone.

          • Wet Nayrb

            You might want to brush up on your Georgia Highway Code then, specifically Georgia Code Title 40, Chapter 6, Article 11 § 40-6-241 about Distracted Driving.

            (c) While operating a motor vehicle on any highway of this state, no individual shall:

            (1) Physically hold or support, with any part of his or her body a:

            (A) Wireless telecommunications device, provided that such exclusion shall not prohibit the use of an earpiece, headphone device, or device worn on a wrist to conduct a voice based communication; or

            (B) Stand-alone electronic device;

            (2) Write, send, or read any text based communication, including but not limited to a text message, instant message, e-mail, or Internet data on a wireless telecommunications device or stand-alone electronic device; provided, however, that such prohibition shall not apply to:

            >(A) A voice based communication which is automatically converted by such device to be sent as a message in a written form; or
            >(B) The use of such device for navigation of such vehicle or for global positioning system purposes;
            >(3) Watch a video or movie on a wireless telecommunications device or stand-alone electronic device other than watching data related to the navigation of such vehicle; or
            >(4) Record or broadcast a video on a wireless telecommunications device or stand-alone electronic device; provided that such prohibition shall not apply to electronic devices used for the sole purpose of continuously recording or broadcasting video within or outside of the motor vehicle.

            I’m not in Georgia and have zero contact with anyone on Howard Circle but I believe Omni Eris mentioned something about a restraining order preventing you from even naming those people?

      • Ima Nonomus Tew

        Wow. Prove it. Show somehow the reasoning behind annoying someone with earaches and carpal tunnel. And heart problems no one else can find.
        No one needs to monitor TI’s. They are so amazingly narcissistic they broadcast every thing they do, every “secret” they thinks makes them special, every place they go, even every time one wets and defecates their pants. But can’t get together on the who, what, when, and why is “doing stuff” to them. The one that wets themselves knows it is Masonic Illuminati Satanists, who have them marked for blood sacrifice. Bryan thinks it’s the US “shadow government.” And neither of them believes the other.


          I note there was some mention by special agent Adams with regard to Mr Tews videos being removed under YT copyright laws , whether it was gloating or relief or a combination of the two who knows but I think its safe to say thank goodness I have all his videos downloaded using newpipe downloader and will be forwarding them to Mr Tew as a zip compressed archive for him to repost . Agent Adams im sure this will be much to your obligement….. justice for the persecuted


      “a low level” is that agent/gangstalker jargon for minion . Again why the need for a full website dedicated to discrediting Mr Tew if he’s a “schizophrenic refusing treatment” surely the captive audience can make their own mind up without the meddling of authorities attempting to sabotage Mr Tews testimony by way of a comical website ran by a couple of lackies .

      • Stefan Adams

        What authorities are you referring to? The same authorities that you just threatened to report us to?

  3. Wet Nayrb

    Looks like Bryan’s back in Barcelona according to the description of the video where he was filming during the canned audio safety demonstration.

  4. Ima Nonomus Tew

    I think he got wise to the zero chance he’d get any help in France. They have a “fast track” that fits him to a T. And it’s deportation. That he is turning back into Spain, makes we wonder if he was told to go, he wouldn’t go back to the US so he was sent back to where he was before France. A repeat of Germany. Asylum shopping is a thing, and he fits the profile, whether he is doing it intentionally or not. You get refugee status in one country, then find a country you like better, and use your status as a refugee to get both benefits and citizenship there. He likes the free living expensives as a refugee, room, board, and usually medical care. Why Peru (?) coddled him so long with that premise is puzzling, but so are most interactions between Bryan and every other person on the planet.

    • Wet Nayrb

      > Why Peru (?) coddled him so long with that premise is puzzling

      I think most of Bryan’s time in South America was in Ecuador rather than Peru, if I remember correctly.

      • Stefan Adams

        Right. Mostly Ecuador and a little bit of Nicaragua and Costa Rica. He spent a lot of time in Ecuador the past few years because he thought they would be helpful to him due to Ecuador having hosted Julian Assange in their embassy in London to evade arrest. That didn’t work out obviously.

        The famous clip with a man swinging a machete at Tew is from Nicaragua and that bad review of a hotel Tew left online where the owner responded and told on Tew for his porn / masturbation was in Costa Rica.

        Don’t think he’s spent any time in Peru to my knowledge. If he has, it was brief and not memorable to me.

  5. Stefan Adams

    After spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary computer equipment and plane tickets, Tew is now destitute in Barcelona. He’s being forced to sleep on the street. The guy who says he can’t sleep apparently got his phone stolen while he was soundly sleeping on the sidewalk, lol.

    He’s applied for asylum in Spain yet again. Third or fourth time I think. The police supposedly seized his passports and sent them on to the local US consulate. Sounds like they’re trying to fast track him out of the country but Tew is too dumb to realize he’s not wanted.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      And what is the definition of insanity?
      Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
      I think he is going to have to be imprisoned or committed into psychiatric care to stop. Which hopefully will be in a first world nation, with people who speak English. Without that, he’s screwed. Needing to retrieve his passports at the US Embassy will be interesting. Maybe his airport hopping will put him on their radar as an American in medical distress, so he can get the help he needs.

  6. Stefan Adams

    Here’s Bryan giving completely inaccurate legal information about applying for refugee status:

    Bryan says you will magically obtain special rights by merely applying for asylum although he doesn’t specify exactly what those are in the context of being a TI. He says you can cross the border, apply for asylum, and then go back home.

    Actually, in pretty much every country on Earth, if you apply for asylum and then leave, especially to go back to the country you’re allegedly fleeing from, you automatically forfeit your status as a refugee and no longer have rights to stay in that country. The asylum application becomes null and void and becomes evidence that you’re not a legitimate refugee should you pull the stunt a second time or in another country.

    He seems fixated on this idea that clogging up the courts and bureaucracy with frivolous claims and actions will somehow prove beneficial for TIs in the future. “This creates a record” – a record that if anything will be used against you to show a pattern of irrational behavior and abuse of the courts/immigration system.

  7. Ima Nonomus Tew

    His latest video is a marvel.
    He is all pissed off, to the point of calling security, that his hostel dorm mate stqrted filming him at 2am. They moved the offending videographer to another room.
    Because filming people in a hostel dorm without permission is bad.
    He is pissed.
    But also posted were two videos of his usual moaning and groaning the familiar “They’re targeting my ? ” out loud, in the dark, likely right before 2 am. Filming himself. In unbearable torture, yet always able to frame his shot.
    I can see how this could and should get Bryan Tew kicked out of another hostel. The weirdness has been verified.
    This whole “I can video anything because I’m exposing the ….” is a reall common theme on the other TI I follow. She does “perp walks” which mean her wandering aimlessly around store parking lots, looking for some perceived sign that every single car and person isnthere only to annoy her. Every. Single. Car. If a car toward the back of the lot cuts across, it is trying to hit her. If it is stopped under a tree in the shade, they are filming her. If they have “funny” headlights, which can mean one is out, they are on high beam, they are on during the day, are driving a white/silver/gray car, or red car, or blue car, or their shirt matches the color of their vehicle, they arenperps, and she videos them, sometimes including their license plate. She films people coming and going at the motels she sometimes is given, out the window of her room including license plates.
    She feels it is her right to film anyone, anywhere, doing anything, because she is collecting evidence and exposing the criminal gang-stalkers. She claims people record her, without proof.
    It’s a thread through all the TI that they claim they are being stalked, yet stalk the entire population themselves. I’ve never seen a perp’s eye view video. It might be fun to make one, but perps don’t exist.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yep, that was hilarious. It’s never his fault. Nobody would have a legitimate reason to get pissed off at him.

      Right after that he did a 5 hour live stream (now deleted) where you could stare at his buttcrack for a few hours while he dozed off. Then he woke up and whined about how a pulse of energy was used to interrupt his nap. He took several swigs of a giant bottle of Fanta soda while he whined. Right after that he turned the lights out and you could hear what sounded like Tew listening to clips of himself whining from previous “torture” videos.

      The dude is so self-absorbed that he’ll listen to his own torture videos for comfort.

  8. Wet Nayrb

    I’m not sure if this is the real Bryan Tew using an alternate channel or a troll but I noticed this reply from someone calling himself “Bryan Tew” on the most recent video on Vulcan Wolverine’s channel:

    >You can come to Spain if you get tired of America I am here and offer to help you find a hostel. You won’t even be in the same room or hotel with me. I will help you get a hostel and show you how to apply for Asylum and Humanitarian Protection in Spain Barcelona Everything is free for refugees in Spain, including food shelter, clothing, money, etc. you can come to Spain and seek asylum humanitarian protection. The Asylum Claim is made the same day you arrive with the government

    The funniest part is the “You won’t even be in the same room or hotel with me” as though Bryan, or Fake Bryan, is unsure whether Kyle (Vulcan Wolverine) is a “real” T.I. or just a deep undercover “perp”.

    Also, Kyle hasn’t posted a new video in two weeks. I wonder if he’s in a psychiatric institution again (last time was in 2014 if I remember correctly though I believe he’s being required to see a psychiatrist).

    • Stefan Adams

      I don’t see that comment on there (I believe you, I just can’t see it). I think liverpoollaw55 is one of his many accounts (he gets placed on spam blocks due to his constant spamming of emails to embassies, TV stations, etc. so he is always making new accounts).

      I googled that and actually found a very similar comment from him but on another video of a female TI with the added comment “totally non sexual” (LOL).

      It’s probably him or at least if it’s a troll, it matches his MO pretty well. The whole applying for asylum thing doesn’t grant him anything that’s going to solve his problems and he knows that, he just wants free stuff (free clothes, free food, free room, free Rx drugs).

      Bryan is the only TI that I know that globe-trots like he does and abuses the asylum system. The TIs that are slightly smarter plainly see that Bryan isn’t any better off doing what he does vs. just being mentally ill in the states.

      • Wet Nayrb

        It could be one of those comments where you have to select “SORT BY -> Newest First” to see it because of how broken Youtube is.

        “Top Comments” frequently doesn’t show half the comments a video receives.

    • RJ

      Vulcan Wolverine looks totally unhinged. He has these new giant glasses with yellow lenses. And you know it’s always something with him. He isn’t wearing yellow lenses because he thinks they are cool or they are blocking out the harmful computer screen lights. It has to be something with his “attackers”. And he is wearing this silver motorcycle helmet. Unshaven and looking kind of scrawny. He is even acting weirder than usual. He’s got some 3 1/2 hour webcast where he talks about the same nonsense the whole time. I skipped ahead and where I landed he was making fun of autistic people… while wearing his yellow glasses and his motorcycle helmet, babbling about the government keeps closing his YouTube window to prevent him from editing a video. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is locked up.

  9. Stefan Adams

    So Tew replied to this woman’s YT video recently and the woman made a video reply to Tew. She’s not really good at speaking to the camera and Tew takes this to mean that she’s actually an “organized stalker” doing a poor job of reading off a script which I thought was a rather hilarious and irrational escalation.

    I didn’t see her eyes move from left to right as if she was reading from a document but Tew is totally convinced.

  10. Ima Nonomus Tew

    She is refusing his suggestions. Anyone that does that is a perp to Bryan. Because he is the only expert who really understands what is going on. Even though he has yet to prove his “injuries” nor been able to escape his tormentors.
    ALL TI’s are that narcissistic. If they don’t get a 100% positive response, then that person MUST be a gang-stalking perp. The other one I follow, thinks EVERYONE is a perp. Her videos are all about the perps being everywhere, how people who call themselves a TI are obviously fake because they don’t ?her tweets and videos, and how everyone is going to hell for selling out to the devil.
    Unless they send her money. Like $100’s to stay in motels.

  11. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Bryan is searching for another hostel. The one he is staying at now wants to see a real passport, not just a picture of one on his tablet. The next will want one, too. He won’t be able to travel far without one.
    And in another stunning display showing he has no concept of either normal social interaction or self, he is claiming the hostel has not put anyone else in his room, to “box him in.”
    Bryan, they know you are nuts enough to be a nuisance. Remember the guy you had removed from your room at 2am? Do you not understand he has video of you being an asshole? That I’m sure would have been shared with everyone. That you were careless enough to lose a key to their property combined with you never producing a real passport, gives them a good out to throw you back onto the streets.

    • Stefan Adams

      The hotel was probably willing to let the no passport thing slide until he started causing trouble for other guests so it was probably a reasonable pretext to kick him out without having to get into an argument about his behavior. He’s found a new hotel now.

      He’s being open about how he causes trouble for other guests. He says he “cries out” any time he is attacked so that there will be witnesses and that is why he is always put into a room by himself (as if it’s some big conspiracy to keep him alone). He’s not being honest about that of course (he usually requests a private room when one is available). But at least he’s honest about why he gets in trouble – because nobody wants to listen to a grown man yell crying and yelling in the middle of the night.

      Offtopic: In China, all foreigners have to register with the local police wherever they are staying (taking a copy of your passport in the process). Hotels will often do this on your behalf. If you forget or the hotel forgets, sometimes the police will come harass you in the middle of the night and demand to see your papers. There’s a white guy on YouTube who’s documented his adventures in China and had stuff like this happen to him. Good thing for Tew that he’s never ventured outside of the major tourist traps in China.

  12. Ima Nonomus Tew

    The rules about staying in Iran are similar or worse. They need your income info, too. Since US banks cannot do business with Iranian banks, and zince his incoe is actually FROM THE US GOVERNMENT, he’d likely be rejected. They don’t need crazy, fat , US people begging on their streets.

  13. Ima Nonomus Tew

    More medical cointelpro. He’s got a pain in his lower left side. Likely he is constipated or has gas.
    Or some foreign body is stuck and he can’t get it out. Likely a football.
    And becaause there are professional medical people to diagnose him and perform medical tests, which are likely all coming back as normal, they are moving him from room to room as he is getting in the way of people with real medical problems. They know there is nothing to treat him for, outside of mental issues, so they are moving and ignoring him, hoping he will just leave.
    That he is unaware that most, if not all, hospitals and clinics have video in every room already is hilarious. That sort of naivety is on par with his skill at transfering a .pdf into a program which will only accept .jpgs and thinking that cheap hostels will be all able to have high speed internet networks 100% of the time.
    Or that “hypergame theory” does not apply if you know it is going on. It requires one player to be completely unaware. Until the game is over, and probably not even then, you won’t know about it.
    Or that “neural synaptic response” is redundant.
    Or that EVERY move in every game, is based on the other player’s last move. It’s why you take turns and why some games, like chess, give you time to think before you move.
    Or that when every hostel you stay at all over the freakin’ planet makes you feel unwelcome, it’s YOU being a bad guest, not them being a bad hostel.
    I watched one of his videos from over a year ago, and he doesn’t change. Anything. Same words, strung into the same sentences, about the same problems.
    The fact this new pain is in a new place is almost refreshing in it’s novelty.
    And it’s been going on for years…

  14. Stefan Adams

    Hilarious Tew meltdown. Apparently he visited the Spanish police again to whine about his passport or whatever. When he didn’t get what he wanted, he called them corrupt, allegedly they threatened to fine Tew for “contempt of cop” or whatever.

    Now he wants to file yet another bogus lawsuit against a litany of countries and agencies (Spain, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Interpol, etc.) under the FISA. I’m not totally familiar with FISA but I don’t think it applies to those countries and even if it did, it’s highly unlikely those countries would answer Tew in court. Tew finally admits that he’s doing this just to “create a record” for others to see.

    • Stefan Adams

      police visit. whines about having to sit outside, probably because he refused to wear his mask correctly

  15. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Because I am a law-abiding, non- litigious person I looked it up. Therebarebso many holes in his plan, I would not be surprised if he was charged with taking up the court’s valuable time. And, like most of his self-written lawsuits, this is sure to be shared and laughed at among the poor lawnclerks whonhave to read it.
    The first brainburp, is he would be required to appear before a US court, here in the very country he is fleeing. For a long time. He would likely be required a real lawyer who knows what they are doing, and Bryan would have to open up and give him everything he has. Bryan’s paranoia makes this impossible.
    Brainburp two is the international laws and agreements concerning sovereign immunity. Legalese is not my specialty, but it seems that “bad man took papers and won’t give me what I want” whining is not covered by any exemption. He should look into that.
    Brainburp three is he has zero rights under the US Constitution on foreign soil. When in Rome, Bryan. When a recognized member of a policing entity takes your passport, they can to so. Legally, it is not really your’s, it is a US government document, and if Spain wants the US goverment to take care of their crazy people, they have every right to do what they did. You are undocumented, and that is bad. They can hold you as long as they want to obtain verification ofnyour identity. A real document, not a picture of one, too.
    Brainburp four is because he is Bryan Tew. He is the most clueless person on the planet. He understands nothing about anything. The Red Cross has already told him they can’t help, but he still is plugging away. No government he tries to contact takes his calls and most have blocked him. No one on the planet thinks Bryan Tew is a refugee, except Bryan himself. He claims every hostel/motel/hotel/refugee camp turns hostile, and hasn’t yet figured out the very basic logic that HE IS THE PROBLEM, not anyone else. I’m always surprised there is not a “don’t rent to this nut” poster with his face posted in every hostel. It might be a competitive business, but keeping Bryan out is common courtesy.
    Seriously, when he gets all haughty demanding to only speak with someone speaking English, IN SPAIN, all niceties should stop. Always surprised he dosn’t get smacked.

  16. Stefan Adams

    Tew has been doing livestreams the last several days. Mainly of him laying in bed with his massive gut and ass crack showing followed by him turning the lights out and hearing him snore in a manner reminiscent of Darth Vader. These videos are telling on him because it shows him getting hours of sleep each night, which explains why he deletes the footage the following morning, though it doesn’t explain why he records them to begin with.

  17. Edward Snowden

    So , i must ask , if Mr Tew is so nuts and so crazy why do you feel the desire to build a full website dedicated to discrediting him ?
    Strange indeed , is it because you are hired to try and drown out the truth by directly discrediting and attacking his testimony. You lot give yourselves away all the time . Its always the same MO.
    Why so quick to jump on the defensive if hes nuts ? Is it because he is telling the truth about Remote no touch torture technology by EMF Microwave satellite , tower , drone , mobile platform based technologies capable of piggybacking the RNM system and BCI to a particular brainwave pattern (digital brainwave imprint??) I wonde4

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      For me it’s because he is nucking futs. And he represents the “ugly American” to a T. He makes his own problems, and needs no help from anyone else to cause his misery. He has mentioned “Occum’s razor ” many times. Applied to him, or any TI, is it more likely that thousands, possibly millions, of people around the world are paid to annoy him and give him an earache or that he has paranoid delusions, creating hostility by his bumbling, rude, and whiny attitude?
      When everywhere he stays kicks him out, or wants to, around the world, the problem isn’t the people he pisses off by
      being, rude, messy, unpleasant, and troublemaking, it’s that he IS rude, messy unpleasant, and a trouble-maker.


    Dear Agents, That was just an evasion of my questions , if he’s nuts and so crazy as you so document in a detailed manner , why build a full website dedicated to discrediting and attacking his testimony and plight ??

    Its a transparent and deeply hilarious attempt to drown out the truth by using a satirical, libellous website to do so .

    Also note even if he was mentally I’ll , is it the right thing to do mocking the mentally impaired? Shame on you

    • Stefan Adams

      I don’t really owe you any explanation but from my perspective, Bryan is not so mentally incompetent that he does not know right from wrong. He is still capable of “knowing better” regarding his life choices. So he is fair game.

      I made this website because people like Bryan are entertaining to me and because I think all the conspiracy nonsense like “CIA agents are controlling my mind” needs some kind of counter.

      Of course you believe what you believe and there’s probably not much I can do to sway you but there’s always the chance that someone out there can be snapped out of it or perhaps someone who comes across TI material can be swayed away from it before becoming consumed by the conspiracy theory.

      • Edward Snowden

        Thats just a poor attempt of a copout , so on onehand hes a delusional schizophrenic who refuses treament , on the other hes fair game ? Because he apparently knows right from wrong ?? Surely you arent qualified to makebl that diagnosis or even psychoanalysis based on what he posts on youtube . Furthermore , if you determine he knows right from wrong based on your diagnoisis via the web then how can you honestly and wholeheartedly state that hes delusional and schizophrenic?

        Its not about what i think , i know the real story . Its purely about the reasoning behind a website dedicated to diverting and pre-empting facts . Why so on the defensive when its only evil aliens at work here . Just saying

        • Stefan Adams

          Why so on the defensive? Gee, I have no idea. Maybe it’s some turd who is coming on here and making all these accusations that we’re “agents” and “authorities” and so on?

          • EDWARD SNOWDEN

            This is classic !!! You can always bet the childish retorts such as “turd” will ensue when faced with the hot seat. I think its safe to say we all know who the stool is and what this website is designed to do. So let’s say you’re not really an agent then, we’ll also pretend you’re not affiliated in anyway with the authorities or even directly assisting the authorities with your little disinfo chirade .

            You actually expect people to follow what your displaying on this site? the reason you and your colleague mention “occham razor” and iterate it so much throughout your comments is because this is what you’re attempting to achieve.

            If you document Mr Tews case enough on websites , blogs , mention “schizophrenic” enough times then maybe, just maybe the good people of the public will swallow what garbage you are using to systematically pull the Tew case to pieces. “Occam” being the simplest answer is always the truth .

            I would also like to point out it seems just a tad odd the nature of these “youtube searches” . If you notice over the last few months when you type the word TI into any search engine you will be met directly with search results from channels such as tiwatch ,omni eris and so on . Channels dedicated to swaying the public AWAY from what is happening . That itself speaks volumes .

            And finally , If the term targeted individual and people identifying as that group decide to document their stories online , in a clear bid to cry out for help . Is it a good idea to mock and ridicule them in a manner that would obviously cause more unnecessary suffering and possibly have a detrimental effect on their mental health . And YOU think that is “fair game” ??? You people make me sick .

            These people are being harassed using advanced covert tech for the purposes of advancing neuro psychology , which I might add is impossible for the public to detect unless they are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds. This is how (and why) its done . you can sit here and argue smugly all day long “where is the proof?” When you absolutely know these algorithms are deployed in a manner whereby they utilise frequency only detectable by DoD NSA , The FCC don’t even have jurisdiction on these bands and that just shows the class of secrecy involved . The proof is there is no proof and thats how we know who’s responsible , these operators dont leave footprints where they tread I’m afraid . So you and your buddies sleep well knowing you actively support and condone this evil . just know that everyone is held to account one day .

          • Wet Nayrb

            Occam’s Razor isn’t the simplest answer is probably correct, otherwise there would be no quantum physics and “God did it” would be the default explanation for everything.

            Occam’s Razor is that, when presented with multiple explanations, the explanation with the smallest number of assumptions (especially assumptions of the non-falsifiable sort like religious claims) is probably the closest one to being correct.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      Because he is entertaining. Like watching a Mr. Bean movie, but Bryan talks more, and Mr. Bean is likable. Bryan is a comedy of errors. A walking contradiction.
      It’s why all TI’s are entertaining. They are so mentally stuck in their story they are amazingly comedic. And thousands of people follow them for that very reason.

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