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    • Less of a grudge and more of a fascination. The things he does that makes me upset would be him defrauding social services here in the US and the way he treats other people and refuses to take responsibility for his own actions/behaviors.

      Other than that, it’s just entertainment. He willingly documents his life in such great detail that I can’t help but to watch, observe, and comment.

      • Your hobby is legally safe, I suppose, as long as your quarry doesn’t raise any objection to your fascination with him to the police, or sue you for harassment, or for libel, or mention you by name in a suicide note, and so on.

        I’ve clocked up four different bloggers myself who have each published articles intended to annoy me more than once each. No two of my stalkers (in this sense) appear to have the same motivation, so I thought I’d ask you why you did what you did to Bryan.

        Bryan seems to me such an unlikely target for whom a stranger such as yourself would usually develop such a fixation. I’d never heard of him (or you) until you publicised him in a comment elsewhere. I tried reading his content and didn’t find it particularly interesting. Why do you find Bryan fascinating? Why don’t other people find his documentation of his life in detail fascinating, or, find themselves unable to stop watching, observing and commenting.

        How did you find out about Mr Tew’s fraud conviction? How did you obtain his medical records, to learn of his schizophrenia diagnosis, his prescription and his medication-compliance?

        • Hi John,

          I assume you are from the UK based on your website URL. I don’t really know how it works over there but over here, freedom of speech is enshrined in the founding documents of our government. Making comments about another individual, so long as they are not libelous, is completely legal here (and if Mr. Tew thought I was being libelous of him, it would be a matter for civil court, not the police). Making a comment about someone in a private forum is not harassment. If he mentions my pseudonym in a suicide node, well, that would be unfortunate but that doesn’t make me guilty of a crime (unless, perhaps, I was egging him on to kill himself, which I am not).

          With that out of the way: I didn’t “do” anything to Bryan and I resent your frivolous accusation and I am not intimidated by your veiled threats of legal action (especially considering that you do not appear to have a working understanding of American jurisprudence).

          I don’t really owe you an explanation about anything and I don’t feel like giving you more of one than what I already offered as to why I find him interesting. I will note to you that we do have a small community of readers and commenters here who similarly follow Bryan’s adventures and there are also other websites and bulletin boards with sections dedicated to him so I am hardly alone here.

          I did not indicate Bryan was convicted, I said he has committed fraud. He has presented himself to the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation as being “permanently and totally disabled” to entitle him to disability payments yet we have mountains of video and textual evidence that Bryan is not disabled in such a way. If Bryan thinks I am libeling him, he is free to file a lawsuit against me. I think, however, that the videos of Tew walking freely, running after so-called stalkers, and even going swimming, are evidence to defend against any claim made that I libeled him.

          As far as his medical records – Bryan posted them himself several years ago. He posted them on his Google Drive and shared the link. He presented his psychiatric diagnosis to the government as justification for applying for disability payments. In his particular case, however, he is still not entitled to those payments because the Ohio BWC only pays out for disabilities and injuries that occurred while working, so it’s an irrelevant point for him to present.

          His meds – he FREQUENTLY makes videos boasting about how he’s getting various types of narcotics from overseas doctors and even admits to lying to those medical providers to obtain the drugs. He also admits to doing double and triple doses of his medications, even of medications that have prominent warnings about the danger they pose when overdosed.

          • Thank you such a thorough reply.

            Just to clarify, are you saying that whilst Tew refuses some of his prescribed treatment, he is also overdosing on other prescribed medication by obtaining additional supplies of it without prescriptions, in excess of the dosage he is prescribed?

          • OK. So Bryan basically has two conditions.

            One is his mental condition, which I will discuss in a minute.

            Two are the lingering effects of a workplace injury he suffered some years ago. He was in a vehicle accident while on the job and this is basically the event he is using to claim his permanent disability status. I really do believe Bryan when he says that his injuries flare up (including issues with chronic pain) and he experiences some difficulty with mobility. Just *some*. However that is a far cry from saying Bryan couldn’t hold down a job like he is claiming.

            I do see Bryan from time to time make videos / Facebook posts about obtaining opiates for pain relief but what I’ve seen most of the time from Bryan is him asking for benzos (like Xanax or Ativan) or sleeping pills (Zopiclone) and then boast about how he lied to obtain them or boast about how he’s taking double / triple doses. I don’t recall him boasting like that when it came to the pain pills.

            I don’t necessarily think he’s taking those pills recreationally – circling back to his mental condition here. I do think he suffers from anxiety and mania and those pills actually do help calm him down and help him sleep to some extent, but his use of the drugs aren’t being managed in a clinical setting or used in conjunction with other therapy.

            Basically he’ll present himself to a medical clinic and beg for the drugs is what I see from him. I know it’s harder to get away with that in the US, where doctors are really reluctant to prescribe controlled substances for fear of being investigated by the DEA (drug cops here in the US), but in foreign countries it seems to be much more readily available to someone like Bryan who just asks for it.

            OK, so his mental condition. As far as I know, he does not have any type of relationship with a psychiatrist who is helping him manage his condition. In fact, Bryan repeatedly claims that mental health workers are in cahoots with the CIA. He likes to refer to them as “cognitive researchers” who are part of the “hive mind teams” that are responsible for his torment. Basically, he’s not getting the treatment he needs and he is self-medicating with narcotics instead of any kind of clinical therapy.

          • He sounds to be in a bad way. However, I cannot think of anything conventional that anybody official could that would be likely to help him.

            So, when you say that he “refuses treatment”, it’s not because he is presently being prescribed drugs that he is unwilling to take. It’s more a case of his not having referred himself recently to a psychiatrist, something which you consider that he ought to do, in the light of medical records he published from earlier in his life, in which it is recorded that he was once given a diagnosis of schizophrenia, and perhaps also a prescription for medication for which he has not sought a repeat prescription or an alternative prescribed by a psychiatrist. Is that correct?

  1. The reason I watch Bryan is because he is so steeped in his own delusions, he is fascinating. I’ve followed TIs other than him and see they are all majorly narcissistic as well as having no sense of self and normal human and societal interactions. If you describe Bryan’s “struggles”to someone unfamiliar with the whole TI theme, they don’t believe it. It is that strange and far removed from “normal.”
    And face it, he posts things publicly because he wants people to watch them. He might not like what we think and say about his videos, but they are there, to watch. All TIs I’ve followed do the same. They call it “evidence.”
    And they are right. It is evidence they are all crazy. Recent studies confirm this.

    • My question (“What is your grudge against Bryan Tew, please?”) was specifically to the publisher of this blog, Stefan Adams, whose post made earlier than yours, to which I’ll reply soon, I only noticed when I came back here to reply to your reply to my question to Stefan. Of course, you are entitled to follow whoever you like, as is Stefan Adams and anybody else. Every post on this blog seems to be about Bryan, nor in the least complimentary towards him.

      By the way, I follow quite a few of those who claim to be or to have been targeted in various ways, albeit more on Twitter than on their blogs. That is because I am part of that demographic myself. More to the point, I have been in touch with hundreds of alleged TIs over the years. I am struck with the diversity amongst us. Unlike you, I have been unable to find any generalisations at all about us as a group, other than the obvious one thing we have in common, that we all testify to experiences which we find they can best explain with reference to the possibility that we have been targeted.

      I find it annoying when people use, in order to insult or to discredit individuals whom they may not even have met personally, let alone themselves being qualified to diagnose thus, using the adjectives derived from nouns that refer to disabilities that were coined within medicine or psychology, or adopted by those sciences from everyday English but which have come nowadays predominantly to be used in a technical sense to refer to those disorders. There are two examples of that on this page.

      Firstly, the header describes this blog as “A MULTI-YEAR CHRONOLOGY OF A SCHIZOPHRENIC WHO REFUSES TREATMENT AND PAINSTAKINGLY DOCUMENTS HIS OWN MISADVENTURES”. In other words, it calls Bryan Tew “a schizophrenic”. Calling him “a person with schizoprenia” would be polite, if one had access to his medical records and his permission to publish his diagnosis. Calling a stranger “a schizophrenic” is not often intended to be polite.

      Secondly, you say, “I’ve followed TIs other than him and see they are all majorly narcissistic”. In other words, you have announced that you are following the blogs of allegedly targeted people which you choose to follow, and have now realised that you have a non-typical tendency, when choosing whose blogs to follow, to choose to follow the blogs of allegedly targeted people, all of whom you subsequently guessed, merely from reading their blogs, could be diagnosed with narcissism if they took relevant psychological tests, not just a bit, but “majorly”. That announcement of yours tells your readers more about you than the targeted people whom have targeted, let alone any of the majority of the allegedly targeted population who don’t publish blogs.

      My experience of TIs is far from an experience of people “having no sense of self and normal human and societal interactions”. Many are the opposite. A poor self of sense is torture. It makes people into pains-in-the-ass, because of their craving for one to tell them how wonderful they are, and their tendency to reject those who disagree with them. It takes a strong or at least adequate sense of self to out oneself as an alleged TI, knowing that this is unlikely to elicit from many the praise which people with narcissism crave. As you observed, “If you describe Bryan’s ‘struggles’ to someone unfamiliar with the whole TI theme, they don’t believe it. It is that strange and far removed from ‘normal’.”

      Finally, please may I ask you about this? “All TIs I’ve followed do the same. They call it ‘evidence.’ And they are right. It is evidence they are all crazy. Recent studies confirm this.” I do not suppose you meant to say that recent studies confirm that all the TIs you’ve followed are crazy. But, whatever exactly these recent studies confirm, would you mind please giving an indication of which recent studies it is you have in mind?

      • It’s not a grudge, simply a “man” who gets pleasure out of others misfortunes. He unwittingly shows his own mental illness/ego mania/narcissism that he perceives as “strength” by making fun of another man. It’s actually rather revealing and demonstrates his inability to find peace within himself. He’s also attention seeking and requires validation from strangers on the Internet.

  2. My interest in BT began when he showed up in San Diego and took advantage of several homeless services. One, Father Joe’s Villages, kindly paid for a root canal on a rotten tooth and he started looking for a lawyer because it hurt.

  3. Bryan Tew tries going to the Chinese consulate in Barcelona on October 12th, just to find it closed.


    I think that’s because it was Taiwan National Day and they didn’t want to deal with any pro-Taiwan protestors.

    Also, protip for Bryan, if you want to be accepted into Communist China, it’s probably best not to film the CCP flag from over a fence while saying “…if you’re a whistle-blower, activist, or a dissident, you’d better watch out” because that could easily be misconstrued as criticism of the CCP.

  4. Typical TI contributor.
    No one needs to prove that being a TI is a paranoid delusion.
    TIs need to prove it is real.
    BT has claimed for decades he is a TI, and proven himself wrong on most points.
    It’s why he is fascinating.

  5. And another hostel. I wondered what behavior got to the staff at his last hostel. His sloppiness?
    His perpetual loud sermons and Christian music?
    His forced masturbation?
    His penchant to video everything, including people, without permission?
    His personality?
    My guess is all of the above.

  6. I suspect Bryan Tew repeatedly showing a photo of his “10-year visa” with nothing redacted on social media isn’t doing him any favours with the Communist Chinese government, since it seems like it’s giving forgers an easy time

    I also suspect that, even if he gets his passport with the Chinese visa back, it’s no guarantee that he’d be let into the country again after his shenanigans at the hospital in Beijing with the unpaid bill the last time he was in mainland China. I think, if the Chinese government gets even the slightest whiff of you being a troublemaker, political or otherwise, you won’t ever be let back into the country again, visa or no visa, and that probably also now includes Hong Kong.


    • Totally agree. He seems to think that visa was like Willy Wonka’s golden ticket. Just because they give you a piece of paper with a date on it does not mean they will honor said ticket. In fact, it probably calls for even closer scrutiny.
      His claim that his current passport was taken “illegally ” is a laugh, too. They did what they are supposed to do, forward a questionable passport to the issuing country to let them deal with any problems. And he needs to do what he needs to do, meet with the embassy staff and pick it up. The only reason he would not possibly benefit by going to the embassy is he knows that there is something wrong enough they won’t give it back. His attitude will get him in trouble. His “rights” as a foreign tourist only extend as far as the laws of that country. There is an open market on passports. As many as he has had in so few years, he’s probably suspect. Add in “asylum shopping” and his penchant for atfempting to attain refugee/asylum status, he could be a major part of some crime ring.
      I don’t think he is, I think he is just careless and stupid.

    • Because of US-China relations deteriorating, the Chinese government is now openly threatening to harass and detain US nationals in China. I could totally see Tew, if he was allowed to return, subject to detainment or subject to an “exit ban” (where you’re not arrested but not allowed to leave the country). Bryan would be crying for the US government to help him, lol.

  7. Bryan appears to have a “stalker”. See attached photo (originally posted by Bryan to his Facebook page this morning).

    Did a very quick Google search on this person and as suspected this appears to be another nutter TI. Probably took Bryan’s advice on applying for asylum in foreign countries seriously and wants to follow in his footsteps.

    https://www.pinterest.fr/amal1234dawood/ (likely the individual in question).

    • Maybe she’s another Youtube T.I. to whom Bryan Tew sent a reply telling them to abuse the asylum system in Spain like the message he sent to Vulcan Wolverine a few weeks ago.

      I must have missed the post before he deleted it. I don’t see anything on his Facebook from after October 10th.

      • He’s got two channels. He alternates in no particular pattern. He rarely has any comment or explanation of anything he says. And I don’t comment because he will block me.

    • The unredacted China visa video I talked about yesterday was also removed because it violated Youtube’s policy on “Harassment and Bullying”. I’m not sure how that is possible since Bryan was only doxxing himself.

  8. That he has not been charged with misusing the emergency phone systems all over the freakin’ world still puzzles. There have been times when he has multiple calls within minutes of each other. Of course, using a cell phone, and him not providing any information on his location probably works to his benefit. As it seems like embassies and refugee centers block his calls, it’s too bad the emergency systems cannot do the same.


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