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Bryan Tew lands himself in the psych ward after yet another frivolous trip to the hospital

Since getting his YouTube account restricted from allowing live streams, Bryan has moved over to Periscope / Twitter under the username “bryanktew123”.

Today he checked himself into the hospital over some “directed energy” nonsense. He argued with the doctor about the results of his medical tests (they came back OK) and eventually got himself thrown into the psychiatric wing of the hospital.

The bit about being thrown into the psych ward wasn’t live streamed so he’s only showing bits from his phone after the fact but it is nonetheless still hilarious.


  1. Wet Nayrb

    So he was only in the psych ward for a few hours?

    The problem with Periscope is that I believe the uploader can see exactly who’s watching their videos and I don’t want there to be any chance that I’d hear back personally from Bryan even with my fakename Twitter account.

  2. Ima Nonomus Tew

    I think they knew he was crazy, but not dangerous, and that he was wasting their time. So they put a plan to scare him into place. He’ll likely pick another hospital to bother.

    • Stefan Adams

      Looks like he manned up and got a passport from the US Consulate (not sure if it’s a new one or the old one the police took from him). He wants to leave but it’s not clear where he’s going. He mentioned Cuba and Ecuador in recent posts.

      • Wet Nayrb

        I thought Cuba already had an entry ban for Bryan Tew?

        The entire country of Cuba is one big “No Homers Bryan Tews Club”.

        • Stefan Adams

          That’s what I thought too but he’s not particularly bright. He has a screen shot of him searching for “which credit cards work in cuba”.

          He has, over the last several months, been in contact with an organization called “CUBA HEAL”. I think they basically provide cheap medical services to people who want to go overseas to have an operation done. I guess Tew thinks he can get a Cuban visa on medical grounds.

  3. Stefan Adams

    He also posted his discharge papers. Not sure if Bryan can read it but they diagnosed him with delusional disorder and prescribed him Zyprexa (what’s listed is the generic name for it).

  4. Sasha

    His new passport Is only good for 6 months. He can’t go anywhere except maybe back to the US. Many counties bar entry to anyone with 6 months or less on a passport.

    • Stefan Adams

      He’s been burning through 6 month passports for the past year or so. Ever since he lost that 10 year passport in California they stopped issuing them to him (at the time, it was like his 3rd or 4th “lost” passport).

      I know he tried to get into China with that 6mo passport and was unable to. That was last year I think. Yet he is still calling every Chinese embassy imaginable. Caught him calling the Chinese embassy (dunno which one) on Periscope last night.

      I guess EU block countries are pretty easy for Americans to travel to.

      I doubt he will be getting into Cuba (he was deported and barred from re-entry a while back), despite his attempts to schedule medical procedures with “CUBA HEAL”.

      Not sure how strict the Latin American countries are. May see him back in Ecuador or Nicaragua.

  5. Stefan Adams

    Saw Tew live on Periscope earlier this afternoon. He was in the airport in Barcelona giving another pity story about how his heart is vibrating and how the “attacks” are making him unable to apply for asylum. At least as of that video, he was trying to book a ticket to get into Nicaragua.

  6. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Back at the airport, wearing his mask wrong. Which might get him in trouble. Fleeing Spain, don’t know to where, because the doctors and hospitals are onto the real source of his problems: rampant, unmedicated feckwittity. And drug seeking behavior. Given the COVID19 situation in Spain, what country will let him in without a quarantine? This might make it interesting
    Plus all the COINTELPRO, shadow goverment, massive chaos, hypergame he must play to do anything will mean a future comedy of errors, fumbles, and fecknuttery will continue.

  7. Ima Nonomus Tew

    “Forced to abandon airplane.”
    Another ticket paid for, then lost, meaning he is likely low on cash.
    I wonder if it was not because of his “sleep deprivation” and more to do with travel restrictions, like not having a negative CV19 test in the past three day, and a copy of his passport sent ahead of him.
    Triggering his paranoia.
    Or he might have been told to wear his mask properly or get off the plane. There are plenty videos of a similar situation. Of course he would be “making a record and documenting the atrocities” against him.
    But any encounter not shared is an encounter that makes him look bat$hit crazy. It’s why many people in the TI community consider him to be “fake.” Most do not trust him or his evidence. It is pointed out how often someone could have taken him (or his video) down, yet nothing happens. And how many times he claims knowledge, but then cannot seem to help himself. And how rude and dismissive he is when he comments to another TI. And how much money it takes to travel. And how many drugs, although he hasn’t mentioned those in a while. I think someone pointed out his drug addiction, so he has stopped the reports but still is using and abusing the drugs.
    But, now he is still in Spain for his asylum request meet and greet.
    Except either he won’t make it to the meeting or they will refuse.

    • Stefan Adams

      It’s been about 24 hours since his last update (give or take). I’m trying to discern what’s going on.

      In his Periscope video descriptions, he says EMTs were called but it’s not clear if he was taken to a hospital or just evaluated and released in the airport. None of the footage shows the EMTs or shows him being taken to / at the hospital. Last we see of him is just looking like a sad sack of shit laying on the floor of the airport.

      He knows it’s a bad idea to show up at the same hospital again so I’m sure he would have resisted being taken there. That said, if he ended up at the same hospital again, it’s quite possible he could be locked up in the psych ward yet again.

      He could have went somewhere else (I’m sure there’s more than one hospital in Barcelona) and perhaps got himself a hold of some more narcotics and he’s sound asleep from whatever he scored.

  8. Stefan Adams

    He’s back to his usual routine of live streaming every mundane moment of his life. He gives zero fucks about his personal appearance. He nearly exposes himself from the front as he goes to bed in his latest video. He treats us to his massive ass crack yet again.

    • Stefan Adams

      He actually exposed himself this time. Don’t think he did it on purpose, he’s just not paying attention. He’s wearing boxers and spreading his legs out on camera as he crawls into bed, revealing part of his junk. Trust me, I took absolutely no pleasure in having to see that.

      I’m not sure what he thinks these videos are accomplishing but they’re doing absolutely nothing to help him.

        • Wet Nayrb

          Oh, it’s a donut.

          I live in a part of the world where “long john” means “long underwear”. Which is something that Bryan Tew needs (maybe not cold weather length but at least long enough so that we don’t get glimpses of anything unspeakable on Periscope, not that I’m going to look at *that* video even out of curiousity) but not something I generally associate with breakfast.

  9. Stefan Adams

    Bryan buys yet another expensive cell phone. I think this is the third, possibly fourth phone in his current possession. I know he uses one phone to do his live streams and I’ve seen him use another phone while the live stream is running.

    • Stefan Adams

      Well I guess Bryan didn’t want us to see the video of him playing with his new phone. I think it was a Google Pixel 4 or 5. Doesn’t really matter, he’s got plenty of phones but somehow can’t manage to “function and survive” without constantly buying new phones, tablets, and laptops all the time.

  10. Stefan Adams

    There’s a big YouTube outage right now. I noticed right away that I couldn’t load videos. #youtubedown is also trending on Twitter. I see Bryan post a rant about how the “supercomputer” is attacking his livestream to discredit him.

    It never occurred to Bryan that there’s a worldwide outage.

  11. Ima Nonomus Tew

    It doesn’t occur to Bryan most things. Like wifi in a cheap hostel full of other people also using the internet slows down bandwidth and goes out on occasion because he stays in cheap hostels.
    Or that looking like a deranged, sloppy, fat hog means you will come under extra scrutiny from the staff, and proving that you are any of those things might get you kicked out of the cheap hostel.
    It still floors me he couldn’t figure out that you can’t send .pdf docs when the screen pointed out it would only accept .jpg format. That’s like end of first week new computer user stuff, and he claims authority about the high-tech stuff every single day.
    And people dote on his every grimace, like he is a martyr.
    The other TI looks to be setting herself up to be banned from both a library and a coffee shop, both used by her as day time inside place to sit without much bother. It will be about places 55 and 56 on her list of places she has been banned. Like Bryan, she doesn’t pick up on social cues and takes no responsibility for her own actions. Like coffee shops want people to have meltdowns while making videos in their ladies room. Like Bryan, it never occurs to her it is her behavior that is wrong, and not that every person in the shop is there to ruin her day with a request to vacate. She has heard the words “inappropriate behavior ” applied to her since she was a child, but it is every single other person who did something, or didn’t do something who was wrong. As a child of 4, she set a fire in the foster home. When she was around 8, she stabbed someone. She was expelled when she was 7. She makes Bryan seem almost normal.

  12. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Sadly, Bryan has change the settings on his “following” list.
    Or flushed people he didn’t know.
    Or wised up and decided that he shares too much information, so flushed his account of all postings.
    I’ve lost access to his FB pages, even if I skirt the app and go incognito.
    The other TI closed her account in FB, too. Time for a new sock account. Dang.

    • Stefan Adams

      I can see both of Tew’s Facebook accounts fine. I have an “alt” that never interacts with Bryan (no comments, no reactions), just use it to browse his pages.

      I use this “alt” to friend conspiracy theorists. He looks like a genuine conspiracy theorist, shares random conspiracy theories, and makes random comments and posts to appear genuine. It gets me into conspiracy groups that like to weed out “debunkers”.

      But people like Bryan are so paranoid that even a genuine conspiracy theorist is a probable government agent to him, so I don’t dare try to talk to Tew or make friends with him.

  13. Stefan Adams

    Bryan had some kind of incident at the hotel that causes him to leave and decides to call it the “Homosexual Hotel”. Something about his live streaming wasn’t making the staff happy. Maybe there was some forced masturbation involved too, who knows..

    (I pasted a URL with a timestamp, but not sure if the preview will start at the correct time. Fast-forward to about 12.5 minutes in)

    (Another note – Tew deleted the original upload. I re-uploded it with a cheesy sound track. Enjoy.)

  14. Stefan Adams

    A new incident at the new hotel. Something about a gang stalker, and something about the staff calling him “paranoid”.

  15. Sasha

    How long has he been mucking around in Spain? I can’t believe that they haven’t kicked his ass out of the country by now.
    Of course he thinks that he’s in a “Homo Hotel”, he keeps pulling his dick out because of “forced masterbation”.

    • Stefan Adams

      Too lazy to go look but it feels like a year or so. I want to say he was in Spain since late last year. He kinda got stuck there because of COVID, nowhere else to go. He was in Germany briefly but was basically deported.

      He could of course come back to the US. Last year he was trying really hard to make the FBI arrest him but now he’s scared stiff of coming into contact with American authorities. Interesting how he changes tune so quickly.

      The only thing I can think is that countries are afraid of causing an international incident with tourists. The most they’ve done so far is confiscate his passport and returned it to the embassy – a clear indication he’s not wanted.

  16. RJ

    There is some “sociologist” who I guess is a sociologist – in that he is some kid with a sociology degree or at least a printout of one. He apparently learned all about everything Tew is talking about, from Tew. Now Tew is following him. Probably Tew is thinking “it must be real, a sociologist knows exactly about what I’m talking about”. This clown is putting on a full presentation like this nonsense is factual stuff.It is highly cringey watching this guy. At 2:49 he literally says “The demographics of the targets are highly intelligent and articulate human beings – like myself”. This guy sounds like a nutcase.

    • Wet Nayrb

      That guy actually got mental help after making the videos and stopped making them.

      I think the instigator was this one particular video where he started yelling in front of a school insinuating that he wanted to do violent things to kids. Someone probably reported it to law enforcement because he started talking about the police showing his videos to his roommates. He was still posting gangstalking conspiracy videos for a few weeks after that, while he was starting to see a psychiatrist but, a couple of months later, he posted a video where he admitted that he had schizophrenia and now saw how ridiculous his thought processes were.

      I haven’t kept tabs on him in a while, I’m not sure if his old Youtube channel is even there anymore, but I hope he’s still doing well and keeping up with his medication.

      Unfortunately, other T.I.s saved the videos from when he was still unmedicated and continue to circulate them as evidence.

    • Ima Nonomus Tew/aka Star Bricker, Gang-stalker Extraordinaire

      Glad I’m not planning on meatballs anytime soon. Or anything round.
      Thanks for that image.

  17. Ima Nonomus Tew

    I’ve got a TI who I was following now stalking me and “exposing” me online. She thinks I want to be Bryan, which shows how little she understands about anything. She makes videos about me and how much I ruin every moment of her life. Thing is, CANDY GRANDPRE, you look for me, while you post videos daily about everything you do, including wetting yourself and crapping your pants. I do not. I do not comment on your videos, because you have blocked me. I do not email you, call you, or anything else. I watch your PUBLIC videos. That is all I do. It is all I can do. YOU bring me into your life. I do not bring you into mine.
    She figured out who I am here. Like I care. She would be hilarious if she wasn’t so broken.

    • Stefan Adams

      I see she’s got a couple of channels, including one called “Targeted By The Psych World”. Bryan Tew has several email addresses, including one called “bryan.tew.psychworldmagazine” (or something very similar to that).

      Just wondering that the connection is or if that’s just a coincidence / mutual obsession with “psychology”.

      • Ima Nonomus Tew/aka Star Bricker, Gang-stalker Extraordinaire

        Yeah, she is a verifiable nut job. She had two strokes when she was a kid, was a crack baby, one of twins, had a horrific foster care experience….it’s all very sad. But she also doesn’t have the sense common or otherwise to live on her own. She has had a group home living suggested, was under Adult Special Services several times, but does not think rules of social behavior apply to her. Or thinks anyone younger than her should be able to tell her what to do, including on the job, which is impossible to NOT have a younger supervisor when you are almost 40 and need entry-level jobs. Conversely, no one older than her can tell her what to do either. She has a list of rules for housing that is impossible for her income, and a list of why she has left or gotten fired from every single job she’s had ever. Does anyone know an adult who has been banned from a business? I don’t. She is approaching 60, which includes some shelters and soup kitchens.
        Luckily, I have a small research job tomorrow. While I have been reporting her posts talking about me, I never looked fully into it. I will be tagging all her videos using my information and reporting it officially as an invasion of privacy. It might explain the calls I have gotten from all over the country, that then have me blocked when I call back. After the election, they won’t be political anymore.
        I’m not a freaking Mother Theresa (who Candy would hate on, too), but I’ve never told Candy a lie about me. I sent $$ via PayPal so she could have a hot meal, but it wasn’t enough, “cheap ass” was the term she used. Why does she hate me? She disappeared after a real bad meltdown video, presenting suicidal ideation, something I’m familiar with. I texted her, with the plan had she not answered back to have a welfare check. I was genuinely worried. I’ve been in that state. I cared, about a homeless woman who is obviously challenged in several ways going through a really hard time.
        I am now a Satanist unicorn monster dyke, who she feels needs to be exposed for the monster I am.
        My reviews of her writing are real. She writes poorly. I do not do participation awards.
        Taught me to not care.
        At least about her.
        I just want her to leave my name out of her mouth and videos.

  18. Stefan Adams

    Bryan Tew thinks some random PI in New Orleans is the one responsible for his supposed targeting. Doesn’t explain how or present any evidence.

  19. Stefan Adams

    Has anyone noticed that Tew sometimes has this weird looking crooked smile? Seems to be common when he’s telling a story of some sort. Anyway, Tew’s latest rant is about how the Iranian embassy told him to come to Venezuela and then Iran will be able to help him. He seems to be taking this at least somewhat seriously. Remains to be seen if he actually does it.

    I’ve been kinda wondering how long it takes before Bryan actually makes a real attempt to visit one of these authoritarian hell holes like Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, and etc. I know he “tried” to visit Iran earlier (that was this year or late last year?) but stumbled when it came to actually filling out the online visa form (you know, the one where he was supposed to upload an image rather than a PDF) but chickened out and said the CIA hacked/blocked the visa – I’m pretty sure he knew what he was supposed to do but just couldn’t bring himself to admit he chickened out.

  20. Stefan Adams

    He’s also posted some travel searches showing him looking for tickets to Kathmandu, Nepal. I don’t quite understand why he wants to go there, maybe they don’t have strict COVID restrictions? Anyway, remains to be seen what happens and where he ends up.

    • Wet Nayrb

      It doesn’t seem to be too easy for foreigners to get into Nepal right now, you need to have had a negative test within the previous 72 hours before entry and you may be quarantined for up to 14 days. Plus, the only tourists they’re letting into Nepal right now are for trekking, somehow I don’t see Bryan being the trekking type.

      As for why Bryan would want to go to Nepal, perhaps he thinks of it as a “backdoor” into China via land borders but there is only one major road connection to China via the Araniko Highway and it’s a mountain road into Tibet.

  21. Stefan Adams

    Looks like Bryan lost yet another passport. He had a new one issued last month (after the Spanish police confiscated his earlier one) and now that one is missing. What the hell dude?

    • Ima Nonomus Tew

      I think he sells them. And one valid for only 6 months cannot get the same price as a regular (10yr?)one. And his call to the US embassy was hilarious. Yeah, tell the people who need to believe you and help you how their boss is corrupt and you are trying to get away from their control. Brilliant.
      His medical problems are all made worse by his lifestyle. You can’t expect to get better when all you do is lay around.
      Except his left arm.
      Looks like he gives that hand and arm a workout, although more range of motion would be better. His boxers keep that to mere inches.

  22. Wet Nayrb

    So a doctor has “determined” that Bryan Tew “needs” expensive, out-of-pocket medical imagery and surgery to be done on his shoulders.

    I’m sure this is a legitimate medical issue and there’s no possibility that it’s an unnecessary procedure to drain the money out of the bank account of a chronic hypochondriac.

    • Stefan Adams

      If he actually needs this, he can get it for free in the US. He qualifies for VA health care. But yeah, that’s not happening. Next best thing for him would be a third world country like Ecuador where westerners can get decent medical care for cheap.

  23. Ima Nonomus Tew

    It’s why he wants to be a refugee. Free medical care. Getting the surgery anywhere means he’s going to be less able to care for himself, something he barely does now. And take PT which means you actually have to work through pain. It will also mean he will be given access to pain medication. Given his abuse of the meds he gets now, this could be a disaster.

  24. Stefan Adams

    He’s on his way back to Barcelona. No explanation as of yet why. He just left the hospital, apparently trying to score more pills or free surgery (he admitted on the video that he can’t afford what the doctor at the clinic wants to do). Complained that the hospital wasn’t helping him. Maybe he thinks he can score free healthcare in Barcelona.

  25. Wet Nayrb

    Bryan Tew seems to want the Russian Embassy in Quito, Ecuador to look at his ass crack for three hours.

    I don’t know whether that video helps or hinders his asylum claim.

  26. Ima Nonomus Tew/aka Star Bricker, Gang-stalker Extraordinaire

    Once again the Red Cross tells him that he does not qualify as a refugee and they cannot help him. He also says the US Embassy is holding his passport. Considering how many passports he blows through, that is no big surprise. His location hopping makes it look like he is selling them, and he should know by now that it is an important thing, so should be kept securely.
    He also lies when she asks if he is recording her. Three times.
    I admire her patience. I would have kicked his butt out at his first question. Especially when he has already been through the Red Cross once, and was refused help then, something she probably knows or can easily find out.
    Lying is going to come back and bite him in the butt. His major injury was when HE attempted to hit someone with his suitcase. He tried to pick a fight and lost. That’s on him.
    All he wants is attention and free medical care, which means access to drugs.
    He seems unaware that Googling someone is close to the top of the list to find information about him. So all his videos that show him lying? Not cool. From his non-compliance tomedical issues, his drug abuse, and his asylum shopping all over the world, it’s a wonder that anyone helps him at all.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yep. Abusing the kindness and compassion of people who work in aid groups really pisses me off. Especially when he lies and threatens legal action, as if he is legally entitled to aid from the Red Cross.

      Pisses me off more than the fraud he commits against workers’ comp and social security.

      • Stefan Adams

        I didn’t listen to the whole thing yet but the legal action I’m referring to was in the video description where he says he’s “too injured” to enforce his rights as a “refugee” and infers he will hear from his attorney soon.

        Bryan, the Red Cross is a private aid group and nobody is entitled to their services. The Red Cross alone can determine who they deem eligible for their assistance and services, ASS WIPE!

    • Stefan Adams

      Bryan is unhappy – the US embassy phoned the hostel he was staying at to check in on him. Didn’t listen to all of it yet but what was funny to me was that Bryan was telling him to leave him alone and the embassy worker said basically “you emailed US to say you were injured!”

      • Stefan Adams

        BTW hello to any embassy/diplomatic staff who may be reading. Sorry that you have to deal with this nutcase.

        • Ima Nonomus Tew/aka Star Bricker, Gang-stalker Extraordinaire

          I would love to see someone who has had to experience the unique and charming Bryan Tew on a professional basis.
          But, sadly know that confidentiality rules would not allow such a thing to happen. It’s s shame, as no one who isn’t aware of the whole TI thing quite believes such a character as Bryan Tew and his inept worldwide quest can actually be real.

    • Wet Nayrb

      I remember a black American female T.I. who was a globetrotter like Bryan. I think she mainly stuck around Thailand. She filmed a few “gangstalker” videos around Bangkok but the majority of her videos were her in an apartment or hostel yammering to the camera, sometimes about Flat Earth.

      Her channel name was something like “Tammy X” but I can’t find her on Youtube now (there are a few other channels with that name but they’re not her).

      • Ima Nonomus Tew/aka Star Bricker, Gang-stalker Extraordinaire

        Yikes. I’ve followed two women TI’s, both SE US, both African-American, both writers. The first is professional, published on the web at sites like The second is a batshit crazy homeless person, who is also challengedin every you can be. She can’t find a job, so she hired herself as a writer, and has self-published on Amazon and a free e-book site. She thinks her $2.99 book will produce enough royalties to get her a house and a vehicle. ???

    • Ima Nonomus Tew/aka Star Bricker, Gang-stalker Extraordinaire

      Uh, wow. Just like Bryan, she is having a panic attack. Given apparent age and weight, also likely to have blood sugar issues. That she has an Rx for anti-anxiety is good news, it means she at least has talked to a real doctor about it all. Sounds like she needs her meds adjusted, though.
      At least she is trying. I hope she continues. It likely will require time as an in-patient.

  27. Ima Nonomus Tew/aka Star Bricker, Gang-stalker Extraordinaire

    Uh, wow. Just like Bryan, she is having a panic attack. Given apparent age and weight, also likely to have blood sugar issues. That she has an Rx for anti-anxiety is good news, it means she at least has talked to a real doctor about it all. Sounds like she needs her meds adjusted, though.
    At least she is trying. I hope she continues. It likely will require time as an in-patient.

    • Stefan Adams

      When I saw this video (a fellow connoisseur of TIs directed me to it), I had to assume she has watched a lot of Bryan Tew’s videos and that she started mimicking his traits (THEY’RE TARGETING MY HEART!). People like Bryan are incapable of realizing that they are not only harming their own mental health but that their videography is harming the mental health of others who are vulnerable.

  28. Stefan Adams

    Bryan is re-posting COVID-19 conspiracy theory nonsense this morning. He’s also harassing a pastor on YouTube live about “NEURO REALITY”.

  29. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Bryan, you are rejected by everyone, everywhere, everytime because you are NOT a refugee, despite your insistence otherwise. Get the clue. It’s not “hypergame theory,” “game theory”, chaos, or anything else, it’s YOU are the only person in the entire world who thinks you are a refugee. Just you, out of the 7.6+ billion people on the planet. When everyone that meets you sees that you are crazy, you should go with the odds and admit you are crazy. As a loon. Paranoid. Delusional. A freaking, whining hypochondriac. You are also boorish, rude, and a slob. Your information that will bring the FBI down? You’ve published on the web and have for years. Freely. Often. It’s still up because it is not important or even noteworthy. It’s not secret, classified, or even proven to be FBI involved, except in your crazy brain. No one cares. Having been injured in a car wreck and filed suit for injuries myself, I could have and would have told you the same things. You file suit, you will be investigated. You drop the suit, the investigation stops. It’s common knowledge and common sense. But your narcissistic mind sees you are the most important person in the world, and when that view is challenged, you fall down , often literally like a little girl, and run away. The only thing you are running away from is reality. Nothing you know or think you know is important. No one is gathering “metrics” on your brain or behavior, because the only thing you change is your location. Your videos are the same. Your descriptions are the same, just cut & pasted on to your latest misadventure. Your stories are the same. Your brain is in a loop, by your own doing, and now you are stuck in one spot, unable to do anything new, spinning your wheels and looking more crazy than you usually do. Barcelona says no, so you go to Madrid and they say no, so you go back to Barcelona and try again. How many times do you have to hear “NO” before you believe it? Because you should.
    You and your whole story are both sad and comical. Come back to the US where you would get free medical care, IF you need it, and where the behavioral health clinics are firmly planted in the 21st century. Otherwise the chance you’ll end up forcibly committed in some 3rd nation hellhole where you can’t understand the language is getting more certain every day.
    And stop recording meetings without permission. That could be a crime, and when you lie about doing it, or lie by omission you lose what little credibility you have, which is slim to none.
    And why should Spain want you when you have been living in their country for a year and haven’t learned their language? You should have been showing them that courtesy, because that you haven’t shows you just want to lay around and play with yourself, for which you have provided ample video evidence that doing that is exactly what you do. Good plan.?
    I hope you see this Bryan.
    But, to the webmaster, I fully understand this being removed. I mean ever word, but can be a real bitch about rampant stupidity, and Bryan is an excellent example.

  30. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Hahaha haha! While I was venting, a new video was posted that says someone called an ambulance to take him to a psych ward.
    Why would be obvious to everyone but Bryan. He seems a bit miffed. Imagine.

  31. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Oops….there are now three. And typical for Bryan, he tries to connect his “evidence” with real security events with much more important people.

  32. Stefan Adams

    Latest update..

    He got in touch with a lawyer but they couldn’t (or wouldn’t, perhaps not trusting him) take his Visa card for payment. Whining about that and that they don’t have a legal magic wand to make the Red Cross and everyone else be at his beck and call like he wants.

    Now it seems he has his passport, apparently he was too chickenshit to get it himself so he had someone at the law firm pick it up for him and he’s at the airport trying to find his way out of Spain, much to their delight I’m sure.

  33. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Will Bryan Tew ever figure out what a “chair” is? He seems to think sitting on the floor is….what exactly? Given his “injuries” struggling to both get down and up again cannot be easy. He is always in the way. Is he fishing for attention and pity? Yeah. That has to be it. You don’t look injured and incapacitated sitting on a seat. Better to look like a crazy bum.
    But the biggest question is his bank balance. He’ll not get far with that little money. And likely he’ll be whining about not being able to catch his flight, and lose that ticket. Again.

  34. Wet Nayrb

    Did you hear that Twitter is shutting down Periscope because of some serious technical instabilities?

    I know this will be a major blow for Bryan since it was the service he was using to livestream whenever Youtube places limits on his accounts. I’ve also noticed that some T.I.s who used to be active on Youtube have almost switched entirely to streaming on Periscope, where many of them seem to be getting larger audiences than on Youtube possibly because Youtube seems to be shadowbanning many T.I. channels so their videos don’t come up in searches for “gangstalking”. Twitter will still have streaming, but it will no longer be done on the Periscope app.

    • Stefan Adams

      Nah. Interesting. I’m sure that will feed into their conspiracy theories. I do find it funny that these larger tech companies are buying these smaller social media startups and can’t figure out how to make money from them and eventually unloading them / winding them down.

      There’s another streaming service Tew used for a while (mainly last year, I think), called UStream. That one was gobbled up by IBM in 2016. It’s not clear if that service is at all profitable to IBM. It’s barely known about online.

  35. Stefan Adams

    Tew landed in Stockholm. Wants to ride the ferry over to Russia. Has a video up where he’s making a video of a guy in front of him in line who is singing. You can hear Tew breathing heavily.

    Let’s see what nonsense he pulls in Russia and/or Sweden.

    • Wet Nayrb

      Maybe I’m wrong about this but I suspect Russia still has records from the last time Bryan Tew tried to claim asylum in St. Petersburg, probably written the exact same police officers who laughed at him. And they certainly have the schizophrenic nonsense he e-mails their embassies about all of the time.

      • Stefan Adams

        Oh I’m sure they do. He thinks he will get the same treatment Edward Snowden did. Regardless, he won’t get the opportunity since that ferry he loves so much is closed (either due to COVID or just a seasonal thing, idk)

        It’s global. There is no escape. The visa free Russian Ferry to Saint Petersburg Russia is closed until next year. I cannot get help from Russia or China. I have tried. I cannot apply for Asylum Humanitarian Protection in Europe. It’s all controlled. I must flee back to Ecuador, but I cannot afford the regular route it’s to expensive. I am severely injured. I had to get out of Spain before the Orthopedic Surgeon could do the surgery because american shadow government contractors hiding behind law enforcement agencies were using psychologists and psychiatrists in Spain in collaboration with Organized Stalking and medical COINTELPRO tactics. I cannot lift my right shoulder. Repeated attacks have injured left shoulder, fractured ankle and further damaged spine.december 17 2020 Stockholm Sweden

  36. Stefan Adams

    In Sweden still. Was looking for the hospital but got lost and couldn’t find it (According to a video). Instead of going to Finland or Russia, he’s now planning on going to Ecuador but is upset that Ecuador (like a lot of places) requires a recent negative COVID-19 PCR test.

    Had another violent encounter with him on the losing end. He claims the person he lashed out at was a police officer but he didn’t know it was a cop until after the fact, whining that him being a cop is proof of a conspiracy against him. It’s not exactly clear what happened or if he was arrested and etc. From the video it’s obvious that he is, at least at the moment, a free man.

  37. Ima Nonomus Tew

    Yeah, I’ve got better things to do in the next couple of days, but he’s in the second or third hostel in as many days, claiming he was attacked, but he’s such a prissy little girl, the mere touch is going to be trauma inducing, and he’ll for his life by just about anyone. I’m wondering about his claim he assaulted…I mean, had to physically respond to someone bigger and more fit, a police officer. Him spending Christmas in jail, among people speaking a language he doesn’t know, whining about his heart and ears, and his “rights”, would have been oddly satisfying.

  38. Stefan Adams

    Bryan’s main YouTube account has been terminated (no, I did not have any hand in this). All of his copyright infringement has finally caught up with him.

    I have his entire channel archived (have been archiving his videos the past few years, with some gaps). Let me know if there are any requests. Might put them up on Bittorrent if there is enough interest.

    ERROR: This account has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted.

    • Stefan Adams

      Bryan frequently re-uploaded clips from movies (mainly psychological thrillers) that supposedly explains his life. He also frequently listened to copyrighted music on his livestreams which are subsequently picked up by YouTube’s copyright filters. All of this resulted in multiple warnings that Bryan ignored and instead chose to blame on a conspiracy to censor him.

      There’s ways Bryan can use copyrighted content under fair use, but nothing he was doing was actual fair use and he made no meaningful effort at all. He simply reuploaded other people’s content with whatever lame titles he wanted to add as his sole source of commentary.

      The last video Tew uploaded was a re-upload of this video regarding 2020’s “TI DAY” event. Bryan in his usual form just reuploaded it with some textual commentary stating that all of the people depicted were crisis actors designed to corrupt the TI movement. Wouldn’t be surprised if the original publisher filed a DMCA on Tew – keeping the TI infighting going.

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