Bryan Tew lands himself in the psych ward after yet another frivolous trip to the hospital

Since getting his YouTube account restricted from allowing live streams, Bryan has moved over to Periscope / Twitter under the username “bryanktew123”.

Today he checked himself into the hospital over some “directed energy” nonsense. He argued with the doctor about the results of his medical tests (they came back OK) and eventually got himself thrown into the psychiatric wing of the hospital.

The bit about being thrown into the psych ward wasn’t live streamed so he’s only showing bits from his phone after the fact but it is nonetheless still hilarious.

81 thoughts on “Bryan Tew lands himself in the psych ward after yet another frivolous trip to the hospital”

  1. In Sweden still. Was looking for the hospital but got lost and couldn’t find it (According to a video). Instead of going to Finland or Russia, he’s now planning on going to Ecuador but is upset that Ecuador (like a lot of places) requires a recent negative COVID-19 PCR test.

    Had another violent encounter with him on the losing end. He claims the person he lashed out at was a police officer but he didn’t know it was a cop until after the fact, whining that him being a cop is proof of a conspiracy against him. It’s not exactly clear what happened or if he was arrested and etc. From the video it’s obvious that he is, at least at the moment, a free man.–WzNNzg9U

  2. Yeah, I’ve got better things to do in the next couple of days, but he’s in the second or third hostel in as many days, claiming he was attacked, but he’s such a prissy little girl, the mere touch is going to be trauma inducing, and he’ll for his life by just about anyone. I’m wondering about his claim he assaulted…I mean, had to physically respond to someone bigger and more fit, a police officer. Him spending Christmas in jail, among people speaking a language he doesn’t know, whining about his heart and ears, and his “rights”, would have been oddly satisfying.

  3. Bryan’s main YouTube account has been terminated (no, I did not have any hand in this). All of his copyright infringement has finally caught up with him.

    I have his entire channel archived (have been archiving his videos the past few years, with some gaps). Let me know if there are any requests. Might put them up on Bittorrent if there is enough interest.

    ERROR: This account has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted.

    • Bryan frequently re-uploaded clips from movies (mainly psychological thrillers) that supposedly explains his life. He also frequently listened to copyrighted music on his livestreams which are subsequently picked up by YouTube’s copyright filters. All of this resulted in multiple warnings that Bryan ignored and instead chose to blame on a conspiracy to censor him.

      There’s ways Bryan can use copyrighted content under fair use, but nothing he was doing was actual fair use and he made no meaningful effort at all. He simply reuploaded other people’s content with whatever lame titles he wanted to add as his sole source of commentary.

      The last video Tew uploaded was a re-upload of this video regarding 2020’s “TI DAY” event. Bryan in his usual form just reuploaded it with some textual commentary stating that all of the people depicted were crisis actors designed to corrupt the TI movement. Wouldn’t be surprised if the original publisher filed a DMCA on Tew – keeping the TI infighting going.


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