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Author: Stefan Adams

I debunk ill-conceived theories such as chemtrails, flat earth, NWO, gangstalking / targeted individuals / mind control, and etc.

Bryan Tew talks about orgasms and mind control

Scientists discovered if you could hold the point where the person was about to have an orgasm but not have the orgasm, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind would lock together as one which is why forced orgasms are induced repetitively upon the mind control victim.

Taken from an insane Facebook rant about mind control and sex:

TI leaves fentanyl-laced flyers on police cars

An unknown TI in the Houston area has blanketed police cars with some nutjob flyers about TI conspiracies. Flyers that are contaminated with a very potent opioid.

I’m not surprised to hear about yet another drug-using TI. Our favorite TI (Bryan) was a heavy user of Xanax and Oxycontin before returning to the US where doctors cut him off from easy access to those drugs.

The question I have is – do TIs lead themselves to drug abuse to get relief from their delusions or does their drug use cause them to have these delusions to begin with?

Long time, no updates…

Sorry guys, I’ve just been busy with life. Bryan has become kinda boring for me. My detractors have accused me of having no life, quite obviously they are clueless.

Nonetheless I still follow his adventures through life, it just has been kinda ho-hum the last few months.

He has bounced around between the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Old Town, San Diego and a veterans shelter. I’ve also seen him spend some time in what appears to be a self-storage unit a while back.

I will try to summarize in reverse chronological order (most recent events first).

Past week or so has been uneventful (at least according to his social media). Nothing particularly interesting.

As far as the church goes, it appears they have evicted him. This is his last post where he tagged his location as being at the church. I don’t know the real reason but I can think of many good reasons why even the church would throw him out.

He is still pursuing his asylum case with the Ecuadorian government. He’s complaining about the case being delayed by the court to 2019. It’s still not clear what Bryan thinks he will get out of this or how he plans on getting back to Ecuador without a passport. (A full document set is on his Facebook page if you have any interest in that and can read Spanish).

What amuses me the most are his attorneys in Ecuador who are willing to take his case (and his money), likely knowing it’s frivolous. I assume they have told him it’s unwinnable. A fool and his money are soon parted.

Bryan’s last post from the Veterans Village was on May 24th.

(By the way, in case any one was wondering, I believe Bryan did serve in the US Army. I do not know his military history, discharge status, and etc. Presumably this was before he went bonkers. So thus he is a veteran. This is also why he is able to get care at the VA Hospital, at least before his altercation last December)

He complained about being set up and framed for drugs:

In a now-removed video, Bryan can be seen with shelter management and a container of marijuana on the manager’s desk. The MJ was supposedly found under his bunk. I have no idea if Bryan was using the stuff – it wouldn’t surprise me but there isn’t enough evidence to say for sure. Bryan swears it isn’t his and loudly talks about how MJ is illegal (it’s actually not illegal in California but it’s probably against the rules of the shelter).

(You can also read Bryan’s account of what happened here on his Facebook page. There’s too much text for me to easily capture here)

Apparently the manager found the video (I guess he googled Bryan Tew’s name) and asked YouTube to remove it. He didn’t want to be in the video. YouTube complied and removed it.

I do have a copy of the video saved but out of respect for the manager’s privacy, I have not reuploaded it. I may upload just the audio or edit the video to obscure the man’s face at a later time.

Bryan now claims it is some sort of CIA/DIA conspiracy but it’s actually pretty self-explanatory what happened:

Here is an unrelated YouTube video of Bryan at the shelter, just to show the environment.

There was also one or more altercations at the shelter between Tew and other veterans who were staying.

As is obvious to anyone who has followed Bryan, Bryan in any kind of social situation means paranoia and trouble wherever he goes.

It’s not clear why Bryan went from the church to the shelter. Perhaps the church was trying to get rid of him and made some phone calls to get him inducted. Who knows.

Move the clock back a few weeks. Bryan Tew is back in the hospital but not for very long. He is ejected by security in a wheelchair. I know this is actually sad but I couldn’t help but to laugh at the video. Sorry if that makes me a terrible person.

What appears to have happened, and I may have the details wrong here (so do not take this as absolute fact), is that a doctor touched Bryan, perhaps to determine where he is feeling pain, and Bryan hit the doctor. There seems to be some conflicting or confusing information in Bryan’s account of the story. It’s not clear if he was ejected for hitting the doctor or if he was ejected for refusing to allow the doctor to do proper diagnostics on him.

Something that I rarely do is agree with Bryan Tew. He says the security staff forcibly took his phone and deleted some of the pictures/videos he took while being ejected. (It’s not clear if he was able to recover the video or if the security guard missed this particular clip).

If Bryan isn’t lying about this happening (and that’s a big if), I do believe he was wronged by the security guard who does not have the authority to simply snatch a patient’s phone and delete a picture or video clip they don’t like. HIPAA only applies to the medical staff, not to the patient. A patient is free to discuss and document their medical care as much and as publicly as they want.

Bryan Tew threatens lawsuit against San Diego YMCA

Bryan Tew has sent a legal demand letter to the YMCA telling them to put a stop to all of the supposed stalking and harassment that is going on against him or else.

Think of it as a “thank you” for all of the free/low-cost community services that the YMCA of San Diego has provided, services that they don’t even have to provide (it’s a non-profit, non-gov’t entity), to Bryan Tew.

YMCA management, if you are reading this post, please understand that Bryan Tew is diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder by a psychologist and suffers from paranoid delusions. While you have a noble mission, Bryan Tew has a criminal record of physical violence and there will only be more drama if you allow him to stay. Talk to your lawyers but I would advise banning him from your property and having SDPD issue a “trespass warning” that makes it an arrestable offense for Bryan to return.

Michael J. Murphy allegedly trafficking stolen goods to fund meth habit

Michael J. MethheadMurphy continues to ramble on about his nonexistent inheritance while high on methamphetamines.

Nothing has really changed; he is still a street bum living behind the cleaners in Inglewood, CA and he has made no attempt to accept the free offers of drug rehab from his friends and family.

What’s new? Murphy is allegedly trafficking stolen goods on the “OfferUp” website (basically a fancier version of Craigslist). I say this simply because he’s a bum who has no job and no legitimate way to obtain these goods

Image may contain: text

Bryan Tew’s casual racism towards black people

OK so not everyone might share my take on this. If you don’t that’s fine, I just call it as I see it.

Bryan referred to a person he had yet another physical confrontation with as a “ghetto street black“. This is the first time that I seen him call out someone’s race, let alone do so with a negative connotation. According to Bryan’s Facebook profile he grew up in Georgia (state, not country) so it’s not particularly surprising that he harbors negative views of African-Americans.

Bryan Tew’s slow descent into total madness

So I wanted to start this blog off with “Bryan Tew is not feeling well” but that’s pretty much every day with him. However it seems he’s much worse off than normal.

(If you don’t want to read the blog, just scroll down for a bunch of embedded Bryan Tew videos from the last several days)

His usual arrogant defiance has turned into pathetic whimpering, crying, and begging. He can’t sleep. He hasn’t slept for but 8 hours in the past 9 days (he says).

He’s been in and out of several ERs and clinics trying to find Xanax but it seems he can’t get it. I’m not surprised; the DEA is cracking down on doctors who overprescribe controlled substances. It’s not like the third world where you can get whatever you ask for and there is no accountability.

He has probably been referred to a psychiatrist (who I think are the only people who will dispense Xanax) but refuses to go. He doesn’t think anything is wrong with his mental condition.

As a side note, I talked to a friend about Bryan and he thinks Bryan is going through Xanax withdrawal. We know Bryan has been taking liberal amounts of Xanax while he was overseas. He’s run out of Xanax and the docs here won’t prescribe it. It’s just a theory, but the symptoms do match what he is describing.

Wow he looks totally whacked out. This is the worst I think I’ve seen him:

He’s been in and out of hospitals a few times over the past few days. He normally doesn’t tell his “story” to medical staff, out of fear of being thrown into the psych ward but here he goes!

More crying/whimpering:

Bryan Tew arrest details + planned no-show in court

So I was hoping to obtain a copy of Bryan Tew’s arrest report from his altercation last month at the San Diego VA hospital. Unfortunately the UCSD PD refuses to provide it, citing privacy concerns.

However, they did provide me the bare minimum of details that they are required to provide under California law.

I’ve attached the incident summary and a screen grab of his citation (from his earlier video), below.

In regards to his upcoming court date, he has directly stated that he will not show up for court, meaning he will be given additional charges for failure to appear. A screen shot of his YouTube comment where he says this is included below.

Tew Holiday Update – Missing Passport Edition

Hello all! I’ve returned from my CIA/DIA funded vacation. I hope everyone had a good time with friends and family and will have a great new year in 2018.

A few days before Christmas Bryan absentmindedly set down and left his bag at a train station in San Diego. In this bag was important documents such as his ID and his passport. As of today Bryan has not been able to recover it.

According to Bryan the State Department will no longer issue him a replacement passport because he has lost his passport so many times. If this is indeed the case and Bryan cannot locate his bag, he is stuck in the United States (barring some type of concocted human smuggling scheme or maybe getting his congressman involved).

I imagine he can get a new passport at some point, i.e. when his current one expires, but I’m not entirely sure when that is. Could be years.

He’s definitely not feeling good right now. He looks like a wreck and I imagine he feels like one too: