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Bryan Tew arrest details + planned no-show in court

So I was hoping to obtain a copy of Bryan Tew’s arrest report from his altercation last month at the San Diego VA hospital. Unfortunately the UCSD PD refuses to provide it, citing privacy concerns.

However, they did provide me the bare minimum of details that they are required to provide under California law.

I’ve attached the incident summary and a screen grab of his citation (from his earlier video), below.

In regards to his upcoming court date, he has directly stated that he will not show up for court, meaning he will be given additional charges for failure to appear. A screen shot of his YouTube comment where he says this is included below.


  1. Wet Nayrb

    I’d suggest seeing what comes up in a California search on Vinelink but I haven’t been able to get Vinelink to load properly the past couple of weeks. Not sure if they region-block it for non-Americans now.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah. He is getting desperate. He normally keeps his “story” to himself to avoid being labeled a lunatic and getting thrown into the psych ward. That supposedly happened to him a number of years ago according to a previous video. Guy is patient and calm with his rambling. Sucks for him that they don’t hand out controlled substances like candy as they do outside of the USA.

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