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Bryan Tew’s slow descent into total madness

So I wanted to start this blog off with “Bryan Tew is not feeling well” but that’s pretty much every day with him. However it seems he’s much worse off than normal.

(If you don’t want to read the blog, just scroll down for a bunch of embedded Bryan Tew videos from the last several days)

His usual arrogant defiance has turned into pathetic whimpering, crying, and begging. He can’t sleep. He hasn’t slept for but 8 hours in the past 9 days (he says).

He’s been in and out of several ERs and clinics trying to find Xanax but it seems he can’t get it. I’m not surprised; the DEA is cracking down on doctors who overprescribe controlled substances. It’s not like the third world where you can get whatever you ask for and there is no accountability.

He has probably been referred to a psychiatrist (who I think are the only people who will dispense Xanax) but refuses to go. He doesn’t think anything is wrong with his mental condition.

As a side note, I talked to a friend about Bryan and he thinks Bryan is going through Xanax withdrawal. We know Bryan has been taking liberal amounts of Xanax while he was overseas. He’s run out of Xanax and the docs here won’t prescribe it. It’s just a theory, but the symptoms do match what he is describing.

Wow he looks totally whacked out. This is the worst I think I’ve seen him:

He’s been in and out of hospitals a few times over the past few days. He normally doesn’t tell his “story” to medical staff, out of fear of being thrown into the psych ward but here he goes!

More crying/whimpering:


  1. RJ

    He did manage to score hydrocodone (vicodin) and those were the 10mg ones they gave him – which pack a decent punch. At least for me, but Tew is obviously about twice the size of a normal healthy male. And those are opiods which are what they are really cracking down on. On the hospital report they actually wrote “Sleep deprivation/Directed energy”. I wonder if they actually gave him a placebo. It is nice to see him posting videos of him telling the hospital staff about his nonsense fantasy world. This is what I’ve been waiting for – him telling foreign doctors about it just wasn’t working. They asked Tew if he was homeless and he paused and said “no”. Then on his hospital report his address they wrote came up as a “transitional housing” facility. I wonder if the doctors in San Diego see a lot of mentally ill homeless people and just think Tew is another delusional homeless guy – not the lovable looney tunes we have come to know. I did see in one of his videos the hospital staff lady said “You’re quite the traveler, do you travel for work?” I’d love to see Tew’s last passport. Someone is in possession of it. They are probably trying to steal his identity. Stealing Tew’s identity just sounds like bad news for whoever ends up with that passport.

    • Stefan Adams

      I think he got his hydrocodone from the VA hospital. They either have records from past visits or they ran new x-rays for him and justified the script based on that.

      He is not helping himself by begging for a specific controlled substance – that just raises so many red flags to the attending staff that he is an addict looking for a fix.

      His only option at this point is to either check into the psych ward (who will dispense stuff stronger than Xanax if he really needs it, under 24/7 supervision), or try to start a normal doctor/patient relationship at a practice and convince the doctor he needs something like Ambien to sleep (sleep aid is not an on-label use of Xanax).

  2. Stefan Adams

    At this point, I’m just seeing how low he goes. He’s genuinely suffering. The idea that he’s withdrawing from Xanax abuse/overuse in South America seems credible to me.

    I wonder how long this will continue.

  3. Star L Bricker

    No one is going to give him controlled substances with his story line, hismjust wanting his prescriptions filled with no other medical intervention, and his admitting to abusing (self-dosing and overdosing) anything, including Benadryl. All are signs of addiction. He’s being his own worst enemy. By now I wouldn’t be surprised if he was on the “list” of people to not medicate, so all the hospitals in the area know about him. Which could get him trespassing charges and warnings.
    Two other things I noticed: he claims he is non-violent and the SS is investigating him for fraud. Since his claim is about physical things, a quick look at his YT account shows he is not that bad off. I’ve thought all along he is not only a deluded hypochondriac, but also that he thinks every twinge is deadly, which is caled somatization. His description of his pain in the recent videos…well, it’s just weird. While each person registers pain in their own way, he claims he needs Oxy for his pain which he rates is a six or seven, but walks around all day and sleeps on the ground. Too much drugs for not much pain.
    I agree he is likely experiencing withdrawal symptoms, and will again when his Oxys give out. He is going to get much worse before he has a hope of getting better, or even getting help. I just hope he doesn’t get badly hurt or injures someone else, although both would be a blessing, as he will be appropriately treated in the hospital and/or jail.

  4. Lisa Becker

    How much do you guys get paid for harassing crime victims like Bryan? Do you get paid by the word or by the hour? Do you get benefits too? Just curious.

    • Stefan Adams

      A blog that catalogs and comments on Bryan’s public Facebook and YouTube posts does not constitute harassment. I am honored that you think my blogging is worthy of monetary compensation but sadly I am unpaid. Reporting on psychotic lunatics is a hobby only.

  5. Stars15k

    Bryan Tew is not a crime victim.He has posted his medical records which show diagnosis of paranoia, anxiety, and delusions. His health claims are his interpretation, and in most cases wrong. His heart is fine; he is describing a panic attack. His latest trip into the hospital checked his heart and let him go. He needs help, but is too deluded to recognize that fact. He makes threats of violence, is antisocial, and paranoid. No one has been killing Bryan Tew for 22 years except Bryan Tew.

  6. RJ

    Tew’s latest YouTube adventures include a trip to a mental health clinic to beg for pills, and a phone call to 911 where he just goes into his “My heart, CIA/DIA mind control…” tirade. I was hoping his mental health clinic visit would end up with him talking about the uncontrollable white-hot rage.

    • Stefan Adams

      Yeah, he’s really having a bad go at life right now. I’m not sure what he thinks the 911 calls accomplish though. He has called 911 several times since returning to America but to my knowledge he has denied transport to the hospital each time (said he was afraid of the EMTs prejudicing the medical care). He just wants to cry to someone it seems. It seems like a matter of time before he breaks or get committed.

      Here’s a video from a couple weeks ago talking about his poor relationship with his family. FF to 3:50. He says his family hates him and that he was a “bad kid” and “rotten young man”. Not that I judge him for that but makes you wonder what more there might be to his life story.

      Also he was supposed to go to court at the end of January if I read his citation correctly. I’m not sure what happened with that. I doubt he went. I have been looking for active warrants on him (through the San Diego County Sheriff’s office web page) and don’t see anything yet.

    • Stefan Adams

      A few days ago he posted a video asking his viewers to go call and harass his pastor because the pastor was supposedly shunning him. Gave out his phone number. I found that kinda amusing.

      • Stars15k

        I notified the church as that is considered doxxing. And apparently they complaned to YouTube because the next day he was threatened with his account closing.
        Even they are a church, they don’t need someone who considers brushing past his arm while passing in church an assault, especially when he “burns with white hot rage” every other day ad claims he woud se “deadly force” against such attacks.
        If he continues to call 911, he can be charged with a crime. I keep hoping that happens…they probably are sick of him already.

    • Anonymous

      Now he has a video of his phone calling the ER again. This time according to the title, the doctor calls Tew a schizophrenic. I have yet to watch the clip, but Tew screwing around in the US has a lot more interesting results. Too bad he can’t stay in ultra cheap hostels and cause his usual problems. He needs to stay on the street.

      • Stefan Adams

        I’ve lost track of how many times he has been to the hospital. It has become a pattern now. He cries to the 911 operator, he goes to the hospital (by ambulance or by himself, this time he took the ambulance), the doc/nurse triages him, Bryan tells his life story at the hands of the CIA, Bryan gets belligerent when they don’t take him seriously or gets told to check into the psych ward, they run a few tests, he doesn’t get the medication he wants, he gets sent home. The cycle repeats.

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