Bryan Tew kicked out of hotel, plans on leaving Ecuador

So this happened. He was causing issues for the hotel owner and the other guests with his loud noise. Also he demanded an ambulance, one was called and he then refused to go. To top it off, he refuses to even speak with the hotel owner about these issues, forcing him to have to write this letter to him to communicate.

The repeating pattern with Bryan is that nothing is ever his fault. It wasn’t Bryan, the hotel owner was paid off by the CIA to harass him.

Bryan has had countless run-ins with the proprietors of the hotels he stays at over the years. The most egregious incident involved public masturbation and consumption of pornography at a hotel in a shared room around children, in addition to being a general slob.

In other news, Bryan can’t take Ecuador any more and wants to leave for Beijing. The last time he was in Beijing he was in the hospital labeled as a nutcase and the American embassy was being called to deal with him.

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  1. He just posted his travel itinerary. I would bet he doesn’t make it the whole way. Ecuador > Colombia. Colombia > Los Angeles. Los Angeles > Hawaii. Hawaii > China. I don’t think a normal person could handle that nonsense.

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