Anyone want to write about TIs?

So I will admit, my interest in the TI community is really just a subset of my interest in the conspiracy theory community in general (TIs, chemtrails, flat earth, and etc.) and that subset really just consists of two, maybe three people, only one of whom generates enough content to turn into regular blog posts here.

If you have an interest in writing (on this website) about other TIs or anything related to TIs (doesn’t have to be about specific individuals) please drop  a comment below. Other suggestions for the direction of this website are welcome as well.

I’m not planning on closing the blog either way but I don’t have the time to expand this the way I originally hoped to be able to. For me, I don’t plan on expanding beyond my two favorite TIs.


4 thoughts on “Anyone want to write about TIs?”

  1. I’m busy until Christmas but I can think of a couple of guys scamming “fellow” T.I.s out of hundreds of thousands of dollars that I feel that I could write about although I’d have to tread very carefully as I don’t want to leave myself open to a libel suit.

    Like, one of them, I don’t want to name the guy here (either with his Youtube name or his real name) but basically he’s telling T.I.s that, if they pay him $1000, he’ll take care of their “gangstalkers” for good by having a team of 24 detectives (who evidently don’t need much of any money for food or lodging or fuel or any other expenses) follow them around to “figure out” who the ringleader in their gangstalking is and then they’ll either take care of him directly (strongly implying assault) or he’ll hire his “rich” “Zionist” lawyers in “Tel Aviv”, who work pro bono, to take them to court, and then he’ll pay off judges to ensure favourable outcomes and to take the T.I.s off the “FEMA gangstalking”.

    The problem there is that I can’t conclusively say this is indeed a scam but, at the same time, it’s highly implausible.

    1. Sure, if you want to contribute an article feel free to do so. It would be welcomed.

      Not a lawyer but did take some journalism courses in school. You should be fine as long as you have supporting evidence for claims. You can also use qualifiers like “allegedly” , “supposedly”, “in my opinion” to shield yourself.

      Of course anyone can sue you just to waste your time, it’s a risk I take writing about TIs.

      If you decide to write this in the future, you can send me your drafts or discuss privately at

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