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Bryan Tew injured after harassing person on the street

Several days ago, Bryan Tew had some kind of confrontation in Quito, Ecuador involving one of his supposed stalkers. Bryan says he wanted to confront him and the alleged stalker responded with a “karate kick” when confronted.

If you’ve been paying attention to Bryan, he has repeatedly sworn to confront his stalkers up to killing them if he has to (I laughed at that). Bryan knows (and repeatedly says) he has injuries from a previous car accident but thinks it is okay to confront and escalate disputes with other people.

So it would seem that Bryan really did get hurt from this (I believe him). I don’t pity him because it was entirely avoidable and an entirely predictable response to his bullying tactics.

(There are a bunch of videos from the last few days about this, if you care to browse them)

Before all this went down, he already purchased tickets to get out of Ecuador (yes, again) and make his way to Beijing. From his last video it would seem he is at the LAX (Los Angeles, California) airport. He says he is in too much pain to continue to Beijing.

Further updates to come.


  1. Anonymous

    His latest YouTube updates say quite a bit about people reporting him to the flight attendants and one of them told Tew if he has a problem they can discuss it off the plane, which sounds like they were threatening to remove him. And there was some announcement that police were on board which Tew thought had to do with him; although that might be a standard warning on some flights. And in LAX he apapparently got into an argument over an X-ray machine in the LAX medical center, with some medical staff. I’m hoping he screws up in LA and has to talk to authorities.

  2. Anonymous

    Now Tew is back in San Diego. He went to the hospital and told them he is a CIA mind control victim. And he says they just laugh at him and sent him out of the ER. He was asking the hospital for drugs. They probably think he is a meth head or something.

    • Stefan Adams

      I hope he’s back in the USA for a while. It’s a nice change of pace. Back to the homeless shelter and camping out behind the public library?

  3. RJ

    Well he is in San Diego which is out of the way from his itinerary. And he is still signing his posts with San Diego as his location – so he apparently got waylaid in California. Which was what I was hoping for. It’s boring when he is messing with foreigners who can’t understand half of what he is saying. I like American Tew Adventures. Aside from him making those signs in Ecuador, I can’t think up one fun thing he’s done in a long time. He was cruising around on motorcycles in Thailand which was cool, but that was a year or more ago. I want to see Tew in shopping malls, public libraries and Panera Breads (if they even have those in California). And not him just messing with people at bus stations. Tew is so much better than a random bus station crazy person. Hell, he has graduated to being an airport crazy, and a legitimate flyer. I wouldn’t mind a Domestic Travel Tew Adventure. I’d love it if he came to my city! I’d even go find him.

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