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Miscellaneous Bryan Tew Updates (Video Diary Edition)

Bryan Tew has flown around the world in the last couple of weeks after finally leaving Ecuador. He makes stops at various cities on his way to Europa/Asia since he can’t afford direct tickets.

He has not found a destination he feels comfortable in yet, all of the cities so far have been bad for him.

Here he is in Bogota right after leaving Quito harassing a street bum:

He made his way to Frankfurt for a layover and then onto Hong Kong. In Hong Kong he went to a clinic and was prescribed unspecified medication but did not receive it because he had an altercation with another patient in the office. He promptly left HK because of this incident.

He then makes his way to Belgrade, Serbia. He has an awkward encounter with a fellow hostel guest:

Bryan Tew then makes his way to a local festival where he creeps on children:

He decides that Serbia is not a good place for him so he travels to Rome. He makes several videos of the Colosseum where he finds more stalkers and perps:

Rome doesn’t work for him so he makes his way back to the airport. According to his Facebook post, he has purchased a ticket for Munich.

In other posts, he says he intends to return to Quito so that he can continue his asylum claim, even though he has previously trashed the Ecuadorean government for being part of the mind control paradigm.

Did Michael J Murphy have an intervention?

He is actually making coherent statements about life and is not having grandiose fantasies about being the heir to Murphy Oil, Motorola, or claiming to be the CEO of California.

He was supposedly screening his chemtrails film  “Why In The World Are They Spraying?” in Wisconsin last week but compared to before he has a stronger grounding in reality (chemtrails are bogus nonsense). If he actually pulled this off it’s definitely a marked improvement from before where he was ranting and raving about WWIII starting outside of a dialysis center in Inglewood, California.

If this is truly the case, good for him! Others out there who are in mental distress please follow his footsteps. Stop the drugs and get help from the mental health community. It’s the single best decision you’ll make for yourself.

Bryan Tew flees Ecuador

After spending most of the year in Ecuador Bryan Tew has decided to leave. This follows a couple of weeks of his psychological condition worsening and not being able to sleep well. 

He has been posting videos nearly every day.

Bryan, if you’re reading this, you should not be taking beta blockers at night like you said you do in this video. Beta blockers are well known to cause sleep issues. You should be taking them in the morning. 

As of this writing his last known location was Bogota, Colombia where he has an encounter with a random street bum who luckily doesn’t try to hurt him:

CIA finally allows Bryan Tew to book a ticket out of Ecuador 

Bryan says he has dropped his appeal to receive asylum so he can get his ass out of Eucador. It seems that he received temporary asylum while his appeal is being considered. 

I think what Bryan failed to understand is that asylum isn’t like the Witness Protection Program where you get a new identity, a free home, and extra police protection. Bryan seemed to be under the impression that they would (or even could) do something about the “CIA” and their attacks. They just gave him a piece of paper that allowed him to stay in Ecuador – that’s it. 

There are special cases where countries will take in people on a case by case basis and do exactly that – a new identity, a place to live, and personal protection. Examples of this might be foreign officials who want to defect and have something valuable to contribute (i.e. Intelligence) in exchange for that kind of protection. But Bryan is just a lunatic with a persecution complex.

His final destination is Beijing. His last trip involved a botched hospital stay where – I believe that’s where his insurance company found out he was defrauding them and cancelled his policy as he lay in the hospital bed, and the hospital tried to get the American Embassy involved which resulted in him fleeing the hospital.

Bryan “I did nothing wrong” Tew kicked out of yet another hostel

In Bryan Tew’s world, all of his problems are someone else’s fault. The voices in his head aren’t his, they’re the CIA’s. When his ass gets beat, it has nothing do to with the harassment he instigated. 

When he’s loud and obnoxious in his hostel, he didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just the CIA and their useful idiots engaging in a harassment campaign against him.

Mandela Effect Claims “Brian Tew” As Next Victim

Thanks to Wet Nayrb for bringing this to my attention.

The Mandela Effect is a phenomena where people misremember past events. A significant number of people are convinced that Nelson Mandela died in prison and had no idea he was alive until very recently – he died for real in 2013.

When conspiracy people encounter this contradictory information, they do not conclude that they misremembered or misunderstood world events. They ascribe the contradiction to scientific witchery involving CERN time machines – they believe that CERN’s activities are causing past events to change. Seriously!

Various people have extended this theory to other events. One of my favorites: I saw someone claim that Oscar Mayer (you know, the hot dog and sliced ham company) was really spelled “Oscar Meyer” and that only recently has it changed – because of CERN’s time machine.

So apparently not only has it claimed Nelson Mandela and Oscar M(a)yer, it has also claimed Brian Tew (not Bryan Tew – that’s CERN’s witchcraft) according to this lady.