Mandela Effect Claims “Brian Tew” As Next Victim

Thanks to Wet Nayrb for bringing this to my attention.

The Mandela Effect is a phenomena where people misremember past events. A significant number of people are convinced that Nelson Mandela died in prison and had no idea he was alive until very recently – he died for real in 2013.

When conspiracy people encounter this contradictory information, they do not conclude that they misremembered or misunderstood world events. They ascribe the contradiction to scientific witchery involving CERN time machines – they believe that CERN’s activities are causing past events to change. Seriously!

Various people have extended this theory to other events. One of my favorites: I saw someone claim that Oscar Mayer (you know, the hot dog and sliced ham company) was really spelled “Oscar Meyer” and that only recently has it changed – because of CERN’s time machine.

So apparently not only has it claimed Nelson Mandela and Oscar M(a)yer, it has also claimed Brian Tew (not Bryan Tew – that’s CERN’s witchcraft) according to this lady.

Bryan Tew loses passport, makes a jackass of himself at the police station

EDIT 2: This is an old exchange between Bryan Tew and Belgian police officers, not in Ecuador where he currently is. This appears to be a completely accidental upload by Bryan.

It’s really hard to put it all into words the amount of hilarity and cringeyness going on here.
It seems Bryan lost his passport and has to get a police report from the local police before the US Embassy will process his request for a replacement.
The police officer is requesting some basic information from Bryan (i.e. Name, DOB, etc.) and Bryan is absolutely unable to accept the fact that the officer will take down his information rather than Bryan filling out a form himself. 

Anyway, just listen to it. LOL!

(EDIT: Bryan Tew deleted this soon after posting. Another copy has been uploaded to YouTube by someone, so worry not!)

Bryan Tew predictably denied asylum in Ecuador, lawyers up

So Bryan had applied for asylum some weeks back and today was denied. I think it’s obvious why – an absurd story about mind controlling supercomputers from an American who is comparatively wealthy. He needs a trip to the psych ward and pyschotropic medication, not asylum. 

In the weeks prior to today’s meeting, Bryan said “fuck it” (more or less) and made several failed attempts to book tickets out to China. He wasn’t successful – technical errors kept him from booking the ticket (which are the CIA’s fault, obviously). Lacking any creativity (you know, like trying another website or asking a friend to book it as a last resort) he was forced to stay put and go through his asylum interview.

He moaned about not being provided an English-speaking translator (though he claimed someone was there who could, but it’s not clear why he wasn’t able to help him) and said “THIS IS ILLEGAL!”. Now he’s seeking legal counsel so he can take the Ecuadoraean government to court.

This is all despite him having previously said the government is corrupt and part of the mind control. So I’m not sure what the point is on even pursuing the asylum request, let alone trying to use the legal system to force their hand.

Bryan Tew checks into hospital, blames the CIA when EKG shows nothing wrong

He just checked into the Hospital Eugenio Espejo in Quito. I can’t really interpret all the other stuff but it says his heart is beating 78 bpm which is quite fine, especially for someone who is as anxious and filled with white hot rage as Bryan is. Tachycardia is defined as >100 bpm.

He is a frequent visitor to hospitals. I will admit I am a bit confused by conflicting diagnoses. One doctor on a previous visit to Ecuador diagnosed him with a life-threatening arrhythmia and gave him some medication with nasty side effects (which there was evidence of he posted).

Looking over some older posts (2016) I remember a trip to the ER in Bangkok, Thailand where allegedly the doctors diagnosed him with a life-threatening heart condition (no details or documentation provided) and suspected “organ damage”. I suspect Bryan may have exaggerated or misheard the doctors. I believe was the time Bryan ripped his IV lines out and tried to leave the hospital when they tried to give him actual treatment – steroid injections – out of fear that somehow this was going to harm him.

There was a time when Bryan passed through Chicago, I don’t recall the date exactly, it was late 2016 or early 2017 I think, and he had another medical episode that landed him in the hospital. That time he also received a similar diagnosis of “nothing wrong” and was discharged. 

Bryan Tew OPSEC fail

Bryan is in the process of attempting to flee Ecuador despite having just applied for asylum a few days ago. His decision was to be announced at the end of the month. It’s almost like he doesn’t actually want asylum – not that I think it would be granted regardless. 

So here he is somewhere that looks like the lobby of a hotel using a computer trying to purchase tickets. He’s complaining that the CIA has yet again blocked his ticket out. In the process he has revealed his debit card # to the whole world.

For this reason I am not going to link directly to the video – I’m not going to encourage people to fraudulently use his debit card. I have marked out the important details but trust me it’s all there to see in the video and it probably wont be long before someone criminally inclined runs across the video and goes to town on his bank account.