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I just became aware of the following Facebook pages that I am not affiliated with. Anyone want to claim these? Lol.

Bryan Tew’s big day: asylum interview in Quito

Bryan Tew has been in Quito for some number of months – I’ve lost track. For reasons unknown, Latin America is always the most problematic for him but yet it is these LatAm countries that he chooses to spend the most time in. 

A few months back Bryan presented himself at an Ecuadorean military base to spill the beans on CIA DIA TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL(TM). They pretended to be interested and invited him to apply for asylum with the promise that the local cops would personally escort him back and forth between his hostel and the immigration office. Of course the cops never came back to escort him. He waited weeks before admitting that they were never coming back.

Flash forward a few months later. He was near to leaving Ecuador back to Hong Kong but at the last minute decided to take himself down to the immigration center to apply for asylum himself, forfeiting his $900 plane ticket in the process. 

Bryan has repeatedly said that it is basically impossible for an American to receive asylum as the USA is not considered a country that people have a legitimate reason to flee. Yet he applied anyway.

As part of the asylum process, Bryan spent $300 to have a local vendor download a selection of his YouTube torture videos (and possibly other related non-sense from other conspiritards) to a DVD. This was to be presented as “evidence” for his asylum application. Unfortunately the vendor screwed something up, supposedly. 

Flash forward to today – he has to present himself at the immigration office for his interview. The interview, the credibility of his evidence, and whatever he said on his application form will be evaluated, laughed at, and ultimately result in a denial of his asylum application.

What do you get if you combine a chemtrail loon, a TI, a bad temper, and homoeroticism?

All photos and screenshots are legally reproduced here under the Fair Use doctrine.

You get Michael D. Fleming of Huntsville, AL.

Fleming – where to begin? He thinks “chemtrails” are killing millions of people yearly and he is mad as hell about it. The unnamed drone operators supposedly behind the program as well as actual scientists who study climate change and geoengineering (who he thinks are part of the chemtrail program) are guilty and deserving of death to Fleming.

The white lines in the sky are ordinary contrails. There are proposals to “geoengineer” the Earth’s atmosphere to counteract climate change but these proposals are purely academic in nature: there is still much debate about their effectiveness, safety, and so forth. There are no climate geoengineering programs currently taking place.

Nonetheless he is angry as hell about the geoengineering that he thinks is taking place. He names various chemtrails debunkers from Internet forums and calls out Harvard scientist David Keith (who is one of the lead researchers studying geoengineering) and offers $1,000 for likeminded people to go out and fetch these individuals so that he may have his way with them:

As this first image alludes, it’s not just the chemtrails bothering him. He thinks there is a stalking / harassment program targeting him for his anti-geoengineering “activism”. This is where the TI label gets applied to him. I’ll admit that he is not a garden variety TI. He doesn’t hear voices in my head to my knowledge (well, he hasn’t admitted to such). He does claim that he is being attacked with radiation:

The reality is: nobody is stalking him. Fleming’s contributions to society and his “activism” are only noteworthy for its absurdity and comedic value and have gained him no enemies – apart from his death threats which are hopefully being handled by the legal authorities.

I doubt David Keith or various Internet debunkers are sending people in beige vans to surveil him.
These screenshots (above) all come from a recent but now-deleted post. 

Below are some older posts and comments I selected showing his obsession with gay people and gay sex acts:

Yeah, Fleming is really super obsessed with that topic. Why? I don’t know. Maybe he can tell his psychiatrist. 

What else?

Fleming has a collection of “books” published on Amazon, featuring everything from chemtrail conspiracy theories, to crackpot ideas about free energy, to NASA conspiracy theories, to crackpot cures for diabetes, to nonsense about being a TI, and such and so forth.

If you happen to purchase one of his books (I hope you don’t honestly) and decide to leave an honest review, expect a hostile reaction from the author replete with legal threats:

And finally – perhaps the best of all – are Fleming’s parodies of various pop songs with themes about geoengineering. They are hideous and awful but that’s what makes them so god damn funny. Here’s a selection of them. More can be found on the YouTube channel that posted these.

By the way – I have an expectation that this article will appear in Google searches for Michael Fleming. As such I expect Mr. Fleming himself to have a hostile reaction to this posting and threaten me with legal action. I am not worried as I have a competent lawyer on retainer and know well that everything posted here was done so legally. There is no legitimate claim to copyright infringement, defamation, or harassment nor do I require permission to post this.

Bryan Tew chemically castrates himself

Bryan got tired of the CIA using microwave laser beams to make him horny so he found himself a doctor who was willing to prescribe chemical castration medicine to him.

I don’t really know what to say other than messing with your hormones without good cause can cause all sorts of other health issues.

Bryan Tew harasses cafe patrons, almost gets beaten up again

Whenever Bryan says he is the victim of random harassment and violence that is probably a lie most of the time. He frequently goes up to random and innocent people that he deems to be part of the “organized stalking program” and harasses them himself.

In this video he actually goes up to this person and touches him. He quickly runs off when the guy stands up and makes like he is going to return the favor. 

Bryan Tew’s YouTube account suspended & toe-stepping incident

Brief recap of some events that happened: Bryan Tew carelessly stepped on some guy’s toes (literally) which caused the guy to get upset and allegedly threaten Bryan. Bryan immediately started filming the interaction and yelling for police to help him. As far as I know nobody got in trouble. 

A day or so later (today) his videos of said interaction was flagged (it wasn’t me, I promise, I didn’t even have a chance to watch them!) and Bryan claims that he is now forbidden from posting new videos as a result. 

Having gone through something similar with my blog, I completely understand how arbitrary Google’s censorship can be and how their system of appeal is essentially non-functional. That is the extent of my sympathy for Bryan.