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Miscellaneous Bryan Tew Updates (Video Diary Edition)

Bryan Tew has flown around the world in the last couple of weeks after finally leaving Ecuador. He makes stops at various cities on his way to Europa/Asia since he can’t afford direct tickets.

He has not found a destination he feels comfortable in yet, all of the cities so far have been bad for him.

Here he is in Bogota right after leaving Quito harassing a street bum:

He made his way to Frankfurt for a layover and then onto Hong Kong. In Hong Kong he went to a clinic and was prescribed unspecified medication but did not receive it because he had an altercation with another patient in the office. He promptly left HK because of this incident.

He then makes his way to Belgrade, Serbia. He has an awkward encounter with a fellow hostel guest:

Bryan Tew then makes his way to a local festival where he creeps on children:

He decides that Serbia is not a good place for him so he travels to Rome. He makes several videos of the Colosseum where he finds more stalkers and perps:

Rome doesn’t work for him so he makes his way back to the airport. According to his Facebook post, he has purchased a ticket for Munich.

In other posts, he says he intends to return to Quito so that he can continue his asylum claim, even though he has previously trashed the Ecuadorean government for being part of the mind control paradigm.


  1. RJ

    Now he is back at an airport in Germany getting some kind of drugs to make him pass out.

    This has been going on for years! Will this guy ever get picked up? I’m kind of just waiting for the end to hit. When will the posts just stop? Ever? This is a wild ride for this guy. I’d like the story to end well, with a cognitive Tew posting about the crazy things he thought before he got help. Hoping it will end well, honestly!

    • Stefan Adams

      He’s at a hostel in Frankfurt this week. He posted a video and a Facebook post about a woman at his hostel that he said he wanted to kill. I alerted the hostel and the FBI – nobody seems to have taken any interest in Bryan’s postings..

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