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Bryan Tew goes apeshit over his new signs

Geez Bryan, you’re an English-only speaker in a Spanish-speaking country. It’s far more likely that there was a misunderstanding than the CIA/DIA getting to her and making her produce too-heavy signs.

I think it’s hilarious that Bryan lowered the bar even further and became one of those sign-carrying / phamplet-passing-out lunatics in the street that absolutely no one takes seriously. 

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  1. RJ

    The first 30 seconds of this video are awesome. Mostly because this is one of the rare instances that Tew actually sounds normal. Of course him not knowing Spanish and the store worker at best knows some English as a second language doesn’t help. But, he is genuinely pissed off about something rational at least. He spent his money on some product and what he got wasn’t what he wanted.

    He actually sounds like a regular dissatisfied customer here. Well, until he gets to the part about wanting to carry it around for more than a couple of hours. He should just fashion the thing into one of those sandwich-board signs.

    Tew being exasperated about something relatively normal gives him almost a conversational tone. Something you never hear from him. I listened to part of a 3+ hour interview Tew has on his YouTube, mostly just to hear what kind of fools are looking to him for advice. From what I heard, his “answers” were just the same ramblings he always posts. But here with a sign he paid for but hates – he comes off like a normal guy for 30 seconds.

    He could always get a t-shirt made. He seems to have no problem wearing the same shirt for a week or so. It will get seen for sure if he ever leaves his bed.

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