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Bryan Tew: Signs, Gay Nightmares, Pills

This is the first Bryan Tew post of the new blog. We may not be Bryan Tew Watch anymore but his antics are still on-topic here.


Bryan spent more of his ill-gotten (IMO) disability money on signs. These are the styles of signs you might see religious or homeless cranks hold up at a street corner proclaiming that the end of the world is near. It’s unclear how much he spent on this. I can imagine the graphic designer thinking to himself “This guy is loco!” while charging Bryan with an exhoribitant amount of money that he moronically forks over.

Gay Nightmares:

So Bryan has had repeated fantasies, nightmares, visions, or whatever you want to call it about gay people having their way with him (or vice-verse, perhaps?). A month or two ago it was something between him and the UGA football team.

I’ll be honest: I’m neither religious or have gay inclinations. The only time I ever questioned my sexuality was when I got turned on by a dude who looked a lot like a hot chick I used to know – he had a rather feminine face and shoulder-length hair. It was confusing and awkward for me. Laugh at me or with me, haha. Once I found out he was really a he, had a flat chest, and a deep voice, I lost interest immediately.

Here’s the thing: if I started feeling attracted to other dudes, I wouldn’t hesitate to explore those feelings. I’ve never had gay dreams or gay fantasies. So hence nothing for me to explore.

Is Bryan gay and not realizes it? Maybe. I don’t know. I don’t throw that accusation out at people as an insult. Bryan is a deeply religious man, to the point of admitting that he hates gay people and is happy to know (in his mind, anyway) that they’re going to hell to burn. A lot of these deeply homophobic people you see (not all of them, but many) are closeted gays and it’s sad that they can’t bring themselves to at least explore those thoughts and desires.

The other possibility is that he’s straight as can be but because of his mental illness his mind torments him with things he hates. I don’t know.


Bryan’s biggest complaints are his sleeplessness and his heart troubles. I’m not a doctor and won’t diagnose him (though I think it’s okay to speculate). I think his problems are anxiety. He’s scared and stressed out and can’t sleep. The tachycardia is just anxiety. It’s a vicious cycle where all the symptoms feed into each other the longer he goes without proper treatment of his underlying psychological problems.

He has been taking Valium off and on throughout his journeys around the world. This is apparently something recommended to him by “Dr.” Robert Duncan, the guy who pretends to be a former CIA agent and abuses his Harvard Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science to present himself as a credentialed and prestigious PhD scientist.

The Valium doesn’t help him too much. Benzo tolerance, perhaps. Now he’s taking Xanax, perhaps at the same time. Either way, benzos are not to be taken long-term. They can become addictive – you take too many for too long and suddenly you find you can’t quit them without becoming sick due to withdrawal issues.

He is also now on a beta blocker. This is advice I gave to him a long time ago in response to one of his videos about his blood pressure and pulse rate videos. He didn’t care for my advice. BBs can be useful for both BP/pulse issues as well as anxiety. BBs are safer to discontinue (though it is suggested that you do not simply stop taking them abruptly without a doctor’s guidance, but the consequences aren’t going to be severe unless you have heart disease that you’re using BBs to treat).

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