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Bryan Tew’s casual racism towards black people

OK so not everyone might share my take on this. If you don’t that’s fine, I just call it as I see it.

Bryan referred to a person he had yet another physical confrontation with as a “ghetto street black“. This is the first time that I seen him call out someone’s race, let alone do so with a negative connotation. According to Bryan’s Facebook profile he grew up in Georgia (state, not country) so it’s not particularly surprising that he harbors negative views of African-Americans.

Bryan Tew’s slow descent into total madness

So I wanted to start this blog off with “Bryan Tew is not feeling well” but that’s pretty much every day with him. However it seems he’s much worse off than normal.

(If you don’t want to read the blog, just scroll down for a bunch of embedded Bryan Tew videos from the last several days)

His usual arrogant defiance has turned into pathetic whimpering, crying, and begging. He can’t sleep. He hasn’t slept for but 8 hours in the past 9 days (he says).

He’s been in and out of several ERs and clinics trying to find Xanax but it seems he can’t get it. I’m not surprised; the DEA is cracking down on doctors who overprescribe controlled substances. It’s not like the third world where you can get whatever you ask for and there is no accountability.

He has probably been referred to a psychiatrist (who I think are the only people who will dispense Xanax) but refuses to go. He doesn’t think anything is wrong with his mental condition.

As a side note, I talked to a friend about Bryan and he thinks Bryan is going through Xanax withdrawal. We know Bryan has been taking liberal amounts of Xanax while he was overseas. He’s run out of Xanax and the docs here won’t prescribe it. It’s just a theory, but the symptoms do match what he is describing.

Wow he looks totally whacked out. This is the worst I think I’ve seen him:

He’s been in and out of hospitals a few times over the past few days. He normally doesn’t tell his “story” to medical staff, out of fear of being thrown into the psych ward but here he goes!

More crying/whimpering:

Bryan Tew arrest details + planned no-show in court

So I was hoping to obtain a copy of Bryan Tew’s arrest report from his altercation last month at the San Diego VA hospital. Unfortunately the UCSD PD refuses to provide it, citing privacy concerns.

However, they did provide me the bare minimum of details that they are required to provide under California law.

I’ve attached the incident summary and a screen grab of his citation (from his earlier video), below.

In regards to his upcoming court date, he has directly stated that he will not show up for court, meaning he will be given additional charges for failure to appear. A screen shot of his YouTube comment where he says this is included below.

Tew Holiday Update – Missing Passport Edition

Hello all! I’ve returned from my CIA/DIA funded vacation. I hope everyone had a good time with friends and family and will have a great new year in 2018.

A few days before Christmas Bryan absentmindedly set down and left his bag at a train station in San Diego. In this bag was important documents such as his ID and his passport. As of today Bryan has not been able to recover it.

According to Bryan the State Department will no longer issue him a replacement passport because he has lost his passport so many times. If this is indeed the case and Bryan cannot locate his bag, he is stuck in the United States (barring some type of concocted human smuggling scheme or maybe getting his congressman involved).

I imagine he can get a new passport at some point, i.e. when his current one expires, but I’m not entirely sure when that is. Could be years.

He’s definitely not feeling good right now. He looks like a wreck and I imagine he feels like one too:

Bryan Tew detained by police at VA Hospital, cited for battery

So Bryan was at the San Diego VA hospital presumably mooching free healthcare off of the taxpayer when he got into trouble inside.

His story is that there was a “collision”. That’s a description he uses to try to take blame off of himself, implying that someone just ran into him while he was innocently going about his business and cried foul to get him in trouble.

Bryan thinks that this is all a setup and none of this is his fault.

Bonus points for the referral to mental health services!

Will Bryan make his court date or will he get a warrant for failure to appear?

Edit: I listened to the video again and Bryan admits he ran into the guy (“the guy I ran into”). You just admitted guilt, Bryan.

Bryan Tew returns to America, joins homeless camp

So Bryan had planned on leaving Ecuador for Beijing, China. Unfortunately he got more than he bargained for when he confronted a “stalker” who landed a kick on him that aggravated his existing spinal injuries.

The new pain and the lack of sleep made him stop his trip short in Los Angeles. From LA he has returned back to his old stomping grounds of San Diego where he is currently bumming on the street like a homeless man.

Bryan Tew injured after harassing person on the street

Several days ago, Bryan Tew had some kind of confrontation in Quito, Ecuador involving one of his supposed stalkers. Bryan says he wanted to confront him and the alleged stalker responded with a “karate kick” when confronted.

If you’ve been paying attention to Bryan, he has repeatedly sworn to confront his stalkers up to killing them if he has to (I laughed at that). Bryan knows (and repeatedly says) he has injuries from a previous car accident but thinks it is okay to confront and escalate disputes with other people.

So it would seem that Bryan really did get hurt from this (I believe him). I don’t pity him because it was entirely avoidable and an entirely predictable response to his bullying tactics.

(There are a bunch of videos from the last few days about this, if you care to browse them)

Before all this went down, he already purchased tickets to get out of Ecuador (yes, again) and make his way to Beijing. From his last video it would seem he is at the LAX (Los Angeles, California) airport. He says he is in too much pain to continue to Beijing.

Further updates to come.

Anyone want to write about TIs?

So I will admit, my interest in the TI community is really just a subset of my interest in the conspiracy theory community in general (TIs, chemtrails, flat earth, and etc.) and that subset really just consists of two, maybe three people, only one of whom generates enough content to turn into regular blog posts here.

If you have an interest in writing (on this website) about other TIs or anything related to TIs (doesn’t have to be about specific individuals) please drop  a comment below. Other suggestions for the direction of this website are welcome as well.

I’m not planning on closing the blog either way but I don’t have the time to expand this the way I originally hoped to be able to. For me, I don’t plan on expanding beyond my two favorite TIs.


Bryan Tew kicked out of hotel, plans on leaving Ecuador

So this happened. He was causing issues for the hotel owner and the other guests with his loud noise. Also he demanded an ambulance, one was called and he then refused to go. To top it off, he refuses to even speak with the hotel owner about these issues, forcing him to have to write this letter to him to communicate.

The repeating pattern with Bryan is that nothing is ever his fault. It wasn’t Bryan, the hotel owner was paid off by the CIA to harass him.

Bryan has had countless run-ins with the proprietors of the hotels he stays at over the years. The most egregious incident involved public masturbation and consumption of pornography at a hotel in a shared room around children, in addition to being a general slob.

In other news, Bryan can’t take Ecuador any more and wants to leave for Beijing. The last time he was in Beijing he was in the hospital labeled as a nutcase and the American embassy was being called to deal with him.