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Author: Stefan Adams

I debunk ill-conceived theories such as chemtrails, flat earth, NWO, gangstalking / targeted individuals / mind control, and etc.

Michael J Murphy: An introduction and a startling discovery!

Michael J Murphy doesn’t call himself a TI but he shares some of the traits of TIs, namely the constant paranoia and delusions. Michael’s claim to fame isn’t so much the delusional behavior but rather his time in the spotlight being a prominent chemtrails activist.

The highlight of his achievements is his production of various chemtrail-themed movies: “What in the World Are They Spraying?” and “Why in the World Are They Spraying?”.

A third movie was in the works: “An Unconventional Shade of Gray” of which he has raised nearly $15,000 for since beginning his GoFundMe in 2015. No recent updates have been given by Michael on the status of the film or the money he received.

There are many rumors about his personal life and they all center around drug use. Cocaine or methamphetamines is what I hear about. People claiming to be old friends say it is meth.

Whatever the case may be, there are arrest reports indicating drug possession. He has devolved from a run-of-the-mill conspiracy theorist into a rambling and paranoid nutcase, possibly due to some kind of drug-induced psychosis.

His Facebook page offers near-daily posts of paranoid and rambling diatribes. Many of his posts are variations on a long-running theme that his family has concocted an elaborate scheme to deny him rights to inheritance from various companies that his family is supposedly involved with, including Murphy Oil and Motorola.

Other posts claim he is the CEO of California or that WWIII is starting in his current town of Inglewood, CA. In this particular gem, Michael claims to be the son of JFK:

He occasionally posts videos too:

So in conclusion, we see another psychologically fucked up person. People like Michael Murphy are fucked in the head due to drugs. This contrasts to our favorite TI, Bryan Tew, who probably just has a genetic predisposition to schizophrenia-like behavior.

Many people have tried to get help for Michael. Friends and family have begged him to enter drug rehab but he refuses. He is currently homeless in Inglewood, CA, possibly living off of the funding he has raised for his yet-to-be-produced movies.

Bryan Tew Watch returns as TI Watch!

So as you all have seen we were shut down by Google under the false claim that we were harassing Bryan Tew.

A few weeks have gone by and I have returned with (1) New hosting, (2) A permanent domain name, and (3) A change in name and focus.

(1) and (2) mean I have more control and insurance against this happening again. This new arrangement does not guarantee being booted again. It just means I won’t lose my content and can easily move the blog elsewhere quickly.

(3) is a personal decision after some reflection. There are a lot of crazy people and conspiracies to document. Bryan is just one of many. This is subject to change.

Here are some of the boring details of what allowed this to  happen:

I know who reported me – it wasn’t Bryan. It’s the crazy guy who thinks Harris Corporation is putting voices into his head.

Social media companies are experiencing a wave of activist campaigns to crack down on supposed harassment and trolling.

While there have been actual examples of harassment and abuse, this movement is largely about censoring opposition to the social justice