Bryan Tew Rants for 18 Minutes About his VA Benefits

Bryan Tew makes an 18 minute video where he goes over his VA disability claims and casually waves around his fat PTSD benefits checks like rappers wave around stacks of 100 dollar bills.

This is a Facebook video. I will reupload it upon request if anyone can’t access it or if Bryan deletes it.

He says it is suspicious that the VA approved his PTSD claim (even though he applied for that benefit and provided documentation so I dunno why that is suspicious).

He is also upset that he has been approved for schizophrenia benefits as well because of course Bryan isn’t mentally ill and there are actually thousands of CIA agents dedicated just to tracking him on a daily basis and making him beat off to tennis stars with their special homosexual-thoughts-beaming satellites.

I will give Bryan a little bit of a bone here and say if he told the VA that his physical injuries aren’t service-connected but they gave him those benefits anyway then he has a right to gripe about it.

My only question here would be, don’t you as the applicant have to sign off on a disability claim, something to the effect of “Under penalty of perjury, I do hereby certify that the aforementioned statements are true and correct to the best of my knowledge?” How did he get approved for things he believes are not true without first attesting to it?

If he got those benefits without making any false statements then he is 100% off the hook.

That being said, Bryan knowingly committed fraud upon the State of Ohio BWC by claiming to be 100% physically disabled while he was out petting tigers in Thailand, riding scooters, taking boat rides, and chasing after random strangers he thought were stalkers, kinda the opposite of what someone who is 100% disabled would be capable of doing. He suddenly has developed a conscience about defrauding the government.

He alludes to something very traumatizing in the military happening to him, something so traumatizing that he was too afraid or ashamed to even go into a VA clinic for 40 years but he does not go into details.

2 thoughts on “Bryan Tew Rants for 18 Minutes About his VA Benefits”

  1. A T.I. on Twitter (not anybody we talk about here) tweeted this compilation of various CIA technology gags from American Dad with the implication that this is all real technology being kept from us/used against us and not just silly things the American Dad writers came up with because it’s a comedic television series and Stan Smith working for (a very silly parody version of) the CIA on the show (not to mention Roger the Alien) is a premise that lends itself well to incorporating all sorts of sci-fi technology in the sitcom plots.

    Do they think that the CIA really has a holodeck and it’s not just an extremely obvious in-joke about how the show’s fictional CIA director Avery Bullock is voiced by Sir Patrick Stewart who also played Captain Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation (and other Star Trek media)?

    (Note that I don’t think that the clip compilation itself was posted by a gangstalking conspiracy theorist, it’s just someone who finds funny things on cartoons funny, but most T.I.s don’t seem to have much of a sense of humor so the fact that this isn’t meant to be taken seriously as evidence of actual black ops technology that the CIA might have access to probably whooshes right over their heads.)

  2. Yesterday I was thinking to myself “Gee, I haven’t heard about Candy’s hypersensitive ear condition in MONTHS” and then this morning, as if she read my mind, she posted one of these silly self-own video clips where she claims to be harassed by “loud” music that is inaudible (or maybe barely audible in the background noise).

    Extra points for her incorporating the “trolling” label into everything now, lol. Candy doesn’t get it and will never get it but I digress.


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