Candy Grandpre Posts Bigoted Homophobic Screed Targeting Her Sister

I’m not going to summarize the post or even suggest that you do anything other than just skim through this.

I’m just wanting to comment generally about Candy and her enablers. Candy has found the right recipe on Twitter that get the attention of the pity-party enablers (tags like #Homeless, #HelpPeopleLive in combination with a PayPal link and a pity-party story).

I’ve seen accounts that specifically say they want to prioritize helping the LGBT community and “BIPOC” amplifying her PayPal requests. (I don’t care if you prefer to donate to LGBT, homeless people, or BIPOC, that’s not the point)

But these same people are apparently unaware of the fact that Candy herself is a bigot; Candy regularly posts videos where she makes outbursts against LGBT (including gays, lesbians, and transgender people) and attacks Hispanic people, calling them “illegal” (even when they aren’t).

I think it’s time to start letting these people know what kind of person Candy Grandpre really is and see if they still feel the same about amplifying her posts.

38 thoughts on “Candy Grandpre Posts Bigoted Homophobic Screed Targeting Her Sister”

  1. Due to chemo brain fog, I have been reading short stories almost exclusively. The stories of choice are “classic horror,” so those written between 1840ish-1930ish. Horror meant something different then.
    My favorite writer of short stories is HP Lovecraft and Jack London.
    I also have always had high reading comprehension and actually do look up any word I am unfamiliar with. I also research any historical or cultural reference to further understand what a story is all about.
    I have read all of Candy’s short stories books and blogs. I find most childish and formulaic; someone does something, their life changes, they start a ministry, and souls are won for Jesus, along with an unhealthy coat of intolerance toward things Candy does not understand past the “research” Candy does online.
    But the following has me baffled. It has also baffled my husband. I wondered if something was maybe lost in “translation,” and tried reading it aloud. It was even worse.
    WTF does this mean?
    “…People wondered why the baby’s name wasn’t Ned,Jr. His mom’s name is Antonia, but they call her Totsie. So, that might be why. (sic)”
    My Mom has dementia and Alzheimer’s, and yesterday there was a note to someone? Me? It made no sense at a glance, but I still was able to figure it out. So I tried to reread Candy’s story this morning. Nope. Still nonsensical.

    • Once again, Candy has shown me to be right.
      She has a new story about someone who wants to be successful, but decides a career in fast-food would ruin her physically. So she quits choosing to grow a garden and promote her natural health products. She gets saved, ministers and saves souls for Jesus. The End.
      How she is able to produce enough from a garden, being both unemployed and an apartment is not covered.Nor is a reasonable time-line offered.
      Candy, your story’s follow a formula of your making. Changing names and similar particulars does not change the formula.
      You also write about things for which you have no knowledge. A person doesn’t have to eat fast-food just because they work there.That is their choice of what to eat and how much. Beryl chose poorly. Like you do. So there was no reason to quit a job for her weight. A manager in a fast-food place can make very good money. Some go on to be owners. And they are not all obese. They have good salaries, good insurance, good pensions, bonuses and all the other perks of being promoted from within.
      But to start from nothing and becoming a successful producer from a garden? Very, very unlikely. About 20% fail in the first year, 50% in the first five years, and at ten years, about 80%. That is abysmal. And as a person who is trying to learn how to garden and how to make something to sell from their garden takes time, too. From idea to fruition, how did she support herself? Where did she get the start-up capital?
      Your stories have huge holes, due to your lack of knowledge. It makes them unreadable, because of those holes. Life’s experiences are not immediate, nor do they happen in a vacuum. Your characters do not make sense.
      You don’t read short stories, do you? You should.
      One good point is your choice and source of name. Beryl was on my short list had my child been a girl. Beryl Cook was a great artist. Having a hurricane with that name would be fun.

  2. I just changed the settings such that newer comments appear on top (I think that makes more sense?).

    Candy says she was robbed after filming someone. I don’t condone violence or robbery but having seen many of Candy’s previous videos, I know she’s rude and confrontational and it seems she finally met the person who wasn’t going to put up with her.

  3. Candy thinks she is being sex trafficked because she woke up with a bra placed near her.

    On the topic of people who don’t know the definition of human trafficking, there’s a new Candy groupie on YouTube who is accusing everyone who has ever said anything negative about Candy of human trafficking (she also laid the accusation at me).

    She claims to be calling the FBI on people regarding their negative posts / videos of Candy and reporting them as human traffickers.

    I told her that making videos and comments about Candy isn’t trafficking but she wasn’t having any of it.

    Since I have never tried to prevent Candy from making her own life choices or tried to force Candy into a labor or sexual situation that she didn’t want to be in, I am of course not worried about the FBI looking into me if a report were to be made about any of my social media accounts or this blog.

    • Schizophrenics call the FBI about schizophrenic things all of the time.

      Most FBI agents just smile and nod as they take notes on their invisible typewriter.

  4. Candy harasses two homeboys who are just minding their own business a hundred yards away from her.

    I don’t know if public drinking is legal in New Orleans, I know New Orleans has some loose laws in certain areas, but I’m neither a cop nor a narc.

    • You can drink in public in NOLA. Some bars even have a walk up counter just off the sidewalk where you can be served to go. Don’t need a brown bag or anything, it’s legal. Been a few times. Only thing I can find is that it can’t be served in glass, has to be a can or a plastic cup.

      Yeah that video is probably a good one to show someone who asks “why does everyone hate Candy?”. Well yeah just show this one where she goes out of her way to seek out and bully people who aren’t interacting with her at all until she gets up in their business with a camera.

      • Another thing, the Spanish Plaza in front of the Creole Queen riverboat is in the heart of the most tourist-friendly area of New Orleans so it’s a place where you can expect people to be loud, even in the middle of the night. On one hand, Candy’s probably safer sleeping there than a lot of other places in the city due to the amount of cameras and the police presence, but the trade-off is that there is going to be noise at all hours.

  5. Is Candy this gullible to believe that the “Darnell Williams” troll actually has access to satellites?

    First of all, “satellites in drones” is an utterly nonsensical concept, it’s like saying “boats in airplanes”. Maybe “in” is just a typo and he actually meant to write “and”.

    Also, a single satellite by itself would be a very inefficient way to track someone in real time because any satellite in low Earth orbit only takes a fraction of a second to pass directly overhead. Sure, there are satellites in geo-synchronous orbit but those are twenty-two thousand miles out and are not used to take pictures of individual people from orbit. I know he wrote “satellites” in plural implying that he’s in charge of more than one (which is obvious trolling) but, like I said earlier when Candy posted pictures of a flyer written by a fellow schizophrenic, even if you’re in a position where you can access a whole network of satellites, there’s a chain of command that can see exactly what you’re looking at.

    Camera drones would be relatively more plausible since they can hang in the air in one spot for several minutes but not indefinitely, you need to recharge them every hour or so.

    The simple truth about “Darnell Williams” and every other troll that keeps track about Candy’s location is that they can figure it out quite easily from things Candy posts herself on social media and they don’t need to use exotic technology.

      • Yep, Candy’s seeing “drones” everywhere again.

        I don’t feel like checking the night sky chart website but, if it’s just a little dot in the sky, it’s obviously not a drone checking her out. Drone cameras are lousy for night filming anyway, not that I think that “Darnell Williams” actually has drones in the sky.

        As for “Darnell Williams” knowing the address of the bench she’s sitting at, while I don’t support him doxxing her hotels, in this case, she films herself sitting in front of the Creole Queen paddleboat. It’s a major New Orleans tourist attraction, are we not supposed to recognize it?

        • Creole Queen paddleboat

          Correction, a “paddlewheel boat”, not a paddleboat (one of those little pedal-powered two seaters you sometimes see on small lakes, which is obviously not what the Creole Queen is).

          I think I can ask a simple question that can pretty much refute any notion that “Darnell Williams” is actually taking pictures of Candy with drones instead of just claiming that he is to troll her since Candy is gullible: where are the pictures of Candy taken by a drone? Wouldn’t “Darnell Williams” be spamming her social media accounts with these drone photos if they actually existed?

  6. Apparently there’s a tool out there that will generate rap songs using AI and someone just made the perfect rap about Candy Grandpre. It has me laughing IRL.


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