Candy Grandpre Posts Bigoted Homophobic Screed Targeting Her Sister

I’m not going to summarize the post or even suggest that you do anything other than just skim through this.

I’m just wanting to comment generally about Candy and her enablers. Candy has found the right recipe on Twitter that get the attention of the pity-party enablers (tags like #Homeless, #HelpPeopleLive in combination with a PayPal link and a pity-party story).

I’ve seen accounts that specifically say they want to prioritize helping the LGBT community and “BIPOC” amplifying her PayPal requests. (I don’t care if you prefer to donate to LGBT, homeless people, or BIPOC, that’s not the point)

But these same people are apparently unaware of the fact that Candy herself is a bigot; Candy regularly posts videos where she makes outbursts against LGBT (including gays, lesbians, and transgender people) and attacks Hispanic people, calling them “illegal” (even when they aren’t).

I think it’s time to start letting these people know what kind of person Candy Grandpre really is and see if they still feel the same about amplifying her posts.

38 thoughts on “Candy Grandpre Posts Bigoted Homophobic Screed Targeting Her Sister”

  1. Bryan got banned from the Times Square Church.

    Not clear why though I can guess it has something to with the way he has behaved in other churches, i.e. creeping up on people with a camera and recording them.

    It may also just be that he looks like a wandering bum and they don’t want disheveled looking mumbling people being weird during their church services.

  2. Bryan posted this ordinary (for him) video:

    YouTube conspiracy theorist (likely a nobody for everyone here) named Katrina Star ( clipped that video and highlighted the flashing red light in the background.

    That red light as anyone with an IQ over 80 knows is the “anti-theft system engaged” light that pretty much every car since 1995 has, but she was trying to imply that the red LED was a DEW that was making Bryan have chest convulsions.

    I didn’t capture Katrina’s video because I thought it was so stupid (in retrospect I wish I did, just to document it, as she has now deleted it) and just left a comment laughing at her.

    She left me a reply stating:

    “Laugh your ass off. I don’t care. You stalk this guy. Are you paid to target him? He is your only topic. You should aren’t flagged for harassment? Probably a Google Agent. You have no content besides Bryan Tew.”

    Loved the “Google Agent” bit. That’s genuinely new to me. Google has secret agents now?

    I actually don’t know if this is just a bit she is doing for views / clicks or if she actually thought that LED was a DEW. I’m leaning towards the former, as she deleted the video, presumably out of embarrassment but who knows?

    • I noticed that Katrina is endorsing a nobody grifter named Steven D. Kelley for POTUS.

      I’ve had run-ins with him many years ago in conspiracy theory groups I’m a part of on Facebook (that have largely fallen dormant since that time), he falsely claims to be a former NSA or CIA agent and has (had?) a podcast called Truth Cat Radio.

      Lots of these nobody conspiracy grifters would come through our conspiracy groups just to spam their content and run off. If it wasn’t for remembering his name from there, I wouldn’t have recognized him at all.

  3. When is Candy going to learn that there is an acceptable way to sanitize seats on public transit and it’s called “disinfecting wipes” (i.e. from Lysol), not spraying alcohol in the air in a confined space.

  4. Candy Grandpre is banned from all Wyndham Hotels. She is throwing a fit over it.

    The “Fake Darnell Williams Perp” is taking credit for it in the replies to this Twitter/X post. Probably nothing to do with Darnell and everything to do with her actual behavior wherever she goes.

    I feel like the video reinforces the reason why she might get banned.. She’s rude and belligerent to the staff and uses the hotel lobby for more social media clout chasing.

    She pulls the “I’m older than you” card with the young woman behind the front desk, as if that matters. Candy, it should be embarrassing that you act that way at your age. People younger than you have more class in public. I know toddlers that are more well behaved than you.

  5. Candy can call her writing hobby “WORK” in capital letters all she likes, and it is work in the strictest dictionary sense in the same way that washing your own dishes after supper is work, but, if she considers it “self-employment” then she’s working for an employer with no money to pay her.

    She might get a few pity pennies thrown at her every now and then for her stories, enough to garner a modicum of interest from the IRS but not enough for it to be considered a sustainable income.

  6. Saw this article in the UK Murdoch tabloid “The Sun”.

    It’s basically TI conspiracy theories masquerading as news with no sourcing other than some dude who claims to be in the know about what China is specifically doing and a lot of suppositions of what China is gonna do with this technology that supposedly already exists.

    (To make it clear, some types of directed energy weapons exist in the form of area denial weapons to keep riotous crowds or enemy soldiers away from areas of concern, the rest of it is sci-fi fever dreams at this point)

  7. Driving a red car: legal.

    Driving with one headlight burnt out: illegal, people should get it fixed as soon as possible but it’s generally treated as a minor traffic infraction except maybe in those jurisdictions where issuing tickets for traffic infraction is a major source of revenue.

    Driving with an arm out of the window: legal in most jurisdictions as far as I can find on Google, unless you’re in Australia but New Orleans is quite a little bit far away from Australia.

    Driving with a license plate with 666 on it: legal. Sometimes people have custom plates with 666 on it because it’s funny to get a rise out of people who take specific numbers too seriously but other times it’s just part of the license plate that the government gives you because you were between the guy who got 665 and the guy who got 667.

    Driving a car with a skeleton in the passenger seat: more than a little weird if it’s not Halloween but legal, assuming you’re not using the skeleton as a fake “passenger” to get away with driving in the high occupancy lane. I’m also assuming, for the sake of Candy’s hypothetical here, that it’s a prop skeleton and not a skeleton someone dug up from the cemetery.

    I know Candy would say that “gangstalking” is illegal. First of all, “gangstalking” is not a legal term, it’s a term used by schizophrenics on the Internet and grifters trying to make money off of those grifters, but even if we’re using a more legal term such as stalking or harrassment, even observing all of those things together in the same car would not be taken as “proof” of stalking as there’s no proof of intent.

    • First of all, “gangstalking” is not a legal term, it’s a term used by schizophrenics on the Internet and grifters trying to make money off of those grifters

      Correction “grifters trying to make money off of those schizophrenics”.

  8. Bryan is in the mood to troll I guess. He’s using the very same “666” screen capture that I feature on this website as the graphic for one of his Facebook posts this morning.

    • Some more Bryan updates.

      First he is complaining about parking tickets that he supposedly can’t afford to pay. It’s not clear why he is receiving parking tickets as he wont show us actual citations so we can see what the infraction(s) are. To me that makes me think he’s guilty.

      It probably has absolutely nothing to do with his handicap status, despite him flashing his handicap placard to the camera, and everything to do with him parking somewhere that you’re just not allowed to park.

      The law is the law and in a super dense city like NYC the parking enforcement is just going to be hyper aggressive, it’s just common sense not “the AI supercomputer is targeting me with parking tickets!”.

      He claims he can’t afford these but just last week he was showing off stacks of VA disability checks. He, as of last week, has nearly $70,000 in his checking account (see comment attachment). The whole woe is me thing from him is ringing hollow here.

      • If Bryan has that kind of money in the bank, why doesn’t he buy a small used camper?

        I know prices on RVs have gone up and he wouldn’t be able to afford anything too luxurious but, if he’s buying used, he should still be able to get a short sub-20ft camper with a bed, toilet, shower, and small kitchen in reasonably good condition for ~$50K and it would be a world better than the old Toyota he’s sleeping in now.

        • Cheking prices for used RVs, I stand somewhat corrected. It’s the shorter “Class B” RVs that command a premium, even on the used market, probably because they’re short enough to be used as “daily drivers” that can fit in normal-sized parking spots. You can get a longer, more spacious Class A or C RV for cheaper than a short Class B on the used market but the downside of those is that they’re like driving a bus and you can’t park them at many places where you can park a Class B.

          The point stands that, with the money he has, he could be sleeping in something far more comfortable than his current Toyota.

          • Well, Bryan’s account at Citi has been closed.

            Didn’t listen to this whole thing but did listen to enough of it to hear the boilerplate from the overseas CSR rep that they’ve chosen to close his accounts with no clear reason.

            They’re vague because they’re generally not allowed to tell customers what suspicious things raised red flags, although that sucks if you ever get caught up by the “algorithm” they use and you have no information by which to make an appeal or report an error on their part.

            With Bryan .. who knows? Crazy amounts of international transactions, dealings with sanctioned countries (i.e. Iran, Cuba, etc.), lots of times Bryan has reported fraud on his account that is way abnormal (remember last year when he kept reporting thousands of dollars in US Bank pre-paid cards as stolen?), at least one tax garnishment on his record, as well as his poor treatment of CS reps wherever he goes.

            I also seem to remember a year or two ago Bryan got into some trouble because he was moving around lots of cash or something.

            He’s probably got himself on some kind of banking industry blacklist (Chexsystems is one of them) or possibly he’s on some blacklist/greylist maintained by the treasury that banks have to abide by.

    • Bryan is also claiming he was sexually assaulted by “twin girls”. Bryan offers absolutely no further elaboration on what supposedly happened and has no photographic, video, or audio footage.

      (The juvenile inside of me wants to say it’s every heterosexual man’s dream to be sexually fondled by two hot twins and that Bryan must be super ultra homogay for not wanting that experience, but maybe I will give Bryan a chance to EXPLAIN what actually happened – maybe it was two very unattractive women who resemble Candy Grandpre that captured him “Snu Snu” style and force him to endure unwanted sexual advances from them)

    • Bryan makes another pointless visit to the ER in Hackensack, NJ.

      Here he is with a selfie that looks like some kind of Grindr profile pic.

      He makes a video claiming that the hospital has hundreds of rooms but always chooses to put him in the same one so that proves there are hidden cameras.

      That argument doesn’t work since the actual emergency department of a hospital is only a small part of the hospital with other departments for things like giving birth, doing elective surgeries, routine exams, that sort of thing.

      It’s quite reasonable (from a statistical POV) to be put in the same room across multiple visits, especially if you’re not having a real emergency so they might just throw you in a room with the least amount of sophisticated medical equipment so they can reserve those other rooms for real emergencies.

      • I did not see this photo until now.
        He has the books of a 63 year old breast cancer patient. A FEMALE ONE.
        I think his anti-boner shots have likely contributed to his feminization, as does his weight.
        Ain’t no one gonna find this attractive. Most would find it grotesque.
        Especially the hairiness.
        Had he waxed first, this photo would be labeled as NSWOAE(Not Safe For Work Or Anywhere Else.)

        • Well there is a subculture of the gay community that’s big into hairy and overweight men. They’re called “bears”. Bryan pretty much checks all the boxes here.

          Not my thing personally but you learn a lot growing up in this modern world lol.

  9. Evidently, the “fake Darnell Williams perp” is now able to control the wind like Storm from the X-Men or Avatar the Last Airbender just to interrupt Candy.

    Perhaps the “fake Darnell Williams perp” also is in control of the train horns on the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad trains leaving the nearby Port of New Orleans?

  10. Candy finds a flyer from a fellow schizophrenic about some random guy who allegedly controls all of the satellites.

    Judging by the profile pic where he looks shirtless (I couldn’t find a matching profile pic on Facebook), I’m going to go ahead and guess that he actually has about as much satellite access as Kevin Christian’s former neighbor, meaning none.

    • A military satellite isn’t like a cheap remote control camera drone that you can buy off Amazon for a few hundred dollars, even if you have a position where you have control of one, you can’t just use it to look at whatever you want without people higher up in the chain of command knowing exactly what you’re looking at.

      • Candy posted clearer pictures of the flyers so you can get a better look at the shirtless baby boomer who obviously isn’t in charge of anything the schizo flyer claims he’s in charge of.

        Just saying, if this guy was in a position where he was in charge of any important infrastructure, military or otherwise, he’d have a professional profile pic where he’d at least be wearing a shirt.


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