Candy Grandpre’s “hypersensitive ear condition” Magically Disappears in NOLA

Candy Grandpre’s stay in Pensacola only lasted a few weeks. She freaked out at her neighbors for wearing the wrong colors and playing music. Her “hypersensitive ear condition” was one of the reasons she gave for having to leave.

Now suddenly today in New Orleans, where she is living on the streets, she wakes up from her nap to some live jazz music that she characterized as being “nice”. She had NO complaints about the music and did not refer to the musicians as being “perps” or anything like that.

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  1. Oh, stuff and bother. I can predict her behavior. (right now I have a cold, so have lots of extra time on my hands.) Looks like she has been kicked out of another shelter, where she wanted to be able to receive mail, necessary to get a drivers license and a job.
    Not that she would ever get or keep a job, which she hasn’t done yet in the past four years. She has a degree, she should be making more money than a dishwashing or janitorial job? She needs to start at the bottom and move up, not just plunk her ass in a manager’s chair because she is so smart. And has a degree. She has had problems in every job she has been hired into.
    And I wonder what she could have possibly done to get told to leave so very quickly. She says it’s gangstalking, but she says that about everything. Was it like Cincinnati, and the rules say you turn in your phone and bags at the door? Did she forget she wore the same clothes, unwashed until just a few days ago, and told about how she peed into them several times and call someone “dirty?” Did she claim a personal space too big to accommodate everyone else? Did she start spraying alcohol over everything? Or was it a combination of these things or all of them? I vote all of them.
    Oh, well. Tomorrow she gets her SSDI, so she can get a motel room and have food delivered for several days and not be bothered by the lack of support, although she has already planned to have to be supplied with more money until December 3rd. Because obligations. And she’ll probably get an expensive phone, because she has the money right now. I have a large, smart, Samsung phone, through TracPhone for $49 and a plan that is $19.99 a month, everything unlimited. She pays more than that.
    And in a moment which shows how poorly she thinks, she said she would be looking for dresses, even though she was already saying it was going to be “too cold” soon. Dresses. Lots of wind, blowing up that skirt, making it too cold for her, a disabled female, to be on the street. And whine about the narcissistic tourists spending THEIR money the way they want to

    • It’s almost, no, exactly like Candy can’t grasp that most of those shelter rules are there so that the homeless people in the shelters, many of whom have addictions, schizophrenia, or both, don’t attack each other in the shelter.

  2. Anyone remember Jack Horkheimer: Star Hustler, which aired on PBS stations often just before the nightly sign-off?

    Now I can’t stop imagining a modern spin-off

    Candy Grandpre: Drone Hustler.

    Same format and music but every light in the sky is a drone.

  3. Kevin Christian complaining about his sack being zapped. He’s making vague threats about having an “incident” in which names will be named and stories will be told afterwards.

  4. Candy’s sister and even some of Candy’s pity-party audience have been pleading with Candy to go see a doctor.

    The last several days Candy has been having problems with her legs swelling and Candy had another “organ squeezing” attack last night.

    It sounds like Candy took the advice and called 911, or maybe one was called for her. I dunno. But Candy is complaining that the ambulance came at 10:33. Because you know the entire world is supposed to come to a standstill anytime the minute or second hand of a clock is on “33”.

    I digress. I am happy she’s getting some medical attention, but it would be better for her to get into one of those medical clinics for the indigent. The ER is only obligated to get her stabilized and release her and may not be the right environment to address chronic health issues.

    Her sister thinks it may be kidney or diabetes related. I have no idea, I just know she has a lot of unaddressed issues that need to be professionally handled.

    • Here she is in the hospital.

      Notice how Candy gets much quieter any time she mentions “Directed Energy Weapons” as she knows talking about Directed Energy Weapons makes her sound crazy, although she doesn’t likewise lower her voice when complaining about the ambulance showing up at 10:33 a.m. or some doctor, nurse, or other hospital worker wearing red shoes.

      Candy talks about people “wanting” her to have diabetes. I don’t “want” Candy to have diabetes but if she’s showing some of the common signs of diabetes like swollen ankles, it’s a fairly obvious conclusion that she should at least get screened for it.

  5. What I laughed at is her comments about them not using the sirens and not considering it an emergency.
    They must have done a fake trip using the siren only when within earshot of some other targeted individual who is triggered by sirens.
    And meeting them in a parking lot is enough to not get out the gurney. She’s ambulatory, so didn’t need the help. And her vague and ignorant way of giving her symptoms means she’s not going to need much but a ride to the hospital.
    I told her to go, hoping she would show her true problem, and she would get Baker’ed. But she knows she would sound crazy. Maybe next time.

  6. Candy is demanding that she be given a soundproof home. She insists she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself, despite constantly urinating and defecating on herself and many other medical issues she doesn’t get taken care of.

    She also thinks she is qualified for any job just because of her Bachelor’s degree.

    • Hypothetically (because it’s never going to happen), even if somebody were to give Candy a house, wouldn’t she likely have to end up having to pay thousands in taxes on that gift (plus the usual annual property taxes)?

  7. Yes, she would. And just watching her videos she cannot budget, keep herself clean, keep her surroundings clean, hold a job, get along with people, be a good neighbor, and make good life choices. So no one should finance such a venture either. She even mentioned that the latest Pensacola adventure has happened to her several times before.
    Since the common denominator, Candy, has not and will not change giving her money for anything is a waste.
    She asks how many days does she have to starve before it’s okay for her to panhandle. Considering she has never starved in her entire life and have gained weight as a homeless person. So starvation is the least of her worries.

  8. Are Aaliyah shirts a new trigger for Candy? She’s mentioned people wearing Aaliyah shirts several times lately.

    It doesn’t seem at all unusual to me that some people in a majority black city would be wearing Aaliyah shirts, not that Aaliyah’s appeal was limited to just a black audience. Does Candy think that nobody else was ever a fan of a famous pop star like Aaliyah?

    • Yeah, she used to be a big fan, then Aaliyah was killed on her birthday, then she got religion and dropped all secular music. So anyone wearing an Aaliyah shirt is mocking her former favorite music star. Candy says she is not obsessed, but she can tell you all the dirty on who did what to who, whose child is Aaliyah’s, who turned Aaliyah, how Aaliyah was blood sacrificed,…..It is on a really ridiculous level. And Candy denies she is obsessed, but no one who is not black and around Candy’s age, when Aaliyah was still alive at least, cannot wear her image, nor listen to her music around Candy because they are obvious perps.
      I forget where I was but there was an Aaliyah shirt and I almost bought it myself, just to take a picture of me wearing it to trigger her.
      But that would not be nice, so I didn’t.

  9. Candy has a new driver’s license (again) but she talks about something negative happening at the DMV.

    It’s mostly the usual supposed “devil hand sign” (which I’m guessing is just any time anyone’s two inside fingers are slightly more bent than the two outside fingers whether the person is doing it consciously or not) and because she’s wearing blue (because you’re not allowed to wear any colour now in Candy’s presence) but she says she got flagged for something that happened when she was 11, which she in no way elaborates on.

    I’m surprised she’s not been flagged for getting, what, three or four different state driver’s licenses since the start of the year. (Did she get one in Ohio? Was that the office she got thrown out of for not wearing a mask and/or spraying her alcohol spray inside?)

  10. Candy sees a United Cab driver with one hand out the window enjoying the breeze at time code 10:30.

    “There was a website a couple of days ago that confirmed that if you got your arm hanging out of the window that you’re a sex trafficker and you’re a criminal.”

    I don’t know which website she looked at but just from that statement I know prima facie that it’s a garbage website full of wrong information that was written either by schizophrenics or by people trying to troll schizophrenics into believing ridiculous nonsense.

    It’s like Candy’s incapable of understanding that sometimes, if you’re driving in a straight line for a considerable distance and don’t need both hands on the steering wheel (because modern cars have power steering anyway), the outdoor breeze feels good on your left hand (or right hand if you’re driving a RHD car).

  11. I really should just write a book, because once I start to vent, I can go on for pages, and she has new things that needs ranting about daily.
    She has been eating at restaurants, spending $10-12 a meal. AND she has been wearing the same underpants for about six weeks, which are now not only urinated in several times, and I cringingly imagine there are some massive skid marks, and now we know there is also menses. So food is more important than clean underwear. Or any clean clothes. That she chose to not pack clothes? I think it is a ploy to have people send more money, because she needs clothes. So far, someone looks like someone got her a new pair of shoes. I wonder if her feet will peel when she pees in these, too. Probably. Because anyone who choses to not pack clothing, and not to purchase new clothing, as though new clothing is needed so badly, and it will just magically appear? And now she is going job hunting in a very full backpack and smelling of clothes that have not been changed in six weeks. No, you can’t do that. Even a dishwashing job will require you wear clean clothes every shift. And no where will have a space for her to stash that huge pack. That would require a locker like you see in airports and train stations. Which is where she should be looking to park that thing. She doesn’t need it, does she? It has no clothes in it, so what could possibly be so important and valuable that it is needed, but new underpants is not?
    Really, this clothing thing is really telling of a disorganized mind. The lack of self-awareness and self-care is appalling from a 40 year old grown ass woman, yet she seems unbothered by it. That is not normal, but what part of Candy’s psyche is normal? She also is confused with the definition of “following,” as she accused a man of following her, while he was walking away and she was behind him. Just like Alex all over again. And that she has decided people are perping her because they are not wearing perp colors, shows her confusion of what is real and what is not. She still just thinks anything is a “funny light.” She can’t even say what light she is looking at. And because she is crazy, it doesn’t faze her at all.
    We have a reactive dog, Mars. We rehomed him at nine months old, his second home having kept him in a garage without much contact. And he is a social dog. But we made up a new command, “TOO MUCH.” We use it when he is getting too excited or too clingy. But we can get him back like the dogs in the movie, “Up.” We just need say “SQUIRREL,” and Mars is gone into the back yard, looking for the bushy tailed tree rat. Watching Candy calling out everything that triggers her reminds me of that. She loses track of whatever it was she was talking about. And it shows she has chosen to be triggered by everything, instead of wanting to exist in a world where no one is out to get her.
    She is also now being triggered by people not dressed in her “perp colors.” Yeah, that’s normal. She doesn’t seem to understand when her sister said she looked at the list and she, too, must be getting gangstalked, it was because the lists are so bogus, vague, and random. Like white cars; she usually throws in black cars, and grey cars, too. Those, called “white-black scale,” which includes silver, are over 70% of the cars sold in the US. Everyone see more white cars because there are more white cars. I mean, get a clue, Candy. You want to be triggered 100% of the time, because it makes you fell like a victim and important, because you think you know secret things no one else does. Which you learned on the freakin’ internet, from public sites. And which you can still look up. No too smart, are you?

  12. Bryan Tew has been pretty quiet lately. He still uploads content but very little original content now days.

    Anyway, I found this amusing. Bryan found this video of Gal Gadot supposedly making the 666 hand gesture. It’s really a stretch. She just curls her fingers briefly.

    It’s funny because Bryan makes a much more obvious 666 hand signal in this video clip. He doesn’t see the irony at all of accusing Gal Gadot of being a Satanist but being on video doing the same thing himself.

    Note that I’m not accusing Bryan of intentionally doing this, I’m fairly confident it was unintentional.

  13. I’m not going to say which city I live in, but I see one-headlight buses very often as well. It’s a sign of something, but it’s not a sign that the bus driver is gangstalking anybody, it’s a sign that the transit agency is underfunded and skimps on some routine maintenance.

    Given how often we hear Candy spraying, how much does she spend on rubbing alcohol (instead of buying fresh underwear)?

  14. Not directly related to gangstalking conspiracy theories but, considering how many T.I.s also have a hate boner against Freemasons, I was amused by this hidden camera glimpse of a super secret Masonic ritual.

    It’s like bad dinner theater performed by a Boomer acting class. My “eccentric but harmless” opinion of Freemasons in general remains unchanged.

    Also notice the age of people in attendance. The median age has got to be in the 60s, much, much older than the median age of random people that Candy accuses of being Freemasons.

  15. Odd fellowship, Moose, Elks, Masons, Turners, Shriners Lions…all these clubs are is a place for men to go to wear silly hats, tell stupid jokes, drink beers, and organize charitable events away from the wife. It is one night a week, releases pressure and gives them a chance to network, done before that’s what anyone called it. And the keep it a secret part just adds to the appeal, because everyone wants to feel so special they know secret stuff. But all their secret stuff isn’t because it’s on the internet.
    I know this because I am LDS and have been inside a temple. I don’t discuss it because it is sacred to me, but everything I heard, saw, and did? Easily found on the internet.
    She’s an idiot. Candy believes what she wants, without good researching skills, and thinks she know how the the world works, aka Illuminati and NWO. Both those things have been discussed for decades, even centuries. If TI’s wore silly hats, they would be just like a Mason, but without the social part, because they all have narcissistic personality disorder, aand most are also hit with antisocial PD. There would be a big argument over who is the REAL TI, and they would all hate each other and think only they is TRULY GANGSTALKED, and sit in the edges of the room and pout while side-eyeing everyone suspiciously.
    And they would all think Candy Grandpre is not gangstalked, she is intellectually challenged and mentally ill, because they might all be crazy, but they are not THAT CRAZY.

  16. While I was shopping yesterday, I noticed the vehicle behind me, a small white pickup truck, first had upgraded their headlights to an LED version, and then that one side was off. The passenger side had no lights on, the drivers side were all lit up. It wasn’t until I was completely pulled out and was waiting to turn into traffic, that I saw that the truck was both unoccupied and off and that the sun was on the driver’s side, and the passenger side was in shadow. So all those “funny” lights she sees are likely a lot of sunlight, AGAIN.
    I also saw a newer Mercedes with lights that turned off by fading out, and as the car turned and the angle of the light to my eye changed, the lights on one side turned from bluish to greenish. Because that is how lights work.
    As a former HR person, her telling the world about her urine soaked clothes including underwear that has got to be smelled at 10 yards by now and that she is wearing the same clothes that you have worn for six weeks plus. She has got to be looking for the pity to get more donations and the way she appears to others online so she will never be hired to do any job. Because no one wants someone who can’t hold her pee, will still talk about it online, and is just downright nasty when it comes to hygiene. No way will she be hired.
    And if she doesn’t have a working income with her SSDI, then she can still beg for motel nights and food for restaurant meals. As soon as she has an income, even her “best” supporters will wonder when she will actually be independent, because continuing to give her money for a paid vacation complete with meals is not anyone’s responsibility to maintain.

  17. Bryan is complaining about pornography being found in his Google Drive that he has set up to make documentation available to his attorneys for his frivolous lawsuits.

    My comments –

    1. Maybe he did and I did not notice, but I have not seen Bryan, to date, share a link to an entire Google Drive folder anywhere. So I don’t know how anyone else could have found out about it, unless his attorneys are trolling him.
    2. Also, the only way this could cause his predicament is if he shared a link that allows full access versus read-only.

    3. The date stamps for the files are all from today (11/22). Could, uh, this have been uploaded all at the same time. I’m accusing Bryan of maybe uploading this himself and he’s just telling on himself.

    4. I am not a user of Google Drive (not in several years, anyway) but the title of that screen says “Recent”. Not sure if that means files recently uploaded to that folder, or if they are files recently viewed.

  18. A bus driver finally calls Candy out for spraying an unknown substance on the bus.

    I know it’s “just” rubbing alcohol but the bus driver doesn’t know that and spraying rubbing alcohol in a confined space like a bus could have adverse respoeratory impacts on other riders or even the driver not to mention that it may melt some plastics depending on what the seats are made of.

    I’m surprised that Candy hasn’t gotten into any serious legal trouble for her spraying, especially in high security areas like the airport.

    • I agree. She should be told to not spray everything anytime someone sees her do it. I am in the midst of my worse allergy/asthma season, late fall. Someone spraying that around me would give me an asthma attack. But what her little spraying things, even in restaurants, reminds me of the Swami who settled in a western US town. I don’t remember their name, but I remember he had custom painted Rolls Royce, including one called “Storm:” it was a lightning at night and it was beautiful. His followers to mess with the town people, and potentially kill someone were seen spraying something at a salad bar. It was found to be salmonella, in an effort to make the public too sick to vote and win an election. It is considered the largest attack with a bioweapon in the US. She could have anything in a bottle and be spraying it around. She needs to lose that bottle. Better yet, she needs to be investigated and have that bottle removed.
      And it is really pointless, and that is what drives me a bit goofy myself. She admits to living in the same clothes she left Pensacola in, including underwear, and she admits that she is peeing on herself, several times a few nights ago. So she is sitting on seats she thinks are dirty enough to sanitize in pants that have been soaked with urine for weeks. They might be dry, but dry urine just means no more water and all the minerals, bacteria, fungus, and we also know menses is still on her clothes. The seat needs to be sanitized AFTER she sits in it, not before. And not with the excuse about “dirty homeless” people who are likely a bit cleaner than she is at the moment. Taking a shower and putting on the same clothes is almost pointless.
      And she is going to a job interview? Oh, please. If she doesn’t know that she will likely givIe the interviewer a topic to discuss on who to NOT hire, she is more delusional than previously thought. If she is so completely disregarding herself care, she needs to be in a program of assisted living. And the longer those clothes are worn, the more evident that becomes.

  19. It’s been a long time, I think roughly a year, but Omni Eris/Michael (with special guest Doc Savage) has once again featured Kevin Christian on his livestream again.

    It’s a long livestream, he doesn’t get to Kevin until just after three hours in, but his segment on Kevin is around an hour long considering that Kevin’s been escalating his thinly-veiled threats to take the law into his own hands and take out whomever Kevin decides is responsible for the voices in his own head (as well as giving some background on Kevin and his past misdeeds for anyone late to the party).

  20. Kevin made a community post showing this video of people using what seems to be some kind of handheld laser device to cook meat and eliminate rust, and the second half of the video is a more industrial version. I’m a little skeptical about that last mini-clip because I swear it looks more like a water jet than a laser in some frames but I’ll let that slide.

    I know what Kevin wants us to think but, even if I take this video at face value, nobody is denying that you can burn things with lasers. You can burn things with magnifying glasses focusing the sun’s rays. I can see a lot of things in this video that I never see in Kevin’s videos such as actual tangible devices, which are plugged in to an electrical source, being held at a very close range by actual human beings and not invisible holographic astral projections being used by meth addicts who somehow have access to Professor X’s Cerebro helmet. And there’s also a noticeable lack of walls in between the laser emitter and the target.


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